Mar 2nd, 2015

Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge DSC08451

Apple introduced “Touch ID” on the iPhone 5s back in 2013. Not to be outdone by Apple, Samsung also introduced a fingerprint scanner on their next device. The problem with Samsung’s implementation was it didn’t work quite like the iPhone. You had to do a weird swiping motion instead of just holding your finger on the home button. The Samsung Galaxy S6 fixes this problem.

Setting up a new fingerprint on the Galaxy S6 is remarkably similar to how it’s done on the iPhone. You’re asked to press and remove your finger in a variety of orientations so it can learn your entire fingerprint. After successfully scanning your fingerprint it will ask you to set up a backup pin code, and then you’re all set. This is where it get’s much better.

All you have to do is press the home button once to wake up the phone and then leave your finger on the button and the lock screen will fade away. It’s very quick and definitely a lot easier than drawing a pattern or typing in a password or pin code. This is the way a fingerprint scanner should work, and we’re really glad Samsung fixed it. See it in action below.

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