Mar 2nd, 2015 publishUpdated   Mar 9th, 2015, 9:03 am

HTC One M9 Themes app

One of the coolest new features of the HTC One M9 is the all-new theming capability. With a couple taps, you can completely overhaul and customize the entire look and feel of your device. We’ve gathered every single theme currently found on the HTC One M9 for this gallery from Mobile World Congress.

We hope and expect there will be many more in the future… and when that time comes, you’ll know exactly where to hear about them. For now, enjoy these 9 beautiful HTC One M9 Themes.

HTC One M9 Stock Theme


This is theme that comes preloaded on the M9. The bright and beige sand with water majestically pouring onto it is accompanies by simple blue app trays and icons.

Cascadia Theme



This angular, cartoony night scene reminds me a bit of a Tim Burton movie.

Numero Theme



This is easily one of my favorites… simple geometric shapes, light colors, and a simple numbered clock. Lots to love here.

Innerspace Theme



This isn’t the only place the M9 and Galaxies collide… but the outcome here is much more fun and peaceful. Abstract planets in an overall cool theme.

Nimbus Theme


Apparently I don’t know what “Nimbus” means. Neither does Merriam-Webster. Maybe the guy who took this photo was named Nimbus.

Origami Theme



Take a close look at the design of the icons and the numbers in the clock and you’ll see they look like they’re folded out of origami paper. Clever and cool. I’m a fan.

Pastorale Theme



This rural landscape with flat colors and lots of yellows and greens is perfect for country lovers. Or really anyone fond of simple art and simple living.

Tilt Theme



A very simple, dark theme with all icons and shades at a very distinct angle.

Traction Theme



This bright red theme is the most bold of the bunch and I hope HTC includes more like it. The keyboard really ties the room together. I mean theme together.

Bonus Theme – Build Your Own!

Perhaps the coolest feature of the One M9 is the ability to automatically build your own theme based on a photo in your library. In the example below, we took an image of pretty pink flowers found in the stock gallery:


After some brief customizations (you can get pretty advanced if you really want), out pops a theme inspired by the pinks and reds and blues and purples from the picture. And of course, our cropped image is used as the wallpaper.


So there you have it… all 9 themes for the HTC One M9 that currently exist. What do you think?

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