Decision Day: Samsung Galaxy S6 or HTC One M9? [POLL]


galaxy s6 vs htc one m9

March 27th just became a very big day in mobile. The main flagship releases from two of the smartphone industry’s biggest heavy hitters will be available to purchase (in some capacity) as soon as tonight.

For HTC, they will allow you to purchase the unlocked version of the HTC One M9 on their website starting at Midnight Eastern. Meanwhile, Samsung’s Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge will be at Best Buy and all major carrier stores for demo and pre-sale tomorrow morning.

This, folks, is D-Day. No, not doomsday (though that could very well happen, too), but Decision Day. Are you going with the Samsung Galaxy S6 or the HTC One M9? It’ll be a tough decision for many, though we’re sure a good deal of you already have your minds made up.

On the fence still? Perhaps some of these early previews, feature blowouts and hands-on experiences will give you a better idea of which one is worth your money.

Samsung Galaxy S6

Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge DSC08468

HTC One M9

HTC One M9 DSC08365

And you can’t forget the big head to head comparison of the two juggernauts: here’s a tale-of-the-tape look at the Samsung Galaxy S6 vs the HTC One M9. Our reviews for both devices will be along soon enough so be sure to stay on the lookout for those if you need a hard verdict.

So it comes down to tomorrow, March 27th: which one are you going to buy? The poll below is waiting for your vote, and we also wouldn’t mind hearing your reasoning no matter which way you decide to go (even if you don’t plan to buy either one). Sound off!

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Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

Samsung confirms Galaxy S6 US pre-sales begin tomorrow for Best Buy and all major carriers

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  1. S6 is first in line for me BUT I need to see and play with both. I have had many Galaxy line phones. They are good phones. I have never owned an HTC, but I am considering it based on specs (and build quality I assume is there like the M8).

    I voted “undecided” yet, but my gut tells me I am S6 Edge leaning.

    1. The Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge trump the HTC M9 and LG Gflex 2 so easily it’s comical definitely no comparison.

  2. The S6 is better than the M9, but I’m going to wait for the Note 5. The Note always seems to be a step above the S, so the Note 5 is set to be a pretty awesome phone.

    (Edit: My current phone is the M8.)

    1. Note =*phablet* IMHO.

      Different class to me than “phone”.

      1. Try putting the Note 4 in your shirt breast pocket!

        1. 1. I don’t do shirts with “breast pockets” :)

          2. trying to do so makes my point for me.. the Note 4 is not a “phone” it is a “phablet”.

          1. For me personally, the Note isn’t too big. I have large hands so I don’t think it would bother me, but I can see someone with smaller hands than me considering it too big. I wouldn’t buy the Nexus 6 or iPhone 6 Plus though, those are way too big unless you are Lebron James.

          2. LeBron wouldn’t rock ios.. Hes a Sammy note dude all day long…

          3. Technically, you can make PHONE calls on it..so….it is a phone…sorry.

          4. Yes, J, it “is” surely a phone.

            But this “is” why the term “phablet” came to be.

            I’am suspecting you understood my point without having to point out the obvious.

          5. Breast pockets can be pretty fly with the right outfit.

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        2. Why?? Cargo pants with side pockets all day long.. I don’t even notice the note size.. Kick ass phones..

    2. True, but I’m not on that phablet craze. Plus the Note 5 won’t be released until fall (like the Note 4), and I don’t think I can wait that long…

      1. That used to be my thought process as well, but after the last couple cycles I always regret not waiting at least a few more months to see what else is coming out. I ended up regretting the purchase of my M8 and would have rather had the G3 or Note 4.

  3. I’m still waiting on some battery reviews of the S6 and S6 Edge, but for me, I will probably end up getting the S6. It’s just better in every way over the M9 (so far). It’s unfortunate, cause I’ve been with HTC since the HTC Hero, but they’ve really dropped the ball with the M9 imo. I’m still rooting for HTC, but my money is going with Samsung this year.

    1. I agree. I’ve been with HTC for nearly a decade (Treo -> Tilt -> Evo – One M7) and I just think the M9 is just too much of the same, even though my M7 is the best phone I’ve ever had. I’ve never been a fan of the Galaxy line, but I am seriously considering the GSE.

      1. HTC Treo? I thought it was Palm Treo… I had the 700WX back in 2004??

        1. I believe the Treo 650 was made by HTC.

    2. The M7 was my first HTC product and I absolutely love it. However, the camera developed the purple tint of death and HTC won’t do anything about it, so that has soured me, a bit. I was still leaning towards the M9, but when I heard the S6 has wireless charging (which I really miss from my Palm days), I became seriously interested.

      I also hope HTC makes it, but I’m probably with you in crossing over to the Samsung side.

  4. The S6 is going to blow the M9 out of the water. Even if Samsung had stumbled again like they did last year, it would still outsell the M9.

    They are on top of their game this year though. The Exynos 7420 plus the UFS 2.0 is some great advancements that I honestly didn’t think we would see this year.

    1. Nah!! I think HTC is going to get their advertising game right. Also, I really think they can sell the device if they advertise their Dot View Case 2.0. I believe a lot of people would want the phone just to get that case. I’m trying to think as a regular consumer who just buys phone. Kinda hard. =.P

      1. “I think HTC is going to get their advertising game right.”

        Have you seen the 10 promo videos with Robert Downey Jr.?

        1. I have not. I’m scared now. LoL!!

          1. lol! My thoughts exactly. I wrote about those videos when they were released and each one made me more worried about them than the next

      2. I feel like they need to market the hell out of their one year uh-oh plan and they’d sell a lot of them

  5. I’m undecided. The I want to say M9, but the S6 may have the better camera and most certainly has wireless charging and fingerprint scanner, which the M9 does not. What does give the M9 a huge leg up, in my opinion, is the expandable storage. I also think the M9 looks nicer and the uh-oh protection is also nice. Pretty torn.

    1. I’m totally with you on every point, except the expandable storage. That means nothing to me, but I’m happy it’s there for those that want it! I’m glad that my two M7’s are still functional, even if the cameras have gone bad. If I were forced to make the decision today, I’d be in a world of hurt!!!

  6. HTC should have seen this coming

  7. I think I’ll wait for the bleeding edge nexus phone after the nexus 6 as I just got the nexus 5 late last year to replace my slow nexus 4

    I like nexus devices because of how fast they tend to be as well as how easy it is to root and customize them

  8. HTC uses the same design and Sammy drops sdHC and increases their prices, so I say neither.

    1. Neither for me here either!.. Don’t want to have regrets if lg or Sony knocks it out the box.. I’m waiting until the smoke clears..My note 3 has plenty of kick left..

  9. Can I vote for both? Because I will be getting one of each.

    1. Damn, son. Pick me up one while you’re at, yeah?

  10. S6 for me! my problem is which one of the s6s i am going to get?

    1. Green edge is just on a different level :) it’s the phone to get this year

      1. So strange, it seems that US market love the emerald one… here in europe it’s probably the less attractive. 0o

  11. I am sticking with my Nexus 6.

    1. I think until someone can give me a handset that isn’t TouchWiz at 5.7-6″ display, I’m pretty much tied to my Nexus 6 too. I do have a Note 3 and Moto G 2014 as backups (worst case scenarios). But the N6 has spoiled me. lol

      1. And I’ll stick with my rooted nexus 5

  12. The speakers alone make this a slam dunk for me. Listening to music and watching videos with the sound facing me makes a huge difference. I had the M7 and M8 and the speakers are great. Seems like the reviews are saying they keep getting better. Waiting for the M9 Plus probably before trading in my Nexus 6 which also has front-facing speakers!

  13. Neither but if I was looking to replace my m8 I’d probably go with Samsung on this one.

    1. So true. If I had an M7, I’d upgrade to the M9. But if I had an M8, I’d probably go with Samsung this year.

      1. I have a M7, but I’ll still go with the S6… I’m really disappointed in the camera quality of the M9. I think that was the final straw for me on why I’m ditching HTC for Samsung.

        1. Same issue everyone else has with it.. That camera just ain’t worth it

          1. I’ve seen samples where the camera looks amazing (in well lit conditions). Every camera looks like sh*t in low light.

            Also, a handful of reviews weren’t running final software, so a lot has changed since then. One M9 pic below looks great.

          2. You won’t put that bug in my ear Chris. I don’t believe you! But.. I’ll go check some newer reviews I guess. I’ve watched like four yesterday. From well known sites.

          3. I want to believe! Trust me I do. But it’s not a constant good shooter for me. The only reason why I am considering the S6 is because f the internals, and as for software, hopefully I can get a stock lollipop themed Touchwiz, or something decent enough to get rid of the green/blue combo, and slap Nova onto it.

            What’s the source for that picture?

            But there are still other issues that I feel needs to be dealt with, including the screen calibration issue, the poor battery life (in every review I’ve seen, the battery life is worse than the M8’s, and that had an average battery life), and that fail of a processor the 810. My M7 is dying for an upgrade, and I’m not yet convinced about the HTC M9.

          4. Only when it has enough amount of the light without shaking your hands a lot.

      2. Or wait to see what LG, will be offering with the G4

        1. That’s where I’m at! I am very curious about UX 4.0.

          1. yea, wasnt they supposed to have an annoucement about that

  14. I like htc one m9 because it has a sd card and will be. Compatible with the 200gb sd when

  15. I don’t trust Samsung after the S5. That might change, but if I had to choose, I’d choose Not Samsung.

    1. Ho, what’s wrong with S5? Enjoying mine, since lollipop it’s even greater.

  16. I considered both, and then bought a Moto X Pure Edition. Every article I read, I am more confident I made the right choice.

    1. I just got the Moto X PE as well, love it! I do wish it had a fingerprint sensor though. That’s the one thing the 6 has going for it.

  17. I hope to that my nexus 5 will survive till project ara is available.

    1. That would be nice as well. Word on the street was we were supposed to start seeing some Project Ara this year.

      1. The pilot stars this year in Puerto Rico. Not sure when the rest of the world gets it.

  18. Bought my wife the s3 when it came out and I got the HTC DNA at the same time and having experienced both for two years I wouldn’t trade my DNA for her s3 for anything. I guess I’m just to used to the more natural looking colors of the super LCD 3 rather than the over saturated colors of the s3.
    So now, I want to move up to a larger screen because I do stream videos occasionally. So, now I’m looking for a phablet. I’m leaning toward HTC because I have had three HTC phone’s and loved every one. I will be Looking for the next HTC phablet but if the new tab 5 looks as good as the s6 Edge I could be persuaded to switch but, the super LCD 3 will play a big part.
    I am a bit disappointed in what I have been reading about the HTC camera but, that is a software problem and HTC has been really top notch at getting timely updates out so, I’m confident that if I do choose HTC the camera will be made right.
    Hope this helps. Have a good day.

    1. Unfortunately HTC doesn’t seem to have calibrated the screen well. Right now the galaxy s6 is much closer to the iPhone 6 in perfect color reproduction and greyscale balance. Plus the blacks are black. The screen call also get a lot brighter, but only in auto (600 nits).

      1. People still complaining about samsung having over saturated screens don’t have a clue- Samsung fixed their screen calibration when S5 came out- they’ve been awarded for best screens 2 products running s5 and note 4

        1. Check out my reply to cryosx

      2. Well, it has been a couple years. I’ll have to wait till they’re on the shelf to compare. However, a couple of pics in an article in the “telegraph.co.uk” entitled ,in part, “which to buy” shows a pic of bikers. The one above I can clearly see the guys in the red shirts. The bottom pic is so dark I could barely see them. In another with an apartment in the background I could see dimly lit Windows in the top pic but in the bottom I couldn’t even see the Windows. Check out the article and section on camera comparison and see what you think.

        1. Well I just bought an M9 :-). Anyway I still believe the galaxy still has the better screen in all regards. Right now on the xda forums one of the biggest worries is screen regression from the m8. According to anandtech colours are now colder than they were on the m8. Other things like touch response have been rotted to be worse. As for the camera I believe the images the reviewer said the shots from the galaxy were truer to life. Like you said, best to check it out in person.

          1. Let us know how you like it after you have had a chance to get used to it. I’m going to wait for the phablets though.
            I would like to say though, now that you made your purchase, that my wife’s s3 crapped after two years and she got a replacement. The screen on her replacement was way better than her original. I was impressed. Good luck with your new phone.

          2. Got it, will do.

  19. I *would* get the M9, but the M9+ sounds like what I want. I mainly want the Duo camera. I really like the feature.

    So for now, I’m sitting this race out.

  20. Would like to get the Galaxy S6 Edge, but I’m holding out for the Galaxy Note 5 Edge ;)

  21. I was looking forward to something a little more revolutionary than the M9 presents. Despite it clearly having the best build quality of any smartphone, and specifications that are not to be sniffed at, I was simply a little underwhelmed.

    The S6 looks okay, the S6 edge looks quite stunning, but I’m still not entirely sold on upgrading from my 2 year old HTC M7 quite yet. In fact, as my contract just came to an end, I’ve ditched my £35/month EE contract in favour of a Three SIM-only 1 month contract which has “all you can eat” data and texts for only £20 a month.

    I was a little hesitant at first, but so far the 4G signal on three is excellent – getting 65mbit down / 17mbit up in the suburbs of Gloucester, England.

    I’m going to hold out and see what turns up later in the year from the other big players then make my decision then, but for now this 2 year old smartphone is still as much of a phone as I need…

  22. Come on!!! Of course the galaxy s6!!! I see no reason too get the m9, I would rather get the m8 if that was the case (If the camera was a little more decent) I really like what samsung did with the S6. Although I am curious about the Alcatel one touch idol 3.

  23. While both phones are absolutely beautiful, it’s Samsung’s UI that’s just turns me off. It’s too cartoonish, while Sense( which looks a lot cooler this year) looks much more grown up. At my age I don’t care about having a cool looking phone anymore. I’m just concerned with everyday use.

    1. ([the m9] looks a lot cooler this year) –> I don’t care about having a cool looking phone

      so… the galaxy s6 then?

    2. You my friend talk alot of sense. I’m current using the m7 and it works flawlessly for a 3 yrs old phone

      1. Impressive. Even my rooted Galaxy S3 is running so damn slow these days.

        I’ve had my Nexus 5 for about 6 months now and on the odd occasion that I use my S3 it’s slow as hell even without comparing it to the N5. It lags so much.

  24. Galaxy S6 is much better. Better display, camera, SoC and is smaller.
    But both are too expensive and I will buy neither.

  25. I can’t bring myself to go for either… HTC let me down slightly, and Samsung was never in the equation for me. I’ll see what LG has in store. But the Flex 2 looks tempting already.

  26. Touchwiz is still so ugly. Even if Samsung got rid of the physical button, I still couldn’t bring myself to get it.

  27. Going with an m9 to go along with my note 4 ,sense 7 looks awesome and those front facing speakers. Best of both worlds I’m not intrested in the s6 at all. The s6 edge looks nice but I need to be able to swap out my SD card from my note 4 so the m9 is the way to go.

    1. Good choice. If you break your screen or accidentally drop it in water at leastbyour investment is protected. Can’t say the same for the S6. And funny enough, both front and back are glass.

  28. Well I am taking a look at the M9 over the weekend. I will miss the duo cam on my m8. Frankly I wish they had the duo set up but with a 12 +Ultrapixel. Samsung was never in my list of phones to buy. I have turned on everyone, well almost everyone in my family and friends to Htc and they love it And don’t look back. The S6 edge does look good and we’ll build (for a change) but glass back and glass front makes it a disaster in the making. Besides, with Htc if you are a Us user, you have the best customer service on deal on HTC. Replacement if broken or water damaged within a year, that is unheard of. I think it is a smart and logical decision to protect your investment by going with HTC. But I will wait until after April 8 for a final decision. I might just wait for the M9+ for a month or two.

  29. I’ll be picking up a S6 on Tmo next month, I’m happy with the decisions Samsung has made.

  30. Man, I’m in a tough spot. My plan all along was to hold out until the OnePlus Two was revealed. However, my LG G2 now has an intermittent microphone, which may force me to jump on a new phone earlier than I wanted. Gun to my head right now, I’d take a S6 Edge. I like the sharper screen, and the edge feature is frankly neat for someone looking for something different. I last had a Galaxy S3, and I was never a fan of TouchWiz. Perhaps this version is a little more tolerable as some have detailed. I am also concerned about the battery life with the 2600mah- coming from the G2 with 3000mah. eek.

    1. If it’s the mic, just change it out. If you don’t mind doing it yourself it’s a cheap replacement. If not shouldn’t be more than 50 at a shop.

  31. Samsung Galaxy S5 EDGE – Emerald Green
    Can’t beat this ^

    1. That’s going to be a problem if you’re in the United States as I have yet to see a carrier that’s going to let us preorder the S6 Edge in Emerald Green. I’m on AT&T and I really want the Emerald Green S6 Edge as well but from what I’ve read they are only planning to offer White, Black Sapphire and Gold for preorder. I am very unhappy about this and it appears that parts of Europe and India have the green Edge available but we are just screwed here in the U.S. it seems.

      1. You’re only realising now that US mobile device users are being screwed over?

        Not getting a green phone isn’t exactly that bad but the pricing and reliability of the networks across the country needs a lot of work. Greed and madness are running rampant.

      2. To talk about Europe, german are winning, all colors, all storage.
        to compare, here in France : S6 only 32go black or white ( a few gold) S6 edge 32 or 64go black or white ( and 64go aren’t available on most retailers)
        Was planning to get S6edge on 64 go, kinda disapointing…

  32. I have tried two HTC phones in the part couple years and returned both. Samsung is the lesser of two evils.

    1. ha ha I call BS. You never had an M7 or M8. If you did, you wouldnt of said that.

      1. Had an M7. HTC, like LG, makes good phones on paper. In real world use, they are not very good. They are the Kia and Hyundai of phones.

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  34. Droid turbo

  35. No way I would get the M9, its the same and in some cases worse than the M8. S6 all the way

  36. Looking like neither!

  37. Do you guys upgrading every year. Seems like alot of people either have the m8 or N6 or s5. Which came out exactly one year ago more or less. I’m an htc fanboy for life, love the camera on the s6 but touch wiz and no expandable storage is crazy. Htc keeps fucking up on their camera on their flagship phones. Do htc? You guys have the right sensors but your software engineers suck horse dung. Htc m9+ or m10. #htc4life

    1. Htc 4life? I bet you’re gonna live longer than’em dude. At least #Ihope4you .

  38. Samsung has so much fanboys that even been a crap is gonna win this poll. LOL

    1. Yea but this is an ex HTC fanboy and I have to say from the reviews to the videos its hard to go against the S6. It crosses every T and dots every I. As much as I hate to say it, but you can tell Sammy put way more effort into bringing something worth upgrading to the table from its predecessors, unlike HTC with nothing more than a mediocre spec bump.

      1. It’s the first time I’m so hurry to upgrade for S6 edge.

  39. I just hate touchwiz, scaled back or not.

    1. And all the memory being taken up by random apps and Touchwiz in general. Even if you rooted and installed a ROM it’ll probably still take up several gigs of your memory. Really time to phase out the 16GB phones.

      1. They did the base is 32GB in the S6 now

        1. So now you get 16GB usable space. Yeeeaaahhh! (venomous sarcasm).

          1. lol I feel like its gonna be more like 22GB usable, but I’m not a power user so anything over 20GB is moot to me. RN I have an 8GB SD card in my S4 and I’m doing fine

  40. This is tough for me. I had the M7 and currently have the M8 and Nexus 6.
    Hard to justify upgrading to a phone that is so similar to my M8. But I will miss boomsound and the clean clean interface. What I won’t miss is that mediocre camera.

    1. Stick with the N6. And wait until the 2nd half of the year.

  41. So…. the choice is between one otherwise amazing phone that has a sub-par camera, and another otherwise amazing phone which has (supposedly) worse battery life than last years model.
    These are the 2 things which I consider most important. Will be holding out to see what Sony and LG have to offer. No hurry.

  42. The Samsung is a cheap imitation. Is this survey a joke? Not even close.

  43. Its astonishing how many people would still buy the Galaxy over the One. I mean, design changes or not, the One is still the best phone on the market. Wake up people, jeez..

    1. Because obviously you are the master of phones and only your opinion counts… Jeez

    2. One-way thinking right there.

    3. As someone who had an M7 and loved it, I’m tired of the design, and from the images I’ve seen, I actually prefer the look of the S6.

      Also, given that the M9 has been getting somewhat lukewarm reviews, I would be learning toward the S6 even if I didn’t 100% prefer the design.

      The S6 is said to be faster benchmark-wise, has (by all counts) better camera, better screen, and possibly better battery life. How is the M9 better than it?

      1. It’s a complete land slide win for Samsung

    4. How can it be the best phone on the market if it has an inferior camera, performance, design, and display?

    5. I find it hard to take anyone seriously who refers to *any* Samsung phone as “a Galaxy”. They’re basically the same as those shortsighted, ignorant people who choose to see the phone universe as either iPhone or not the iPhone (i.e. “a Samsung” or “a Galaxy”). Damn trollf@gs.

      1. You’re a fucking drama queen.

        1. My sentiments in regards to your opinion are best reflected by the following image:


  44. No one is worth my money. Samsung design like all ways piece of sh.. and mono speaker in 2015 LOL. M9 for 749€ is a bad joke, in Europe one get M8 for 399. Sorry, but I don’t understand why should I pay 350€ more?

    1. So you can get an M8 for about 40% less than in North America off-contract? That seems too good to be true. I don’t think you’re taking exchange rates into consideration. Would like to see some proof of that price you mentioned.

      1. No his right, here in france, around 400€, 388€ for a S5 ( w/ cash back)

        1. That’s pretty surprising. Guess people in North America are getting ripped off even when they buy devices off-contract.

          The M8 and S5 are both still $600-700 in Canada (and the US too, probably). The only place where you can buy them for less would be on Swappa or Ebay and they’re not guaranteed to be genuine or in good condition either.

          1. Wow! It’s really expensive! Here in Europe Samsung’s phone are reputate to drop the price after 1-2month. I’ve sold mine for 300€. The galaxy alpha is now <300 only 6 month after .

          2. They’re required by law to drop the prices? That’s so good!

          3. I know my english isn’t perfect but, did I’ve said that somewhere? 0o

          4. I wasn’t sure. So they are obligated by law to do it. I actually tried to look up Orange’s website out of curiosity but I can’t get to the phones or even look up that prices there.

          5. As far has i know, the price drop is mostly due to some market particularly, I don’t think law is involve into that. May I’m wrong, and in a socialo-communist gouvernement like ours, such things are still possible.
            But to be honnest I think the difference between us prices and europe prices is mostly cause of market particularity, maybe higher over-stock to sell in some case..
            I hope my english is good enough to be understandable, if not, feel free to point the “wrong” sentences.

    2. There is that much dual speaker on phone?
      Anyway, some reviews are pointing the fact that S6’s speaker is performing has good as M9’s, for some over reviews, S6’s not far behind…

  45. I’m going to skip both and snag a z3 compact. I was really hoping for good news on the M9 battery life but sadly disappointed.

    1. I had thought about the Xperia Z3 or the Compact in October before I bought my Nexus 5. I hope you’ll enjoy the Z3. I’ve heard good things about it.

      If I had more money lying around I might have bought it back in November.

  46. Im going to keep my N6 but if I had to choose I would for the first time choose Sammy over HTC. I used to love HTC but with a minimum change in aesthetics as well as standard specs for roughly the same price as the S6 which has a better screen, camera, memory, SoC, overall look imo, and a toned down TW there is no reason one wouldnt choose the S6 over the M9. Sammy has really stepped up their game when HTC jsut felt complacent with theirs.

  47. Neither of two, horrible battery life on both and Snapdragon 810 is to be avoided at all costs

  48. Sticking with the Note 4 and gonna see what happens with this M9 Max if it happens.

  49. Z4 compact waterproof, OIS, SD slot , removable battery = take my money

    1. Not very likely that a waterproof device will have a removable battery. It’s already enough of a risk with an SD card slot.

      1. The S5 did ?

        1. Never said there was no way that it could be done or wouldn’t happen with an Xperia device. Just saying that it’s more difficult for the company from many points of view and hence less likely to happen.

  50. If the Galaxy S 6 has the best performance of all smart phones, including the Snapdragon 810 by all the bench mark testing thus far, the best front AND main camera of all the phone in terms of quality/speed with IOS, , and improved the packaging over S5, along with fast wireless charging and the option of curved edges, I am going to pre order the Galaxy S 6 Edge on Verizon.

  51. I’m waiting for a pure android phone that comes in a compact package — the size of a Nexus 5. What are the chances one will come soon?

    I don’t want a phablet and I don’t want all the unnecessary “enhancements” to the OS phone manufacturers add. Android already provides more than I need. In fact, in my opinion, Android has become bloated itself already.

    I wish we had the option of getting an essentials-only version of android and the ability to add extra components as needed. For example, here are just a few of the Android apps that should be optional, not required: Google Currents, Google Play Magazines, Sound Search for Google Play, Google Play Movie & TV, Google Play Music, and Movie Studio.

  52. If I had to choose I think the GS6 with its toned down touchwiz, improved build quality, OLED display and thin, high performance soc, beats out the One M9 this time around. I don’t care much for the oversized bezel in the M9.

    That said, my ideal phone this year it would be an updated 2015 Nexus 5, released on all carriers like the absurdly large Nexus 6.

  53. Already pre ordered the S6 Edge in black sapphire 64gig version! Woot!

    The S6’s better display, camera, design, memory speed, processor speed, Exynos quality, UI and software features, wireless charging, Samsung Pay and comparable battery life make this comparison literally a no brainer.

  54. This isn’t even a competition.

  55. Is this a rhetorical question?

  56. Neither, wait for iPhone 6s

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