iPhone 6 vs Galaxy S5 (and Android)


iPhone 6 vs Galaxy S5

The iPhone 6 is finally here, and with it comes a hype that only Apple can produce. Regardless of what features they stole from Android, the iPhone 6 will undoubtedly be a huge success for Apple. In the Android World we also have a device that prints money for its maker: the Samsung Galaxy S5. These two devices will dominate the mobile market for the remainder of this year, and most of next. It’s time to put them up against each other to see which device reigns supreme (check below for more comparisons).


This has been a big area of focus for Apple since the iPhone 4’s “Retina Display,” and of course Samsung also takes great pride in this area. The iPhone has been slowing growing over time, but the iPhone 6 has been significantly increased in size. Apple has implemented a 4.7-inch display to finally answer the wishes of many users. Android fans will likely joke about how it took Apple so long to make the display bigger. It’s still smaller than the 5.1-inch Galaxy S5, but the competition is getting closer.

Resolution is another story. Apple now has what they call “Retina HD” displays in the new iPhone 6. It’s only 1334 x 750 compared to the 1080p display on the S5. Apple’s displays have traditional been great despite lower resolution compared to their Android counterparts. We expect the same from these new devices.


Camera is one area where numbers don’t matter so much. The Galaxy S5 has a whopping 16MP camera, but even the iPhone 5S takes better photos. With the iPhone 6 Apple is sticking with a 8MP sensor, but the sensor is all-new, and they’ve added faster focus, and “digital” image stabilization. Android devices are getting close to the iPhone (and Windows Phone devices may be better), but the iPhone is still king. Still, unless you’re a real photobuff you will be happy with the photos from the S5 and other high-end flagships.


“iOS, what do you want to be when you grow up?”
“I want to be just like Android!”

The iPhone 6 comes with Apple’s latest version of iOS. In iOS 8 they’ve added many new features, many of which have a distinct Android flavor to them. For example, the keyboard gives “QuickType” word suggestions, and you can even use 3rd-party keyboards. A feature that has been a staple of Android for years. They’ve also added “Hey Siri” command for always-listening  support, widgets in the Notification Center for 3rd-party apps, and actionable notifications. Android still has the upper hand in software functionality, the gap is closing.

We should also note that Apple has added a bunch of features called “Continuity.” These features are designed to make your iPhone work seamlessly with your MacBook. For example, you can “Handoff” webpages from Mobile Safari to you desktop, send texts and receive phone calls on your Mac, and more. Android has the capability to do this, but Google has not yet fully integrated it. This is one area where Apple is leading the way.


By far one of the biggest differences between the iPhone 6, Galaxy S5, and other Android devices is design. You can see similarities in Android skins from device to device, but iOS 8 and Android look nothing alike. Hardware is, of course, extremely different as well. The Galaxy S5 is plastic and a little cheap feeling. The iPhone is the ultimate premium device. The design of the iPhone is a status symbol to many people. Samsung is getting close to that level, but still has a long way to go.

For my money the HTC One M8 is the Android device that comes closest to Apple’s build quality. Ultimately design is up to the individual. There are some people who actually prefer the way the Galaxy S5 looks. That’s perfectly fine. The size of these devices will also play a big part in your decision. The iPhone is bigger now, but there are still plenty of much larger Android phones.

iPhone 6 vs Android

So, which phone is the best? We want to hear from you! Are you ditching Android for the iPhone 6? Are you unimpressed by Apple’s latest iPhone?

Joe Fedewa
Ever since I flipped open my first phone I've been obsessed with the devices. I've dabbled in other platforms, but Android is where I feel most at home.

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  1. LG G3

    1. Or the lg volt

    2. Minus its lag cause its definitely there.

  2. iPhone 6 = Android Mini (Z3 Compact not second rate mini). iPhone 6 Plus = Android Flagships.

    1. You’ve got it all wrong… iPhone 6 < All Android Mini phones… ever(Z3 Compact). iPhone 6 Plus < All Android flagships… ever

      1. You’re mostly right. I meant approximately. Probably should have used ~= or whatever is the symbol for almost equal but a less (mostly). I wouldn’t say that iPhone 6 is less compared to all types/kinds of Androids. My top choice is the Sony Z3.

  3. Can’t waittill

  4. Irresponsible of you to leave out the iPhone 6 Plus…

    1. Irresponsible to compare it to the GS5. Another comparison is coming. :)

  5. I am watching the event live..I must say that specs a side, I’m impressed with the software. If I get the iphone6 I will continue to use my google apps and keep my GS3 and Nexus 7 as my Android devices… But that Sony Z3 is calling my name!!!! So tough!!! #DecisionsDecisions

  6. You forgot to mention SD card/expandable memory.

    And Waterproof

    And NFC

    1. New apple phones all have NFC

      1. I’m the guy who tries to use google wallet whenever I can..and sometimes embarrassingly fail..Apple Pay seems like a step in the right direction..I’m a sucker for the ePayment movement

        1. I’m the guy that thinks a slip of plastic that will work pretty much 100% of the time is fine.

        2. I love Google Wallet. It makes life so much simpler for me because of my disability. However, it is pretty frustrating when it doesn’t work once in a while. I hope the system improves sooner than later.

  7. Is the event over?, didn’t watch it, seems rather dull with what has been announced. Unless I’m missing something.

    1. The apple event is still going…the 64gb iPhone 6 has my attention but I must hold it in my hand…and read/watch reviews in order for me to buy it…if Im Going to APPLE…I have to go with 100% reassurance…..

  8. Comparison wise, shouldn’t the standard iPhone 6 be compared to the likes of the Galaxy Alpha, Moto X, HTC One M7 and Sony Xperia Z3 Compact?

    And no, I don’t see any reason to ditch Android because, in my opinion, the new iPhones are hideous.

    1. Yes. And the plus should be compared to G3 GS5 etc

    2. Not if you’re taking price into account, the 4.7″ iPhone is priced in line with most 5.x Android phones

  9. I like the 128GB internal storage option.
    Nothing legally holding you back,ANDROID mfgs……………………………..

    1. Yeah…but the $1100 price tag is unjustifiable.

      1. $1100 would be a bit much for any phone,regardless of mfg or O/S.

        Someone in the ANDROID community will eventually offer a 128GB storage option.

        Keep it @$800 or lower & I’m interested…….

      2. I just died reading that…

        I started searching Google looking for that price. I can’t find it. They doing a good job hiding that down payment for a used car.

      3. Well,not $1100,but,close enough.
        T-Mobile’s iPhone6 128GB is $849/$949 for the iPhone6+.

  10. I’m not that impressed. But, I’m sure some people will be.

  11. 1334 x 750? Is that a misprint?

    1. Apple never met a standard it could embrace.

    2. Nope, it’s like 720p and 1080p had a bastard child, right?

  12. Nothing to see here…next

  13. -“The Galaxy S5 is plastic and a little cheap feeling. The iPhone is the ultimate premium device. “-

    I still can’t wrap my head around the hard-ons some people get for the styling of their consumer electronics devices. I’ve never really desired form in an electronics gadget beyond how it relates to the functionality of the device.

    1. That’s people today. Form over function.

    2. I think it’s somewhat how a car is designed. I’m in the market for a new vehicle and I refuse to get a Nissan Sentra. Those just look hideous. It would be a great car to buy, but of course I have to get something that looks nice because #FirstWorldProblems.

      So maybe think about something where you get it only because something tedious. If you don’t, then you’re living a smart lifestyle. LoL!!

  14. The chart is wrong. Samsung promised a 32Gig S5 but never delivered in the USA. Liars.

  15. Apple just invented the…………….wrist WATCH!

    1. The crap I took this morning (complete with corn) is more interesting than the iWatch.

      1. not sure if its true but you need an iPhone for GPS features.

        1. True. You need an iPhone period to use fully. Confirmed

          1. Just as you need an Android phone to use an Android Wear watch fully.

            I’m not impressed either, but let’s at least be honest in our criticisms.

        2. Then again, no Android Wear watch supports GPS features at all. And when they do, you’ll probably need an Android phone to support it.

    2. Yeah the Apple Watch was not all that. Then again I’m not into wearables…. Not yet at least.

  16. these specs would be cool if we are living in last year

  17. Just cracks me up listening to all the iHaters here having a hissy-fit over the popularity going on. Behind the scenes, you guys just wish that any trash Android product had even 1% of the interest.

    Apple will make legitimate all the services that Android kept botching every single time.

    In other news… more Android malware introduced today.

    1. ⬆⬆⬆⬆⬆⬆⬆
      And this is why I cant decide on an iPhone..I would hate to turn into an iAsshole.

      1. Agreed but I do like the idea of iMessage and Facetime.

        1. Yeah..those two features give a little iPhone envy.lol

          1. I seriously must consider this iPhone because of those features and the new screen sizes lol. Not getting rid of my N5 though!

    2. This Android user is extremely impressed. Thinking that the Plus will be my next phone.

      1. Why, because it does almost as much as an Android phone, and not nearly as much as a Galaxy Note, at a much higher cost? That Plus looks bigger than a Note 4.


    3. I think the interest for Android is 2x that of Apple. Android has more than 70% of the market. As far as hating because it’s popular I really don’t think it’s that. I think most people hate because they can’t stand how stupid people are to keep buying a device that is outdated before it is even released.

    4. That’s nice info. But I’ll still stick with installing my apps legitimately instead of pirating them. That way I won’t get malware.

    5. Haha what a joke. Re: botched services, check out Apple maps/navigation. They had a few extra years to develop it and launched a complete dud compared to Google Maps.

    6. Yes,
      – legitimately freaking high price to make huge profits
      – legitimately copy from Android and add some shiny stuff and call it innovation

    7. No more apple popularity, troll. Apple has seen it’s best days and will sink to a level lower than your IQ. Get it?

  18. Why does Sony not get a mention for design and build quality vs apple?

    1. Good question. Sony does not have the U.S. presence to be discussed at the caliber Apple is. This is unfortunate…If I do not get the iPhone6 (still thinking about it) I will most definitely get the Z3.

  19. What’s with the huge bezel on i6?

  20. *yawn* Not even slightly impressed.. Sure the 128 gb option is cool but you’re going to need to sell a kidney to pay for it.
    I’m sure all the Apple fanbois will wet their pants over it though.

    1. Not really 128. After buying it it’s most likely 100 GB

      1. You can say that about any storage size.

  21. yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaawwwwwwwwwwwwwwwnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn!

  22. The question now is how will Apple CHEAPEN the 5s like they did the 5 into the 5c making it ugly and plastic? They had to do that last year because the only thing really “new” was the fingerprint scanner (oooooh). This time with the larger screen maybe they won’t need a way to artificially make the new phone “better/cooler” and people will actually get the REAL phone if they decide to pay the “Apple Tax” when they go for last year’s model instead of some 5c(cheap) variant bastardization. I still can’t believe they did that! What a smack to the face that was.

  23. galaxy s5 rocks.. apple is going down..

  24. Can we get an author that does their homework before subjecting us to iFan drivel?

    There’s too much opinion in this article which promises to be a comparison and he can’t even get it right all the time! For instance, I’ve been solidly connected between my Galaxy and my Desktop for over a year with my browsing experience. How can this author say that Google hasn’t fully integrated it?

    And why bother including a “Design” portion in the comparison when you’re just going to give Apple the edge when they’ve clearly copied Samsung’s design for their new device.

    Thanks for wasting my time, Joe.

    1. Syncing webpages between phone and PC is just one part of Continuity. And I said design preference was up to the user. My “long way to go” comment was not about aesthetics, but about being a status symbol.

  25. The sides of the iPhone look like the Z3.

  26. This thing is 2 years old, but the basic point still stands…


    Seriously though, am I wrong for still looking forward to the N6? At this point Apple has succeeded in bridging the gap between Androids so well that it comes down to personal preference. Something that should be the first and only concern when buying a cell phone. For all the things that Google with Android has done this far, I cant think of one thing that an iPhone could offer me without complicating and sacrificing the process that a Nexus can’t or wont. That’s not to say that a Galaxy couldn’t or wouldn’t either, but for me having a rootable phone with great hardware designed to maximize it’s OS and the features therein, is a lot more important than implied status or aesthetics. Frankly, the function of a $600 device should supercede the form at every turn, in the case of Androids with the width and depth of the range of offerings, there’s literally an ass for every seat. Choose wisely, and you’ll be fine.

    1. Fwiw, that video is from 2010.

  27. The iPhone 5s’s camera is better than the S5’s?

    1. in your wildest dreams

  28. Hey Joe, I’d like to educate you and your ilk on what constitutes “build quality”. You seem obsessed with the metal aluminum. You write of it as “premium quality”. If you really believe aluminum is so premium. prove it by buying your wife/mother/boy friend/girl friend/ or sister an aluminum ring or bracelet. I’m sure they will be impressed. Joe, they have made guns out of solid plastic, including the barrel. Not aluminum! To me a phone that has an IP67 or IP68 rating has a better build quality than a phone that does not have an IP rating.

    1. Like I said, it’s up to personal preference. I prefer a metal build, but there are also certain plastic phones I like. You also have to understand that “build quality” is about more than materials. When I hold an S5 I can press my finger on the battery cover and feel some give. Phones like the iPhone, HTC One, and even some Nokia devices are more solid.

      But hey, that’s just me. You like whatever you want.

      1. Don’t press too hard on aluminum, it might dent. :)

      2. I don’t know why people are obsessed with “pressing on the battery cover.” I can’t recall the last time I did this while using a phone.

      3. You should watch this video. You’ll probably rethink your stance on ‘build quality’: iPhone 5 vs Samsung Galaxy S4 destruction test: http://youtu.be/w1dFUBCXlQc

        1. I don’t remember saying anything about durability. iPhone 4 was built great, but was extremely fragile. They are not one in the same.

          1. Although you didn’t say “durability” that’s what the term ‘build quality’ refers to: how well a product is put together and how the materials chosen to build it holds up to potential damage. People tend to use the term in the wrong context, not realizing what it actually means. Based on that, there’s a common misconception that Samsung’s phones are built with less care for quality than Apple’s but actually the opposite is true.

          2. amen, bro

      4. I owned a plastic injection molding company for 29 years and am also a plastic engineer. I can’t tell you how many electronic cases and other products we upgraded to a plastic material for our customers over the years. Aluminum cases are an old technology. It’s a bit hard to believe that some are still using it. Polycarbonate is a great material. Used for aircraft windows and bulletproof shields. It is superior to aluminum for electronic cases. Many people just have not looked into it enough to realize it, but that is why most cases are made from a plastic material today.

    2. Show me a gun with a “plastic barrel”.

      1. google it!

      2. Ridiculous comparison. A plastic gun would melt/explode. MUSt be metal to function.

        1. Wrong, you lose!

        2. 100% wrong. The world is full of plastic “polymer” guns. Has been for decades. Educate yourself on the difference between “guns” and “barrels” – what they do, how they function and the materials they are made of.

        3. Don’t you remember the 3d printed gun that fired 380 caliber ammo? That was 100 percent plastic, except the firing pin, which was basically a small nail.

    3. You’re right…and whenever I post the following video link to a thread comparing iPhone’s ‘superior’ bulid quality to Samsung’s supposedly inferior build quality I NEVER get a response from the pro-Apple posters: iPhone 5 vs Samsung Galaxy S4 destruction test: http://youtu.be/w1dFUBCXlQc

  29. Such a biased Article !!!

    1. No $h!t sherlock. Where do you think you’re at?

  30. I am not switching to iPhone as I feel Android phones are still superior to iPhone. Apple gave its marketing talk today as usual. They shamelessly self-proclaim to be number one in everything! And pity Apple fan-boys and Apple obsessed-media digest it without doing any reality checks. iPhone 6 and watch are merely catch up with Android phones. Google wallet was there since couple of years but Apple will now hype about Pay and whole world will think they invented this payment mechanism. I would give them credit for enhancing existing ideas such as Google Wallet, Smart-watch, etc. but would not call them inventors of those ideas. But, they say if you lie one thing thousand times people will take it as a truth there after. Disney already has their own great wristband that can be used for making merchandise purchase payments in Disney stores and even for unlocking Disney resort hotel rooms. But, now Apple will again create a hype around payment via their watch.

    Also, Samsung Galaxy phones and tablets can replicate its whole screen on Laptop and exchange data between the phone, tablet and PC, receive and make calls directly from tablet. Forget Apple’s integration for sending text from iPhone to Safari on Mac.

    But, Apple fan-boys surely have something to celebrate today as they were deprived of big screens and great Android features for the years so enjoy but keep your eyes and ears open ;-).

  31. 4.7… just like my current Moto X… really wish Moto would have stayed with 4.7… won’t cause me to go iCrazy.. but still.

  32. How about physical dimensions? the iPhone looks huge for a 4.7″ screen, the “Plus” looks gargantuan.

    1. You know, I’ve always liked that word… “gargantuan”… so rarely have an opportunity to use it in a sentence.

      1. Its nice to see a change from “whopping” which is like every tech writer’s favorite word for big.

    2. I agree why so much hight more width would been perfect instead. The iPhone 6 plus is plain
      Stupid as it is to big I might swell buy a iPad mini instead

  33. It’s hilarious how apple can report words instead of raw spec data and people still flip out. That’d be like me building my custom PC and being like, yeah I got a “multi task handling” processor and a “super powerful” graphics card with “more than enough” ram.

  34. I am exceptionally disappointed with Apple’s announcement today. I have the 4S and was looking forward to upgrading to the 6, but now I am considering jumping ship. Innovation is clearly not Apple’s forte anymore.

  35. Too much personal opinion and not enough facts. If you’re writing a comparison article you need to learn how to be UNBIASED! We get it Joe, you prefer apple products.

    1. I’ll have you know I’m the only person from Phandroid that doesn’t own an Apple product. Nice try, tho.

      1. Maybe they should rename this site to Phanapple or Applephan. Thanks for explaining why there is so much bias against android on this site.

  36. this is the worst comparation ever …

    the real features off all modals

    1. They’re really proud of that 1080p display aren’t they? It’s like it’s something brand new and revolutionary. What a bunch of i-losers!

  37. What’s the point of driving a porsche without the horsepower? The looks on iphone is hands down best looking, compare to any smartphones out now. However, the specs is not too great for me to change from s5 to this. Why should I pay more to downgrade? Sorry not ganna happen.

    1. Im still not getting why people say iPhones look better. All flagship phones from the top companies have the same basic rectangular shape with rounded corners SO how can anyone think huge bezels make a smartphone look more appealing than the others that have very slim streamline bezels? What exactly are you seeing in iPhones that make them look so good to you?

      1. Apple just knows how to make a rectangle look more stylish I guess. I’m not an Apple fan, but none of their phones look like they were made quickly to make a buck unlike many of the Samsung and HTC products out there. Sammy and HTC have some good designs, but there’s a lot of trial and error that’s gone on there too.

        1. But you can’t seem to specify exactly what it is about the iPhone that makes it more pleasing to your eye than the other phones. Everyone else who I’ve asked responds the same way. However, I can give specific reasons why I think the others look more elegant than iPhones: it’s bezels are much wider than the other phones and they lack the subtle curved edges of other phones (although this new iphone does have curved edges now). Im not trying to put you on the spot or anything but it appears to me that people just say iPhones look better because someone else said it.

          1. Up until the 5c they never made a plastic phone, and that was only released to make them more affordable to those who couldn’t afford the premium phone cost. They have solid classic looks, not futuristic direction taking designs so they look just as good in a 15 year old kids hands as it does in their 60 year old grandparents. I’ll never own one, but there’s no doubt that their style is one of their main appeals.

            Let’s not forget that they introduced us to the touch screen phone here too. Every Android as much as I hate to admit it followed in that basic design (rectangular screen, small icons for apps, simple home button). They put thought into every aspect of the phone instead of trying to 1up the competition (heart beat monitor….. really??). They aim to please their customer base from young to old, and they do it well.

            You could pick and choose a 1000 androids to compare and certainly there are a several good lookers out there, but every iPhone is aesthetically pleasing to the eye by modern standards. And when you hold one in your hand, it feels solid.

            I don’t really see the point in arguing about the looks though because people will get what they like no matter public opinion. Personally I’d rather have a phone with stereo speakers, SD expansion, and a removable battery so the iPhone is not for me.

          2. You STILL didn’t give any specific details about its visual characteristics in regards to why you think it looks better…but I do agree that the way a phone looks is a minor detail. ..However, the presumption that the original iPhone was so unique and lead the way for current smartphones is a BIG misconception. The iPhone’s design AND concept was flat-out ripped off from the LG Prada. In fact when the iphone was introduced LG publicly said that it was honored that Apple copied it’s product. The Prada won three different awards for design and innovation and Apple had nothing to say about it…here’s a video link of the Prada: LG PRADA Review: http://youtu.be/rQnVOrQMjOc

          3. The iPhone 3G and 3GS was made with plastic.

    2. The specs don’t say anything about the performance. When I had an iPhone I never ran into lag issues. The software and hardware are designed together vs. Samsung designing a phone then having android designed by google then slapping tizen on their phone its like too many hands in the bucket if you compare. I like my s5 better still though lol

    3. “But Tim Cooks is teh leaderz of teh Apples and dey haz the productz.” -iSheep

      1. did you just use “iSheep” to make an argument? why yes! yes you did! that’s like totally awesome! DUDE!

        1. Yeah, all credit goes to Sandisk for making up the term.

    4. Downgrade

  38. Apple just opened the door to the small phone market. Motorola should have stuck with the smaller form factor of the 2013 Moto X, they would have struck gold.

  39. I am disappointed the 4.7 inch is rather more
    higher then has width.
    Apple did not think 138 cm long phone is not
    Practical to carry in your pocket.

    The Samsung s5 is lovely in size has 120 cm which is about what hits the limite.

    Only downfall with Samsung s5 it has terrible cell coverage with same Sim on iPhone s5 full bars 4g.

    So it hurts to say I will have to ditch innovation against working reliability even I prefer my Samsung s5.

    1. What are you talking about the GS5 is 142mm long. It’s longer, wider and thicker tha the iPhone 6. The Galaxy hasn’t been 120mm since the GS1.

  40. Not only are the new iPhones huge, but your practically going to have to put a case on it and make it even bigger so you can protect that camera that doesn’t sit flush with the body.

  41. I say it shoulda been iPhone 6 vs. HTC one M8 since it looks like some all metal design cues of the all metal HTC with its nice round curves that the iPhone 6 loved so much it mocked it

  42. Only complain and bashing against iphone was was relatively smaller screen. Now we have it. In this article, comparison between iphone 6 and android phones does not tell complete story from Specifications. For example, instead of comparing camera megapixels, compare picture turns out under same condition. Same for larger memory or higher processor speed MHz, if content flow,running applications, usability sucks.

  43. I’ll keep my Android thank you very much.

  44. Can someone please explain exactly how Apple can say their 4.7 inch i6 has “Retina HD display” when it’s 1344 x 750 @ 326ppi, and when my Q1 2013 HTC One has a 4.7 inch 1920 x 1080 @ 468ppi…..?

    Does this mean my HTC one has ‘Super Duper Retina+ HDx2 display’? Absolute gimmick. Tim Cook needs to be sacked, all iPhone is now is iterative.

    1. 1280×720 is already HD. So apple is basing their resolution on the screen.

      1. I think you missed the point. The word “Retina” connotes the idea that the quality of image is parallel to that of the retina, when in this particular case it’s far from that.

        And I use the HTC One m7 to emphasise just how baseless the claim is. And I also use this phone to highlight the fact Apple are selling people a phone that even 18 months ago would have looked substandard. It’s an absurd claim and it’s offensive to the consumer market.

        From my point of view, Apple are beginning to treat their customers the same way EA does, and if you know anything about EAs track record over the last few years, you’ll know that is a bold statement, but also one that may not be so unreasonable.

        1. A phone with 128 gigs on-board, a second-generation 64 bit CPU, and second-generation 64 bit OS would have been “substandard” 18 months ago?

          Talk about an absurd claim…

          1. You’ll notice I was talking solely about the joke of a screen. Nothing else

  45. I’m not impressed!

  46. It’s still a stupid I phone. I’ll keep my HTC one m8 thank you.

  47. Another year, another boring apple phone.
    IPhone camera isn’t ‘king’ either. Don’t know where that came from.

    1. I have a s5 and though I like it more than my iPhone my iPhone 5 had a better camera in terms of quality and performance especially the front facing camera even though it has lower megapixels

      1. megapixels means nothing at this point. There are far more important things like pixel size, f-stop, lens, image processing, etc.

  48. Another comparison chart….

  49. Seriously, I AM NOT impressed. Would still want an android device because I had enough on my old iphone 5. I will buy an iphone 6 for an uprade (if my ip5 got some issues) because my family, all of them, use apple products so I am a century behind them. It is not a big issue though. I will still use my old ip5 but definitely use my old galaxy S4 as my primary phone. Trust me, android is more better than ios though I have both of them (s4 and ip5).

    1. And that’s why Android’s experience is inferior to Apple’s iOS…it’s MORE BETTER. Geez, spec whores on focus on the numbers regardless of the phone having horrible battery life, inferior built quality, an absurd user experience with its constant crashing, and irresolute personal data mining. One key evident example is Androids use of NFC payments and Apple Pay. Android has all the capabilities to create an environment much like iOS, but they choose and create a horrible user experiences.

  50. I don’t get why iphones are still such status symbols when they don’t even have the specs that Samsung s5 does. I don’t like the way they look really. I like the samsung galaxy design just fine. My kids and friends all have iphones and I don’t see the big deal. This announcement does not impress me. It is still smaller without 1080p. people are just buying the name. I guess the specs don’t matter to them. It’s not water proof or dust proof either. Fail. Samsung s5 or wait for the note 4. My kids pics on iphone 5s aren’t better than my samsung s3! I don’t know what people are even talking about.

    1. Buying an iPhone is not meant for practicality. It’s meant to be a status symbol because of marketing. People are very impressionable.

      1. samsung spends more on marketing than google, apple, microsoft and sony combined.
        and apple is last on that list.
        but only apple people are impressionable.

        1. Show us the statistics?

    2. Respectfully I have used both an iPhone 5 and a galaxy S4. As much as my galaxy’s S 4 is far more powerful than my iPhone 5, my iPhone 5 still performs much better. I traded the S4 for an S5 and still my iPhone 5 performs better. I had my S5 froze up a couple of times and restarted. My iPhone 5 didn’t do that yet and it is 2 years old. Specs do not matter if the most powerful phone with huge screans out of the box or after an update with quad core processors and 2 GB of ram, cannot withstand Android. I love android to the grave with its flexibility but reliability is where iOS has it beat and I feel that the high price for iPhone is worth it.

      1. I have heard this same thing from my sons, (I bought them all of their iphones) they have also had androids at one time or another when they broke their iphones or whatever between me being able to afford a new one etc. But my samsung galaxy s3 is 2 years old and has never frozen up on me. previously I had an HTC incredible and it froze all the time and I had a memory issue and all types of problems but i guess i got lucky with my s3. all of my sons iphones have problems after theyve dropped them, I’ve dropped my samsung s3 countless times and I have never had a problem. My sons iphone 5c can only work with speaker or headphones, my younger sons 4s has memory issues, my oldest sons 5s has an issue charging. The apple chargers are always breaking too, my samsung original charger from 2 years ago still works and I take it to and from work everyday! So maybe these stories are just anecdotal, but in my experience Samsung Androids are far superior, the photos i take are better, the screen quality is better with the same apps open. I’ve never had force close issues at all. I play games take thousands of pictures and use my s3 as my computer. so I feel like it’s better. I do think iphone is a status symbol because the people i work with act like it is and all the kids have to have them or they think they’re not cool. lol

        1. My GS3 also still works really good. I kinda wished it wasn’t so I can justify buying a new flagship android :).

      2. how is a non custom rom loading scrub on phandroid? get away loser.

        1. Speaking my mind like everyone else here. And only losers hide behind the internet and insult people but can’t do it to their faces…like yourself

          1. if you were standing right in front of me i wouldve told you the same thing.

          2. And you the loser are talking fluff. Because you are hiding behind whatever device you are using. You couldn’t do what you say in person. Because you are doing it on a blog. SMH.

          3. if you were standing right in front of me i wouldve told you the same thing.

          4. I agree with Jacob.

        2. i run my s5 stock. but i’ve never had mine freeze up and restart.

    3. status symbol? according to who? there’s more android phones out there.

  51. Do not forget the REMOVABLE battery and microSD card slot.

  52. Did Kevin Krause help write the article too? Too much iOS bias for my tastes.

  53. the iPhone comes with 1 gig of RAM as well

  54. Has Apple solved the build quality problems? 1 out of three of iPhone5 users have had a dead button or cracked screen, a problem that will beexagerated as screen grows. I wholly agree with the status symbol idea. If you are holding an iPhone people will wonder which little yellow bus you are waiting for and often who ties your shoelaces, without contract its an awful lot of money for a half spec S4. Add the inability to add an sd card and Apple have fallen even farther behind. if phoned were browsers s5 would be puffim htc chrome Motorola Mozilla and iPhone internet explorer

  55. This is yet another example off Apple making a half hearted attemp at q sub par phone. they seem to have lost their ability to “innovate” or more aptly put flagrantly steal other people’s ideas. I honestly believe that this device will lose apple 5-10% more of its market share. It’s just not good enough.

  56. Of course the iPhone 6 Plus is conveniently left out. If you really want to compare models it has a 5.5 inch Full HD 1080p screen. Apple now offer its users a choice of sizes.

    1. Maybe it’s left out for a reason? 1080p screen would of been very good
      last year. Maybe iPhone 6 Plus needs to be compared with s4 instead of

  57. My wife has an iPhone 5s and she prefers taking pictures with my note 3. Also, Apple users claim that the specs don’t matter. Of course they don’t because you have lower specs. If an android phone released with their specs at the $199 price point they would trash it. The specs don’t matter just like screen size didn’t matter because you were stuck with a baby screen.

  58. I believe I will stay with my HTC One M7.

    1. A friend of my was waiting a whole year for the iPhone 6 and have now ordered the htc m8. And i have a htc one m7 and loving it

      1. m7 > m8.

  59. Totally unimpressed. Apple are losing the war and they know it. I haven’t seen any innovation from them for years. It’s good for them there are people that buy it just because of the brand.

    1. thats what they put their strategy on. They know people will buy it anyway.

    2. People buy things because of the brand every day. They are blind. “Forgive them,God,they don’t know what they’re doing”….Sad

    3. Agree but we have to acknowledge the competition (Apple) does some things very well. The thin 6.9mm chassis, the camera, the A8 processor are all ahead of what Android offers.

      1. LOL A8 Processor? hahah with only 1 gig of ram.

  60. so, when samsung matches the iphone camera will they be stealing “features” as well? when they get that 64 bit processor will that be stealing yet another “feature”?
    because, you know, “features” are always stolen. why it’s just unbelievable when a new tennis racquet line comes out with some new thing (spin monsters being the latest rage) and others release their own version, it’s stealing no? a car company adds a little thingy on the inside and others steal it no?
    yeah, that’s innovation. “we feature features!”. not introducing something revolutionary (which only apple receives crap for not introducing something weekly) but features!

    1. what

  61. Come on. It’s Apple and/vs Orange comparison. Means NO comparison. Apple wins.

    1. Lmao.. Troll along little one… Your away from your hurd. The rest the isheep have left you

  62. Why did you guys compare the iPhone 6 over the iPhone Plus?

    1. Probably because the iPhone Plus is a giant oversized phablet. Compare it to the Note 4.

      1. Except it’s massive even compared to the note 4!lol

  63. Only thing I like about the iPhone 6 is the A8, beyond that I have no interest in this phone at all.

    1. Couldn’t agree more. The A8 is a beast, its ARMv8 and 20nm process is ahead of everything else. That said the 6.9mm chassis and camera are damn nice too. I think Moto X trumps it though.

      1. Samsung’s Exynos 5433 which will be used in the international version of the Note 4 is also ARMv8 using the 20nm process and uses a next generation Mali T760 GPU.

        I suspect the A8 will trump it in terms of graphics performance, that’s always Apples strongest point.

  64. Should be iPhone 6 vs. Moto X. I can’t see how the GS5 is even relevant at this point running touchwiz and that silly apple-like mechanical button it has at the bottom.

    Moto X is best on the list. Especially once it gets Android L and all the other phones are slated for mid-2015 upgrade or some crap.

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