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The LG G3 is one of our favorite Android smartphones and, by most accounts, one of the best money can buy currently. Still, if you are looking to get the most out of your LG G3’s powerful hardware and gorgeous display, you will want the best possible software to go with it. From apps for better keyboard and camera experiences to visually stunning yet challenging games, these are the one you simply do not want to miss.

Best Apps for the LG G3


fleksy_resultFleksy Keyboard might as well have been made for the LG G3. It features simple yet bold aesthetic that feels more at home on the handset than even the stock alternative, and it offers impressive functionality to boot. With an accessible layout, strong autocorrect, and incredibly useful gestures, Fleksy offers users the ability to type both quickly and accurately. Customization and theme options take full advantage of the G3’s spacious, high-resolution display.


vscocamHow do you improve on a 13MP camera with laser autofocus? Simple: you add VSCOCam. This camera replacement and photo editing app offers a wide array of tools to improve the shots you capture with your LG G3, from fixing brightness and contrast to adding subtle highlight colors and adjusting shadows. A expansive set of adjustable filters adds a finishing touch to photos you can then easily share with friends.

Bamboo Paper


Wacom is the name when it comes to digital illustration and note-taking, so it’s no surprise that Bamboo Paper arrives as one of the best available open-ended notation options for Android. Designed to provide a paper notebook-like experience with only your finger and smartphone, this app is perfectly suited for the G3’s 5.5-inch display. Whether your jotting down a grocery list or sketching out your next masterpiece, Bamboo Paper has all the tools you need.

Popcorn Time

popcorn time chromecast

With its brilliant Quad HD display, fast 4G LTE download speeds, and solid battery performance, the LG G3 makes a great media device. The only thing missing is Popcorn Time, the totally free app that gives users instant access to all of the latest movies and television shows. Did we mention you will pay nothing for these movies and television shows? Yes, this app indeed skirts around some potential copyright issues, but its creators have made sure that their users will never be at risk of landing in hot water. Due to this, however, you will have to download the beta (and it is very much a beta in many senses) direct from the Popcorn Time site and side-load to your LG G3.



Echo is a lockscreen replacement app that helps you manage and organize your notifications, grouping similar alerts (such as social media) and allowing you to set reminders, set notification priority, and dismiss in bulk. This app will even learn which notifications are most important to you and bubble these to the top. And when you use your phone as much as you will be using your LG G3, anything helps to cut through the clutter.


These suggestions are a great start for the LG G3 owner, but they barely scratch the surface of the Google Play Store. Check out some of our other app roundups to find a few more gems for LG’s latest smartphone darling.

Best Games for the LG G3

The Wolf Among Us

wolf among us

The LG G3 is great for taking in a movie or TV show, but what if you could be part of the story? Thanks to Telltale Games you be with The Wolf Among Us. This adventure title is divided into episodes, each helping to unfold the story of Bigby Wolf and the mysteries of Fabletown. Every decision the player makes will alter the course of the story, which is presented with beautiful 3D graphics that really shine on the LG G3.

Lost Toys

lost toys

If you want to push the graphical prowess of the LG G3, check out Lost Toys. This puzzler sees you manipulating, exploring, and repairing broken and forgotten toys. The gameplay is compelling, but Lost Toys really shines thanks to its stunning 3D graphics that have earned it plenty of awards and accolades.



Like the LG G3, VVVVVV takes a simple concept and puts it on its head — quite literally. While at first glance this title appears to be just another platformer, gameplay is dictated by gravitational forces that can be altered to flip our protagonist from ground to ceiling and vice versa to traverse obstacles and pitfalls. While utilizing classic 8-bit graphics, VVVVVV feels perfectly right on the G3’s modern hardware.

Wave Wave


If you are easily distracted by movement and bright colors, Wave Wave might not be the easiest game for you. This simple concept asks you to keep a line within a path teaming with obstacles ready to end your run. This seemingly simple game is complicated by a swirling, flashing background that threatens to steal your attention just long enough to send you back to start.

Freaking Math

freaking math

If you were smart enough to buy the LG G3 over another Android handset, chances are you’re pretty bright. So do you think you have what it takes to step up to Freaking Math? Sure, it’s just some simple arithmetic, but the challenge is parsing out the solution with only two seconds to think. Not so easy, after all, right?


Already done beating the above games? We’ve got you covered. Click below to find even more great Android games for your LG G3.

If you haven’t done so already, be sure to check out our full review of the LG G3. For even more, head over to Android Forums for tips, tricks, and discussion galore.

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  1. I wouldn’t recommended popcorn time AT&T yelled at me bc what there using is torrents

    1. Just use wifi instead?

      1. I was using WiFi and I wasn’t even watching it but it said I was pirating Gravity so I just took a guess that it preloaded the data from the movie details from the torrent and that gave off warning signs

  2. According to the Play Store, Bamboo Paper is incompatible with my G3. :-

    1. Same thing here.

    2. Same here. Did they even try these apps on the G3?

      1. I’m going to say no. Bogus post.

      2. It’s not compatible with any of my recent devices. Note 3, S4, S3

        It is working for the nexus 7 second gen though

  3. Am I the only one who couldn’t get past like 5 seconds of Wave Wave?

    1. Also – Snapseed 4 lyyyyyfe!!!!!!!

  4. The Wolf Among us is not Compatible according to Amazon Apps.

    1. Getting the same message on my G3.

  5. I’m finding a lot of apps are not compatible with the G3. Including my jawbone UP. Very frustrating. Swiftkey doesn’t even work very well.

    1. Weird. SwiftKey works perfectly on my g3. Typing with it right now…

      1. Swiftly Flow was slower on the G3 for me and sometimes a little blue box would come around the outside of my screen causing it to enlarge the text. Whenever that happened i would have to go to another app to get the screen back to regular size so i could see all of the text. I’m sure it’s a feature that i need tip find but still.

    2. I’m finding that a free of these aren’t compatible too! I was hoping too play The Wolf Among Us. Swiftkey is horrible I this thing and i love swiftkey. But i actually really like the number row on the stock keyboard so I’m adjusting.

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