Amazon celebrates first successful series by making Prime $72 Saturday only


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Looking for a reason to give Amazon Prime another try after the company decided to hike prices? Well, if our top 5 reasons why you need Amazon Prime feature wasn’t enough, then perhaps the latest deal is: you can get the service for $72 — down from its usual $99 — Saturday only (you can sign up for it right here).

The deal is commemorating Amazon’s accomplishment of winning two Golden Globe awards for their original series Transparent (one for best television comedy or musical, and one for Jeffrey Tambor’s performance in a TV musical or comedy).

With that they’re also making the entire first season of the show free for anyone — not just Prime customers — Saturday only. If nothing else then it’s a good chance to check out Amazon’s first legit television series in the absence of anything better to do this weekend. Let us know if you’ll be taking advantage.

Quentyn Kennemer
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  1. I may give this a try!

    1. Have fun. I passed from the starts, passed at the first price hike, passing now.

      I have found, I can get free shipping for free (either most vendors offer it or I stock up until I hit $35) and since many things come from the warehouses spread around the USA, I get it in 3-4 days anyway so the expedited shipping is not all that impressive. And the rest of what you get, just BS filler I wouldn’t use.

      1. For me, the video has been more than worth the $8.25 a month (actually, the price hike for me hasn’t even kicked in yet, so it’s less). The two-day shipping and the other “BS filler” just sweeten the deal. Of course, had I passed on it and never tried it, then I obviously wouldn’t miss it.

      2. I don’t know how people still cant figure out that they can watch all of these shows and movies for free online.

  2. so, mine is set to auto renew in February.. can I jump on Saturday and buy this to stack my subscription??

    1. I think you can buy it as a gift and gift it to yourself. Make sure to turn off your Prime auto-renewal.

      1. oh nice, good idea! i took my credit card off my account anyway, so it shouldn’t renew lol.

  3. Alpha House is also legit.

  4. Amazon Student = $50 per year, I have been able to get that for the past 4 years, I think I will pass when it runs out. One upside is Amazon Instant Prime streams on Android. I wonder how long that has been that way?

    No Chromecast support.

  5. Amazon student is still better. .edu email is all you need. Going 10 years strong

  6. Amazon Prime rocks, that show stinks. Yeah, we need more shows about guys who think they’re girls, confused as heck.

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