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On its own, the LG G3 is just about as good as it gets when it comes to Android smartphones. But if you are looking to step up your G3 game, you can start by checking out some of the great accessories available for the handset. From cases to car docks, memory cards to wireless charging, there are options aplenty for the discerning G3 owner.

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Best Cases for the LG G3


LG Quick Circle Case

The LG Quick Circle case is unique for its seamless fit and direct integration with the LG G3. Unlike cases from third-party vendors, this LG-made unit features an innovative circular window that allows users to access notifications, deploy the camera, interact with the handset’s music player, and more, all without opening the folio or unlocking the device. When it comes to offering protection there may be better options, but none other brings the ability to transform the G3 experience. A wireless charging-compatible version is also available. [LG G3 Quick Circle Case ($49.99)]

Other options:

Best Memory Cards for the LG G3


64GB SanDisk MicroSDXC Class 10 Memory Card

If you’re looking to expand the internal storage capacity of your LG G3, you can’t go wrong with the name that started it all. SanDisk offers their MicroSDXC cards in a variety of storage capacities, but 64GB hits the sweet spot. Plenty of storage space at a reasonable price. The kit also comes with a standard SD adapter to easily transfer files between your phone and PC. [64GB SanDisk MicroSDXC Memory Card with Adapter ($39.95)]

Other options:

Best Portable Battery Pack for the LG G3


Incipio offGRID 8000mAh Portable Backup Battery

The LG G3’s capacious 3000mAh battery offers solid performance, but there is bound to come a time where it just won’t cut it. Don’t be left without a quick charge on hand, even if a power outlet is nowhere to be found with Incipio’s offGRID portable battery pack. Rated at 8000mAh, the rugged offGRID battery can juice up the G3 two times over (and then some). [Incipio offGRIB 800mAh Portable Battery ($89.99)]

Other options:

Best Wireless Charging Pad for the LG G3


LG Qi Wireless Charging Pad (WCP-700)

The LG G3 is one of the few smartphones that comes with wireless charging capabilities as a standard option. To take advantage you will need to get your hands on a wireless charging pad. We recommend a Qi-compatible unit (though LG offers accessories to make the device Powermat-compatible),  namely LG’s WCP-700. With it, charging is as easy as dropping your G3 on the pad and letting it do its magic. [LG Qi Wireless Charging Pad WCP-700 ($69.99)]

Other options:

Best Smartwatch to pair with the LG G3

LG G Watch Android Wear DSC06106

LG G Watch

A high-ticket accessory but a useful one nonetheless, the LG G Watch is an Android Wear-powered unit that easily integrates with your smartphone to offer at-a-glance notifications, a selection of apps, and more. The G Watch is a no-brainer for G3 owners looking to take their Android game to the next level. [LG G Watch ($229.00)]

Other options:

Best Bluetooth Wireless Speaker


Braven BRV-X

Whether enjoying some tunes or looking for the perfect audio companion for the G3’s brilliant Quad HD display when streaming video, the Braven BRV-X is a portable wireless speaker that touts excellent performance in a durable package. Designed to provide great sound both indoors and out, the BRV-X easily pairs via Bluetooth and adds a whole new dimension to the G3. [Braven BRV-X ($199.99)

Other options:

Best Headphones for the LG G3


Audio Technica AX5iS SonicFuel over-ear headphones

While in-ear headphones seem to be the go-to option for smartphone users, the comfort and added sound quality of a nice set of over-ears can’t be argued with. Audio Technica updates the form factor for the smartphone age by including in-line controls and a microphone as part of their SonicFuel offering. The real draw here, however, is Audio Technica’s legacy in the pro-audio industry, delivering on the promise of great sound. [Audio Technica AX5iS SonicFuel Over-Ear Headphones ($89.95)]

Other options:

Best Vehicle Dock for the LG G3


Air Dock with wireless charging

The Air Dock kills two birds with one stone (sorry, avian conservationists). It’s not only a clamp-free vehicle dock utilizing a micro-suction foam face and magnets, but it features an embedded Qi charging pad that tops off your battery while you go. It doesn’t get much better than that when it comes to car mounts. [Air Dock (68.99)]

Other options:

Want to get even more out of your LG G3? Check out our list of must-have apps and games for LG’s latest and greatest. Have an accessory suggestion of your own? Head over to Android Forums to join the discussion or sound off in the comments below!

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  1. Great list, but I’m curious why a backup power supply rather than spare battery or two? An external battery charger is also available LG model BC-4300

    1. Why?
      Did you notice that every link posted was to AMAZON?
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  2. And for those that want even more options, check out the Accessories thread in the forums:

  3. Where are the LG Tone Infinum’s?

  4. A portable battery charger is usually has its own internal battery pack that must be kept recharged in order to provide power.

  5. Kevin, you should probably mention that the wireless charging is different for the AT&T model – they chose to go with PMA instead of Qi – don’t want people buying the wrong wireless charger for their phone.

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