Deal: Chromecast owners new and old get a $6 Google Play credit


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Own a Chromecast or in the market to get one soon? You won’t want to miss out on some free cash that could come along with it. Google is dishing out $6 in Google Play credit for anyone who has bought one of the hottest multimedia devices in the past couple of years.

Even better is that the credit applies for how many different Chromecast units in your home, so if you’ve already gotten 3 of these bad boys for your house you could be looking at $18 in free credit. It’s not the $20 credit some promotions touted throughout the holiday season, but if you are going to buy one then you can’t be too mad at any bit of added value.

To get in on it you simply need to head here while your Chromecast is connected to your network, and you’ll see your $6 credit (and a wealth of other standard Chromecast offers) waiting for you.

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  1. Saw this on slick-deals this morning… Got to love Chromecast!!! It just keeps giving…

    1. does it rely on apps on your phone?? I’m really wanting to pick one up….I’ll just miss having a remote for it. I have no idea how it works.

      1. Pull the trigger, you won’t regret it. (And yes, it relies 100% on your phone apps).

        1. Or tablet.

        2. not trying to be difficult but what if i’m not home and my wife (and her AWESOME iphone) wants to use it??

          1. It’s even compatible with her stupid iPhone ;)

          2. haha awesome, thanks so much

          3. LOL!!

      2. Best Money I have spent in a long time… Buy one and you will understand why.

      3. You can also use Chrome browser from a computer.

      4. It’s the best $35 you will spend in your life. It’s almost like a dongle that you plug into your TV’s HDMI port and either plug its cable end into the TV’s USB port or into a power outlet. You just download the Chromecast app on your phone, switch the TV on, switch the input to the port the CC is plugged into and connect the Chromecast to your wifi network using the app. Youtube, Netflix, Plex etc. all work with it on Android and iOS as well as from the Chrome browser on a PC. You can even make the default screen the Chromecast shows on your TV anything you upload to Google+ by using the Chromecast app.

    2. same, I would have tipped Phandroid off to it, but the couple times I have dropped a tip, they never published an article with the news

  2. “In order to find and redeem your offer(s) you must share your Chromecast device ID with Google”

    but ok cool.. I’ll play along

    (for now)

  3. My US purchased chromecast isn’t showing anything in Australia. Unlucky

  4. I see “Enjoy a Valentine’s Day movie rental with a $6 Google Play credit” so it is Movie specific.. same for everyone else?

    BUT, when you go ahead and do it it actually says “Congratulation $6.00 has been added to your Google Play account.” So, maybe it can be used on more than just movies. As I personally would use the $6 on apps or music – not likely a movie.

    1. I just used to purchase Evoland (a game) on the Google Play Store. It’s credit. You can use it however you like.

      1. Thanks… been trying to see my “Activity” to see if it just shows as a general credit, and Google just keeps saying “An unexpected error has occurred. Please try again later.”

  5. only getting 90 days free for google music which i don’t want

  6. Thanks google free credit I’ll take it.

  7. I can confirm that having 2 Chromecasts will get you $12, just redeem them seperate.

  8. Thanks! Also, you can go in the Chromecast app, choose your device of choice, and 3 dot button on the top right reveals offers.

    I also got the first X-Men for free.

  9. Well that’s slightly annoying, I just gave my second Chromecast to a friend as I don’t really need it, would have held on for another day had I seen this earlier, oh well.

  10. No credit showing up here in Brazil although strangely enough the play store is showing up in English now and €Euro currency rather than Portuguese and $Real(which I always found very inconvenient while you were on holiday)!

  11. Thanks for the $12!

  12. £5 in the UK. Seems to go into the general account and is not movie specific here.

  13. Shoutout to phandroid, I managed to get $12 from 2 of 3 chromecasts I own :)))

  14. Thanks for the tip, got $12 credit & the 1st X-Men movie. Now just gotta wait for some movies I want to hit the $3-$4 mark.

  15. Unfortunately it says I don’t have any offers on one of my chromecasts but the other had it.

    1. Same here, I have two Chromecast one is on all the time and the other is only on when I turn that TV on. I fired it up last night to find out it has all the offers that are out there, including the $6. The Chromecast that is always on consistently says no offers. I have never seen offers on it, I did a factory reset still no go.

  16. Key I stopped using my chromecast since trying to cast local media to it just chases me headache after headache.

    1. BubbleUPNP is pretty good for this (and other things).

      1. That is exactly what I use yet I get massive audio video sync issues

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