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The best Android articles: what do you want more of? [POLL]


Android Desk Phandroid DSC07214

Phandroid has come a long way since the early days of Google’s mobile operating system, and it wouldn’t be here without loyal readers like you. We’ve always been about the phans (because you’re phat with a P-H, yo!), so in an effort to continue bringing you the best Android content on the web we’re asking you to answer a simple question: what types of articles and coverage would you like to see more of on Phandroid?

We’ve broken it down into helpful categories and compiled lists of some prime examples of each from the archives. Scroll through, click around, but be sure to come back and vote in the poll found below! Any suggestions not covered here are welcome in the comments.

Android 101


If you’re brand new to Android, these 101-level articles are what you’re after. They cover the basics of using the Android operating system, from downloading and installing apps to security and privacy and so much more. While the content is geared toward beginners, even season Android users might pick up a thing or two.

Tips & Tricks


Nowadays Android phones are so chock full of features that some of the more useful ones require knowledge not found in the user manual or can only be found by digging deep in the settings menu. That’s where our helpful tips & tricks articles come in. If you have a new Android phone, chances are we have you covered.


Android L Developer Preview DSC06020

Should you buy that shiny new Android smartphone or are you better off waiting? We know you rely on us for thorough, thoughtful reviews that touch on the things Android users really care about.

Best Phones & Tablets

best phones2

Reviews are fine on their own, but what about the big picture? Through our monthly look at best phones and more specific articles examining phones based on such things as battery life and design aesthetics, we hope to make the process of determining the best Android phones and tablets on the market as easy as possible.

Best Apps & Games

gallery doctor

What’s the best app for messaging? What apps are must-haves for guitar players? Whether you are looking for latest and greatest game and app or something fulfill a more specific niche, we’re always scouring Google Play and elsewhere to find the top picks for Android. Our monthly best apps and games lists highlight the newest additions to Google Play that are absolute musts for your app drawer.



Options are almost endless when it comes to accessories for your Android device. We’re here with all the info you need on the latest gadgets and gear for top Android smartphones and tablets.

Breaking News & Rumors

John Legere

You live for the moment, always hanging on for the next big juicy bit of Android news or gossip. We do, too, which is why our ears are always to the ground listening for the latest whispers from the rumor mill. We want to bring you the news as it breaks alongside a bit of our own analysis and speculation.

Android Life

5typesAndroid hero

I’m sure most would agree: the Android life is the good life. While we strive to be a resource for tips, tricks, news, and reviews, it would be a shame to ignore the vibrant culture that has sprung up around Google’s operating system. We want to highlight what makes Android users unique in a way that is entertaining and insightful.

Event Coverage, Hands-on Video & Unboxings

Phan CES

Perhaps you caught some of our coverage of this year’s CES events in Las Vegas. Next up we’ll be at Mobile World Congress in March grabbing hands-on coverage of all the smartphones and tablets sure to be announced. There’s nothing quite like getting to play with a gadget long before it’s official release, but if you can’t be there yourself our hands-on videos and unboxings are the next-best thing.



Who doesn’t like a deal? We are always keeping our eyes open for big savings in an effort to pass them along to our readers. If it involves a smartphones, accessories, apps, games, or other swag to fulfill your Android cravings, we’ll be on top of it.

Root & Dev


Advanced users and Android developers need a place to turn as well for the latest in rooting and building for the Android platform. Luckily we’ve got several hardcore enthusiasts on staff plugged directly into the Google mainframe to deliver the latest on modding and developing for Android.


So let us know in the poll below what you would like to see more of (you can pick more than one option) on Phandroid, and we’ll promise to continue bringing you the same great Android content as always.

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  1. All of it! I want all of it!

  2. Everything but AndroidArea articles.

    1. You don’t like a chance to win free stuff?

      1. Naw dawg, naw.

        1. LMAO!! ⬆⬆⬆⬆⬆

      2. I don’t like Phandroid taking advantage of the loyalty and trust of your readership by peddling cheap, high margin garbage you picked out of a catalog that you have never used or properly reviewed just to make some extra cash on the side.

        1. We don’t write an article for every single AndroidArea deal specifically for that reason. Some of the deals that are written seem a little better than what you’re depicting though. I see plenty of chances to win free products. Besides, there’s roughly only 2 deals a week that are shared. It’s only a small percentage of everything that we have to offer. Your feedback is appreciated. Thanks!

        2. I’m fine with that (kids gotta have their pay, right). And I do like that post where you guys sum up the different deals every now and then – I always find something to spend another buck or two – music, app, or sometimes even a toy drone ;)

  3. really? all that post for question that you already know the answer. Everything!

  4. I voted for the one I want to see most..you guys should also have the opportunity for your readers to submit an article and feature it as “Readers Article” I think I’ve seen this on CNET and AndroidPolice ( or maybe AndroidCentral).. I’ve seen how sometimes they do these features..

    Also maybe a readers corner (Like in magazines) where your dedicated readers can have their Questions, comments, or concerns acknowledge in an article….

    1. Ooooh thats a good one.

      1. Thank you. I just hope Phandroid reads mine..lol

  5. I checked everything. I can always scroll past the stuff that I don’t have time or interest for.

  6. Leaks plz

    1. Right now? Fine! Android Wear 5.1 is hitting test watches. #soon

      1. M9 leaks?

  7. More unbiased “best of” articles where inferior Motorola products don’t always come out number 1

    1. Inferior Motorola products? Thems be fightin’ words. *rolls up sleeves*

  8. Them Best Phones & Tablets tho >>>>> I’d like to see you guys do some other type of devices, preferably Chromebooks.

  9. Reviews need to include app, game, device and accessory reviews.

    More news of the latest games, apps and significant updates to apps (ie: freemium games becoming premium, etc).

    Easy to find links to Google Play at the end of the review (as a dedicated button).

    Focus on a premium/hardware controller supported or non pay to win games over freemium/pay to win content.

    Avoid “top ten best list” style articles, as these resemble “click bait” and I usually ignore such articles.

    Don’ make your site look or fell like Android Police’s “updated” design. That’s why I recently left and came here, instead.

  10. I really like the articles with the wallpapers, you guys manage to find some really good ones. But it would be nice if the had a full HD resolution so can I use the entire image as a wallpaper instead of a small part.

    1. I hear you on that..but I have found that no matter the resolution… You always have to crop because Android wallpapers are in almost a Portrait layout while most ordinary HD wallpapers are in Landscape….

      1. There are apps that allow for this and can display pictures in the correct way.

      2. Not necessarily you can find some great full screen wallpapers by typing the resolution of your phone in to Google Image search. I can send you some nice nature wallpapers if you have a full HD resolution if you want

  11. tips and trick and root and dev (xposed modules especially)

  12. I like seeing deals/sales/offers, but ignore the androidarea stuff. It feels forced and some of the stuff just seems put up there because you have to do it.

    I also hate any article that relates to Apple because 75% of the time, it’s just a load of fanboy nonsense and full of cheap digs. I don’t use Apple/iDevices, I don’t see why news about Apple sales, new products etc should appear on an Android news site (unless it has a direct influence/connection to Android).

    Rob has ranted a couple of times, they’ve been pretty pointless.

    On to the positives. The wallpaper stuff you put up at weekends is pretty cool, as are the best app/game posts by Joe. Your reviews are also pretty thorough and it would be nice to see more of those for non flagships/budget devices.

  13. I can’t decide. It’s rare when there isn’t an article I would read here. I even like the miscellaneous articles. Even if I talk about them. =.P

  14. Can we get more iOS news?

  15. Idk if I should be ashamed but I open every single article you guys have, except for some Samsung and Apple articles as I always like the underdogs.

    I used to read the top phones/tablets but the recent change of having it in one centralized location and having me click two links puts me off and it’s not as exciting as before. Maybe I’m just lazy.

  16. Cant wait to have it. It sounds good

  17. More reviews of Android consoles and pc

  18. I voted for Best Apps and Games, Reviews, and Tips and Tricks. I love tips and tricks, even though I usually already know about all of them… sometimes there’s one or 2 that I didn’t know about.

  19. I hope that more Android articles will added. I will sound good.

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