New app lets you bring one of the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge’s best features to any phone (sort of)


Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge display DSC08581

The Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge won’t be along until April 10th, but if you’re finding it hard to wait that long you can get a small taste of what it’s like to use one of its coolest feature ahead of actually getting one.

A new app called Edge Color Notifications has hit the Google Play Store, and its function is as you’d imagine: it’ll illuminate the sides of your display in different colors depending on who’s calling. You’ll be able to choose from the entire set of colors available on a standard color wheel, and you’ll have control over whether the right side, left side or both sides of the screen illuminate during a call.

Before you rush to go download it, there are a couple of things you should note. For starters, this doesn’t come with any of the cool features that the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge provides like being able to pull on a contact’s color to gain access to messaging and other contact options.

Something else to note is that the “cool” factor of this feature on the S6 Edge mostly has to do with the fact that its curved display makes it easy for the display to illuminate the surface it’s sitting on when face down. Kind of hard to replicate that if you’re using a phone without a curved display (of which there aren’t many).

Perhaps a bit of light can shine through, but it won’t be nearly as profound of an effect as it is on the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge. Still, it’s pretty cool that someone was able to make something like this just days after they got the inspiration. Give it a download for free right here if you’re interested.

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  1. Does anyone else find it disappointing to learn the Edge function on the Edge is only 1 sided. That is, you select the side you want the Edge functions to work on. Is it just me, or is this NOT what we expected? I fully expected to have both sides have Edge functions. I have launchers now that can allow me to pull out from the edges on BOTH sides. But the Edge device limits you to pick a side you want Edge functions on and the other edge… well… it is just a curved edge. That seems real lame.

    1. maybe next year, they will release one with BOTH sides working?? taking a page from HTC on updating things little by little.

      1. But isn’t it odd they mention nothing about this fact up front or publicly. The fact it has 2 edges implies the use of BOTH sides at 1 time for edge functions. Only after you buy the phone or read the leaked manual (and who does that .. but me) do you find out… SURPRISE – you essentially got less function than the Note which only has 1 Edge.

        And on that note, no pun intended, the Note Edge function is nothing like the S6 Edge. The Note Edge has an actual different side screen. The S6 is the same screen curved. Totally different functions and abilities. So they yada yada about Note Edge functions, and in fact, not really.

  2. guess this phone is not fully functional like I thought it would be….i’m sure once rooted, someone will be able to work some magic to make both sides work????

    1. F*** yeah. Leave it to XDA. I am counting on them for this. (WHich is why I have been a contributing member there since 2010. I even have a few of my own TF201 Asus hacks around there.)

      1. boo yah! i’m sure this will be worked on first just like the LED was cracked on my nexus 6 in like 2 days haha

        1. BTW, did people see the Edge has an LED on the front as well.. I love LED, I love lights as I use them to give me indications – by color – what type of notification it is. But not sure how this will work with the colored Edge notification as maybe that only happens when face down. So LED will be seen when face up.

          1. its the one complaint i had about my N6, no LED out of the box. Why install one then?? I have a feeling this S6 edge is going to be really cool. Minus only being able to use 1 side.

          2. I think it is for as I suspect, Edge notification is only face down. LED will be face up.

  3. It’s April 10th not March 10.

    1. ?? It is currently March so no idea where you are getting that idea

      1. The phones release date is April 10 not March 10..

        1. The article currently indicates April 10th (may have been corrected after your initial post) – With that in mind, your comment simply stating “It’s April 10th not March” (with no indication that you are referencing the release date or a problem with the article), can/will lead to people wondering what on earth you are talking about.

          Why get abusive?

          1. glad u and i are on the same page

          2. Yea.. I guess he did correct it as I was posting the comment for the writer and thought he would figure it out by just those few words… Seeing it’s not March 10 yet either.

        2. think he was being a smart ass….way to throw the retard blast out there so freely tho. your statement said, “It’s April 10th not March”. Very easy to take you for a ride there, isnt it? I’m sure you will respond with calling me an awesome name as well though. Good job either way.

          1. Ok ok.. I see my mistake for being insulting when my comment wasn’t clear..for some reason I thought I was being confronted.. Not the case in hindsight.

  4. I´ve read that you could opt right side or left side to work…

    But if you are ambidextrous this could be a bummer…

    1. It’s annoying because I sit my phone down in random locations. Either the left or the right. I use motion gestures to unlock my phone and would use my finger to move around and swipe to type.

      I guess this goes right along with what you said. It’ll be annoying have to *make sure* my phone is on a certain side.

  5. So a niche feature gets a niche app to copy the use.

    1. Yes it’s niche, and I don’t see the edge color as all that useful. How many people lay their $600+ smartphone screen down anyway?

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