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Whenever holidays approach, members on Android Forums start looking for the best android games that don’t need internet connection. When planes, trains, and automobiles get in your way, chances are you’ve found yourself on the Googling end of these keywords. If you’ve got holiday road trips planned, here are some games you should consider downloading in advance:

  • Temple Run 2 — Temple Run is best had in small bites, but it doesn’t require an internet connection and it might drain hours away from you before you even realize it.
  • Zenonia 4 and Zenonia 5 — There’s nothing to soak up a long leg of travel like a nice lengthy RPG. Zenonia games provide a free action RPG adventure that features modern visuals mixed with classic ideals of the genre.
  • Dead Trigger 2 — You kill bloodthirsty zombies with awesome weapons. That’s always fun.
  • Asphalt 8: Airborne — This arcade racing game actually encourages you to crash and make your opponents do the same. Why not, right?
  • Angry Birds Series — I know, I know. What is this, 2012? But Angry Birds is still a very popular title, and new additions to the plate like Star Wars and Transformers-themed spinoffs are sure to keep a few of you movie buffs entertained.
  • Dots — This fairly new puzzle game will frustrate you so much that you won’t want to play, but will intrigue you so much that you won’t want to stop. All the makings of a fine puzzler.
  • Plants vs Zombies 2 — Even though zombies crave brains and blood more than anything else, vegetative beings find it’s their duty to save the world from this deadly outbreak. It’s Plants vs Zombies, bigger and better than it’s ever been.
  • 2048 — It’s like Threes, except it’s really twos.

That list not doing it for you? Google has a much bigger list of top games that can be played offline over at Google Play. And if all that still isn’t enough? Well, there’s always Phandroid’s trusty comments section below. Be sure to share some games not listed here if you feel like helping out some bored souls while they travel to be with family and friends this holiday season.

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