30+ Best Android Games for 2 Players


Local multiplayer games are a dying breed in the world of gaming. Most multiplayer games nowadays can only work if you’re connected to the internet. Sure, it’s fun to pwn noobs from across the world, but sometimes you want to pwn the person sitting right next to you.

Best Android Gaming Controller

Local multiplayer games are perfect for passing time with your friends, boring plane rides while waiting for food at a restaurant, hospital waiting rooms, and tons of other situations. It can be hard to find a good Android game with local multiplayer, but we’ve done all the work for you. Also, you might want to pick up the Moga Hero Power controller for your Android phone if you really want the upper hand when challenging your friends. Check out these great games for two (or more) players!

Ever wanted to see if you have the wherewithal to escape from prison? With the Escapists 2, you can try to do just that, and while you and a buddy can try to get the task done, this game allows you to conspire with up to three friends in local multiplayer mode.

Download The Escapists 2: Pocket Breakout


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  1. Why did you guys use Goatse as the thumbnail to this story?

  2. There’s a severe lack of local multiplayer games for tablets. When you have to put hangman and tic tac toe under the list of best apps, it’s pretty sad. I understand why there’s such a lack but still.

    I’ve been searching myself. Since my significant other has a physical disability, there’s not a lot of games we can play, but mobile games seems to be okay. So I’m always looking out for more.

    I would add olo to this list; it’s not amazing, but it think it’s better than tic tac toe or hangman.

    1. I think the first thing you should look for are games that allow competitive play or multiple players like an RPG. There are ways to play multiplayer games then what’s listed here.

      Here, it seems when there is only one device to use. These are pretty cool, but I rather have my own device because I’m a selfish prick. =.P

  3. Glow Hockey 2 Pro from Amazon is wonderful. Great for 2 players. http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B004MNO0BQ (non pro version is at Google Play here: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.natenai.glowhockey2 )

  4. I was playing one of those Dot’s and Squares game against a normal computer and that computer was whooping my a**. I was like “REALLY!? And this is just normal!?” I was so mad. =.[

    I kept trying and losing. Talk about rage quitting. =.P

  5. 8 Ball Pool is a good one. It has online play but also has pass and play.

  6. I’m looking for games I can play with specific friends on our own devices at the same time, whether we are in the same room or not. If the game uses Play Games services, even better. One game Google demoed at i/o was NBA Jam with one person using Android TV and another using an Android tablet. Are there more games like that? Are there games that can be linked across devices in other ways besides the internet?

  7. this article is awesome thank you for this…makes me want to download all these games and play with someone…honestly want to download every single game lol

  8. worms 2 is possibly my fav 2 player turn based game of all time….but why…WHY…can they make it multiplayer over devices!! like me an dmy cousin would play eternally if we can just go on whenever and play the next move and id easily pay $5 for it…why is it only local!

  9. You haven’t played Uno? Then you’re a Cylon.

  10. i recommend Clash of Arrows, to play in the same device :)

  11. I recommend this version for “4 in a row” : https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=org.pjf.fourinarow
    You can play 2 on the same device, online (global rankings with Play Games), or against the AI (it plays perfectly at it’s most difficult setting, but the beginner levels are easy).

  12. Have you seen https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=air.com.globz.omgz& ? 30 games for 2 on the same screen! And up to 8 players game modes!

  13. UNO wasn’t pass and play

  14. I really like OLO https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.Sennep.OLOgame&hl=en
    It’s a bit like bochie ball (shuffle board) & prison dodgeball. You can play 1v1, or on teams of 2v2, using the same device. It’s simple enough that I can get my father in-law to play.

  15. I love all multiplayer games in general, always have; only recently however, I do find myself searching the app stores harder and harder for those of the ‘local’ sub-genre because most likely my girlfriend will be sitting right next to me playing a game on one of her devices and I think to myself, “I like playing games too! Wouldn’t that be cool if there was a game we could play together? Preferably one that wouldn’t pit is together necessarily, but any game would suffice that would get her to me some?”

    I need a game that would maybe help improve communication in my relationship! There has to be something out there. ..

  16. Here’s a list of local multiplayer games for touch screen devices that I’ve been compiling: http://www.localmultiplayer.com/touchscreen/

    Some of my favourite Android titles are Bounden, Friendstrap, Mucho Party, Mini Mix Mayhem, Bloop.

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