Leaked Android 5.0 Lollipop apps: new Messenger, Google Play Music, Google Fit, and more [DOWNLOAD]


Android 5.0 Lollipop Screenshot

Earlier today a leaked — and much more closer to final — Android 5.0 Lollipop system dump has been making the rounds, popping up all over the net. It seems this build had a few additional Google apps that didn’t make it to the 2nd Developer Preview (which we gave you a look at on Saturday), with updated Material versions of Google Play Music, Calendar, Messenger (formerly Messaging), Gmail, and more locked inside.

It didn’t take long for someone to extract all these apps, and while most wont work by simple sideloading, we did find 2 — Messenger, Google Play Music — installed just fine on our Nexus 5 running Android 5.0 Lollipop Developer Preview (although we’ve heard others having luck on KitKat ROMs). Just make sure you uninstall the originals before giving these new apps a try.

The rest? Well, most will require root access and you placing them inside the /system/lib folder on your device. Might wanna perform a backup just in case.


Android 5.0 Lollipop Messenger 1

Say hello to Messenger, Google’s new SMS/MMS app replacing the aging stock Messages app. As you can see, the app has a fresh new Material design and doesn’t really weigh too heavy with the features. It’s pretty much your standard SMS affair. The familiar “+” button is always present in list view, with the ability to long press to select or swipe-to-archive conversations.

When in conversation view, adding attachments is straight forward. You simply snap a photo using the in-app viewfinder (you can make it bigger by swiping up), add photos from your gallery, or record a (very low quality) voice message. Each conversation view has its own color which we admit, will take a little getting used to.

Android 5.0 Lollipop Messenger

Google Play Music

Google Play Music Lollipop leak

Google Play Music was another app we got up and running on our Nexus 5 and although it’s not the drastically overhauled version we saw from Google’s Material Design page back in June, the UI has been updated enough that it can scrape by with calling itself “Material.”

Really, it’s not too different from the version you’re probably looking at on your device but don’t get too upset. We’re sure this is only an early version (it was leaked after all) and the final will have all those wonderful animations Google is already previewing on their page.

Google Fit

Google Fit leak Android 5.0 Lollipop

While we couldn’t get Fit installed on our device, Prashant Gahlot on Google+ didn’t have much trouble getting it up and running on his Nexus 4. Judging from the screenshots, it seems Fit will be geared more to the casual fitness enthusiast, tracking your goals and allowing the user to setup timed activities and goals.

Should you guys get any more of these leaked apps up and running on your device, feel free to post a screenshot or let us know how they’re working for you.

Google Books

Google Calendar

Google Drive

Google Fit


Google Keep

Google Messenger

Google Play Music

[via Google+]

Thanks, Josh!

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  1. Awesome, have been waiting for someone to get the messenger apk out. I love it.

    1. Any help with gmail

      1. It’s my understanding that you’d have to uninstall the current version and then download the new apk for the 5.0 version. That’s if you don’t have the 5.0 or L preview.

        If you have either preview then you can just download the apk and presto you’ve Material UI Gmail.

        1. At least from my use, that isn’t the case. On the latest L. Install failed if Gmail was installed. Uninstalled it and then installed the download you get a FC at start up

          1. I’ve read results will vary, I myself am waiting for Lollipop OTA so I only got the messenger to install.

  2. One word #Beautiful

  3. I hate those nav button icons

    1. They grow on you I’m using an Android L cm11 theme on my oneplus one and the buttons are skinned albeit they’re sightly larger than the Dev preview ones on my nexus 5.

  4. Google play music doesn’t work. It gives me fc wheb I click a music to listen

  5. For some reason i was expecting for the SMS/MMS app to be completely replace by Hangouts in Lollipop, but here I stand with open arms to receive Messenger!

    1. Google still needs a messenger app for AOSP. That’s why they can’t get rid of it.

  6. Hangouts for SMS/MMS has GROWN on me! I initially hated it when i got my Nexus 5 on launch day but now i like it! I just tried Messenger but prefer Hangouts. I like the Hangouts UI and Icon so much better. Hangouts looks more professional and complete IMO.

    1. I agree for the most part. I wish hangouts had the image attachment this new messenger has. I wouldn’t mind the different colors for each thread to be added in hangouts either.

  7. got a pure edition moto x (2014). none of the apps will install. some jazz about app of same name with conflicting signatures

    1. Did you uninstall the original like they said? That may be why.

  8. Jeff you have to physically replace the apk using a file browser. I renamed old gmail2.apk to gmail2.apk.back and then dropped newgmail.apk into the folder gave proper permissions and then rebooted. Works great. Thanks.

    1. what were the permissions u used i keep getting force closes

      1. -rw-r–r–
        owner r,w
        group r
        other r
        I’m running CM11 BTW too.

    2. I’m lost in the new folder structure, I didn’t find gmail folder in system/app, is it somewhere else?

    3. did you have to install the new gmail.apk after pasting it into the folder and renaming the old gmail.apk?

    4. I tried to paste it but it shows ESAcess denied in es file explorer

  9. .bak**

  10. Does this version of Google Play Music fix the no-play-notification-going-to-Wear issue? Are we expecting Wear “2.0” at the same time as official Lollipop?

  11. I LOVE THE NEW MESSENGER! EACH PERSON HAS A COLOR!!! I always wanted that, ty Google!
    At first i read ‘Messenger’ and I was highly disappointed in myself for not knowing what it was. Glad I can separate from Hangouts as I never Hangout.

    “The familiar “+” button is always present in list view, with the ability to long press to select or swipe-to-archive conversations.”
    I didn’t even notice that + until now, I always swiped. I miss swipe-to-archive on the newest Hangouts update. It irks me that as soon as I started archiving they remove the ease of it.

  12. So, have they abandoned Hangouts for SMS/MMS? Assuming not, which is the default SMS/MMS app in Lollipop?

    1. I assume Messenger will be as it is the new AOSP SMS client.

      1. As I think about it I think Messanger will be the default AOSP client but hangouts will remain the default for NExus devices. As the Hangouts API is closed sourced (like most the Google apps) they probably just want to provide an open source alternative for MMS for the AOSP folks.

        Considering pretty much every phone out there uses a custom MMS app (Nexus use Hangouts, other Phones are all custom UI built) though I’m still not sure it was worth the effort.

  13. Two years to merge hangouts and voice just to reintroduce messenger (which is gone in my nexus 5 right now).

    This is stupid…

    1. the new messenger app is just the default AOSP SMS app, it’s not like the SMS/Hangout/Voice merge is useless.

      1. On my Nexus 5 Google hangouts *IS* the default SMS app. So they arbitrarily updated another messaging app after spending years merging down hangouts and voice into one app.

        It’s not that hangouts is useless … it’s that this update is a complete waste of time and resources. If MMS messenger ends up on the Lollipop push to my Nexus it will be counterintuitive to everything they’ve worked on to consolidate messaging. All they should have done was extend the Hangouts API so it could handle whatever niche this app is taking (run without a google account, most likely).

        1. Some people don’t want to use Hangouts. It’s not counterintuitive, it’s SMS/MMS for non-Google Android phones.

    2. Yeah, I was wondering just that…

      I have a Nexus 5 and Hangouts became the default app for SMS/MMS, cutting out the Messages app completely.

      Does this new Messaging app only apply to devices other than the Nexus line in Lollipop?

  14. I have an Lg G3 (T-Mobile+Rooted), II’m having an issue with composing new messages with the messages app. Keeps forceclosing! Some help!!

    1. Same here

      1. same with lg g2

  15. I don’t want to see anymore. Just give me the freakin’ Lollipop!

  16. Thanks! The only thing that I was able to install is Messenger. I really like the new UI. However, I am not a big fan of fuschia. This app is VERY colorful. Everything looks good, but I wish there was a font size option, and sure, font selector. But I’m wishful thinking.

    Oh, and I’m not rooted. (Xperia Z3 D6633)

  17. Guess it’s time to root my G3, is there an easy way for tmobile?

  18. Will any of these apps work with 4.2.2?

    1. Yes all apps working fine in my 4.2.2 xperia c

  19. Tried Keep, Messenger and Calendar.

    Keep: Installed, not working

    Messenger: Installed, working

    Calendar: Unable to install

    I’m using Moto G with N5X based on CM11 4.4.4.

  20. Some better install info would be great. As Im using a nexus 5 most are not installing due to conflict. :( The SMS app is nice though.

  21. Thanks for above apps and sir could you provide contact apk

  22. I installed messenger and when I click on the little icon to go to camera it force closes. Emotions are blank in my keyboard but I don’t use google keyboard. The new one doesn’t work for me.

  23. Anyone have any of these running well on the N5 running 5.0? I got the messanger and fit apps installed, but fit FCs everytime I open. Messanger seems to be the only one I got to work

  24. On my rooted ATT LG G3 i was able to install (just uninstall old versions and reboot):

    – Books (awesome!)
    – Keep
    – Drive
    – Gmail

    Not working:

    – Calendar
    – Fit
    – Messenger ( FC when composing)

    1. Books was pre installed in my device, what should I do? Disable the old version?

      1. You can use titanium to uninstall and then reboot and install the new one.

  25. This article is ridiculous. These screenshots make it seem as if people actually have the presence of mind to type “Sup, fool.” in accordance with proper grammar.

    1. Thanks! Though your apk is that material as the uploaded one , but it works! Works fine on my Galaxy SII CM11 4.4.4 :)

      1. Ok, didn’t know. Yeah the one posted by phandroid failed to install for me, but droidlife posted that link and it installed just fine so I figured if anyone has any issues, this may help it like it did for me

  26. Got the fit app installed but it won’t record any data. Won’t count my steps or anything. Saves and stores all of my physical attributes but that’s it.

  27. Keep doesnt not work it force closes as soon as you try to open it

  28. Not rooted LG G3 from T-Mo here. Only installed Messenger. Crashes when trying to add attachment. Looks good though.

  29. Has anyone managed to get the MMS working on the Messenger app? It looks and works great other than that on my HTC One M8 running Cyanogenmod 11.

    1. Yeah worked perfectly from the jump for me.

  30. Messenger works nexus 5 cm11. Used it all day no issues.

  31. Anyone have the update for Google fitness? Keeps telling me to update and then cannot find in play store.

    1. I’m getting the same.

      1. It was working fine on mine , few yesterday , today i am getting this update prompt.

      2. It was working fine on my s3 yesterday , started getting this update messege today,

  32. I have Nexus 5 with latest Android 5.0 L dev preview, rooted w/SU. How do I push these apks to the system/lib directory? ES File Explorer won’t work. Do I have to do this all in ADB (set permissions, rename files, push to /lib, reset permissions)?

    1. Mount /system as rw. Turn on root browser. Es file explorer works just have to set it up

  33. Anyone know of a way to get Google Fit working on Kitkat?

  34. Galaxy S4 (i337), 4.4.2 stock rooted
    Would install:
    messenger (fine but I already use hangouts…uninstalled)

    Would not install
    Keep (installed but crashed on opening)
    I didn’t try gmail because I don’t want to redownload all my locally stored email again and google music is kind of lame anyway (not enough features)

  35. Keep, Gmail, Calendar crashing on launch, gmail additionally generating “exchange services stopped” error – latest Lolipop Dev preview on Nexus 5. Does anyone knows how to tackle this?

    1. the apps dont work on the l preview

  36. (obviously) unrooted Galaxy Note 4 (AT&T):
    -Messenger works, however when taking picture controls are difficult to access unless in landscape mode, and pictures don’t capture the entire image you see on viewfinder.
    -Keep FC’s
    -Play Music doesn’t install (exisiting package by same name w/conflicting signature already installed)
    -Gmail doesn’t install (existing package)
    -Calendar doesn’t install (no explanation)
    -Drive doesn’t install (existing package)
    -Fit installs, then prompts for update giving link to Play Store, then Play Store says “item not found”
    -Books doesn’t install (existing package)

    Just in case someone else with a Note 4 from AT&T wanted to try…

  37. Rooted Galaxy s2 i9100 with cm11 m11

    Messenger,Keep, Play Music, Gmail , Calendar, Books works

    Drive FC’s

    Fit installs, then prompts for update giving link to Play Store, then Play Store says “item not found”

  38. I installed the Fitness app yesterday, but today I get an error that I have to update the app.. The problem is that I can not update the app.. :S Any help?

  39. I got them all to work, Google Play Music force closes though. I noticed they all started to work when I switched to ART too.

  40. OK… I can’t get gmail, calander, or keep to work. They all force close and exchange services keeps force closing. Nexus 5 latest preview. I see others are getting them working but I’m stuck and getting really frustrated lol

    1. the same thing with me, they keep crashing at launch

  41. On a rooted VZW Note3 running safestrap, and Stock 4.4.2 TouchWiz based JasmineROM 2.4.1:

    1. Using app manager, removed existing Gmail, Calendar, Drive, and Messenger. If you can’t remove them, turn them off, or use titanium backup and freeze the apps.
    2. edited build.prop to switch from user to userdebug(fixes a lot of fc’s after installing apks)
    3. Using FX file manager – ran new gmail, drive, messenger, keep apks using package installer.

    Everything installed and is working great with no fc’s, except the new google calender. I can’t get that to install, package installer gives me no reason, just says “Not Installed”. Any ideas for this???

    Hope this helps anybody having issues installing and using any of these apps.

  42. Only thing not working on messenger is emojis

    1. works just fine for me… emojis and all

  43. the calendar app keep crashing at launch? what will i do? im using the stock lollipop preview.

    1. Install and then restart you phone, should fix it.

      1. actually, it didn’t fix my problem. it is always crashing at launched. what will i do?

  44. Only downloaded the messenger and while the different color conversations will take getting use to, it’s kind of cool.

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