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How to use Samsung Gear VR with unsupported smartphones

May 13th - The Gear VR is designed to work with only one smartphone from Samsung’s stable of many: the Galaxy Note 4. Obviously, that leaves a large majority of the Android-toting population squarely stuck in their non-virtual realities. What if there was a way to get the Samsung Gear VR to work with other devices?


Lenovo and Google will launch first consumer-ready Project Tango smartphone

Jan 8th - Lenovo has announced their latest partnership with Google, one that will see the launch of the first Project Tango smartphone aimed at consumers. While official details on the device’s build are scant, the phone will feature a display under 6.5 inches (shocker) and Qualcomm Snapdragon processing in addition to camera hardware that will enable it to view the world in a three-dimensional way.


Big Android BBQ date set for October 21-22, 2016

Jan 7th - IDEAA, the group behind some of the biggest Android fan events around the globe, has announced its 2016 event schedule, including dates for the Big Android BBQ, March of the Droids, and I/O Meat and Greet.


Who needs a fancy 360 camera when you have a dozen Sony Xperia Z5 Compacts?

Jan 7th - This year’s CES has been big on VR and the shiny new 360 cameras that come along with it, but Sony is out to prove that you don’t need such fancy gadgets to capture stunning, immersive video. No, you only need the power of twelve Sony Xperia Z5 Compact handsets, all set to record simultaneously in 4K.


Hands-on: Samsung Galaxy Gear S2 Platinum and Rose Gold [VIDEO]

Jan 7th - Samsung didn’t have much news for wearables at this year’s CES, but they gave us the next best thing to a full-fledged new device. Platinum and Rose Gold color variants were announced for the Samsung Galaxy Gear S2 Classic, bringing some classy new options to the lineup of smartwatches.


Google details new Android TV and Google Cast partners

Jan 6th - As CES brings us more and more announcements of new Android TV and Google Cast devices, Google has announced a slew of new manufacturing partners that will help turn their vision of the connected living room into reality. Highlights include Harman Kardon, Bang & Olufsen, and Onkyo.


Lenovo announces the affordable VIBE S1 Lite

Jan 5th - Among its CES announcements Lenovo has introduced the VIBE S1 Lite, an affordable midrange smartphone that packs a feature set that could easily demand a price tag much higher than the $199 it will sell for. Combined with Lenovo’s understated approach to design, the VIBE S1 Lite makes for a quietly compelling device.


ZTE gets on in direct-to-consumer trend with Nubia

Jan 5th - Direct-to-consumer smartphone sales are nothing new by a long shot, but they certainly have grown in popularity as a tactic now employed by several major handset manufacturers around the globe. The latest is ZTE, whose Nubia subsidiary will expand its reach and move into direct sales of premium-grade smartphones in the near future.