Mar 9th, 2015

While HTC may have removed “UltraPixels” from the rear camera on the HTC One M9, they moved them to the front-facing camera. The One M9 has a 2″UltraPixel” front-facing camera that is supposed to perform much better in low-light for selfies. At least that’s what HTC claims. We put it up to the test against the iPhone 6 to see for ourselves.

HTC One M9 (shown first) / iPhone 6 (shown 2nd)



M9-vs-iPhone6-RobChrisSelfie3 M9-vs-iPhone6-RobChrisSelfie3-IPHONEVERSION

One M9 / iPhone 6

It seems pretty obvious to us that the UltraPixels are destroying the iPhone 6. The photos from the One M9 look remarkably more clear and bright in the low-light conditions. Even in the bottom two photos, where the light isn’t so dim, the One M9 is outperforming the iPhone 6. If you’re looking to take selfies in all conditions this might be the phone for you.

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