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One of Android’s best features is the ability to fully customize almost every aspect of your phone or tablet. The best place to see this customization in action is the home screen. Users have a plethora of icon packs, launchers, widgets, and wallpapers to choose from. All of these choices can lead to some amazingly beautiful (and amazingly awful) set-ups.

With all of these options you’d think home screens would be a giant mess of random configurations. That’s only partially true. We went through several “Share your home screen!” threads on Android Forums and found that most people set up their home screen in one of five ways. Even you, the person reading this right now. Don’t believe us? These are the five types of Android users and how they set up their home screen.

The Stock Jock


Who: The Stock Jock is someone who doesn’t do much to personalize their home screen. They could be new to Android and not know how to change things up, or maybe they just really like the way Samsung or Google do things. Whatever the reason may be, they are still rocking the original configuration and doing just fine. You can accomplish so much more when you aren’t changing your launcher every other day. Wait, what’s a launcher?

Item they order at McDonald’s: Happy Meal

Favorite beverage: Orange Hi-C

The Themer


Who: The Themer is someone who likes to get their hands dirty and make sure their phone looks like their phone. Maybe they stumbled upon Android Forums one day and discovered the world of Android modding. It starts with a simple icon pack. Harmless, right? Next thing you know they’re elbow deep in code trying to extract that perfect launcher. But now the wallpaper isn’t right! I’m so close to the perfect set-up!

Item they order at McDonald’s: Premium Crispy Chicken Ranch BLT Sandwich

Favorite beverage: Mountain Dew Code Red

The Minimalist


Who: The Minimalist has been through the Themer phase. They’ve seen it all, and now it’s time to take things slow. Keep it simple. They have a keen eye for design, or at least that’s what they will tell you.  The Minimalist is also a tad OCD about how things are set up. Every app and widget is meticulously themed and organized. Man, I would love to download this new app, but I just can’t make that icon work.

Item they order at McDonald’s: Hamburger

Favorite beverage: Water

The Hot Chick


Who: The Hot Chick is the dude (or bro) that always has some random chick plastered on his home screen. This guy loves looking at beautiful women. He loves it so much that he decided he needed to see one every time he turns on his phone. Most people would feel too creepy or shy about putting scantily clad women on their home screen, but not The Hot Chick. Hey, have you seen that new pic of Emma Watson? It’s pretty great.

Item they order at McDonald’s: Double Quarter Pounder with Cheese

Favorite beverage: Surge

The Ugly Duckling


Who: The power of Android customization can sometimes fall in the wrong hands. Occasionally you will glance over at someone’s phone and see a glorious disaster of a home screen. The Ugly Duckling tried really hard to get the home screen looking just the way they want. Like the story of the ugly duckling, there is beauty in even the ugly things in life. You just have to wait long enough to see it. In the case of these home screens you only have to wait for the screen to turn off.

Item they order at McDonald’s: McRib

Favorite beverage: Crystal Pepsi

The great thing about Android is that all of these people can exist on the same OS. Which one of these people are you? How do you like to set-up your home screen? Have you ever come across The Ugly Duckling? Let us know below!

Joe Fedewa
Ever since I flipped open my first phone I've been obsessed with the devices. I've dabbled in other platforms, but Android is where I feel most at home.

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  1. OMG! This was so hilarious. #dead

    Where I fit in: I’m more of a “stock jock” mixed with a simple icon theme. Nothing too crazy. I also mix Dr. Pepper with Diet Coke. O_o

    1. are you sure you’re not the hot chick? :D

      1. Only on the weekends. O_o

      2. I’m the Hot chick on my tablet though because theres more room to see the hot chick.

    2. Minimalist (with some Themes characteristics) here. Galaxy S3 with Cyanogenmod and Nova. No icons. Only GMD Gesture Control launchpads and gestures.

    3. I love this list! I’m in between the Themer and Minimalist and I swap back and forth depending on my mood. Not surprised to hear you’re more of a stock jock Chris with all the different devices you play around with.

  2. Guilty minimalist over here..

  3. Best part of this article is the inclusion of Surge and Crystal Pepsi.

    1. Does Crystal Pepsi have meth in it?

  4. I’d have to be the in between minimalist-themer. The thing that mucks up my minimalism are widgets. I love me some widgets! Great article!

  5. The Stock Jock :P But I like stock-like look, Nova launcher and some icon pack is enough :)

  6. I’m definitely between stock jock and themer and minimalist.
    I like to keep things stock (google stock), so not rooted or with other launchers, but make the most out of widgets, folders and try to keep as few things on my homescreens as possible.

    I think this creates a new category:
    The Practical
    I don’t need a super customized phone where you waste too many hours making it perfect, when you’ll never get those hours back when using your perfectly ergonomically designed phone.The Practical, likes to have clean phone ui, but one that works in most occasions, not perfect (cos that takes too much time), we definitely do not want to waste time on a homescreen you want to look the least amount of time at (I prefer my time in apps or looking not at my phone, widgets are a bit of the middleground)

    Moral of The Practical: Customize to make it more usable only if the time spend on customizing will not exceed the time gained from the speedier use of the customization in question (this includes time spend rooting/learning how to root / scouring the internet for widgets/icon packs/ launchers and wallpapers / flashing / learning how to flash)

    Favorite order at McD: BigMac
    Favorite beverage: Milkshake

    Practical phone valhalla: A phone that knows your habits so well it unlocks into the app you want without you having to do anything, skipping the homescreen alltogether. (I really need to get me a moto x for touchless control)

    1. I’m another who fits your description of The Practical.

      A fairly stock, third party launcher, which gives me that little extra control lacking in AOSP/Google stock. I use Holo Launcher HD.

      Widgets, on screen specifically to do work.

      Minimal themeing, Colorflow folder icons for the on screen app folders.

      Dark wallpaper to do 2 jobs. Save battery power from having to keep the screen brightly lit. So the homescreens don’t blind me at night.

      Favorite order at McD: Crunchy Noodle Chicken Salad – Crispy
      Favourite beverage at McD: Espresso Pronto® Long Black

  7. The Ugly Duckling tried really hard to get the home screen looking just the way they want. Like the story of the ugly duckling, there is beauty in even the ugly things in life. You just have to wait long enough to see it. In the case of these home screens you only have to wait for the screen to turn off.

  8. My friend is the Ugly Duckling. I be like, dude, WTF is up with yo phone!?

    I feel like I’m reaching that minimalist state. I want all this stuff, but it’s just too much. My side screens, though. Those have ALL the stuff on it. LoL!!

  9. I’ve never understood the hot chick thing. It would make me feel uncomfortable for someone to see me with that as my wallpaper. I guess I’d fit in with the minimalist section, so I also just don’t like having people as my backgrounds.

  10. I like the look of having a traditional dock (Phone app, web browser, music app, etc…), clock widget, and a google search bar on my main homescreen. With all the other space/screens I just fill it up with semi useful widgets.

  11. Nova Launcher Prime user here. Stock icons nothing too fancy.

  12. It looks like I am a classic Minimalist!! (with a launcher and some very functional widgets thrown in)

  13. what’s that theme or launcher in the middle of the subheading of the themer????

    1. Spoken like a true Themer. :)

      (I don’t know what it is)

      1. I want the icon pack from the minimalist center screen. It is similar to mine but with smaller icons

    2. Found this:
      He uses nova launcher and some widgets or something.There is a tutorial under the video :-)

  14. Minimalist. I change icon packs and that’s about it.

    1. You forgot about the wallpaper >.>

  15. Stock Jock AKA Nexus Warrior.

    1. But you can be a Stock Jock without having a Nexus!

      1. Sure, you could have a Moto X or Moto G.

    2. “Nexus warrior”, that is awesome

  16. I have 1 page that has 1 folder lol. I use to have 6+ screens with widgets and crap all over them, then once Roms and launchers started to allow you to have just one screen I went that route but now its the stock Nexus setup and I love it. Sometimes I’ll use a sidebar launcher so that way it still looks clean but I still have access to my common apps if necessary.

  17. I’m a minimalist I like it plain and simple where I can get to what I need quick but also have a really good icon pack(cryten) along with clock widget(uccw with sense 6 clock from nexus 5 themes on xda. Or chornus) and wallpaper(usually just me and my gf or my gf as the wallpaper) and launcher (nova prime)

  18. I think changer should be one of the choices. Currently Aviate, before that themer, before that stock cm, before that nova with all sorts of customization, before that stock touchwiz (though that got old FAST), before that jailbroken iOS before that, stock 3Gs “perfection”

  19. I’m an hybrid of stock jock and minimalist. I’ve been through testing different mods and packs. Now I’m kinda lazy and I like the stock with minimal personalization and lock screen widgets. You can’t do without making it your own up to some level. This is Android after all. Not a factory produced os that you have to obey the rules set by a ceo who thinks he knows everything better than you.

  20. I’m a stock jock, with almost all 5 homescreens filled with icons/folders/widgets placed in just the right places. I’ve tried launchers, but the second something hangs, I’m like why am I wasting ram and processor cycles on this crap? function over form every time. Unless a launcher uses zero power/ram/processor its wasteful.
    Lulz about the surge.
    Classic coke.

  21. Themer here and married to a Stock Jock. You cant turn a Stock Jock into a Themer, they have to fall in to it all by themselves.

    1. Themer/Minimalist with a Stock Jock wife as well.

  22. I seem to be between a Themer and a minimalist. Themer meal and beverage for sure.

  23. I’m a widgitalist. Just love them. I also like to go “ugly duckling” once in a while. Use a load of launchers, have been known to vary themes regularly and change wallpaper as often as I do shirts.
    But I wouldn’t eat at McDonald’s even at gunpoint.

  24. Stock jock. probably because that what I’ve been used to since the G1, and nothing else has offered me anything I’ve cared enough to bother with.

  25. Stock Jock who prefers a #2 with cheese and bacon from BK.

    1. Same but I want the code red.

  26. Far too many ugly ducklings on G+

  27. Hmm, themer I suppose, with a bit of minimalist thrown in. I use a launcher, and I have some stuff on my home screens… but my icons are all greyscale and when people use my phone they have a hard time with them, haha. Also my home screen is pretty empty, except the time (I always like having a clock even though it’s also in the corner) and a Google search bar. And on the pages to either side a few widgets that don’t look cluttered and apps organized into folders and named, ha.

  28. I’m definitely a themer. I don’t use custom launchers, but I LOVE Xposed Framework, especially with G2 Xposed and G2 Tweaksbox.

    Item ordered at McDonald’s: BigMac made with QPC patties (just have to pay for double QPC)

    Favorite drink: Bud Light or Dr. Pepper

    1. The Mac with QP patties is legit! Although, some McDonalds say they can’t do it :'( Also, ask for fried onions instead of the dehydrated minced ones. They take the real onions that they use on the quarter pounders and caramelize them on the grill. I’m hungry now…

  29. Minimalist lol

  30. I’m a minimalist, still looks the sexiest.

    1. Fresh a than a mutha

      1. What is that clock/weather widget?

  31. Are you saying there is something less desirable about Crystal Pepsi? I don’t understand. Hey Pepsi, when is that coming back?

  32. I think im a lil OCD with the categories lol

    1. Reminds me of iOS too much

  33. Themer with with a bit of minimalist tucked in for good measure. Love TSF Shell and set up everyone in the whole family on it.

  34. Total minimalist – Nova launcher without the status bar, 1 home screen, 1 widget (dashclock) and 1 dock. Folders with the most used apps are docked, and with Nova’s icon swipe action, I can have it run alternate apps too.

  35. hot chicks and Android does not mix :D

  36. I’m totally the minimalist lol I am so OCD about the placement of icons sometimes is bad.. But I love the stark ui theme pack on my Moto x

  37. This is so true.

  38. I’m definitely the Stock Jock :)

  39. Actually.. I am the minimalist.. here is me everyday.. no joke…but I guess I’m also the Stock Jock too….

    1. oops here it is.

      1. Hey, are you mooning us?

  40. Minimalist. A colourful, yet subdued, wallpaper and five icons, themed with Ghost Icons, placed at the bottom of a single home screen. Though, admittedly, I do use Action Launcher Plus to take advantage of Quickdrawer, Quickpage and Covers. I also mod the heck out of things with Xposed for some additional functionalities and tweaks.

  41. Should’ve attached a poll as well. I’m a stock jock for sho. Spent too much time modding and customizing in the early days of android. Finally just decided that Google has got it right. I still occasionally use xposed, but that’s about it…

  42. Where are the people who knows how to do all kind of personalization, but preffer to use the phone without that extra features in order to get the maximum performance of their phones and lower battery consumption ?

    1. That is not always the case, far from.

    2. Those people should be installing an extended battery and doing all the customizing they want :P

      My gs3 (i747m) currently seats 80 icons per page, with swipe pad running, device info ex as the wallpaper, a custom built 14,000mAh battery (couldn’t find anything big enough retail), usb sound card, and I’m working on modifying a 700gb hard drive to work with it. I’m a minimalist XD

  43. My girlfriend is a minimalist. I don’t think she has changed a single thing on her phone from factory. Same widgets and shortcuts. I just don’t get it… Than again she’s not one much for technology…she never utilizes her phone for much other than calling, texting, and FB.

    1. She’s just not interested in the tech and she’s not really alone :D

    2. A minimalist does not leave things stock. They strip them down.

      For example, I have an “invisible widget” to take up the first page on the Google Now Launcher? Why? Because if you have a completely blank screen, it (helpfully?) deletes that page…. so you put an invisible widget to take up space so you can have a completely blank screen. Of course, the fact that there’s an invisible widget is bugging me…

    3. She would be a stock jock.

  44. I’m probably a minimalist, although one of my five homescreens is clad with colornote stickies (lyrics to whatever songs I’m working on. : P) But they and all my app shortcuts have their dedicated places and are all in perfect order. : D

  45. Was all of them, at one point or another (ignorance can be blamed for the ugly duckling). Right now I’m a stock jock, just cause I like to swipe to get to GN.

  46. Stock Jock, But love it.

    1. ugly duckling

      1. Kill joy.

          1. lul

    2. Yeah, ugly duckling.

    3. Where’d you get that wallpaper?

  47. Definitely a stock jock personally. I love me some stock Android.

  48. Minimalist

    1. Nice! Dope taste in music too, lol

  49. I’d say I’m a cross between a themer and a minimalist. My homescreens are not minimal: I have a bunch of icons and a few widgets. However my setup is mostly static: Nova Launcher + DCikonZ.

  50. Don’t know where I stand

    1. I’m gonna call you a Themer, but on the more casual end of the scale.

      1. Isn’t this stock?

        1. You’re right on the stock part

    2. That’s a stock LG UI I believe.

  51. Once ICS and Jelly Bean hit, I started going moving toward stock jock. During the froyo and GB days however, I was probably a little bit of everything. Anything to get away from the old manufacturer overlays (cough) GB MotoBlur (cough)

  52. My Note 3 sans TW

  53. I’m as Minimal as they come. I have a single home screen with a Bible Verse widget and a Clock/Date/Battery widget (thank you, UCCW). No icons at all. I use Nova Launcher’s gesture shortcuts and SwipePad (check it out) to get ultra quick access to all the apps I use most. As for OCD tendencies, even my app drawer (accessible through a Nova Launcher double click) is tightly organized. Everything but the flashlight is categorized into folders.

  54. Here’s mine….minimalist I’m guessing.

    1. What Icon Pack is this? Looks beautiful

      1. Thanks, I’m using Flatro Icon Pack.

        1. WHAT ABOUT THE CLOCK widget?

          1. It’s Iridescent UCCW Pro Widget.

    2. This definitely isn’t minimalist.

      1. You’re probably right… It falls more into the Themer category.

  55. One home screen, nothing on it, The Minimalist to the max

    1. lol

  56. Bring back Crystal Pepsi!

  57. Look at this beauty! damn I love my Android, now if I could only get 4.4 update from Verizon on my note 3 hmmmm…*twiddles thumbs*

    1. Dude were probably going to get the 4.4 update when the Note 4 is released. It’s going to be one of those don’t feel bad here’s a treat type deal lol

      1. Hahaha u are EXACTLY right

  58. Simple but classy and elegant. :)

    1. Icon pack?

        1. That. But it’s actually called Gel on XDA. The dev also uploaded to the Play Store. IDK if the one you linked has the wallpapers like mine or not.

          Here’s the link:

  59. Stock Jock and I love. The only worries I get are when I get a wallpaper change itch :)

  60. Can’t Minimalist/hot chick be an option? Mine is mainly minimal with the occasional hot chick when Muzei decides it.

  61. I’m a combination Minimalist/Hot Chick. I like to keep my phone basic, but with a hot chick as the wallpaper.

    My Nexus 5 below. The hot chick is actress Laura Vandervoort whom I had the pleasure of meeting last year at Dragon Con in Atlanta.

    1. Since Disqus sucks hard boiled eggs.

      My screenshot.

  62. Definitely a stock jock

  63. The Minimalist for me! I happy with that =D

  64. After having android phones since the HTC Hero, I got tired of trying to maintain all the custom tweaks I would have to spend timing researching to set up. Things like status bar tweaks need to be flashed zips that alter or replace the systemUI, and it is not without risk. I’m a ‘stock jock/minimalist’ probablyOn my Nexus 5 I use the Google Now Launcher with just 3 homescreens (used to have 8 pages of widgets set up), even though I have purchased paid launcher apps in the past. I really just wanted to try and ‘get’ how the full Google experience was as Google intended. I really love having Google Now just a swipe to the left because it will serve up the information i need with good consistency. Android looks so much better than it did years ago that I’m content with its native style.

    I still miss swapping out google apps with versions that were blue transparent. They looked so great. Of course, every time google would update one of those apps, it would overwrite your themed one with their design, so if you want the new features you needed to hope the themer on XDA kept up with modding the updates. That’s the sort of time I’m not interested in spending these days.

  65. Good list. I’m the minimalist. I definitely went through my themer phase. I Iove changing things and do so weekly, but I keep returning to the minimalist.

  66. Do anime girl’s count as the hot chick?

    1. Not to me xP
      To some people yes

  67. I am the Minimalist. Went through the Themer phase and am happy with my Aviate app now.

  68. None of these describe me unless I use a tablet. :( lets create another guy that is rare to come across but makes sense and that my friend is the Experimentalist…

    Who: This is the guy that is not afraid of checkmarking the unknown sources box or enabling dev. He is out to get the most out of android if not something different from android. This guy runs a different Custom Rom everyday because he is tired of traditional home screens. This guy has been through all other phases previously listed at one point.

    What they order from Mcdonalds: is not on the official menu probably a McGangBang.

    Favorite Beverage: A Monster Rehab

  69. i’m not sure which category I fall into. I have 14 homescreens but none of them have more than one app/widget

    1. You’re the swiper.

  70. I’m the stock jock.

    1. Ya see, I think the Stock Jock’s description is a bit unfair. As a member of the Phandroid team, you can hardly be labelled as someone new to Android or its functionality, nor can you be labelled as someone who is ignorant for whatever reason.

      Personally I’m also a Stock Jock since I bought my N5. Back on my old SGS i9000 I rooted, flashed and more to get the perfect launcher, perfect kernel, extra features etc. However that was merely to enhance my device’s functionality and or keep it up to date long after official updates had ceased.

      However I have found my N5 to be perfectly functional out of the box. I may partake in some kernel flashing if I see a feature that really piques my interest. Possibly to increase battery life. I may look at MiUI when they update it for Kit Kat, however I haven’t been compelled to modify my system because, for want of a better phrase I’m going to borrow something Apple fans used to say, ‘it just works’ :).

      1. Same here! Was a huge themer until my N5 which I have ROCKED stock!

  71. I’m the themer. But I take it to the next level and edit apks ;)

  72. Am I the only one who came for the chicks? lol jk but I feel like everyone eventually becomes a themer when they get their phone but usually stop after a while and go stock

  73. Minimal much!

    1. What is this circular sorcery?!

      1. Circle launcher

    2. Nice! Reminds me of the Sidekick

  74. Used to be a stock jock dude.
    Now I’m a hot chick dude. Hot chicks ftw!!! lol

  75. I’m a hot chick dude, but with 2D anime style girls LOL.

  76. I’m a minimalist/hot chick dude!

  77. Missing the ROM warriors and those that swear by stock vanilla Android.

    1. The people that only run stock vanilla Android are STOCK Jocks hence the name stock jock. And this is only regarding home page, so the ROM warriors are themers.

  78. Dunno what I’d classify myself as lol

    1. Uhm, just switched from iPhone? ;)

      1. Oh god no lol I’ve always been with Android.

    2. Ugly Duckling, or I guess that could count as a minimilist. Somewhere inbetween. :P

      1. Maybe the “ugly minimalist”? Haha.

      2. In order to be Ugly Duckling it needs to be ugly. I dunno about you but I don’t think Phil’s home screen is ugly. Cluttered maybe, but not ugly. Since those aren’t stock icons you could also classify him as a themer sort of.

    3. The OCD in me wants to edit the names of your apps with Nova and truncate it to fit on one line….Ex: Play Newstand = Newstand

      1. The pure minimalist in me wants to turn the labels off, lol. I don’t even have labels on in my app drawer.

  79. Minimalist on my phone and stock jock on my tablet.

  80. The hot chick could be a woman… #closemindedphandroid

  81. #hotchick here

  82. This comment has been removed

  83. So where does this leave me?!

    1. Somewhere between minimalist and themer by the looks of it. Which is pretty much where I am too.

    2. are those wifgets or live wallpaper, i like the design of them

  84. What is the top theme on “The Themer?” It is very nice!!!

    When I get my GS3 fixed I defo want that theme!!!

  85. I guess I’m a StockJock/Minimalist….

    1. no offense, i’d rather call it ugly duckling. the white borders of the wallpaper clashes with the google now widget and the folder-icons look much too cluttered. at least in my opinion :) it would be perfect with a nice minimalist wallpaper in color and some launcher where you can change the folder

      1. hahaha….Well I’m not much in love with the white border either. Just too lazy to edit the picture. and as far as the folders…I have played with a number of themes over the years. Now I just try to use the stock options.

  86. I’ve been “The Themer” and “The Minimalist” and am a “Stock-optimizer” now.
    I let my Nexus5 look like stock, but eliminate all ugly and not-functional-enough parts with nice looking stuff.

  87. I like the Minimalist and The Themer. Look very good. I’m downloading to test them.

  88. Minimalist-Stock Jock hybrid here

  89. I suppose I’m a Stock Jock, themer or something. I’m not sure. I usually have a black wallpaper and when I do want an image, it’s usually dark/grey, but I like color as well, and like my icons to pop. I’m not a fan of the TW/Sense overlay, so I download Nova Launcher for a vanilla Android experience. Though I don’t really care for the standard Android icons, so I use an icon pack. Furthermore, I organize my apps in folders by function. I don’t change the layout very much from device to device.

    1. Sorry, that is not stock in any sense of the word, you are a themer through and through.

      1. Haha. Fair enough. :-)

  90. Themer through and through. Spent countless hours customizing my phone along with all of my family member’s phones. The release of the Themer launcher has been a godsend as I no longer have to do theirs manually anymore (unless they want their own theme and are very nice to me). I am currently running the Android Wear theme available in Themer launcher although I change it up once a week at least. For the record I prefer regular Mt. Dew over the red one…..

  91. I’m definitely a stock jock. I’ve been a hardcore themer and a hardcore minimalist, but stock Android is now good enough for me. The only thing I’ve done with my phone is replaced the Moto X launcher with the Google Now launcher.

  92. I’m a stock jock, i don’t want to root any phone i just want the basics!

    Never a launcher for me. Wait, what’s a launcher?

  93. All the screenshots i see of the customized android phones it’s nice.

    iPhone users should be jealous!

  94. I’m a themer/minimalist hybrid…..

  95. Themer/ugly duckling

    1. oh my sweet jeebus. entering the matrix.

  96. I would say minimalist and little bit of themer. :p

  97. i’d label myself themer. but still i’m the ocd type. shapes and colors that match. nothing too striking.

    1. I’ve been looking for that theme everywhere whats the name of it and those icons

      1. well, it’s not that simple. i’m using slimkat with xposed & xtheme (gem). inspire launcher with mianogen , flats and flux. what fits. chromiumos softkey theme. and changed some icons etc. colors of ui by myself.

        1. thanks on the quick reply and nice set up man

          1. thanks mate. i enjoy the direction mr. duarte is heading with his ui, but i’d love to see it cleaner and flater.

  98. Im definitely the “Stock Jock” I think samsung is killing it right out the box

  99. Im “The Stock Jock” I think samsung is killing it right out the box (Tmo Note 3)
    i love Touchwiz

  100. I’m the first 3 all at once, a minimalist stock themer?

  101. I’m a minimalist, I like function over form any day.

  102. Here is my screen… Minimalist all the way.

  103. anyone know the hot chick in the middle pic is ??

    1. Natt Weiss

  104. Minimalist. Pie controls and expanded desktop.

  105. Kind of a douchey article. This is something an apple fan would write.. Liberal pigeonhole’ing of people to prove some obscure point or to be funny.

  106. I think there’s one more kind of person not yet mentioned…the get er done kind. This person knows how to set up their phone with a home screen that has all the right tools close at hand. They use their phone to get work done and they don’t want to waste time doing it. Games aren’t their desire and even socializing is done mostly as part of their work.

    1. I would fall under the “get er done” Person. or Maybe “functional” user.

  107. Minimalist to the core

  108. You all wish you were minimalist like me.

  109. Minimalist every time.

  110. Not sure what class I fall in… I use a motion wallpaper for my homescreen background, with five basic apps available. Then everything else is filed by app category over the remaining pages… each page dedicated to a class… office apps, utilities, drawing/image tools, information tools/databases, social media, and recreation. Boring, but it works for me.

  111. “Stock Jock” should be separated into two types, people who use inferior stock manufacturer skins, and those who use either a Nexus phone or an AOSP-based ROM.

  112. Im so minimalistic I cant even post a screen shot because I don’t even have a phone.

  113. I fall in Themer and minimalistic class, it is good to analyze own-self through these types. I found it somehow useful and entertaining too.

  114. king of minimalists. 10x more functional with nova launchers gesture features

    1. I used to run that as well. It is nice, thinking about doing it again.

    2. I think you win the award for most minimal design.

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