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Blue 42…set…hike! A couple of days ago the NFL pre-season officially kicked off. That means we’re just a few weeks away from the college and pro football seasons getting started. The World Cup provided us with some futbol, but now it’s time for some hard-hitting real American football. One of the best companions to any sporting event is a smartphone. Real-time stats and information in the palm of your hand can make a football game much more immersive. We’re pumped for the season to get started, and these are some of the apps we use to follow our favorite teams.

CBS Sports

cbs sports

CBS is one of the main TV networks for the NFL and the SEC games. The CBS Sports app gives you access to all of these games, plus every NFL and college game you can find. Follow live action with GameTrackers, scoreboards, box scores, and even streaming live video of top events. Plus you can set up scoring, team news and breaking news alerts to keep you on top of all the action. The CBS Sports app works great on tablets and phones.

ESPN College Football

espn college

If college football is more your thing we’ve got apps for that too. ESPN has the best coverage for college sports, and their Android app is pretty darn good too. Some of the features include in-progress video alerts of the biggest plays, easy access to live games on WatchESPN, personalized My Games scoreboard featuring any college football game you care about, editorial coverage , ad much more.

ESPN Radio

espn radio

Sometimes you just can’t get to a TV to watch the game. Maybe you’re stuck at work, or stuck in traffic. Listening to a game on the radio can be a fun new experience, too. ESPN Radio is a great app for finding a way to follow your favorite games. This app is especially useful if you’re trying to find an out-of-market game. With the ESPN Radio app you can also listen to shows like Mike & Mike, The Herd, and more.

ESPN SportsCenter


Is there anything more synonymous with sports as SportsCenter? This simple highlight show has become one of the most watched and well-known programs on TV. The SportsCenter app is a great way to track every game with real-time stats, video highlights, scores, and alerts. This app is also great for following breaking news stories. Love them or hate them, ESPN is the king of sports.



One of the most important things about being a fan is the gear. In order to cheer your team on you need t-shirts, flags, mugs, decals, chip bowls, foam fingers, and anything else with your team’s colors. is a great place to find fan gear for any of the teams you love. The Fanatics Android app makes it easy to browse the store and buy items so you can be ready for gameday.

Fantasy Football Apps

The football season is great for more than just the games you see on TV. While real athletes compete on the field, millions of average Joe’s are waging battles of their own. Of course I’m talking about fantasy football. One of the biggest advancements in fantasy football has been the smartphone. Managers can track their players’ performance in real-time, make trades on the go, and much more. Here are a few of the best fantasy apps available.

Draft Punk

draft punk

The most important day for ever fantasy football manager is draft day. The draft may only last a few hours, but the results will determine how you do the rest of the year. Don’t go into any draft unprepared. Draft Punk is an essential tool creating a championship team. Simply enter the rules and teams from your league and let Draft Punk do the work. The app will determine the best player available for you to draft, and keep track of everyone’s picks.

League Apps

There are several popular platforms used by most fantasy football leagues. Luckily all of the big ones are available for Android. Download these apps to keep track of drops and pick-ups, trades, and gameday scoring. Find the app below for whatever your league uses.

Football Schedule 2014

Schedule 2014

A great app for people looking for something simple is our very own Football Schedule 2014 app. Fans will love the beauty, speed, and simplicity of the schedule in Football Schedule 2014. The quick loading interface and attractive layout not only provide easy access to the full schedule, but you can also choose your favorite team, highlight important matchups, and get quick access to your most important games.

FOX Sports GO


FOX plays tons of football games across the span of a season. If you don’t have access to this channel you will miss a lot. FOX Sports GO gives subscribers access to FOX Sports, FOX Sports 1, FOX Sports 2, and your regional channels. FOX Sports 1, especially, is a very nice up and coming alternative to ESPN. Watch live streams of games and great shows on the go with your phone or tablet.

NFL Mobile

NFL Mobile

NFL Mobile is the NFL’s official app, so you can bet it has all the features you need to keep up with the NFL. Breaking news, in-game highlights, live game scores, custom team news, and fantasy football news are a few of the features offered by this app. If you’re a Verizon customer you can even get access to NFL Redzone and live games on Sunday and Thursday. When you want the NFL you go to the NFL’s official app.


team stream

Team Stream by Bleacher Report is a great app for following only your favorite teams. Because why should you care about news from some other team? Pick the teams you love and get real-time, hand-picked notifications so you’re always the first to know big news. Open a stream anytime to find scores, next games, videos and even more stories for your teams from local newspapers, websites, blogs, Twitter, and Bleacher Report.



Can’t watch enough great sports moments? Thuuz is a must-have app for you. Thuuz makes sure you never miss a Steelers-Ravens game for the ages, a Tom Brady 4th quarter comeback, or Peyton’s 6th TD throw. Thuuz rates all live and upcoming games on a scale of 0-100, making it easy for you to know exactly what to watch. Personalize the app based on your favorite teams, sports and even your Fantasy players so Thuuz will alert you to the games near and dear to your heart. If you always miss big moments you need this app.


twitter sports

Twitter may not have been created with sports in mind, but it is one of the best apps to have on gameday. If you follow the right people you have access to a treasure trove of inside information, stats, sideline reports, and commentary. There is something so cool about experiencing a big sporting event with thousands of people on Twitter. Plus, it’s a great way to trash talk your rivals from the safety of your own couch. If you’re still not on Twitter make this season your first.

Yahoo Sports

yahoo sports

One of my personal favorite apps for football season is Yahoo Sports. This is another great alternative to the “Mothership” a.k.a. ESPN. Yahoo Sports offers a great UI with real-time coverage of NFL and college games. You can set up alerts for your favorite teams and games to stay on top of the action. You also get access to the great reporting, breaking news, and editorials from the Yahoo Sports website.


Are you ready for some football? With these apps you will be a lean, mean, football tracking machine. Now that we’ve shared our favorites we want to hear from you! What apps do you use during football season? What teams are you rooting for this year? Let us know in the comments below.

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  1. Go Lions!
    Go Blue!

  2. Opened the article looking for Football apps. Read nothing.

    1. “Read nothing.”

      Well there’s your problem.

  3. Go Chiefs!

    Do you know if Steve will update his Football Schedule app for 2014?

  4. Would like to see FOOTBALL PICK EM’ make a return as well.

    1. This ^^^^^^

    2. I’m gonna use Cortana for all my picks! XD

  5. ESPN Radio has been broken, for most people, for a long time. Unless something has changed that app has been pretty much useless for a while now.

    1. Hmmm…I’ve been using it for a while with no major problems.

      1. Yea a few small problems like it starting on its own and it being ugly but nothing major

        1. You guys might be a few of the lucky ones then. The app hasn’t been updated well over a year and the fact it has been inundated with 1 star reviews since the end of last year go to show lots of people are having issues with it.

          I personally loved ESPN Radio (bought the first app and bought it again back when that one got depracated, is it even still a paid app?).

          When it started acting up over a year ago I just started using TuneIn Radio Pro exclusivley and have had no reason to go back.

          Regardless of if it works for a few of you, without issue, that app desprerately needs to be updated.

  6. ESPN Radio needs a MAJOR overhaul. Problems with it opening on its own, closing, among other issues and aesthetically it is ugly and well overdue for a makeover

  7. Go Bears!

  8. Alright, some ND love in one of the photos at the top. Can’t wait for football season. Go Irish (and Android)!

  9. ESPN SportsCenter still shows as not compatible with my Verizon LG G3.


  11. I created Football Glossary app. Any feedback is welcome. Thanks.
    (And there is planned update for 2014-2015 season)

  12. I’m a huge college football fan. May anybody but the SEC win the national title this year!

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