Best Android Phones of 2019

Last updated: Sep 19th, 2019.

If you’re in the market for a new Android phone, you’ve come to the right place. Here are our picks for the best Android phones currently available and for those with more specific needs for their smartphone check out one of our lists below.

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  • 1

    Galaxy Supercharged expand_more

    Samsung really blew it out with the Galaxy S line this year with three different options and the top end Galaxy S10+ is the classic Samsung kitchen sink approach with every spec thrown into it. The 6.4-inch QHD+ HDR 10+ certified screen is one of the best we’ve ever seen and thankfully Samsung paired with with a massive 4,000 mAh battery to keep the phone going all day. There’s just nothing that this phone won’t handle and given the internals it should have no trouble keeping you happy with your purchase until you are ready to upgrade again.

    Buy Samsung Galaxy S10+ on Amazon


    Key Features:
    • Amazing Display
    • Fantastic Battery Life
    • Unmatched Performance
  • 2

    Spec Giant expand_more

    OnePlus arguably broke its mold with the OnePlus 7 Pro this year as it had always been the affordable flagship killer. And while it’s easy to see why longtime fans feel that way, the reality is the goalposts for affordable just changed with flagship devices from Samsung and Apple eclipsing the $1,000 mark. And the OnePlus 7 Pro absolutely competes with those devices on specs and even surpasses them in some cases with its 90Hz QHD+ display with HDR10+ support. The 8GB or 12GB models compare favorably to the Galaxy S10+ and Galaxy Note 10+ for hundreds less and OnePlus has a considerably better update track record than Samsung of late.

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    Key Features:
    • Phenomenal screen
    • Reliable updates
    • Blazing fast performance
  • 3

    Noteworthy Update expand_more

    The Note line may not be for everyone, after all there are plenty of other big-screen phones on the market now, but for Note fans there is nothing that can possibly replace it. Others have tried and failed to duplicate the stylus experience of the Note and at this point it is hard to imagine anyone unseating it. Samsung did split the Note line this year so for those that always wanted to give the S Pen a shot, but didn’t necessarily want the massive smartphone to go with it, the standard Note 10 is another option. While it isn’t quite the spec overload that we’ve seen in years past with the Note line, the Note 10+ offers 12GB of RAM, a camera array that matches the S10+ and a unique set of video and of course S Pen related software that always makes the Note line stand out.

    Buy Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ on Amazon


    Key Features:
    • Unique S Pen
    • Fantastic Performance
    • Excellent Battery Life
  • 4

    Stock Champ expand_more

    The Google Pixel 3 (and Pixel 3 XL) are definitely a case where the device is greater than the sum of its parts. There’s nothing impressive about the hardware from design to what’s inside, the Pixel 3 is very middle of the road. The standout spec for the Pixel 3 is the software that takes that hardware and produces some the best photos of any smartphone on the market. And the guarantee that you will be the first to have OS updates and security updates is worth quite a bit in the Android world.  Now the initial asking prices of $799 and $899 felt a little steep respectively, but at this point you can find them for hundreds less making them a solid value even as the Pixel 4 launch gets close.

    Buy Google Pixel 3 on Amazon


    Key Features:
    • Unbelievably Good Camera
    • Pure Android Experience
    • Unlimited Quality Photo/Video Storage
  • 5

    Pocket DSLR expand_more

    While the future for Huawei remains a little murky, it doesn’t change the fact that the company has been putting out some of the best devices on the market. The Huawei P30 Pro is an absolute standout this year with its insane focal range from super-wide-angle (16mm equivalent) all the way to a 5x optical zoom (125mm equivalent). This is the smartphone that can truly finally take the place of a dedicated camera without sacrifices. And for those that value battery life the Huawei P30 Pro is among the very best, easily lasting into a second day even with heavy use.

    Buy Huawei P30 Pro on Amazon


    Key Features:
    • Unmatched low-light photos
    • Fantastic performance
    • Powerful telephoto lens
  • 6

    Affordable Pixel Power expand_more

    If you’ve spent the last few years thinking you really wanted to pick up one of the Pixels from Google, but just couldn’t stomach the price, the answer finally arrived this summer in the Pixel 3a and Pixel 3a XL. For less than $400 you can buy into the consistent updates and stock goodness that the Pixel has always promised. What’s more impressive is that Google has managed to deliver virtually the same camera experience in this much more affordable device. With the top-end smartphones commanding higher and higher prices, it’s good to see such a strong option in the mid-tier.

    Buy Google Pixel 3a on Amazon


    Key Features:
    • Outstanding Camera
    • Affordably Priced
    • Reliable Updates
  • 7

    See the Galaxy on a Budget expand_more

    Another one of Samsung’s Galaxy S devices makes an appearance on our list and while it is technically the bottom device on the totem pole, the Galaxy S10e actually is our favorite of the three in some ways. The side-mounted fingerprint reader and flat display may not be as futuristic-looking, but from a usability standpoint, they are awesome. And of course the price, you can frequently find the Galaxy S10e around or even below $600.

    Buy Samsung Galaxy S10e on Amazon


    Key Features:
    • Solid Performance
    • Headphone Jack
    • Affordably Priced
  • 8

    Photo Finisher expand_more

    The Huawei P30 Pro kind of stole the thunder from the Mate 20 Pro this year. When we reviewed it back in January we were blown away by the camera and overall quality of this device, it just so happened that it was followed on by a device that took a bit of a quantum leap in smartphone photography. But the Mate 20 Pro is not to be dismissed, it’s available for quite a bit less than the P30 Pro and unless you are obsessed with that extra telephoto reach and a little extra RAM this device delivers a very similar experience to the P30 Pro.

    Buy Huawei Mate 20 Pro on Amazon


    Key Features:
    • Face Unlock
    • Awesome Tripe camera array
    • Glass design feels premium
  • 9

    Beautifully Designed expand_more

    The middle child of the Galaxy S10 lineup, the regular S10 does find itself last among its siblings on our list, but it is still an excellent device. It shares most of the design for the S10+, giving it that high-end look and feel that you don’t get with the S10e. You get the vast majority of the specs found in the S10+ as well, with the exception of the depth selfie camera and a 3,400 mAh battery rather than 4,100. If you aren’t a heavy smartphone user you can save yourself $100 or more by going with the S10 and you’ll never notice the difference.

    Buy Samsung Galaxy S10 on Amazon


    Key Features:
    • Beautiful Design
    • Powerful Performance
    • Competetive Camera Array
  • 10

    High-End Frustration expand_more

    Huawei’s just took the wraps off its Mate 30 Pro and it is another hardware powerhouse with the new Kirin 990 chipset and a redesigned quad-camera array on the back. The story of this device, at least at launch, is going to be its lack of Google services thanks to the ongoing trade difficulties with the U.S. We can’t ignore this phone as the hardware is simply too good, Huawei has proven itself as among the absolute best in smartphone cameras over the last couple years and the overall look of the Mate 30 Pro, including the optional leather back is fantastic. We’ll be putting the phone through its paces as soon as we can and let you know what the experience of using the Huawei App Home rather than Google Play is like along with the ease of sideloading Google services. The Google free experience may be too much for the average user, but we have no doubt some of you will be willing to consider it for this hardware.

    Key Features:
    • Top end performance
    • Killer Camera
    • Lacks Google Services
  • Upcoming Phones


    We are rounding out the end of smartphone launch season, so there isn’t too much on the immediate horizon, but here’s what we are expecting in the coming months.

    Samsung Galaxy Fold

    Better late and functional than never I guess, the Samsung Galaxy Fold is due to arrive in September with its reinforced protection. Given how the initial batch performed you definitely need to be a gambler to give this one a shot.

    Sony Xperia 2

    We love the multiple camera array smartphones, but Sony is set to test even our limits for it with the six-camera array on this smartphone that is due out before the end of the year.

    Google Pixel 4 / Pixel 4 XL

    We’ve already seen it from pretty much every angle, including some from Google themselves, but on October 15th Google will finally officially unveil the Pixel 4. We know it is going to feature multiple cameras, possibly a 90Hz display and then there’s the air gesture navigation tech, which along with the pricing remains one of the few mysteries.

    Huawei Mate X

    Another foldable phone that we’ve known about for some time and should eventually see the light of day, although when exactly remains up in the air.

    OnePlus 7T

    OnePlus is accelerating its already rapid release schedule this time around with the updated versions of the OnePlus 7 (which was just released in May) due to be shown off on October 10th. Rumors suggest the upgrades should bring the OnePlus 7T closer to the OnePlus 7 Pro with a 90Hz display, Snapdragon 855+ processor and improved charging times.