Samsung Galaxy S6 & S6 Edge prices for T-Mobile, AT&T, Verizon, Sprint & US Cellular


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Samsung has announced pre-sales for the Samsung Galaxy S6 and Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge will begin tomorrow, and you’re probably wondering how much money you’ll need in your pocket books for whichever model you’re after.

We’ll look to lay all of that information out for you for each major carrier and retailer set to sell the device. Be sure to check back throughout the day and rest of the weekend as we’ll update this post whenever more information rolls in!


  • Galaxy S6 32GB: $0 down + $28.33 per month for 24 months, $679.92 outright
  • Galaxy S6 64GB: $99.99 down + $27.50 per month for 24 months, $759.99 outright
  • Galaxy S6 128GB: $199.99 down + $27.50 per month for 24 months, $859.99 outright
  • Galaxy S6 Edge 32GB: $0 down + $32.49 per month for 24 months, $779.76 outright
  • Galaxy S6 Edge 64GB: $99.99 down + $31.66 per month for 24 months, $859.83 outright
  • Galaxy S6 Edge 128GB: $199.99 down + $31.66 per month for 24 months, $959.83 outright

You’ll also be able to get a full year of Netflix for free when buying through T-Mobile before April 12th.


  • Galaxy S6 32GB: $0 down + $22.84 per month on AT&T Next 24 (30 monthly payments)
  • Galaxy S6 Edge 32GB: $0 down + $27.17 per month on AT&T Next 24 (30 monthly payments)

AT&T will offer both devices in 64GB and 128GB variants, but they have not yet announced pricing for each specific model. Colors available will be Black Sapphire, White Pearl or Gold Platinum. AT&T is also offering $50 off a Samsung Gear Circle Bluetooth Stereo Headset when buying any Samsung Galaxy S smartphone.

US Cellular

  • Samsung Galaxy S6 32GB: $199 w/ two-year contract
  • Samsung Galaxy S6 64GB: $299 w/ two-year contract
  • Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge 32GB: $299 w/ two-year contract
  • Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge 64GB: $399 w/ two-year contract

US Cellular will have White Pearl and Black Sapphire color options available, and these devices will also be available on the carrier’s $0 down installment-based payment plan (though prices for those plans weren’t yet revealed).


Info coming soon!


Info coming soon!

Best Buy

Info coming soon!

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  1. Galaxy S6 Edge 64GB to 128GB is nearly a $925-$1035us phone OTD. Yikes.

    With no MicroSD, a 32GB is 100% out of the question. 64GB even worries me.

    Gosh, I wonder what Verizon will price it at? I am not sure if they price differently as I don’t use any other service so don’t pay attention.

    Looks like Edge is essentially $100 more for a phone with 2 edges that can only use 1 edge at a time.

    1. Ha, hopefully this is your last trolling post about S6 Edge pricing. 32GB “standard storage” priced at $780, not even close to $1000. Reasonable pricing really when 16GB has been the standard. Let’s learn from this and not repeat next year. Kthanks.

      1. Man.. the only troll is you. I notice you follow me around. I don’t pay attention to you, but you pay attention to me. I have no idea how my post is a troll. Yours is obvious what it is.

        I make honest posts and assessments. Sorry you no like.

        Also… stay focused.. pay attention to what I write. Notice, I make NO pricing claims about 32gb. I DO make pricing claims about 64 & 128. Are you seeing that?? Oh, and last… I also say OTD which means “out the door”. $780 is, for me, $845 OTD. Tax man, tax.

        1. Like I said before, I read all the articles and call people out when they say stupid sh*t like you have over and over and over again about the edge pricing and the single edge use. Copy and paste the same crap after every related article. You never mentioned 128GB before today’s article when you realized you were wrong all along and haha now talking about OTD to pad your numbers. You were wrong. Troll.

    2. Yeah, 64GB would worry me too. I have a 64GB SD card thats was nearly full and had to go through an clean up. Mind you that is ext storage only! Imagine starting out with less than 64GB to begin with (cuz the available storage is never what is advertised) and then 10+GB taken up with OS/UI. Would fill up quick!

      1. What the heck do you people put on your phone that requires that much space?!

        1. A lot of Hi-Def porn.

          1. Must be and must have never heard of porn sites. My Nexus 5 currently has 8.54 GB free of 16 GB. Apps take up 3GB, pictures 230MB, cached data 490MB, and the rest is miniscule.

          2. Clearly you don’t take a lot of pictures and don’t do them Hi-Res either. I use my phone as a camera for both work and personal. Plus I’m a musician and constantly work on projects that I need to take with me. Having external storage means I can have them on my phone and then remove the card and transfer them to other applications/devices without needing to carry a cable with me everywhere. I also keep a variety of files/programs for school on my phone as well. While I do use dropbox and occasionally google drive (and netflix), I don’t have the resources to pay for the amount of storage I truly need to both save my files and have data to access them whenever I need them. (Case in point, I just lost 6GB of free promotional dropbox storage and had to delete all but my most critical files there.) Therefore, the amount of storage physically on my phone is critical. Plus I’m not always around a steady wi-fi connection that would allow me to upload/download things for “free” when I need them. The biggest point of me having external storage however is the fact that if my phone goes kaput, the SD card and all of my files on it will more than likely still be intact and will enable me to just pop the card into a replacement and keep going.

          3. You can still do that with a transfer cable, I don’t understand why you guys are such babies when it comes to expandable storage. You guys make as if you’re in the old west, cell phones your gun and micro SD cards are your ammo…

          4. If I worked in an office at a desk, I could indeed use a transfer cable, but I don’t. My primary job is doing fieldwork where I often have no access to Wi-Fi or power let alone files on a home computer or some cloud. I go all over rarely hitting the same locations on back-to-back days, and also go into environments where I can’t carry anything that doesn’t fit in my pockets. So yes, some of us still have rather nomadic jobs that are much like the old west comparison you made.

          5. Excellent.

            While you’re at it, tell me – what’s the correct size dog to own and the correct size family to have?

        2. Music, documents, roms, nandroid backups, pictures, movies, ebooks, source codes, pocket backup of critical projects on a pc, apps, apps, and more apps.

          1. Thx for answering the question for me. Yes to pretty much everything you listed. With a Google music subscription and a child, I have quite a bit of music and movies downloaded to my phone. Then all the titanium backups, nandroids, and roms/mods, etc

          2. Well, he did say “you people” lmao.

          3. Music. Use google music
            Documents. Use google drive
            roms, nandroid backups. Store on computer but really, do you seriously need a nandroid of every single .1 release?
            pictures. Use google+ to store.
            movies. Use Netflix, google movies, amazon, etc.
            ebooks. use pretty much any ebook app or store on google drive
            source codes. Seriously? Why?!
            pocket backup of critical projects on a pc. Again, google drive
            apps, apps. Understandable

          4. I already use those services, I don’t nandroid point-one releases and you simply aren’t the gold standard on how if anyone doesn’t have your needs, we’re doing it wrong.

            You asked a question. I answered. Rather than deciding to get it, you made assumptions and now you want to bicker and cast judgements.

            Clearly, you weren’t asking seriously to begin with, you were gloating over how smart you are.

            I’m not interested in your game.

            Have a nice day.

          5. But somehow 128 msd card fits all your hoarding needs? You never go over that? Really, just back that crap up on something else and keep it moving…

          6. Still assuming and not reading.

            No, a card does NOT meet all of my storage needs and I do use all of the services mentioned earlier.

            It’s not hoarding, that’s just your narrow assumption.

            Thanks for telling me how to use my phone for my needs based on your closed perception of your own perfect solution.


            Here’s news – you don’t know what you’re talking about, you only know what you’re talking about for you and you assume that I am supposed to live up to your uninformed standards.

            Some of us know more about what we’re doing than you do, we’re meeting our needs and we’re doing it right.

            Get over it.

        3. I always feel like the people that ask this question have never, ever taken full advantage of what their smartphone is capable of. So they just don’t get it.

          1. How so? I offered perfectly logical alternatives to store all kinds of unneeded crap on your phone. Use free backup or pay hundreds of extras of dollars for a phone with more memory (or use slow SD cards) because they like to hoard everything?

  2. No thanks, I’ll stick with my ~$350 M8 GPE with a 64GB Micro SD card installed. Wow, flagship phones are ridiculously overpriced. Considering the cost of labor and materials in Korea and China, I bet these phones are marked up over 500%. Hell, you can buy a sweet laptop for ~$1000.00 and it includes a LOT more hardware…

    1. I will be doing the same with my Galaxy S4 GPE w/ 64gb card and three batteries. Already buying new cases for it as it looks like I’ll be using it for the long haul.

    2. yeah sure, if you ignore costs like marketing, salaries, rent for facilities, licensing, lawsuits, insurance, Quality control, R&D, and a little thing called profit to keep the company gong

      1. Check and Mate

      2. Cost of doing business is cost of doing business regardless of your industry or product. All companies have overhead of some kind, big or small. I’ve worked for several large manufacturing corporations that were doing VERY well selling their products for ~35% over the price of manufacturing. Once you factor in overhead, they were still bringing in billions of dollars in quarterly profits. Smart phones are a huge profit maker because it’s a new/hot industry. People are blindly lining every year up to spending $500 – $1000 on portable electronics that are worth a fraction of the cost. Eventually the market will cool down and phone manufacture’s will have bring their profit levels down to normal levels (from insane). Until then, they will keep charging what the market will bare.

        1. i disagree, the cost of doing business varies per industry per company. There’re companies that can sell hardware cheaper because they receive additional revenue through the additional software they produce vs companies that ONLY sell hardware and only receive revenue through hardware. There’re companies that have to have fulltime R&D departments and staff, there’re companies that don’t have R&D departments at all because that isn’t necessary for their business model/industry. There’re companies with huge parental organizations that can assist in funding whenever necessary, and there are companies with very little financial support outside of what thing bring home in sales.
          It’s not like every OEM is laughing to the bank apple style. Multiple OEM’s are either struggling, or downsizing, or completely shutting down departments all together.

          not saying certain phones cant be cheaper, but let’s stop acting like they are selling $10 phones that they are making in their garage with no overhead for thousands of dollars.

    3. 500%? LOL.

      1. I admit, 500% was probably exaggerated a bit, but 250% is pretty standard on flagship phones. :) Then again, Samsung makes most of their components in house. I bet it costs them even less to make the S6 than it costs Apple to make a 6+.

        1. These devices are 100 percent built in-house so very well it will be a hot item

  3. And now the other shoe will drop with prices and realization that your carrier won’t offer all sizes(AT&T, Verizon to come, no doubt).

  4. wow, Verizon better have em for 200 bucks on contract, like their usual flagship contract deal. I am sure more for larger storage variants. By Christmas time Verizon usually has samsung flagship for amazing deal on contract like 1 dollar or 100 dollars. My parents got s5’s for 1 dollar.

    1. I think it was yesterday or the day before that Best Buy had Note 4’s going for $100 less on VZ. They might do the same for this phone.

    2. That’s how I got my S5 last year, for $1 on Black Friday…then it got stolen two months later. Now I have to replace my phone and I’m debating between going S6 (super disappointed about the lack of SD card/removable battery) or just getting another S5 (which had crappy speakers, but I generally loved after coming from an S2). The cost is really going to determine which way I go I think…especially since I can buy a 128GB SD card for $100 and upgrade another phone for a cheaper cost than buying a 128GB S6.

  5. Will unlocked or other carrier versions of GS6 or Edge work with Verizon SIM? Kinda like the Nexus 6 is just one SKU…anyone know?

  6. Hard to believe people will pay more for an Android phone than an iphone.

    1. With what there is to offer, you get more with an Android phone. And this is including everything you can do with a device. Not saying Android is better.

      1. Not saying Android is better!! ok i will say it, ANDROID IS WAY BETTER there you have it.

    2. You must be referring to an iphone 3gs or something

      1. Agreed since a 128gb iphone 6+ goes for over $1000

        1. After sales tax then it goes over $1000 for the iphone 6+

          16 GB $749
          64 GB $849
          128 GB $949

    3. my friend not only the iPhone is more expensive, but it has less specs, it cost apple less to build it and they also charging you for their logo, hahaha bad apple!

  7. Well, god damn. I wonder what they will sell for on a 2 year contract?

  8. These prices are horrible I will buy none of these. Looks like I may hold out for the one plus 2 or some other reasonably priced phone. Maybe the Motorola X that will come out later this year or the LG G4

    1. Please take your poverty comments and third world salary to Craigslist…… If you can’t afford it, gtfo

      1. wow we got some smart people on here. Why would I pay 200 more than a similar phone LG makes. Why make personal attacks. Use some common sense the phone isn’t worth iPhone prices. Fanboy especially with touch wiz on it. This is more expensive than the last note. I buy 2-3 phones a year. This is a price grab due to the mediocre sales from the last s5

        1. The G3 was only $50 less than the S5 if you consider launch prices. You don’t have to buy an Edge model of the S6 it’s just an extra option.

          1. Makes sense. That’s what I’m talking about why make personal attacks. We are just talking about phones and there are so many options. I may change my mind once I see it in person but I’m hoping for a similar note 5 or something in the 5.5″ to the 5.8″ range. Had the nexus 6 wasn’t crazy about it.

          2. LG though had record sales on the g3 and may keep prices down to attract more sales.

        2. … Stop lying, this phone has the fastest ram, fastest memory, one of the best cameras with the lowest apertures and bums like you still complain? Also they have a fingerprint scanner on par with apple. Go buy a windows phone

      2. Lmaoooo

  9. $959.83 for the 128GB Edge is not exactly eye-watering but it’s still a large investment for a phone. Micro SD really would have helped keep the costs down.

  10. I don’t understand the point of storage option and color options if you don’t have them all available. It’s like, only the iPhone get’s this portion right. I want the Emerald Edge variant.

    1. Just another reason why the phone isn’t worth the price for that money you should get it your way. If Burger King can give to you your way so should samsung.

      1. Haha. Burger King…smh. Its not just Samsung who does this. A lot of other manufacturers and carriers skimp out on storage and color variations.

      2. Only my girlfriend gives it to me, my way.

  11. I just don’t understand the need to remove the microSD and also loose the waterproofing(not that I care about the waterproofing). Would totally be okay without the MicroSD if the pricing was on par with the MicroSD memory cards. Does it cost that much more to produce a phone with more memory?

    Micro SD Cards (latest from Amazon):
    Samsung 32GB = $17
    Samsung 64GB = $32
    Samsung 128GB = $94

    Galaxy S6 Memory Options:
    32GB = $0
    64GB = $100
    128GB = $200

    1. UFS storage. Read
      100 times faster than SD

      1. Thank you, that last question was truly a question. I really just want to understand the cost justification and that helps!

      2. It’s between 2.5 and 27 times faster than an SD card. Which is pretty great.

        But it’s not 100 times faster ok. :)

  12. I really like green but it seems dark colors will be a finger print magnet of sorts considering glass on both sides which will really spoil the look. so i might get gold or white…
    what do u say..

  13. Pre ordered my Verizon S6 Edge (64gb) at Best Buy today, and we’re also throwing in a free wireless charger for those who are pre ordering. I played with it all day at work and compared it to my note 4 and every single phone I had in the store. I closed the store and stayed an extra hour playing with it and doing comparisons, all I can say is the phone is fast, I tried my hardest to make it stutter or “lag” my note 4 did glitch up a couple of times, it froze while clicking on the photo from within the camera app, but that’s most likely a software issue that can be fixed once Vzw decides to give us lollipop.. Anyways, I can go on and on about the S6 and verizon, but I’ll just say this much.. it feels much smoother than the note 4, after playing with it for an hour of extensive use battery went down 16% where as the note 4 went down 12-13%.. Not giving up much, that 14 nm cpu did wonders, didn’t heat up either. I’ll just really miss the large screen size on the note 4 and the s-pen, but I’ll be going back to the Note 5 in October as i get two upgrades a year being on an executive manager plan :)

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