Samsung officially announces the Galaxy S5


galaxy s5

It’s official, folks — Samsung has finally taken the wraps off the latest in the Galaxy S series. It’s unsurprisingly named the Samsung Galaxy S5, and improves on the previous iteration in every way. So is this truly the next big thing? All the details below should help paint a better picture.

Samsung Galaxy S5 specs

For starters, Samsung’s new pride and joy features a 5.1-inch full HD Super AMOLED display, a 16 megapixel camera, a fingerprint scanner and more. Here’s the full gamut in case you’re wondering;

  • 5.1-inch 1080p HD Super AMOLED display
  • 2.5GHz quad-core processor
  • 2GB of RAM
  • 16 megapixel rear camera with 4K video recording
  • 2 megapixel front camera
  • 16GB / 32GB of internal storage (microSD up to 128GB)
  • 2,800mAh battery
  • USB 3.0, NFC, Bluetooth 4.0, WiFi AC MiMo, IR Blaster, and Fingerprint Scanner
  • Android 4.4 KitKat

Whew. It definitely reads like a champ on paper, though we’ve come to expect nothing less from Samsung’s flagship smartphone which is part of a line that has helped them dominate the charts for years now.

The fingerprint scanner is especially interesting, and while it doesn’t do much beyond giving you a secure way to unlock your device and facilitate Paypal payments, it’s still something we’re glad to see.

Samsung Galaxy S5 Features

Most of the new things Samsung’s touting with the Galaxy S5 are in the camera department — after all, you don’t get a 16 megapixel sensor with 4K video recording capabilities without shouting from the mountaintops about it. Samsung has a lot to get excited about here:

  • Phase Detection Auto Focus: Advanced auto focus speeds for capturing a shot quickly – first smartphone with phase detection auto focus, a feature usually found in DSLR cameras
  • Real-Time HDR: High Dynamic Range (HDR) preview mode makes it easier to choose when to use HDR – like trying to photograph a beautiful sunset. It also enables users to capture HDR photos or videos with no shutter lag or post-processing.
  • Selective Focus Mode: Blur images near or far for a creative, one-of-a-kind shot
  • Shot and More Mode: The camera chooses and recommends  Drama Shot, Best Photo, Best Face or Eraser shot after the picture is taken to create the best photo
  • Studio: Add effects to photos and edit movies with a complete suite of editing tools within the Gallery

Samsung’s also introducing new goods to S Health, with meal tracking and more nutritional information for you dieters out there, and an exercise log and mapped runs for those who like to keep track of where and how far they’ve run.

Samsung Galaxy S5 Availability

As you’d expect, all major US carriers are expected to get the device (including MetroPCS and US Cellular), and you can bet it’ll also be stopping by every other corner of the world. Unfortunately we still don’t have a price or date to look forward to, but Samsung says we should be seeing it launch at some point this Spring. You’ll be able to grab one in Charcoal Black and Shimmery White, with S View flip cases and wireless charging pads accompanying it on store shelves.

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The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. Damnit is that faux leather?

    1. I think they called it pleather on the Note 3 lol.

      1. I read an article where they called it that a while back. Funny word, haha.

        1. I agree. It’s just plastic that looks spiffied up a bit.

    2. Its faux plastic

  2. What the hell Samsung?

    1. Come on, what did you expect – you’re acting like this is your first Samsung rodeo! ;)

  3. Not impressed at all. These minor upgrades, mostly useless do not blow me away.

    1. I hate to say it but it’s uncharacteristic of them to stay with 2GB RAM. I’m not saying they needed or should have gone with 3GB, though. Time will tell if it runs fat with all of their software tweaks and Touchwiz.

  4. Hopefully they listen to google and tone down touchwiz otherwise touch wiz still blows and why do they insist of still having physical buttons?

    1. Because the iPhone has a physical button of course ;)

  5. I’m gone…as a loyal S2, S3 and S4 owner…I’m not doing this cheap build again. Time to see what else is there.

    1. I think it is because of this “cheap” build that my s3 actually lasted 2 years. First phone I ever owed that didn’t shatter on contact if I accidentally dropped it. That being said, this phone is ugly as bawlz.

        1. Gah, Bawls is so good.

          1. That’s what she said.

      1. Neither the S3 nor the S5 is that bad-looking. Half the phone is covered by a case anyway. That being said I might get me a Nexus 5 or LG G2 Pro after my S3. Have had it for about 18 months now and I feel like a new phone along those lines would be an improvement and an interesting user experience.

        1. I loved my S3, but I just upgraded to the Note 3. Pretty awesome phone.

      2. Contrary to butt-hurters (and Apple fanboys) worldwide: Plastic phone NOT = bad device.

    2. But to be fair, IP67 rating is a standout feature. Every device should hold that rating.

    3. Cheap build? That’s your reason for switching? What specific issues do you actually have with the S5?

  6. Dunno how I feel about this

  7. Cheep looking back cover & do not like the USB charging cover even if it is needed to be waterproof, give us wireless charging as standard & then i dont care about the covers.

    1. Wireless charging is nifty but far from necessary at this point. Focus on battery life and better battery tech.

  8. Roll on the HTC M8.

  9. Apparently CNET says 2GB of RAM for the S5. I am dumbfounded by that when my Note 3 has 3.

    1. It’s quite simple, your Note 3 is a larger device with more surface area for the 50% more RAM and bigger battery needed to support it.

      1. I would respectfully disagree. Nano-technology is so impressive. The G2 Pro will have 3GB of RAM, which is like a 5.2 inch screen, I think. I don’t think surface area and battery are as important. I think it’s about nano-tech and circuitry.

  10. How remarkably disappointing! Same plastic garbage build quality | more intrusive TouchWiz | Higher integration into “Gear”…. I’m out Samsung. Let’s see what LG can offer me.

    1. Contrary to butt-hurters (and Apple fanboys) worldwide: Plastic phone NOT = bad device.

  11. Will not buy as long as it has hardware buttons.

    1. That’s like saying you’ll refuse to use regular mail at all (even though it would benefit you) anymore until e-mail completely replaces it. Hardware buttons shouldn’t be a deal-breaker. On-screen buttons are ridiculous. You’re slapping something on the display itself that takes away from everything you do on your device since you can’t get rid of the buttons on the bottom of the actual display.

      1. Last I checked the buttons disappear when I am in an app such as YouTube and Netflix. Also if the developer has added the proper API calls then they can use Immersive Full-Screen Mode (https://developer.android.com/training/system-ui/immersive.html) and the buttons will hide from the screen.

        Also with a custom ROM I am able to change the buttons. I can add more or remove and replace them.

    2. Yeah I really don’t know why they’re still using them.

  12. And by the way…how much tackier could the outside bezel be? WTF did they do all year?

  13. Can we please start getting the speaker(s) in the front. I hate watching something and the sound is in the back.

    1. Even a downward-facing speaker, like on the Note3, is a pain. Always have to cup your hands to bounce the sound back at yourself.

      1. I thought I was odd for doing this. Glad I’m not alone.

      2. LOL I do that too, c’mon its not a big deal.. at least on the bottom is better than on back… I don’t want huge bezels tho, specially on a almost 6″ screen so i guess thats the price we pay for it.

    2. Have you heard of the HTC One?

      1. Yea. But that’s one phone. What’s so hard about putting a speaker in the front so thei more options??

        1. Not everyone wants speakers on the front. I’d prefer .2″ bigger screen than speakers.

          1. thats u

    3. Yes, because nothing makes a device look as good as a riddled bunch of holes for speaker/s right on the front of a device. Next.

      1. Dummy it’s doesn’t have to be huge like the htc one speakers are. It can be the same size it is now, only on the front. So move along

        1. Dummy (cuz you stooped there first), a little square slot looks stupid on the part of the phone everyone looks at. Here, I even did a render to show you what it would look like, keeping everything else the same.

          1. Haha. Y’all take this to serious. Smfh

          2. I’m pretty sure theirs a way to have front facing speakers on the device without it looking ugly. Obviously y’all like cupping y’all phones.

          3. Speakers on the bottom or the back is the most acceptable implementation to date. Either you have more bezel to accommodate the speaker, which is generally disliked, or you have less bezel at the cost of the speaker being somewhere else. Turning the screen into a speaker would be possible, but touching it would distort the sound, as would pretty much any case on the market. If you lean the phone against something solid for rear-facing speakers, or set it up on a solid surface in the case of bottom-facing speakers, the sound is reflected towards the listener. It’s a matter of engineering.

  14. And Samsung leaves the goal post wide open for LG….. Here comes LG with the kick?

    1. LOL LG.

    2. And they kick themselves right in the nuts.

      1. LG= Lower Groin, sorry couldn’t resist.

  15. Yes its the note 3 mini!

  16. I’d rather the phone have gone back to 4.7″ it’s the perfect size, not get bigger at 5.1″, can’t stand how phones keep getting bigger. A slightly toned down Touchwiz is nice but stock Android is still far more elegant. Other than that it looks like a reasonably good spec bump. IP67 rating is awesome though, that’s clearly a standout feature.

    Moto X remains my favorite Android phone.

  17. Man, ball firmly dropped. With the exception of the processor and maybe the camera, is there anything on this that’s better than the S4?

    Why bother with updates when it’s so very very very incremental?

    1. USB 3?

      1. USB3 isn’t actually better in most cases. The thicker cable is a huge downside imo. Too stiff.

    2. exactly they copy apple like their 5s and 4s

    3. Technically the processor is available in the S4 as well, the LTE-A versions all had the S800.

    4. That’s the question people have been asking Apple for 2 years in regards to the iPhone. Btw, Tim Cook strongly implied that the iPhone is all he’s interested in since its the only “real smartphone” out there. He also implied everyone else either makes feature phones or smartphones that are used as feature phones. Biggest (and worst) sidestep of the iPhone’s problems (and biggest BS’ing) in an interview ever.

    5. Water resistant, fingerprint reader, heart rate monitor, a bunch of extra sensors, bigger screen, better flash, USB 3.0, 4K recording and so on…

  18. pass

    1. PASS? but it’ll scan ur finger and tell u if u have any warrants, and has a sensor to detect blood alcohol level and automatically call u a cab if u need it. not only that but it’ll pay ur cab fair using NFC technology. lmao! i couldnt resist. it doesnt impress me either but they havent for a while.

  19. Despite the back looking funky, it’s perforated for a better grip, and the electric blue one looks pretty good to me. They’re claiming a lot of display and battery efficiency improvements. 0.3 second autofocus on the the camera. And – that button on the bezel.

    1. Except, case, so it doesn’t matter to anyone ‘cept the ~5% who go naked. (Maybe we need a new ‘do you use a case’ poll for a new %)

      1. I agree with you, I like cases myself. But just like other options that are important to some but not to others – in this case, making it a little more grippy (made up word lol) for those that roll naked – I think that’s a good thing.

  20. Meh, not impressed. Still don’t like the button and it’s just too big. Moto X has the sweet spot on size IMO.

  21. Well… Great job Samsung, I guess this means I’m just going to get a new screen protector and a new case for my nexus 4 and wait for what next year has to offer… Great job Samsung! Can’t wait to see your sales numbers!

  22. This is crap. WTF for Samsung. The biggest surprise from this announcement is this GS5 is the biggest disappointment. STUPID

  23. 1080P??? really? loser.

    1. u wanted more pixels in a 5.1″ screeen? but y?

    2. oh please…save the 2k resolution for tablets. 1080p is plenty on a 5 inch screen

  24. I hope they will have episode 2 with better phone than this crap they just announced

  25. I think it’s time for Samsung to be dethroned. I don’t care who does it, just make your case.

    1. Anyone except Apple. LG, HTC, it’s all you.

    2. Exactly, I think the LG G Pro 2 looks stunningly pretty!

    3. Including…. gasp…. A-p-p-l-e?!?!?!?!

      1. If Apple wants to make an Android phone I’m all for it.

        1. Nah, I was referring to the guy’s unspecified OS dominance by some manufacturer. Android and Apple is not going to happen, conflict of interests.

    4. LOL much easier said than done.

    5. The more the merrier. The more manufactures making mobile devices that cater to all niches of consumers the better. I think we’re doing pretty well so far with choices. Folks like Apple and Samsung have created real competition. Keep it up! More companies in the mobile fight! More great ideas!

  26. The LG G2 is smaller and has a 5.2″ Display. Less bezel looks just better… more modern.
    Unless the 16MP shooter is phenomenal, I don’t know, but it seems Samsung just catched up to the G2, Nexus 5, New Padfone Infinity and the Xperia Z1 with this phone.

    But maybe it will surprise me with features, other than the specs. We will see.

    1. The G2 also has a bigger battery and on screen nav buttons. Don’t forget the knock-on feature, which I don’t think I could do without now.

  27. Still 32 bit or 64?

    1. Supposedly using a Snapdragon 800 so still 32-bit.

  28. I’m seriously Thinking and Hoping there’s a Part TWO to this ……..

  29. what did people expect the 2nd coming of christ?

  30. I’d chime in to say how crappy Samsung is, but turns out Samsung did fine doing that on their own.

    I guess this is what Samsung calls “innovation” when they can no longer use their R&D company in Cupertino.

  31. Does it have wireless charging?

    1. Isn’t wireless charging just something nifty that isn’t really necessary yet?

      1. I have a car dock that wirelessly charges. It isn’t necessary, but it’s definitely nice to have, and would be strange if it wasn’t part of this phone. It is, I found it after I wrote this comment.

        Also, with the tab covering the micro USB port, wireless charging will remove the hassle of having to unplug the tab every time you want to charge.

  32. Bleh. This will be my first time in a few years that I get an android phone that’s not made by Samsung. I’m leaning towards the Sony Experia Z2 but the LG G Pro 2 is still on my radar.

  33. I’m more excited about Sandisk’s newly available 128GB microSDXC cards than I am the S5.

    OneTwentyEight Gee Bees (+ internal) in my pants?! Yes please.

    1. that’s a lot of porn!

      1. Not just ’emergency porn’, but:
        – Tons of 1080p vid of my kid from my Camera
        – Google Music cache (got tons of pinned music on my external)
        – Game data moved to external (using FolderMount)
        – TitaniumBackup app+data backups
        – multiple Nandroid ROM backups
        – A couple Movies and TV series to tide over the boredom when no signal

        So, yes, bring on moar geebees! SDcards have a long life ahead of them yet, despite some dumb manufacturers not including the slot.

    2. In all honesty I enjoy the idea of having hours worth of media on my memory card in my phone but I prefer to use my laptop and connect it to my TV. I don’t travel, really, so mobile media on a huge memory card is not really relevant to me. I am happy for anyone else who enjoys mobile viewing who buys the S5 and big ol’ memory card.

      1. That’s good that your content with staying home or near data/WiFi coverage. In cases like yours the cloud works. But not everyone likes to be at the mercy of the cloud. Some like to travel with these great mobile devices and capture amazing videos and images and store them locally.

        1. Kids + long car trips = microSD.

          It’s especially true as they get older and can’t agree on what to put on the car’s DVD player or you have a wide age range. A couple of moderately priced tablets with a microSD slot really helps.

    3. No kidding right? We’re seeing huge improvements in image and video capturing on these flagship mobile devices and people criticize calls for more Micro SD support? The cloud isn’t everywhere!

  34. So many Idiots here thinking they were going to come out with a completely different phone need to go drain their drool cup. The S5 is an improvement and that is what matters. You can all sit there and cry and wish that HTC or LG is going to do something productive in 2014 and you will probably sit there waiting like the mouth-breathers you are.

    1. Get used to it. This is EXACTLY how fandroids behave when Apple comes out with their next phone. Funny reading you guys having to defend Samsung.

      The only difference is that the S5 truly is garbage. At least Apple does actual and methodical improvements to their phones.

      1. Apple’s and Samsung’s improvements have both been similar in recent years. They’re both garbage.

    2. The only genuine improvement over the S4 is the new camera. Everything else was already available with the S4 (including the S800).

      Oh and I guess the water and dust resistance is pretty cool, but not really a game changer.

    3. You do have a point. On the other hand, LG and Sony seem to have already done something exceptional with the G2 Pro and the Xperia Z2.

  35. Lol wow what a disappointment. This is why I’ll stick with HTC. Same look and cheap plastic and that back is hideous imo. Camera looks awesome though. Well HTC now is your time to shine and you better bring your A game and wow everyone next month.

  36. Very minor improvement over the S4… And imo, it looks uglier…

  37. It’s a small thing, I know, but the placement of the sensors offset _below_ the earpiece speaker on the S5, rather than lined up _beside_ it, like on the S4, will always have me doing a double take, since it now looks a bit like it did on the S3 at first glace.

  38. Everyone was bashing the new HTC one bezel but at least that phone looks gorgeous (to each their own). Now this shows up and looks plain old ugly! Everyone’s high metsal body, or better material expectations was just crushed. Nice job dropping the ball Samsung.

    1. Still don’t understand all the butt-hurting about metal devices. It’s not that big of a deal. Chill and look at things that actually matter in a device. Fast execution of tasks, good battery life and good display.

      1. They want metal devices so they can revert back to a PLASTIC case for their awesome metal phone

  39. So dissapointing.

  40. My wife did not buy the S4 hoping for a big improvement in S5. She would be better off buying the S4 if she can save a couple of hundred dollars. Very disappointing.

    1. True that, go with the S4 it be less expensive….hopefully.

    2. She will get more software updates though on the 5, though I know my wife in particular isn’t all that worried about that sort of thing.

      1. That’s the decision I’ll have to make…ebay GS4 with less lifetime support or GS5

        1. Well, it’s like cars, you can buy last years model and it will be cheaper… but is it worthy? It all depends on your budget, of course.

    3. Wait a few weeks too and save money off the S4 price drops to get rid of the stock stores have.

    4. Not sure about that… you can probably sell the GS5 a year from now for over half of what you’d pay for it today… a GS4 a year from now wont be worth 80 bucks… do the math.

    5. Well, except for the much better features on the camera (4k video, better flash, bigger camera, updated app), the extra sensors (like heart rate), the added OPTIONAL security in the fingerprint scanner, USB 3.0 for faster charging/data transfers, the bigger battery, 4.4 out of the box (no need to wait for a carrier to approve it), better processor, bigger screen…Wait, all of that, and we’re still calling this a disappointment?

  41. Never been a big fan of Samsung phones but I figured I’d at least wait and see what the S5 had to offer and after comparing this to the Xperia Z2, I’d have to say that the Z2 wins this round. Just seems like Samsung mailed it in this year.

  42. So disappointed with the S5.. Really Samsung, Really??

    1. how can you be disappointed when it’s not available yet? Oh.. you’re a patriots fan. You’re used to disappointment.

  43. Less is more is the mantra for Android phones. People are tired of specs and they need a new design. Also why call it the S5? Not much different from the S4 or the Note Series. Call it the S4+ or S4 Heart or some scrappy S4 add on.
    Samsung will “ship” million of these phones but how many would it actually sell? Offers nothing for me to give up on my HTC One and move to this

    1. They’ll probably sell quite a bit thanks to those just coming off contracts looking to upgrade to their next device. Especially if they are Samsung die hards and specs alone speak volumes to them.

  44. After getting the S3 and S4 I’m going to skip this phone.

    1. i had the s2, s3 an im using the s4 now, and i think im skipping this too, nexus 6 maybe?

  45. 4k is so overrated. Unless you have a 100+ inch screen, set your camera to 1080p and save some space and processing power.

    1. they’re marketing the hell out of it similar to 3D when that first hit tvs awhile back.

    2. Poor fella doesn’t really know.

  46. Xperia Z2 is looking real good if Sony can release it in Q2.

  47. I might go back to HTC or see what LG has to offer.. As a Note user I’m pretty sure the next Note 4 will be so disappointed as well. No big difference, no big change… Ain’t gonna waste my time..

  48. lol all of these commentators are about to kill themselves! geeze.

    1. Nothing further from the truth…it’s a phone, not the end of the world. Having said that, as a loyal S2, S3 and S4 user…time for me to take my money elsewhere.

      Not throwing a fit, not pouting…just gonna exercise the power of the wallet and go elsewhere. I’m sure you’ll see many do the same thing. S4 was a disappointment and the sales figures support that. This will have even worse sales.

      1. I feel you man. that’s how I felt after having owned a few of Samsung devices ( six in total ranging from classic cells to smarts). each one of them has malfunctioned in some capacity in a rather short time (software wise or physically – they DON’T hold up well). I also know quite a few people who have owned either the S2 or the Infuse and ALL of those people have told me that a) “it doesn’t turn on anymore” b) “the screen keeps flashing/turning on and off” or c) screen cracked/buttons broke. I think the company should focus on QUALITY products if they’re expecting consumers to pay hard earned cash on their devices.

  49. I think I’m skipping this. Probably go to the HTC One or something. Idk why but I’m unsatisfied with this. Pass.

  50. This phone can be summed up in two words. The first is dull and the second is ugly. The Sony Z2, although like the Samsung is visually similar to it’s older model, is at least not hideous. Dimples are cute on a girl, but sure aren’t on this phone. Hopefully Motorola will announce a new phone tomorrow. This is a great chance for the smaller OEMs to make some headway back into the market.

    1. Motorolla is dead in the water. HTC will win again this year with consumers.

      1. I won’t disagree. I own an HTC One and its a great phone. I was just using Motorola as an example. I’d say Sony, Motorola and HTC have to really market their new products. Samsung only wins because of marketing. It’s a long standing fact that the average person buys what they see on TV the most, even if it isn’t the best.

        1. Ain’t that the truth about people buying what they see on TV. Lol. The ONE is a great phone. Hoping the sequel is just as good. But amazingly without much marketing the ONE was #1 in user polls all of last year.

        2. LOL Just the fact that HTC has no micro sd card slot I just cut them out of my list, regardless of amount of tv ads (plus HTC still don’t know how to make a big screen phone properly)… It’s easy to assume that marketing is everything but you forget that you also need a great product to back your marketing campaign up. If it was just a matter of spending money with ads them why the heck doesn’t HTC get more money from investors or wherever and make more ads and sell more phones? Oh yes, because there’s no guarantee that that will work… at least not with their current products…

          1. I have a 32GB One and still have room left. There is also a 64GB version. Not everyone needs an SD card. With content streaming becoming more prevalent along with cloud storage, external storage is becoming less and less needed by the average user, but in the case of the 16GB S5 only having 8GB available before carrier bloat, I can see Samsung’s reliance on it. Its sad that marketing plays such a big part in it, but the average consumer typically buys what’s on TV with no research about the product they are buying. Things that might of swayed them if they only knew. Things such as the One being the highest reviewed and most critically acclaimed Android phone of last year, also widely called the best designed, the fact that multiple third party tests show that It is more durable than other phones such as the S4, the amazing sound quality of the dual front speakers and not to mention the timely software updates compared to other OEMs such as Samsung. Keep your flimsy plastic and SD cards. I’ll gladly take my metal, durable, already Android 4.4, awesome sounding phone over that any day.

    2. I’m with all the S5 disappointment, but what’s with the love for the Z2.it is even boxer, and with even more bezel than this bezel-tastic phone.

      1. There is too much bezel. I think some of the love comes from it having the best specs of the newly announced phones.

  51. The Next Biggest Disappointment Has Arrived :)

    1. Lol u win the Interntz today…

    2. Funny, that’s exactly the same sentiment Apple supporters expressed when the iPhone 4s was unveiled. Consumers expect radical new designs for these flagship devices every year.

      If you think more on it, it would be quite disappointing for users of the previous generation if the new one was a major, major design difference. But in this case, users of the S3 would consider an upgrade more so than those currently using the S4. I think that’s a pretty good thing.

      The same criticisms the iPhone experienced from its gradual iterations are being seen here. I’m not saying it’s wrong or right, consumers can complain all they want. But from a business standpoint it makes sense.

      Think about if you bought the S4 last spring then the S5 is unveiled with these MASSIVE hardware and software upgrades. Wouldn’t you feel cheated a bit? Then think if your a current S3 user. You see the S5 and perhaps think now it’s the right time for an upgrade. Is any of this tracking with any of you folks?

  52. I can’t wait until the Note 4 comes out…. Excellent Job Samsung!

  53. most of us dislike the s5 because it is the same as the s4. we’d rather have on screen buttons than have a fingerprint scanner. touchwiz is still touchwiz and the damn phone is still built like it’s priced under $50. i was planning on purchasing the s5, but i’ll have to go with the new htc one. great opportunity for htc to regain a lot of consumers

    1. If you like metal phones that much why don’t you just get Metallica to sponsor someone to build a phone. That way you and others who feel like you will get what you want and the rest of us won’t have to read or hear about how much the S5 sucks simply because it’s made of goddamn plastic.

  54. I’m not going to bash the fact that it’s plastic, even though I would have loved to see different materials. I’m just more disappointed that the design is still practically the same as it has been for years now and nothing made me say “wow” about the phone. I was really hoping the S5 would be what got me back to Samsung, but I guess I’ll look elsewhere. I just love switching up phones and feeling like I’m using something new, and this would just bring my mind back to the S3.

    Let’s hope HTC doesn’t mess things up now…

    1. I know how you feel. I felt the same exact way about the S5. Now that Sony Z2 on the other hand definitely got a “wow” out of me. That’s probably going to be my first non-HTC/Samsung Android phone.

  55. Such a disappointment compared to the rumors.

  56. Um, does anyone know what type of processor the s5 uses, is it the snapdragon 800 or newer 801, it really doesn’t matter because I’m either getting the Xperia Z2 or HTC M8, I’m just curious what this powers this thing

    1. I believe the 800…and 2GB of RAM. Really disappointing all around. I can deal with the design etc. but little was done inside to make me want to upgrade.

    2. Same here, i be going with the Xperia Z2. I tried the HTC One but didn’t really liked it. For now im using LG G2.

      1. I seen this already, this doesn’t confirm that is what Samsung is using

        1. true but the quoted frequency of the cpu certainly leans towards the updated 801. it would suck if samsung stayed with 800.

          1. Honestly I don’t think it would suck because compared side by side they not to different, 801 is a tad better than the 800, it’s the Xperia z2 3gigs of ram that is making them the possible phone to go with this year, I’m personally just waiting on HTC now, it’s between Sony and HTC for me this year, and that’s only because Sony has added dual front speakers to the Z2

          2. don’t forget about the LG G3, which should be another beast. it might actually be the first phone out with the 805.

          3. I know, only problem is I don’t plan on waiting until almost Q4 if not Q4 of this year, longest I want to wait is June to get a phone, now waiting to see what tablets might release with the 805 is what I will do, hopefully Asus or maybe HTC suprise with a banging tablet around the second half of the year

          4. actually if i rememebr correctly Lg stated last year they would be releasing the G3 earlier than the G2 since the gap between the nexus5 and G2 hurt there profit margin …rumours were june

          5. Well in that case, perfect

  57. All this hype for same phone that does what other electronics do. I have an S4,heart rate monitor, pedometer on my shoes, professional camera and motoactiv….which I have invested money into and all work fine. Why would I pay money for an S5?????

    Samsung needs to use their PR $ and put it into a phone that everyone wants not what we already have!!!!

  58. This is the first Samsung phone I’ve actually liked and wouldn’t mind owning if I didn’t hate TouchWiz with a passion. I was impressed today.

    1. Good luck, Derek. I hope this doesn’t happen, but I imagine you’ll be receiving some hate mail for that comment.

  59. I am interested to see the price point of this. It seems like a Galaxy S4S. There are a few upgrades, but not as much as i thought there would be, or at least not as many as i am interested in.

  60. Sammy might have just Sh** the bed with this one.

    1. Samsung already sh** the bed with the S4. They quickly found out that releasing a phone barely any better than the S3 would give them lackluster enthusiasm in the consumer eye. The S4 did not sell anywhere near as good as they hoped. The S5 was their chance to get it right, but again they released a mediocre update. Samsung has no passion… So now, not only have they sh** the bed, but they’ve diarrhea’ed all over it.

  61. I was hoping that 3GB of RAM would be come the new standard, but ah well. I wasn’t looking to get one of these anyways I just want Samsung to push the industry in some ways. Supporting the 128GB cards is nice though. I wish they’d have a 64GB variant though.

    1. I’m with ya on the 64gb of storage. I’d like to see 32gb be the minimum on flagship devices. And yeah, it should of came with 3gb of ram.

      1. Since you mention on flagship devices that really makes sense since we’re paying 6-700 bucks for these things they should be maxed out. Save the 8 and 16GB options for the mid and low priced devices.

  62. pass.

  63. HTC One Up is the new top dog…

  64. Samsung had better get some of those paid goons on the forums fast to tell us this is the greatest phone ever.. Looks like they need some serious damage control

  65. Samsung totally blew it…. This phone is very similar to the S4. Looking forward to seeing what the LG G3 will be like. I’m currently happy with my Nexus 5

  66. Beginning of the end

  67. Meh, I’ll wait for the Lg g3 or the G pro2. Outside of the IP67 rating, nothing to get too excited about.

  68. I guess its lg turn to gain some ground with the G3

  69. So, no mention of the “Prime” version?

    1. Ya that’s something I was hoping for… But then again if they say now they they are releasing a more powerful version right now, then who in their right mind would buy this phone? But then again those people who buy this phone and then realize that Samsung releases a more powerful version will be mad beyond belief! So that would be a lose lose for everybody

  70. The fail is strong with this phone.

    1. Do or do not (give mobile device users what they need)… There is no try.

  71. so many emo whiners here.

  72. Samsung just officially spelled out the letter “S” for this phone. Galaxy Sh*tty 5

  73. I’m definitely going with Sony Z2. Only phone to come out with the 801 processor, 3rd of RAM, huge battery, water proof, 20mp camera, and still has a sd slot. Plus the Z2 is a beautiful phone. Everyone keeps crying about the top and bottom bezel but I don’t see the big deal. If Sony can keep the updates coming fast I can see it being Sony’s year.

    1. Exactly, the specs on the Sony are what a 2014 device should have, but the above poster is right, optimization is important.

    2. Ill be sticking with HTC again this year.

      1. If HTC upgrades their battery and adds a sd slot I would consider them

        1. If the FCC filing and cases are to be believed there is an SD slot. No confirmation yet.

          1. We will see. HTC still worries me when it comes to updates but at the same time I’m willing to give Sony a chance when I have the same worry with them. I me there is just to much to like about the z2 to not try it out

    3. I have been waiting on this phone, but it’s launch made my decision to go with the Sony Z2. I have enjoyed my Samsung Note 2 though.

      1. I have enjoyed Samsung for many years but I feel the need to try something new

    4. The only bad part is the it won’t have the aftermarket assesory support like the Galaxy devices have…

      1. That part I do agree with but for me I don’t purchase many

  74. If anyone cares, Best Buy announced S5 launch in April.

  75. Is the amount of ram really that important? What about speed and efficiency? Isn’t that important also?

    1. Touchwiz bogs down the phone and it needs the extra RAM. And Samsung phones are not known for their speed and efficiency. My Nexus 4 and my Moto X offer a much smoother experience than my S4.

      1. Congratulations what do you want a cookie? Go play with your MotoX and stfu we’re talking about the much better S5

        1. Spoken like a true fanboy… Give credit where credit is deserved, and the S5 doesn’t deserve any… As much as I wish it to deserve it.

    2. It certainly is. Optimisation is much more important than people think too. Look at how well the Moto X runs with relatively mid-range specs. Mostly optimising the potential of the hardware and software partly due to KitKat.

  76. To all Samsung haters: go cry somewhere else. Tnx.

    1. No body is hater here, you idiot. It’s just a big disappointment.

      1. Why exactly? Cause it’s not metal? Not 3GB RAM? Or because it has Samsung written in it and we all know that’s gonna be the best sold smartphone of the year?

        1. Because it way too similar to the S4…its basically Samsung saying “our customers are so dumb that we can sale the same phone two years in a row with little name change, and they won’t know the difference”

          1. Samsung is the new Apple

          2. It’s more like an S4s.

          3. Or perhaps it’s for people like me who still have an S3? I’ll probably wait until the fall anyway to see what pops up for possible Nexus releases/Black Friday phones.

          4. Way too similar how? Design? Specs? What would make you happy? It’s fair to notice that Samsung is aiming the GS3 owners which contracts are about expire…. but please, be more specific on how you would make it better? I’m pretty sure Samsung will reveal a premium version of the GS5 in the months to come, with 3GB of Ram, snapdragon 805 (which qualcom hasn’t released yet), metal body and no water resistance. .. we will see.

          5. I don’t mind the screen since I’m perfectly fine with 1080p. I just feel like the 805 processor would have made wonders with their new camera technology. The water proof is a plus. The truth is that I won’t deal with TouchWiz if I had this phon since do would root it and flash something over it in a heart beat. But iI would of like a better processor and 1 more gig of ram. The 800 prsessor is dated already. The 805 is tthe now processor and Qualcomm just accounted these other new processes. So if they would of gone with the 805 + 3gb of ram + water resistance + at least a 1080p screen, then I would been happy. I have a nexus 4 and honestly it’s starting to feel a little slow.

          6. Well yes, I agree the 2GB and SN 800 is quite a disappointment, but everything else sounds really cool and if they have optimized the software to run smoother then it’ll be probably much faster than the S4. So I don’t agree this is a S4s as some are saying… This phone is much better than the S4, period.

        2. I think some people (myself included) are disappointed by Samsung’s dominance of the Android ecosystem, and with it, their arrogance.

          For me especially, I DESPISE TouchWiz. I’ll admit I’m an Android purist, but I think overall TouchWiz is an insult to Android design language. I just don’t see the need or value in completely covering Android up and providing thousands upon thousands of settings and features. I’ll give them props that the S5 seems better in that regard, but it’s still bad. Just take a look at how many settings reside in that settings list.

          And secondly, I hate their arrogance. They’ve really started to act like Apple. Well, Apple without the same design sensibilities. For someone who appreciates and loves the open platform that is Android, it drives me crazy to see Samsung (or anyone else for that matter) launching accessories that only work exclusively with a select set of devices. I’m look at you Gear 2 and Gear Fit.

          It just feels like Samsung goes to great effort to cover up the beautiful OS that Android has become and they’re trying their best to smother it’s openness through accessories that only work with Galaxy devices.

          1. Well u soun like a hater… you definitely hate touchwizz and hate the fact that Samsung dominates the android eco system, you also hate that Samsung makes great accessories and yet doesn’t allow them to be used with other brands (really? That’s pretty much standard in any business)… anyway you forget that Samsung allows a Google edition for their flagship so I really don’t see them as so android averse as you say (they are far from amazon and their Kindle for example)… anyway unless Samsung announced a GS5 with a nexus written in it you’d never be satisfied so basically yes, go cry somewhere else. Ugh.

    2. I don’t hate them. My TV was made by them. It just seems so disappointing. It looks almost exactly like last year’s model, except for the back plate. It’s a tenth of an inch larger screen, but the overall size increased, it’s only running the Snapdragon 800 and not the 801 or 805, it’s the same display as last year, still only one tiny speaker on the back that should at least be moved to the bottom like the iPhone and others, if not the front.

      This phone is basically the Galaxy S4 Advanced that came out last year running all the same specs as the S5, just missing 3 more megapixels and a finger print Scanner. It’s a disappointment.

  77. They blew it…. This was the cycle to step up the hardware with the bump in specs. They have to feel the pressure to do this, but didn’t. Why? Have they become too big to take a risk on design? And when does that conservative approach finally drive customers away? The bump in specs isn’t even that great. HTC has my attention now and Sony is really becoming a player. Both have a premium look and feel. While their phones seem to be updates as well, but of an already quality design. Plastic. Ick. Hasn’t Samsung even read comments in the past year? To save their flagship line they to introduce a new, premium phone by a new name with a good design and keep making this one for the masses as not to risk market share. S3 and S4 owners should look elsewhere. Sony and HTC… Or even wait for iPhone 6 for the bump in screen size.

    1. You cant bump up the specs that much within one year. This is why companies should stagger out their phone releases to one every 2 years. Its a waste to release a phone every year. Very few people upgrade every year. I bet Samsungs sales will sink again this year.

      1. If only phone design would change more often. Sony is on their third phone in a row that looks like all their older models. Samsung is on its third look a like. They only seem to change the back plate and make each model slightly larger. HTC is rumored to release the new One looking like a more rounded version of the original One. With that said, HTC is one of only a few Android OEMs that seem to care about build material and quality. Sony being one of the others. I’ve never used a Sony Z model, but I’ve checked them out. It may be glass, but it doesn’t feel or look cheap. Just doesn’t seem durable.

      2. Probably not. Lots of peeps with the s3 are due for upgrades

      3. But continually users are being pushed to upgrade more frequently through programs such as Edge, Jump, and Next. However, I do agree with you that I’d rather see flagship updates stretch out to 18-24 months but with more robust and long term update support.

        1. consumers arent being pushed, those are just options for those who wish to upgrade more frequently,i think stretching out flagships to 2 years is bad for many. This is a huge jump for gs3 owners, and the gs4 was a huge jump for gs2 owners (as i stated to the other guy)

      4. they shouldnt update every 2 years, this is a huge step up for gs3 owners. and the gs4 was a huge step up for gs2 owners. Most people still run on 2 year contracts.

  78. Wish they would go the direction Motorola was going. Pure Android with minor alterations and added apps that blend in with the style guidelines of Android. Guess I’m dreaming.

    1. Still will have the GPE editions which are better than the Mot* X or C or G or whatever. I had the 4.4.2 update on my ONE GPE 2 months before it hit the X. Moto is dead, a failed experiment, let it die.

      1. I’ve come to terms with the sale of Motorola, but you can’t deny that the UI of the Moto X was one of the most critically acclaimed UI’s around and TouchWiz is frequently called out for being bloated and laggy. I just think it would be better in general if manufacturers conformed more strictly to Android’s design guidelines. I don’t seriously believe that any “differentiation” that OEM’s gain from slathering a thick, heavy skin over Android would be better at making customers happy than a near stock experience.

        Samsung can add all of the custom settings and skins they want, I just wish they would do it in the same vein as stock Android styling, ala Motorola. The platform overall would be a more consistent experience and Motorola proved that updates can be pushed much quicker that way beating out any non-Nexus or GPE device and even beating Nexus and GPE devices with the 4.4.1 update (I know, I own a Nexus 4 and Nexus 7 2012 and was left waiting while Moto X owners were enjoying Kit Kat).

  79. got my xperia z1s a month ago. glad I didn’t wait.

  80. The article is incomplete also, the S5 is waterproof, has a heart rate monitor, temperature and humidity sensors… it’s got a Snapdragon 800 btw.

    1. Well, it’s water resistant, not waterproof but yes they did omit that point.

    2. still a disappointment. even with that info added….

  81. very nice now just make a mini model and I’ll be happy

  82. wow… kinda underwhelming… i debated on switching back to the note 3 or waiting for this…. think im gonna go with the note

    1. Oh yeah, I’d never change my Note 3 for that.

      1. Where do you keep your note 3? man pouch?

        1. No, man pouch is very uncool. You know, since puberty I got used to handle a real large thing so the Note 3 really isn’t big at all for me.

  83. “2.5 GHz quad-core processor” Which processor is it? Snapdragon 800? 805? A new Exynos?

    1. Sadly it’s a 800

      1. It is actually an MSM8974AC (Snapdragon 801) and is a decent improvement over the MSM8974 (Snapdragon 800) in the Galaxy Note 3, LG G2, Sony Xperia Z1, etc.

      2. why sadly?

  84. Its kinda sad that in 2014 when you can get a 16MP camera on the back of a phone, you can still only get a 2MP on the front. I think the new HTC ONE is supposed to have at least a 5MP FFC. I could be wrong.

    1. except you get a 5MP front shooter on the just announced mid-range HTC Desire 816 5.5″ phone

      1. If that’s the case with the Desire then the new ONE will definitely have a 5mp.

        1. they put lower MP’s on the front of phones because it takes so much more data to “face time” and you get lag, as data speeds get better i assume so will front cameras

  85. All the disappointment, but I’m using the GS3 and really looking forward to this phone. I love that it’s water resistant, like the way they did the fingerprint scanner and overall it looks like a huge bump over what I have, and a sizable bump over the GS4.

    1. I as well have the GS3..and honestly…I am still passing on the GS5..actually.. I’m passing on samungy all together… try to see what else is out there….

      1. same here

    2. I’m on the s3 but just can’t see me wanting this.

      1. What else did you want?

        1. Aluminum Body Construction, Improved NFC Sensitivity (for phones with thicker cases), 4+MP Front Facing Camera, Non 90’s Celica Ebay Seat Cover Material Back Cover, More Ram.

          1. Aluminum would probably make the water resistance harder… NFC? Really? Never used that and im pretty sure it’s not very popular here in the US… the back is ugly indeed… oh well, I like it tho, its not perfect but it is certainly better than pretty much anything else out there (not better than the Note 3 and the LG Pro 2 and a little step better than Z2 perhaps)…

          2. Explain how its better than the Z2, which has a larger battery, more RAM and a newer chip.

          3. I said perhaps and now I just took a close look at the Z2 and it really is impressive. Definitely a contender, as you mentioned its got larger battery, faster processor and more RAM… as far as GS5 goes I can say its got superior super AMOLED screen, few sensors more (temperature, humidity and heart rate), its got the finger print reader and obviously all the extrinsic value that Samsung brings (value retention, better accessories and probably better upgrades and UI)… But yes, Ill give to you, if I had 2 seconds to pick a phone, right now i’d pick the Z2 instead of GS5 (specially cause im getting tired of Samsung)… but hey, Note 4 will come and destroy all of the above, haha

          4. For value, Samsung flagship phones usually cost the most between the various Android OEMs. The AMOLED screen you talk of is still pentile so it has highly saturated colors, but less ability to deliver clarity than a non-pentile display and yes, it can check the temperature, but so can a weather app. As for the heart rate monitor, initial reports from various tech blogs are showing it to be finiky and giving wildly different results even when no change has occurred. I’d say the best phone for overall quality in specs announced so far is the Z2. I’m Leary of Samsung as their products tend to be glitchy and I’m worried HTC won’t bring enough with the new One. Motorola is the wild card as no rumors for phones exist for them, but they still have a conference coming up. Only time will tell which is the best.

          5. NFC is extremely useful for those of us who share pictures and videos of babies all the time. Unfortunately galaxy s4 was intentionally crippled…..hopefully they fixed that in s5.

  86. 8GB ROM!!!!!!!!!!! that’s a lot of bloat!!!!! that’s half of the 16gb!!!!!

  87. Those who thinks Samsung galaxy S5 is not upto their expectation; just think it as galaxy S4.1 and you will like it. If new feature like finger scanner does not work as eligent as iphone S5 so what, it is S4.1. It is all about lowering expectation.

    1. Water resistance, 4K recording? 16MP Cam… heart rate monitor, temperature and humidity sensors, bigger screen? Better flash? I’m pretty sure I’m forgetting a lot of things… your comment is dumb.1 ;P

      1. Awwwwwwwwe somebody picking on samsung

  88. and yet another ugly, uninspired phone by samsung

  89. HAHAHA HTC u nailed it nice answer HTC,made my day.

    1. Hahahahaha

    2. Lol i wonder how long they are actually gonna “stay in the business” for…

    3. this pictures says it all. it’s a band aid to the GS4.

    4. Now that’s funny.

  90. Wow I was really hoping for a new design, what a let down. So many good concepts out there and Samsung can’t create anything inspiring…I really wanted to buy the next galaxy but now I will look to HTC or LG and see what they have to offer. Hopefully HTC removes that useless black bar and it’s a go.

  91. No mention of waterproof/dustproof rating or heart rate sensor under the flash. Hold your finger on the flash to get reading. Some key new features.

    1. There’s already an app that does the heart rate thing.. Hard for me to call that a key feature. Works the same way too

      1. Yep I’ve tried those apps. Why so sure they work the same? The existing apps allows your phone and flash to act as a photoplethysmograph using reflection, but the S5 sensor may use IR like medical instruments. I don’t know. Sounds like you do though.

      2. Here a upvote and a new follower

  92. I’m looking for something like “in your face, Apple!”. This one is just like “I’m waiting for Apple next phone, and copy it”. WTF.

  93. 2GB RAM!??

  94. I was a little underwhelmed by the announcement. I would, however, like to see that blue battery cover on the white phone. Sweet combo.

    1. I have the titanium Gray back cover on my pebble blue GS3…dope..

  95. What is the construction like? Is the back leather? Rubberized? I can’t tell. What about the sides?

    1. looks like the back of a nexus 7 2012.

    2. Its soft touch plastic on the back and normal chrome painted plastic on the sides.

  96. Note 3 all the way!

    1. Note 4! Oh boy, is it October yet?

  97. Form factor: Water-resistant bar phone, IP67 certification
    General: 2G, 3G and 4G LTE connectivity
    Dimensions: 142 x 72.5 x 8.1mm, 145 g
    Display: 5.1″ 16M-color Super AMOLED HD capacitive touchscreen with a resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels (431ppi)
    Chipset: Snapdragon 800 MSM8974-AC
    CPU: 2.5GHz Krait 400
    GPU: Adreno 330
    RAM: 2GB
    OS: Android 4.4.2 (KitKat)
    Memory: 16/32GB storage, microSD card slot
    Still camera: 16 megapixel auto-focus camera
    Video camera: UHD (2160p) video recording
    Connectivity: Wi-Fi a/b/g/n/ac, Wi-Fi hotspot, Bluetooth 4.0, microUSB 3.0 with MHL, GPS receiver with A-GPS and GLONASS, 3.5mm audio jack, NFC, Infrared port
    Battery: 2800mAh
    Heart rate monitor
    Fingerprint scanner
    Additional sensors: humidity sensor, temperature sensor
    God damn it!! :P

    1. microSD card slot,
      Will they work with the new 128GB or 256GB cards?

  98. This crazy!!! Lol

  99. Sony Xperia Z2 is alot better

  100. Samsung iPhone Copy 5

    1. You should get your eyes checks. It looks nothing like the iphone. Iphone looks much better unfortunately.

      1. I mean the software fingerprint etc

        1. Apple was not the first company to put a fingerprint scanner on a phone.

          1. But apparently has started a trend

        2. No one cares about that part…..useless feature regardless of which phone it’s on:-D

  101. Yawn…how about a new 3-4″ truly mobile phone/text/e-mail secure phone, with the same legal protections of hard-wired phones, not locked or tied to any carrier or OEM, for $1,000 or less, that will still be functional for 4 yrs. Not interested in another gooo-gaw, ehaaaw brick with all the locked security flaws (some of us still believe in wearing clothes, just to hide a little of ourselves). Maybe a phone that’s even useable for 24 hrs of charge in broad daylight? Is that mission impossible?

    1. targeting 300+ pound men with a wide pocket and ladies with their purses

  102. Well, that’s a let down. The “spy” photo was much better. Maybe that was just someone’s drawing.
    16 mp camera….as if 13 mp wasn’t slow enough already……
    5.1″ …..I tolerated the 5″ screen, and that was already too big. Why??

  103. Samsung is getting cocky. They think they can just poop out new Galaxy phones with tiny upgrades and people will go bananas over. Sorry Samsung, not happening. Expect low sales.

  104. First (top end) phone to be water resistant and be able to house 128mb card. One of, if not the first phone to record in 4K. A few other things as well…

    …and yet people are complaining that it doesnt give them new stuff. I mean seriosly what are you looking for? Will anything impress you? If the phone did your laundry; you’d be like meh… my mom does it for me.

    1. not the first top end phone to be water resistant and not the first to record in 4K. I give it that it is one of the first to use the 128 GB microSD card but other than that, it ain’t much of an upgrade from SG4,

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