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HTC One M9 Themes app

One of the coolest new features of the HTC One M9 is the all-new theming capability. With a couple taps, you can completely overhaul and customize the entire look and feel of your device. We’ve gathered every single theme currently found on the HTC One M9 for this gallery from Mobile World Congress.

We hope and expect there will be many more in the future… and when that time comes, you’ll know exactly where to hear about them. For now, enjoy these 9 beautiful HTC One M9 Themes.

HTC One M9 Stock Theme


This is theme that comes preloaded on the M9. The bright and beige sand with water majestically pouring onto it is accompanies by simple blue app trays and icons.

Cascadia Theme



This angular, cartoony night scene reminds me a bit of a Tim Burton movie.

Numero Theme



This is easily one of my favorites… simple geometric shapes, light colors, and a simple numbered clock. Lots to love here.

Innerspace Theme



This isn’t the only place the M9 and Galaxies collide… but the outcome here is much more fun and peaceful. Abstract planets in an overall cool theme.

Nimbus Theme


Apparently I don’t know what “Nimbus” means. Neither does Merriam-Webster. Maybe the guy who took this photo was named Nimbus.

Origami Theme



Take a close look at the design of the icons and the numbers in the clock and you’ll see they look like they’re folded out of origami paper. Clever and cool. I’m a fan.

Pastorale Theme



This rural landscape with flat colors and lots of yellows and greens is perfect for country lovers. Or really anyone fond of simple art and simple living.

Tilt Theme



A very simple, dark theme with all icons and shades at a very distinct angle.

Traction Theme



This bright red theme is the most bold of the bunch and I hope HTC includes more like it. The keyboard really ties the room together. I mean theme together.

Bonus Theme – Build Your Own!

Perhaps the coolest feature of the One M9 is the ability to automatically build your own theme based on a photo in your library. In the example below, we took an image of pretty pink flowers found in the stock gallery:


After some brief customizations (you can get pretty advanced if you really want), out pops a theme inspired by the pinks and reds and blues and purples from the picture. And of course, our cropped image is used as the wallpaper.


So there you have it… all 9 themes for the HTC One M9 that currently exist. What do you think?

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  1. My main question is…does it also theme things like the Settings menu?

    It’s kind of pointless to have a dark theme like Tilt if the Settings menu is still blindingly white.

    Edit: Looking at that white download notification, I’m guessing that all backgrounds stay white. That’s terrible.

    1. Looks like it’s mainly just a Home Screen launcher themer. Though it ties into some of the UI itself, hence the keyboard and Notification Bar.

      1. Yeah, that’s a shame. I was hoping it was a bit more powerful, like the CM theme engine.

  2. well I normally would think theming is a bit….corny. I have recently come to love Nova (i know i know, late to the party lol). And downloading different themes have breathed fresh life into the normal UI Lollipop has given me in my N6. I applaud HTC for the above. I know they arent the first but I think its cool that they have give you an option to change things up a bit. Although I’m sure Nova will be installed by most haha.

    1. Bruh, creating your own custom themes is a lot of fun. I’ve been doing it for a while and it never gets tiring. Couple vids to show ya what I’ve done recently:


  3. No stock android theme? °_°

    1. I’m sure someone will have on whipped up within a couple days of release.

    2. Google Now Launcher????

    3. They gave you an option to make your own. So…?

      1. I’m sure not everything is customizable. So…??

        1. Well referring to your “Android theme”, you could make your own theme. I didn’t know you were referring to a more deep integration. =.S

    4. i think that’s called nova launcher lol

  4. Strong pass.

  5. The quick settings menu keeps the grey color, boring..

  6. hey besides themes, what will be the color options for the keyboard swipe

  7. Pass..

  8. Awesome looks like you can customize the nav icons so time to make it look stock once I get it

  9. Well this can definitely make the device less boring for sure… I for one kind of like the themeing options available. Its not amazing but it definitely helps. I also really like that the navigation keys actually can change up to. I will hope to see a stock android theme.

    1. Yes!! All my yes!! I like the option to change the navbar keys as well. That’s actually something I would… root for in a phone. (pun intended)

      1. I see what you did there Nick

  10. I wonder if it’s based on the Nimbus Broom from Harry Potter. It was brown so it’s the reasoning I’m rolling with! *pushes nerd glasses up on face* lol

  11. Wait!! I never actually looked at the M9. The front is literally the exact same thing!! I thought they at least changed *some* things up. Now I see what the gripe is really about. That’s that stuff I don’t like.

    But as far as the theming goes, does this apply to on the M9? Or is this going to be apart of Sense? I haven’t had the change to watch any videos yet.

    1. No it is not the M9 front is just one piece. The M8 is make up of 3 pieces. But the small details that people missed

  12. I like theming, Sony Xperia has got themes for ages now. But these “default” themes look meh, it lacks elegance, cleanliness like that of stock Android. Apple’s ios may fall criminally short in customization but at least they got aesthetic sense

  13. wth is plugged into the bottom

    1. My guess is some type of security mechanism.

  14. I left the HTC train after the original EVO but this M9 looks very nice and appealing (maybe not as much to M8 users which is where I’m guessing a lot of the “mehs” on the interwebs is coming from). I may even consider it… For you M8 users, how has the device fared for you? Likes/dislikes?

    I would just wait to see what 2015’s Moto X refresh’ll look like later this year but seeing as Sprint turned down last year’s model, I’m not exactly holding out or my breath for one. That Galaxy Edge looks very nice as well! (Wait: did I just pay Samsung a compliment?? lol)

    1. I have Three personal Phones ,tha Note Edge , The Nexus 6 , and the HTC M8 , and even though the M8 is a year older I still prefer it too my other 2 phones , I never understood what people where talking about when they said touchwiz studder’s and othe comment’s like that , until I bought an M7 then I understood , the HTC for me , is Just so much smoother , I have my other 2 phones rooted with Franco Kernel and so on but for me and obviously this is just my personal opinion , HTC just makes a better phone , now the camera on the M8 is nothing to wright home about , but I understand that has all been taken care of with the M9 , VERY MUCH looking forward to getting my hand’s on one .

      1. It’s interesting you say HTC’s Sense UI is smoother than Touchwiz (Note Edge) and stock Android (Nexus 6) because Sense was anything but smooth when I had the original EVO 4G: random restarts, apps crashing, phone freezes, etc were the order of the day. Perhaps one would say the EVO was around 2010ish when Sense was still an extremely heavy skin compared to how lightweight it is now… I don’t know. My experience with the EVO scarred me and kinda scared me away from anything else HTC. Guess I’ll just have to wait to get my hands on one and try it out in-store about a month from now.

        1. I totally agree the Evo was my second smart phone, the Hero being my first but they have come along way it’s not like the difference is night and day, touchwiz has come along way also I would suggest as you said give it a try, and in 14 days if you don’t agree or like sence you can just return the phone, either way Good Luck work your next phone

        2. Longtime HTC owner here. I’ve had the Touch Diamond, Hero, original Evo, Evo 4G LTE, HTC One and currently the HTC One M8. It was awful how the software on the Evo used to crash so much but HTC totally fixed that with the HTC One. It’s the most rock solid phone I’ve owned and the M8 continued this.

          1. That’s good information to know. I’ll def keep that in mind when they start shipping demo units to retailers. Both the M9 and the Galaxy edge are really slick. As of right now, it’s hard to see anyone else topping these two devices imo.

        3. I have owned nothing but every flagship phone from HTC since the PPC 6700 (2006), I know thier phones really well, either good or bad Lol. The HTC One’s (M7 & M8) are not anything like the HTC 4G LTE in any way, or any other HTC phone before it. It was laggy, but I loved my HTC 4G when I had it, I didn’t realize how laggy it was til I got the M7, it was night and day to say the least. On average, I have about 50 to 70 apps installed on my M8 and it doesn’t skip a beat, nor did my M7 for that matter. I’m pretty confident to say that I believe that a lag issue within HTC’s M7, M8 and now the M9, is and will be 99.9% non existent, and I’m a heavy ass user. Don’t cheat yourself out of a great phone based on your experience with the HTC 4G, trust me, they are absolutely not the same! HTC has come a long way since 2010.

          1. I figured as much but that’s good to hear also. I’m kinda leaning toward the Galaxy S6 edge right now but seeing as April 10 is still a ways off from now, I might sway back to the M9. Who knows: their both gorgeous phones LOL

  15. Will there be a Sense 6 theme?

  16. Bleh

  17. Nimbus: a gray rain cloud, a luminous cloud,a halo

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