Nexus 6 vs Samsung Galaxy Note 4 & other top Android flagships [CHART]


Nexus 6

The long-awaited arrival of the Nexus 6 is finally here. Like previous Nexus devices, the 6th Nexus comes with a lot of hype. It has been leaked and rumored tons of times over the past few months. Today we can finally call it official. Of course, the Nexus 6 is not the only big Android phone in the world. As per usual we’ve put the Nexus up against the best devices on the market right now. Let’s see who wins!

The Phablets

nexus 6 phablets

The Nexus 6 is a very, very big phone. So big that it doesn’t even fall into the “phone” category. With a giant 5.9-inch display it would only be fair to compare the Nexus 6 to the top phablets. Right now there are two other obvious choices for people who require a giant screen: the Samsung Galaxy Note 4, and the iPhone 6 Plus.


The Nexus 6 has the biggest display and the highest resolution among the phablet group. Resolution is very important with such a large display. The Note 4 and iPhone 6 Plus displays look great, but the Nexus 6 should look truly remarkable.


In terms of horsepower, the Nexus 6 joins the Note 4 as one of the few devices with the Snapdragon 805 processor. This quad-core beast can run up to 2.7GHz. Apple doesn’t like to give specific specs, but you can bet the 805 blows the socks out of the Apple A8. “She’s fast enough for you, old man.”


This is the one area that the other devices may have the Nexus 6 beat. The iPhone 6 Plus only has a 8MP camera, but it’s arguably the best on the market. The Note 4 has a 16MP shooter and equally as impressive photos. The Nexus 6 has a 13MP camera, but Motorola cameras are usually not the cream of the crop.

The Phones

nexus 6 phones

The Nexus 6 may be shaped like a tablet, but it is indeed a phone. We would be remiss if we didn’t put it up against the likes of the Galaxy S5, HTC One M8, etc. Though, we do have to wonder, have Google and Motorola sized themselves out of this market? Phablets are cool, but the majority of people still rock the devices in this chart. Let’s see how they compare.


The Nexus 6 mops up in display size, but surprisingly these phones put up more of a fight when it comes to resolution. The LG G3 matches the Nexus 6’s 2560×1440 screen resolution despite having a 5.5-inch display. The displays on all of these devices look great.


The Nexus 6 stands head and shoulders above this crowd when it comes to processor. The S5, One M8, Moto X, and G3 all run the Snapdragon 801, while the Nexus 6 sports the shiny new 805. It packs a mighty punch.


There’s not much else to say about the camera that we didn’t say above. You can expect the Nexus 6 camera to perform on the same playing field as the new Moto X. In this chart that puts it below the Galaxy S5, One M8, and maybe even the LG G3. We’ll have more in-depth analysis of the camera once we get it.


What do you think about the Nexus 6? In terms of specs alone it beats all of these devices in almost every category. However, specs are only part of the story. We’ll have the rest of the story when we put it through its paces in our full review.

Joe Fedewa
Ever since I flipped open my first phone I've been obsessed with the devices. I've dabbled in other platforms, but Android is where I feel most at home.

Nexus 6 to be made available on all 5 major carriers in the United States

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  1. Things I really want to know:

    -Does it still have a colored LED?
    -Is that glass rounded at edges? Looks it from the pic, but could be the lighting.

    1. Yes and yes…

      1. Awesome, then I think Motorola/Google have made my perfect phone : )

    2. Also is there just one speaker on the front, and the upper one is just the ear speaker?
      Edit: it does have stereo speakers on the front.

  2. If it’s a cross between the N5 and the Moto X, it’ll be a winner, with both seeming to be favorites of whoever uses them.

  3. I know i am the only one but i would have prefered LCD screen

    1. With how popular moto’s “active notifications” have been, I doubt they’ll be going back to LCD any time soon.

  4. Want to know if it comes with wireless charging. I’m still going to buy it if it doesn’t, but I need to know whether I should get rid of all of my Qi pads if it doesn’t support it.

      1. I wonder if it’s “QI Support” like Samsung have though, i.e you still need to buy an extra backplate to enable it.

        1. Since it’s a sealed battery and you can’t replace the backplate and it simply says “Qi wireless charging support” without any caveat or “with additional purchase”, I think it’s safe to say that you could drop it on your Qi charger out of the box.

    1. There have been, just FYI, hacks before to get QI on phones. My SGS3 has wireless charging and the mod cost about $10.

    2. From what I have read so far, the Nexus 6 has wireless charging built in while the Note 4 will require a replacement back (or 3rd party adapter) just like the Note 3 did. I’m torn between the two phones and that’s a factor that might push me to the Nexus 6. I will never go back to wired charging. I even have a wireless dock in my car. No more forgetting to plug in!

  5. I am hoping for a Nexus based on the Droid Maxx, maybe it will happen as a Nexus 5 upgrade when people find that the 6 is to big to use one handed. I tried the iPhone 6+ and I could barely work everything one handed

    1. Not going to happen, but one can dream.

    2. Droid Turbo.

    3. Is that REALLY important to people? Or is it just ingrained into people’s brains because of Apple’s overzealous marketing a couple years back when they didn’t want to make a bigger phone so they tried to justify their smaller screens?

      I can count on one hand the number of times I’ve tried to use my phone with one hand in the last year. And I wouldn’t even drop my phone while counting.

      Obviously not everyone uses their devices the same way though.

  6. I hope that all the moto software (gesture/voice controls) will work with Nexus 6 similar to the Moto X 2014

    1. Wouldn’t count on it.

      1. Google has enabled Active Notifications – this means all third party apps can now use the API instead of engineering it through service hacks.

  7. The Nexus is superior in every way to the iPhone. Love it.

    1. except real world peformance probably…just like every android device…specs powerhouse, but real world execution isnt the best

      1. What are you talking about? The Nexus is the best Android device line when it comes towards providing execution. Let me guess, Almighty Apple makes the best devices, right? Bend, don’t break, right?

  8. I wish they came up with also a smaller phone. I like my oneplus one but I don’t want to go much bigger for every day use.

  9. No sony Z3??????? How?

    1. No One Plus One either, so not like that Phandroid ignores Sony.

    2. Sony should have dropped the Z3X this fall and all these phones would just be spit in the wind. Unfortunately for the fools at Sony, it won’t release until next fall.

  10. Do we know how big the whole phone is yet? Just trying to size it up to see if it’s too big.

  11. Goodbye opo.Okay Google!!

    1. It’s more than twice the cost.

  12. Apple get it right again. More sensible size. 20nm.

    1. 20nm? Isn’t the snapdragon 805 also on 20nm?

  13. soo half the customers they lost with the size and the other half they lost with the price. Well done Google

    1. Yeah…it’s as if Motorola did this on purpose to push people to the X.

      1. Which is still too big for some, unless you buy last year’s.

        The only phone out right now that interests me is the Sony Z3 Compact, and that’s sad since I won’t buy Sony products. So my M7 gets to keep rockin’ until next year sometime.

    2. I’m going take that $650.00 and invest it in a better steroid cycle, and I’ll just keep using my Moto G for now

    3. Or, you know, people that have big hands and also don’t mind paying for a premium device.

  14. very cool. and if you want a hands-free way to carry that without relying on your (too shallow, small or ineffective) clothing pockets, try an XL PortaPocket pocket. Help yourself: http://www.portapocket.com/blogs/news/15395689-yes-we-can-fit-iphone6-and-iphone6plus

  15. If I’m not mistake, doesn’t the resolution of the nexus 6 equal to that of the note 4, with probably a smaller DPI? Because I believe they are both 4K note just slightly smaller with SAMOLED… #ICouldBeWrong

    1. not 4K, QHD big difference

      1. Correction… QHD… But other than that, I believe the note 4 wins in terms of display…

        1. depends on crystal quality really. its more dense than you will be able to notice so the .25 in difference wont matter… side by side any pros or cons will come purely from the quality of the crystal

          1. No. Neither has crystals, they’re both AMOLED

  16. Why no comparison to lg g3?

    1. Look under the “Phones” area. “The Nexus 6 mops up in display size, but surprisingly these phones put up more of a fight when it comes to resolution. The LG G3 matches the Nexus 6’s 2560×1440 screen resolution despite having a 5.5-inch display. The displays on all of these devices look great.” That sounds like a comparison to me…

  17. Sorry…what’s the appeal of these phones again? Just seems like a plain Jane vanilla option of what’s already out there. To they bypass the carrier for updates or something?

    1. Appeal of these phones=Google provides updates, top of the line specs, latest version of android, AOSP vanilla ROM, ease of rooting and flashing custom roms/recoveries/kernels.

      That being said, this is the first Nexus device I will be avoiding.

  18. Can we put a “Cripple” category for the iPhone and Galaxy S5?

  19. nexus= unlocked bootloader. Very appealing. S pen phone or flashtastic one? This is what I shall be mulling over.

    1. T-mobile bootloader is unlock too for the Note 4.

    2. I’m leaving AT&T because of the locked bootloader of my Note 3. Pointless to deal with crap like that. Torn between the Note 4 and the Nexus 6 – but on tmobile either way. I hate bootloader locking so much that I will be paying $5 more per month to switch to tmobile because I don’t get a corp discount there like I do with AT&T.

      1. The lack of a corporate discount at T-Mobile is annoying. It ends up costing more for me than Verizon for the same plans, and that is without considering the lack of subsidized phones! We get discounts at all the other major carriers.

  20. uuuuuh…I’m not mistaking…the Note 4 is a superior phone in all of these categories including beating out the iPhone in camera test!!! look at all the reviews on you tube..

    1. OMG…Love your avatar pic…GO KNICKERBOCKERS!!! :)

  21. “In terms of specs alone it beats all of these devices in almost every category.”

    Uh…how did it beat the Note 4 in Specs again? Both have 1440p resolution display, both have 805 Snapdragon, both have same amount of RAM, but the Note 4 has the better camera, slightly bigger battery (according to your chart), crammed packed with S-pen features, expandable storage and replaceable battery.

    1. Bigger display 9x out of 10 responsiveness and I have a note 3 and I rarely us my s pen but I do use it on my note Pro. Though the battery is nearly the same with less “features”, it’ll probably out last the Note 4.

      1. -“… 9x out of 10 responsiveness..”

        This is pure speculation.

        -“… I have a note 3 and I rarely us my s pen but I do use it on my note Pro.”
        I had the Note 3 and I used my S-pen an awful lot and so do many people who enjoy the Note Series.

        -“Though the battery is nearly the same with less “features”, it’ll probably out last the Note 4.” My Note 2 and Note 3 had better battery life than the Nexus 5 and my Nexus 7. However, this is once again pure speculation that would need to be put to the test in the real world.

        -“In terms of specs alone it beats all of these devices in almost every category.” So how does the Nexus 6 beat the Note 4 in almost every category again?

    2. That sentence threw me off at first, too. But it was in reference to the devices mentioned in the “The Phones” section. Note 4 is discussed in the “The Phablets” section of the article.

      1. No, my friend that appears to be mentioned in the conclusion of the article.

        1. Ah, I missed the asterisks. Perhaps they should issue a clarification.

          1. Agreed! Perhaps the author meant what you stated earlier but this needs to be clarified indeed.

    3. More megapixels does not necessarily mean better camera. We will see when people have their hands on it.

      1. Fair enough! Just note that the Note 3 had a great camera without OIS. The Note 4’s camera has OIS if I am not mistaken. Even the Author gives testimony to how great the Samsung camera is as well as mention of the Motorola’s history with cameras.

        -“The Note 4 has a 16MP shooter and equally as impressive photos. The Nexus 6 has a 13MP camera, but Motorola cameras are usually not the cream of the crop.”

        Just a little FYI.

    4. Motorola’s build quality is vastly superior to that of Samsung’s. Also, touchwiz is absolute garbage.

      1. I prefer some of the features of touchwiz that is missing in native Android. Native Android is not the end all / be all. Nexus 6 doesn’t come with a useful stylus, for instance. Quit being so narrow minded.

        1. Never said stock android is be all, end all… I simply said touchwiz is garbage. I’ve had good experience with other brands android skins. Quit being so illiterate.
          Touchwiz is hideous, laggy and loaded with rubbish gimmicks. LGs UI isn’t laggy but is also ugly as sin and loaded with crap.
          The stylus is a matter of choice. Some like it but I find it cumbersome and not needed. I haven’t desired a stylus since my Samsung Omnia and its resistive touch screen several years back.

          1. iOS 8 is laggy, hideous, and loaded with rubbish gimmicks. Stock android might be laggy and ugly as sin as well. There is no perfect UI. My Samsung devices have been far less laggy than HTC sense, and you can turn off a lot of the features and use a 3rd party launcher. Loaded with crap is how one would describe Android coming from iOS as well. All a matter of preference. Quit spreading junk about Samsung… they have their issues like all manufacturers but most of the features are quite useful, at least to many of us, which is why they outsell more than other android handsets.

          2. My S3 has always been horribly laggy. I can’t do anything on it if I am updating apps from the Play Store. Phone becomes completely unresponsive. It has been like that since day 1 — and I have had it since day 1 since I pre-ordered the S3.

            My HTC M8 for work performs wonderfully. Always responsive. Of course, it is also 2 years younger and has much better hardware.

            My 4th gen iPad runs incredibly smooth EXCEPT for GameCenter since iOS7. Something they did in iOS7 made GameCenter the laggiest software I own (apart from the S3 when updating apps). Safari has also had major issues since iOS8. Also, both my 4th gen and my wife’s 3rd gen iPads have experienced Safari issues since iOS 8.0.2.

          3. Something wrong with your S3. Mine runs just fine.

            My HTC Evo 3D on the other hand keeps randomly dying the black screen of death, the first time 2 months after purchase. Completely stock, even updated HTC firmware and it kept dying. The worst piece of junk I have ever wasted money on. I will avoid HTC due to the HTC sense bloat and dead phone.

            My iPhone 5s running iOS 8.0.2 is constantly freezing. This is well known. Look at youtube videos of iPhones running iOS 8.0.2, where the thing freezes up all the time.

          4. Oh you’re just another Samsung fan boy.. Shouldve known…
            Who cares about ios and apple and how android may look to them? They’re an even bigger rip off hype and marketing machine than Samsung.
            Samsung is a big seller purely because of big money spent on marketing and the herd mentality of blind fan boys, just as apple has.
            It’s no surprise that those moving from apple to android are buying galaxy phones, purely because it’s the only android hardware they know.
            Touchwiz IS laggy and has the aesthetic appeal of a set of toddler toys.

          5. Oh you’re just an iTurd fan boy… shoud’ve known. You have nothing clever but to call other people fanboys… you piece of retard.

          6. I’ve actually never owned an apple product nor am I anything close to an apple fan.
            Good to see you have no further arguments than insults though young fella. Enjoy your cheap n nasty plastic Samsung ;)

          7. Looks like you’ve both taken an extra dose of Haterade lately.

    5. Pentile **cough** display **cough**

      1. Better read any current reviews. Note 4 may have the best display on the market.

        1. May have doesn’t mean “It have”. Others articles show non-pentile is superior than pentiles display. Additional, the nexus 6 have duperior radios, in quality and bands support. Supporting all mayor carriers in one device. On top of that, the add lag because of TW.

          1. Never had a problem with lag on my Note 3. Which one were you using? Every phone stutters from time to time including the supposedly lag free Ibend. My Nexus 4 and Nexus 7 had plenty of glitchy moments. If you don’t like touchwiz, that is understandable but the Note series is much better than the s series due the S-pen optimization and/or support. Provide me with one reference site showing Note 4 or Note 3 as having a inferior pentile display. I am currently using a M8 and I miss the vibrant Note 3 display that I had.

          2. Galaxy s2,s4,s5, note 3, all of them had lag since you unbox ’em. The only one that I felt not so much lag was on “galaxy infuse 4g”. All phone get glitch, especially after a couple of months, thats not what we are talking here.

            Is not a coincidence that every one of them gave me troubles on that department. One of them even freezing brand new.

            I know is a preference thing. But, you can’t cloud the sky with your hands. They feel laggy if you compare with htc and moto specially. Even moto’s low end feel more responsive on a lot of tasks.

            You can see by yourself at youtube for that last one.

          3. Yeah…5 years ago when Amoled was in its infancy.

            Welcome to 2014.

      2. penile *cough cough* display.

  22. As someone looking to upgrade phones soon what would be the advantages of the nexus 6 over the note 4? I’m not really into rooting so I’m not looking for an unlocked bootloader phone. They both seem pretty equally matched in screens and battery so what would be compelling about a pure vanilla experience?

    1. Depends on I’d you like hard or soft buttons. If you did decide to root getting the LMT pie graph would make you fall in love with rooting. And most importantly less lag with the amount of applications you may have running at any given time

    2. Cost. The N6 has too poor of a camera to put it at the same cost as the Note 4. The note 4 has a removable battery and micro sd. Unless these items aren’t a concern for you, the N6 is $50 less than the Note. That said, I’m considering both phones for my next phone.

      1. Well I would be buying the phone on contact through Verizon so I don’t know how much price difference will be then. I’ve never had the need for a removable battery but it’s always nice as a backup I guess. And with the nexus 6 having 64 GB option also it makes it better with not having a micro SD support since I don’t want to stream everything. I do like having physical buttons opposed to soft buttons but I could change, never used soft. It’s a tough decision with all these phones around the time I want to upgrade

        1. I too prefer a physical home button. That is one of the things that I am happy Samsung sticks with. Far fewer accidental presses.

          I greatly prefer the SD slot over the larger memory because I already own a 32GB class 10 microsd card. If it is only going to be used for music and podcasts, I would like to continue using it. If I get the Nexus 6, I will only get 32gb. I don’t like the markups on flash storage.

          I DO like immediate upgrades, but being on Verizon, I fear that they won’t play nice and allow that on Nexus devices.

          As a user of LastPass, I also love that you can use the fingerprint scanner with it. Unfortunately, everything I read says that the Samsung fingerprint scanners are barely functional. I would like to decide while I can still get that $200 from Samsung for trading in my S3.

          1. What is this 200 dollars from Samsung for the s3 thing because that is what I’m upgrading from?

    3. Getting updates first. Of course since you’re on Verizon hopefully you don’t get burned like the last Nexus they had.
      Also, I think T-Mobile is only selling the 32 GB so carriers may not be carrying the 64.

  23. Can you do a comparison like this but for tablets and the nexus 9 :)?

  24. How about other comparison like performance benchmark number ?

    1. This is strictly specs comparison. No one has the N6 to run anything.

  25. I like how we don’t have any real world benchmarks here. How about some picture comparisons, load times, frame rates, battery life, anything that shows actual performance that might assist in a purchase…

    1. The phone is in NO ONE’S hand currently. That’s why. This is strictly specs comparison.

  26. one thing to consider, all nexus phones were good but they were also cheap, google didnt really make money off of them, so since this phone cost more they could in a sense put alot more into the phone so lets hope they did

  27. one thing is for sure the nexus phones are made after their carrier counter parts and the camera is never the same (most times its worse) maybe this time its better

  28. Umm on the Iphone 6 Plus…DaFuQ is 12 hours LTE browsing? Sort of battery is that??!!

    1. Apple’s shitty tradition of being vague with specs. Notice the facetime HD for the front camera? or their new retina HD resolution? Rest assured none are as impressive as they sound.

      1. Teardowns reveal the truth:

        1 GB of RAM

        1.2 mp front facing camera

        Non-removable Li-Po 2915 mAh battery

        1. And? Yet iphone kills Android in multitasking.

          1. It will be interesting to see the impacts of Lollipop on performance. Apple does have an advantage in that they design both the hardware and the software. They don’t have to make their OS work with vastly different hardware. While I despise many things about Apple as a consumer who would prefer to have some level of power in my relationship with a company, I find it hard to give Android the nod on specs until the better components lead to a better experience running the same application.

            Do I need better hardware on my Android device to do the same things that an iPhone user can do with lesser hardware?

          2. But iPhone does not have lesser hardware….

          3. Ah, but it does. 1GB of ram which is mostly dedicated to the OS will put a stranglehold on any developer. And a 720p screen on the regular 6 has been around for years. The cpu we won’t know for a while, but it won’t make a difference from most users standpoint.

            Scrolling through any content is smooth on any new phone. It’s just less impressive for Apple since the hasn’t done anything to warrant a beter cup for years.

            It is quite clearly getting less for what pay for.

          4. But didn’t iphone 6 molested top android phones recently in multitasking? Oh yeah, it did!

            Does Asphalt 8 or Modern Combat 5 on android come with high def graphics like it is on my 5s? No, it does not.

            No, you guys are paying for 25+ year old chip architecture that is the same for ages except for clock speed. Qualcomm been tricking you fools into believing that it is new slice bread every single year by upping Ghz!! Lol

          5. Again, running smoothly on an OS that is an over-sized icon folder isn’t that much of a feat. The 1gb problem has already been noticeable with web browsers. I usually have about 10 tabs open at any time. 1GB starts to get laggy on my 5s, whereas when I use my other phone that has 2GB, it stays buttery smooth.

            The fact that those games are offered in HD on iOS and not Android doesn’t change the fact that they can still be handled on any recent android or windows phone (At 1080p, something you’ll probably get to see next year unless you get the giant 6 plus).

            On a side not, anyone who plays an FPS on a cell phone should be neutered for the sake of not passing on the idiot gene. Seriously, it’s just as painful to play that type of game on a phone as it is to watch someone else play.

            The age of the architecture hasn’t made enough of a noticeable impact. Everything loads up ridiculously fast. But the lack of RAM holds developers back from making more complex programs.

            I know that you’ll never admit that the iphone 6 has a lot lacking, but I know that whenever they do release a phone with more RAM and a better screen, you’ll be jumping for joy. But of course by that time, everyone else will have moved on to bigger and better.

          6. Again, i encourage you to look up the comparison of multi-tasking b/w iPhone 6 and top Androids. It was NOT even close. I think iPhone lapped S5! LOL.

            No, Modern Combat 5 and Asphalt are laggy and frame drops on S5 and other Androids with the latest S801 chips.

            It is painful to play bc your graphics suck donkey balls.

            Huh? ARMv7 and ARMv8 has no noticeable difference??? say that guy stuck on ARMv7! Seriously??????????!!!!

            Lacking? So, RAM is everything? That determines how good a phone is?? Hell, that is waaaayyyy more important than chip architecture!! Classic ignorance from a phandroid!

          7. Go back to BeeGeeR Troll.

          8. Scared of facts? Ignorance is bliss.

          9. Android is about choice, if you want a 1440p display with Snapdragon 801 your covered, if you want 720p or 1080p with Snapdragon 801/800 your also covered.

            There a are also Exynos 5 5430/5433 devices to consider and for tablets nvidia K1 is faster than anything Apple currently has.

            Also worth pointing out that there is more room for various user interface elements with 1080p, especially for viewing websites. More text would show up on the screen at once, and higher-resolution images and video show in full HD on a 1080p screen.

            The higher resolution also means there is less aliasing in 3d games which is quite desirable so long as the performance doesn’t suffer too much as a result.

            Can pixel peepers tell the difference? well yes when comparing 720p vs 1080p you can, but you need to hold screen pretty close, some users do this anyway and it’s nice not to be able to see any pixelation regardless how closely I inspect the display.

            So your claims about users not being able to tell the difference is just nonsense.

            1440p is another story though, mostly pointless.

          10. Android IS about choices…but they are all poor MARKETING-DRIVEN choices. Consider 2k display with a chip that can’t run it…why you think LG did this? You think that LG engineers did not know that the 801 can’t run 2k display smoothly? Of course, they knew! But, they also know that there are many ignorant Android folks out there that will fall for marketing!

            Do you think that Sony knows that their 20MP camera is crap? Of course, but they also know that many ignorant Android folks will fall for the MORE MP MUST BE BETTER philosophy.

            Exynos 7 Octa has already been shown to be quite inferior to even last year’s Apple A7 chip! Exynos 7 Octa uses A53 GENERIC cores from ARM…which is far inferior to the CUSTOM cores of A7 and A8 chips from Apple.

            Nvidia K1 DENVER is the ONLY chip that outperforms Apple A7/A8 chips. But, it comes at a cost…no K1 Denver phone in existence or upcoming. And will see how K1 handles prolong performance. Instead of going all out in performance, Apple focused on efficiency with the A8.

            As for 1080 3d games…that is just plain stupid. Look, Apple iOS has the BEST HD GAMES on the market. ALL TOP END DEVELOPERS are on iOS. There is no comparison.

            Easiest examples, Asphalt 8 and Modern Combat 5 graphics on iOS (A7/A8 devices) are on a WHOLE DIFFERENT LEVEL than Android counterparts. I see ultra smooth no frame drop on all these games, while Androids suffer frame drops on a consistent basis!

            And as seen from a recent comparison, iPhone 5s runs the games BETTER THAN ANY ANDROID FLAGSHIPS.

            And as seen on yet another recent comparison, iPhone 6 runs MULTI-TASKING better than all Android flagships.

            What more do you want? Obvious. FACTS.

            Here’s something to consider…in 6 months, will CURRENT ANDROID FLAGSHIPS be able to run HD games at a high level?

            I am pretty sure my iPhone 5s will run all HD games smoothly for YEARS TO COME. Can you say the same about Android flagships? (Remember, Android L with optimizations to ARMv8 is coming very soon to the next flagships.)

          11. I agree most specs are marketing driven, but it’s not all bad. Being first doesn’t always mean the best, LG were first with LG G3 and they can claim that, but it came at a cost because Snapdragon 805 wasn’t ready, also battery life ott he LG G3 is pretty average at best even compared to other Android devices with 1440p displays.

            Actually Sony’s 20MP camera is pretty good, in most comparisons it was comparable to other flagship devices including the iPhone 5s, maybe not as good as the megapixel rating might imply to none tech-savvy users but still comparable. Definitely not crap like your claiming.

            I’m not that impressed with Exynos 7 either, but I’ll reserve judgement until it’s actually released as to whether it’s inferior or not, as should you.

            Both versions of K1 have superior GPU performance, CPU performance is where they differ.

            1080p for games is not “plain stupid”, but maybe you are for saying that. Yes, iOS has more developers on board but many of them are also supporting Android and it’s increasing every year. Android also has nvidia on board so they get Half Life 2 and Portal which is nice even if they are exclusives, and also a bunch of other enhanced games for tegra devices.

            I don’t play anything anything from Gameloft, not for a long time but given most flagship device are 1080p above I would expect the iPhone 5s to perform better.

            Most Android flagship devices are all running 1440p resolution so yes the iPhone 5s is providing better performance, but there are some Android devices using 720p displays which provide similar performance, but not much demand for them, Xperia Z2/Z3 Compact for example.

            Multitasking? haven’t seen that comparison so can’t comment.

            What do I want? nothing from you, that’s for sure. :)

          12. Camera…I rely on professionals. Google: DPReview CONNECT.

            Their review is authoritative.

            I ALWAYS want a chip that is more powerful than it needs to be vs the other way around. Do u not agree?

            Exynos 7 is out. Benchmarks are there.

            Name me one 720p Android that can run with 5s in gaming.

            Scroll up for link of multitasking.

          13. DxOMark rank the Xperia Z2/Z3 in the top 5 camera phones above your Phone 5s. So if it’s crap does that make your iPhone 5s camera crap as well? Cut the BS already, do you think your the first to find an article online that backs up your personal bias and claim it’s the authority. Nope, and you won’t be the last either.

            More powerful than it needs to be? nope, I go for price/performance, I don’t own a flagship device from any major manufacturer.

            I didn’t realise they re-branded Exynos 5433, odd move but makes sense from marketing perspective, haven’t seen many benchmarks to be honest but its probably worth waiting for Android L to see how that affects performance, lots of improvements for ARMv8 architecture. GPU performance looks a little better than Adreno 420, not bad but at least better than Snapdragon 805.

            Sure, Xperia Z3 Compact, running a slighter higher resolution it wins in both onscreen tests.


            Not that interested in mutlitasking, it’s something Samsung pushed but nobody really uses.

          14. DxO is one benchmark. Reality? No so much. DPReview CONNECT is authoritative professional review site for camera stuff. Z2 did not do well…ranked way below 5s.


            If you think that you have a good camera, then think again. Z2/Z3 camera is crap in real world use. Don’t let the MP fool you.

            That is the problem with Android…specs are wonderful…but real world use suck.

            Sorry, i buy what is best on market. I had Note 2 last year. I am now iPhone 5s. I will skip iPhone 6 bc i want to wait for next year. I do not like to compromise.

            ARMv8 improvements apply to 32-bit too. Remember, a lot of the benchmarks ARE 32-bit…so, iPhone 5s/6 are in the same situation as Exynos 7.

            Z3 Compact…and you pick one set of GPU benchmark? Ok, but even there, 5s wins on some too.

            Here is a quickie…can your Z3 Compact run ultra-high graphical standard seen on my 5s with such games as Asphalt 8 or Modern Combat 5? No. Otherwise, Gameloft would have done it. REMEMBER, Asphalt 8 on Android was tuned to Qualcomm S800/801/805 devices. That is the max that Gameloft can do for that processor.

            Here another quickie…will your Z3 Compact be relevant 6 months from now? Will it run Android L-optimized apps well? Will Android L-optimized HD games run well? NO.

            My 5s one year later can run all of the best apps with the highest graphical standard easily. Next year, when it turns 2 years old, i am sure that it will remain the same.

            That is the difference.

          15. BTW, as far as K1 Denver chip, we need to compare it to the iPad A8X chip since we’re talking tablets vs tablets. I have a feeling that iPad A8X will give K1 Denver a run for the money!

            K1 Denver does not exist in a phone…never will, at least from the big manufacturers. So, comparing it to iPhone 6 is not fair.

          16. Not sure how you could miss the obvious
            quote on the site you sent me. “As the videos will demonstrate, all three games run on an impeccable frame rate and quality…” Games run just fine on all the main phones on the market. The processing power is more than enough for any phone, apple or android. Curious to see how well the 805 performs in the future also.

            I never said RAM was everything, but it’s a
            huge portion of the whole picture. The CPU’s can be as fast as they want, but if the programs don’t have enough space to run in RAM, they’ll have to cut corners to reduce the memory necessary to fit on 1GB of RAM that is mostly hogged by the OS, which means potentially less quality for the programs.

            Then there is the matter of the…lesser… resolution. Yeah…. suck on those donkey balls….

            Seriously, it’s like you’re purposely trying to miss those obvious dismal specs because you’re THAT infatuated with the brand. It’s even more believable to know that you’re a hopeless fanboy because you came onto a site for Android users just to try and validate your own purchases. Just a bunch of ignorance, sadness, and douchiness rolled into a single entity. Which is why I enjoy poking fun at you every time there is a new apple product released. I know that you’ll take to the net to defend your master.

          17. Yeah, ok…if you say so…all those games run the same. Someone is damn blind.

            See, here you go again…try and understand chip architecture. As PhoneBuff showed, 1GB RAM with A8 chip KILLS your Android flagships EASILY in a task that Android supposed to be good at due to “RAM superiority.”

            OUCH. Ignorance is bliss with you, even in the face of clear evidence. LOL.

            Lesser resolution? What…you think 2K display is needed in a 5″ screen? No, dumbass, it shows your pure ignorance and the fact that you fell for Android MARKETING.

            2K display with a processor that cannot support it…oh yeah, that’s superior engineering right there!! LOL.

            Android and marketing…powerful stuff…they trick the ignorant fools like yourself.

          18. The evidence that you love to point out is on a a processor that was released over a half year ago (A lifetime for cellphones). I would hope that the newly released iphone would do well. We’ll just have to wait and see vs the 805.

            I wouldn’t hold it against apple if they decided not to go to 2k. But staying on 720p?!? That’s just insulting to the intelligence of it’s user base. This is the company that just announced a 5k monitor! Most people don’t even need 4k, but they seemed to think it mattered to go 1k more. It’s funny to hear you say that resolution doesn’t matter. The guy that downloads 5gb movies from itunes because you perceive the difference in resolution. You won’t notice much difference on that, but you can notice a difference if the video was 1080p. I don’t ask for much from them, but I ask for the bare minimum. 720p is below that.

            It’ll be funny when apple finally upgrades to 2GB. No designer will touch is for years since they’ll only be able to get customers who have the newest phone. Haha!

            You can talk about marketing all you want, but Apple has been the king of the mountain for that for a while. They know how to find the mindless masses willing to spend on shiny bobbles better than any other. They became envious of Beats by Dre because they were selling overpriced overmarketed junk just as well as they were….so they bought them.

          19. Lifetime you say? Yet, my OVER ONE YEAR OLD iPhone 5s has better gameplay and graphics than TODAY’S Android flagships! Lifetime…my 5s must be a lifetime device then! LOL

            Resolution on a 5″ display vs. 27″ or greater is big difference. Try again. THINK. 2k display on a 5″ display vs. 5k display on 27″. Which do you think will be noticeable in everyday use?

            No, i download 5gb movies from iTunes because it can be played on ANY apple device, including your home TV or your iPad or your iPhone. The difference here is that Google Play movies are VHS type quality, which makes a difference even on a small display. I know that you act ignorant now, but at least pretend to know what you’re talking about!

            Why do you need 1080p? Can your eyes perceive the difference b/w 720p and 1080p on a 5″ display from regular viewing distance? Answer: no. Why don’t you actually use that brain of yours to do some critical thinking…for once.

            Here’s a weird thing…top developers are on iOS…and the best HD games are on iOS. You seem to be fixated on 1GB RAM being the limiting factor…yet, the TOP DEVELOPERS WITH THE BEST GAMES WITH THE HIGHEST GRAPHICS are on iOS. Strange?

            As can be clearly shown above, Apple devices craps on Android flagships in MULTI-TASKING and HD GAMEPLAY. OUCH!


            Really, i believe that Beats was quite popular with Android folks, no? LOL.

          20. Whoever types LOL in capitals is trolling. It doesn’t matter what you say but your comments all belong on one of the Apple forums.

            Your comments are making everyone’s lives worse because we waste time scrolling through them.

          21. Uhhh…you have been discussing with me a lot today…i am actually responding to your ignorance. But, am i holding a gun to your head to read this? If not, then maybe you need to STFU? Just a suggestion.

          22. Only to try and make you at least consider the fact that your god Steve Jobs and his replacement Tim “I’m not as much of a di*k as Jobs” Cook’s company may not have made the best devices since the wheel was invented.

            Tell it to the Apple forum moderators, wiseguy. May your end be as agonising as it is for everyone to even see your comments here.

          23. http://www.phonebuff.com/2014/10/apple-iphone-6-vs-samsung-galaxy-s5-vs-htc-m8-speed-test/

            No, iPhones with A7 or A8 chip and 1GB RAM is doing just fine thank you.

          24. Examples of gaming on top devices: http://www.androidorigin.com/samsung-galaxy-s5-vs-apple-iphone-5s-lg-g3-oneplus-one-gaming/

            Remember this is iPhone 5s, not iPhone 6…iP6 has an even better GPU. Not too shabby for 1GB RAM.

          25. Wow, you are ignorant . Quickly switching between apps isn’t multitasking. Running two or more apps simultaneously is multitasking.

      2. Apple = vague with specs yet perform better than expected.

        Android = drooling specs yet performs like crap in real life.

        Examples? Camera. High Ghz chips with 4-8 cores (based on 25+ yrs design).

        1. There’s already been a head to head comparison with the 6+ and Note 4 and the 6+ got its a** handed to it with the camera and video

          1. Show me. PhoneArena? You may want to read…it was daylight shooting only…why don’t you wait for the FINISHED review/comparo! LOL

  29. As long as the camera is better than the 2014 Moto X i’m sold. I miss wireless charging so much form my Nexus 5. I currently have the LG G3, but I believe i’ll sell it for this.

  30. 805 blowing socks off A8???!!! Just based on Ghz?!

    Retarded statement. Shows the clear ignorance of this site!! Dumb.

    1. Huh? Let’s see, the site is called ‘Phandroid’ as in ‘Android’, which talks mostly about Android phones. Yeah, I think the only retard here is you brah, for posting your comment.

      1. Huh?! So that makes it right?! Oh no, it is pretty clear who the retard is in this conversation. Thanks for proving my point.

          1. Isn’t what this site is for? Spreading ignorant hate on apple products?

            So, you accept that posting something so erroneous as 805 blowing socks off A8 BASED SOLELY ON GHZ is OK?? Seriously, are you stupid or just born that way?

          2. I sense great anger in you, young Tiger. Give in to your hatred and your anger. Then your journey towards the Apple side will be complete.

          3. Lol…nice response. I like it.

            Considering i started with Android, you can understand why i am going to the dark side….

          4. It takes strength to resist the dark side. Only the weak and short-sighted embrace it.

          5. Weak and short sighted? Look where Android is heading…appealing to the lowest of low devices found in 3rd world nations…all to keep market share that Google desperately needs for their advertisement dollars.

            The problem with appealing to the lowest is that the highest suffer in progress. Say what you will about Apple slow (methodical) approach to progress, but they are moving forward. Chip designs. Software to support that. Etc..

            This is why Android L release will be quite slow and the whole Android will go at snail pace. Why? Google can’t go all out to support ARMv8 and 64-bit because that would ruin the other 98% of phones that google must support around the world. High end Androids are simply not selling well.

          6. I’m sure that you’re trying to make an actual point somewhere in that crap you spew. Why don’t you give me the abridged version without the smarmy BS and with a little objectivity?

          7. Can’t read? It hurts too much?

          8. No, it’s just that you’re assuming that the average performance of an iPhone will definitely beat something like the Note 4 or other comparable Android devices. Though it’s possible I have my doubts about it. Even if it did the unyielding nature of iOS (and some of its users) would turn people from moving to it. Just look how much trouble people have with actually making 3rd party keyboards work on certain Apple devices or how odd iOS 7/8 was on 1-1/2 to 2-year-old iPhones and iPads when they were released respectively. It overrides any other spec or performance advantages the iPhone might have over high-end Android devices.

          9. Apple has to deal with only a FEW iphones and ipads that have chips THEY designed. That’s the difference. Android L has to deal a multitude of phones, tablets…and each one has 10 billion different chips and displays etc..

            Example…take Gameloft. We have graphics that was on iPhone 4S that you guys are ONLY now getting! Of course, with 64-bit chips (A7 and A8) and METAL, the past year iPhone 5s and up (and iPads) have been enjoying exclusive ultra high end graphics on some of these games that you Android folks can only dream about! In other words, Android games are at least 1-2 generations behind Apple in terms of graphical standards.

            Can you blame the developers? No. The key to market share ONLY benefits Google. It does NOT benefit OEMs nor its customers. (There is one exception…market share does lead to class-leading Mapping services.)

          10. Dealing with a multitude of devices means that you’re acknowledging that people want choice. Not everyone fits into the iPhone way of doing things (the fact that 50% of smartphone sales in the US and A and 60-80% of sales in Europe last year were Android devices clearly shows that choice trumps blanket, cookie-cutter devices that are all essentially the same no matter who uses them or what their preferences may be because iOS simply doesn’t allow you to break out of the mold).

            Even though the gaming graphics are very impressive on iOS devices it’s very easy to claim your system is superior when Apple thinks that everyone should like iDevices and their entire approach to everything. They believe that no one should want change, choice or to do things the way you want to do them, not the way Apple assumes you should want to.

            The market share is a benefit to customers since it will make developers realise that the quick and easy way of making apps doesn’t mean the world is yours. Just because a hardware/software designer makes life easy for you it doesn’t mean that you should leave everyone else in the dust because Android devices offer them choices.

          11. Apple is aiming for high end. Of course, it won’t win any marketshare anytime soon. Apple has no problem with that. Why do you think SAMSUNG wanted TIZEN? Because despite their grand sales numbers, their profit margins trail Apple by a large amount, esp recently. Samsung marketshare is larger than Apple, yet they can’t compete in profits.

            Why do you think Apple App Store makes so much more profit than Google Play…despite the marketshare?

            Apple devices are easy to use…and hard to break. Android is the opposite. Remember, i was just on Note 2 last year. I know Android very well. Sure, a grandma can use iOS. Sure, it does not have floating fishtank effect…but you know what…that’s OK. I want security, easy to use, and reliable. I do not need to pull the damn battery out every week to get it to run smoothly!! I do not need to restore to factory setting every 3-4 months to prevent crashing. (Restoring on iOS is also extremely easy.)

            You don’t like good graphics?? Wow, that’s weird.

            What do you want to do on your device that i cannot?

            Make developers realize what? Where the money is at? That has been answered already…iOS gaming is superior to Android.

          12. Whatever you may call your arguments they’re mainly based on the Apple kicks a** multi-tasking argument or the belief that it’s specs are better than they sound like.

            If anything someone should just do a comprehensive test between every major Android OEM’s flagship device and the comparable iPhone based on every spec/performance/hardware/software piece of info imaginable. That way we can all have more peace and less headaches from the craziness that Android vs iOS debates bring.

          13. How about this…when Android L comes out next month (??), how many devices (flagships) can take full advantage of L??

            TWO that i can think of…Nexus 9 (K1 Denver) and maybe Galaxy Note 4 (international version with Exynos 7). Both of these devices have ARMv8 (64-bit) chips. But remember, it will take at least 3-4 months before Note 4 (international) will get Android L thru Samsung (and then thru carrier) certifications. So, basically, ONE Android device able to use Lollipop to its fullest. ONE.

            All the other flagships? Nope. Qualcomm S805 is ARMv7 (32-bit). That includes most of Note 4 (USA version for sure), HTC, S5, LG, Sony, and all China brands.

            See the problem?

            All these owners are fu*ked because they are stuck with their “flagships” for at least 1-2 yrs…and they will be 2nd rate citizens bc their experience will not be optimized to the newest standard.

          14. Android is neither appealing to only the lowest of the low or the highest of the high. It is running on devices made for people of a wide range of cultural and financial backgrounds and not just trying to shepherd everyone into buying one or two (three if you count the iPhone 5C) devices.

            Regardless of what Google’s intentions are for appealing to hundreds of millions of potential users that can’t afford an iPhone it’s usually good business to go after a business segment your chief competitor isn’t going after even though they can improve both their potential customers’ and their own situation by doing so.

            Both Apple and Google have “stolen” quite a few software ideas, both from others and from each other. As far as chip designs and progress of that nature goes I truly couldn’t say but there is a picture that explains the software gap between Android and iOS quite clearly.


            Android’s rollout of the latest versions of its software is slow because there are half a dozen different hardware manufacturers that independently design their hardware (and certain software features) to appeal to the market they deem most important. There are dozens if not hundreds of different devices with half a dozen OEM’s and several versions of Android between them. This naturally slows down the rollout process. Google is doing everything it can with the situation. Android pools talent, resources and designs from a wide variety of angles and people in order to give people choices in both hardware and software. Blanket business such as the iPhone isn’t a universal ticket to success.

          15. Android is going after users that Apple does not want…that is true…and this is why OEMs (HTC, LG, Samsung) are suffering…because this population does not spend money. They are buying it because the phone was free…and does not invest into the ecosystem. Why do you think Apple continues to be a profit hog despite appealing only to a fraction of Android?? Why do you think TOP DEVELOPERS consistently prefers iOS?? Because that is where the money is!

            Again, that picture is about specs…not about the tech behind it. Yes, Apple iP6 has 720 display…but that display quality and tech behind it is far superior to that of N4. Read up on iP6 display technology…it is no wonder that despite the resolution, it is #1 among all LCDs and tied for 1st with Samsung AMOLED. Resolution is only a SMALL part of the display quality. YOU should know that.

            NFC…sure, Apple is late to party…but Apple Pay is FAR superior in security and ease of use to Google Wallet. Again, Apple is slow but methodical.

            Iphone business not successful? Did you not hear how much PROFITS Apple made in the last quarter? And that is withOUT China’s sales. And that only included the last week of iPhone 6 debut! Are you kidding me?!

            BTW, since you’re such a spec hound…Apple with 1GB of RAM stomps on Android flagships in the ONE thing that Android is proud of…MULTI-TASKING: http://www.phonebuff.com/2014/10/apple-iphone-6-vs-samsung-galaxy-s5-vs-htc-m8-speed-test/

            Specs don’t mean jack. Read up on the tech behind the specs and you will understand why i jumped shipped TWICE from Android.

  31. LG G3 has 3GB RAM not 2GB.

  32. Nexus 6 Beast Mode!

  33. They are so many positive features on the Nexus 6 that the Nexus 5 never has like.

    1. First Nexus ever made Water resistant

    2. Snapdragon 805

    3. 3Gb Ram

    4. Turbo charger gives up to 6 hours of power in 15 minutes this is crazy wow.

    5. Qi wireless charging built-in

    6. More sensors than the Nexus 5 (Accelerometer, Gyro, Magnetometer, Prox, Ambient Light Sensor, Haptics, Hall effect, Barometer)

    7. Better camera :

    13 MP IMX 214 Image Sensor

    f / 2.0 aperture

    Optical Image Stabilization

    Ring flash with dual LEDs

    4K UHD video capture

    2160p (4K) UHD, 1080p HD and 720p HD video capture modes (30fps)

    4X digital zoom HDR+

    Panorama, PhotoSphere and Lens Blur​

    1. it has qi charging, and those last camera features you mentioned

  34. Adreno-powered Nexus 6, Galaxy Note 4 deliver poor graphics performance vs. iPhone 6 Plus.. read article – http://appleinsider.com/articles/14/10/15/adreno-powered-nexus-6-galaxy-note-4-deliver-poor-graphics-performance-vs-iphone-6-plus

    1. Saying that the Galaxy Note 4 delivers poor graphics performance is ignorant. The resolution of the display can have a significant impact on performance. The iPhone 6 performs better than the 6+ because the 6+ screen has twice as many pixels. The Snapdragon 805 in the Galaxy Note 4 is driving almost 4 times as many pixels as the iPhone 6 and nearly twice as many pixels as the iPhone 6+. All things being equal, the graphics processors in the iPhone 6(+) and the Note 4 are very close in performance.

      1. That is still poor performance. I can’t switch screens like I can with monitors to match what my desktop GPU can handle. If I can’t get a good experience with the same game on 2 different devices, the one that delivers the lesser experience deserves criticism. What matters is how you software performs, not how much work the GPU does.

        I will buy either a Note 4 or a Nexus 6, but I find the pixel count gratuitously high and I am not happy that they are choosing specs on paper over performance. All things being equal, I would rather have a phone that will be able to handle all the software and games that come out over the next 2 years than a phone that has so many pixels that it can barely handle a game already release (assuming games will push the limit more every years).

        The only value I can see in supporting QHD is if I was streaming from the device to a QHD monitor. Since my home monitor is only 1080p and Android is not yet a decent desktop OS, I’m not yet feeling that justification.

        So I think I personally would prefer these Android devices at 1080p. It is possible that there are UI elements that benefit from the higher resolution in ways not obvious to me. But when it comes to activities that most tax a GPU, I am doubtful that there is any visual gain from the pixel densities they are striving for. Would I be able to tell the difference between a Nexus 6 with 493 PPI and 367 PPI (if it was 1080p)? I don’t have the expertise to answer definitively, but I suspect the answer is no.

        1. I actually retract some of my statements. I think I’ve gotten older to the point where I would not be able to see the difference. On the other hand, I think my vision when I was younger and the vision of many others is such that they could clearly tell the difference between those PPI.

          So, ultimately, we have a choice between choosing between PPI or performance.

          1. I certainly agree with you about resolution. I would much prefer to have a lower resolution display and get the performance benefits that come with it. What would be really awesome is if it was possible to manually choose the resolution to run games at like you can on PC.

          2. David, given those valid points, should you maybe look to secure a great
            deal on a Note3? I’ve had the Note3 nearly a year, and have no plans
            to ditch it for these underwhelming, iterative “increases”. A 1080
            screen with a fast processor and 3GB of RAM more than eats any task
            thrown at it with no slowdown.

          3. I think I will preorder the Note 4 today on Verizon. It makes sense to get the $200 back for trading in my S3 on top of the subsidy. I don’t know whether I would prefer the Note 4 or the Nexus 6, but I know I will enjoy getting $200 back.

            If the Nexus 6 was already out, it would have had a better change. I’m also impatient.

      2. This makes no sense. How it works in your hand should be PRIORITY #1. Having 1100000000k display with a chip that can barely handle is just plain dumb.

        It shows…ANDROID IS ABOUT PURE MARKETING. Appealing to the ignorant.

  35. Ummmm… If you’d standardise on quoting screen resolution as longest x shortest (or spend more than 2 seconds proof reading), you’d notice the Note 4 has the same resolution screen as the Nexus 6…

  36. The N6 display will be far from ‘truly remarkable’ as it will be of a Pentile Matrix rather than RGB. More green subpixels = ugly display.

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