Go hands-free in style with the Invisible Bluetooth Earpiece for $17.99 at



Bluetooth earpieces are convenient, but we understand if you don’t want a bulky piece of wireless electronics hanging from the side of your head. That’s not the case with the Invisible Bluetooth Earpiece, which is about as discreet as it gets when it comes to going hands-free. Thanks to, you can get your own for only $17.99.

Get the Invisible Bluetooth Earpiece for $17.99 from 

You might normally expect to spend as much as $99 for this Bluetooth earpiece, which touch-based controls for answering and ending calls, a 30-foot operating distance, and up to five hours of talk time. It uses Bluetooth 3.0 to pair effortlessly with your Android smartphone, and it’s built to be comfortable and lightweight. You might even forget its even there.

You could spend twice as much or more for a bulky, flashing Bluetooth dongle that offers the same features, but don’t Grab the Invisible Bluetooth Earpiece from and give your ears a break.

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  1. How does something that size fit in your ear and be invisible? I don’t think so.

    1. It is not invisible but compared to most it is quite small

      1. Reviews say it’s deceivingly big. Size of a quarter in diameter. And sound quality/reception is terrible. Instructions in Chinese. Sounds like junk unfortunately. You get what you pay for.

  2. Invisible and discreet, so no one will know you’re talking on a Bluetooth headset. They’ll just think you’re crazy!

    1. Yes, hard to tell if someone is talking on the phone with a bluetooth headset or a schizophrenic talking to the voices in his head. LOL

  3. Amazon has these in other colors and for less than this with free shipping if your a prime member… Just look around… Really, this site is becoming more a commercial for selling…. Just saying…

  4. It’s actually cheaper on the Wish app. But people that have bought this have said that it doesn’t play mp3.

  5. Seen this POS on eBay for $5 shipped or less. Bad reviews!

    1. Thanks. Almost bought one yesterday. Glad I waited.

      1. Selling on Amazon too. Bad reviews!!!

  6. Bought one of these last time. Disappointed really. It looks like a giant plug in your ear, there is no volume control and everyone says they can barely hear me. Not worth it

  7. Got one off Ebay for around $5. The sound is poor quality, but in general I love it still. Paired with your Android Wear you feel like you are right on top of your tech game while changing tracks & using voice commands out & about.

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