Quentyn Kennemer

News Editor

The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.


OnePlus 5T Price is $499 – Worth It? [POLL]

Nov 16th - One thing we heard prior to launch is that it’d don the same $479 price tag as the original OnePlus 5. Unfortunately, we’re here to tell you that’s not true — it’s actually $499. Still worth it?


Best AT&T Phones – November 2017

Nov 16th - AT&T has a wealth of phones to choose from to fit every need and budget. If it’s the Galaxy you prefer, consider the Milky Way yours. But there’s also something for those who don’t require such grandness. Here’s our ranking of the best AT&T phones.


Best Android Phones for Kids – November 2017

Nov 14th - Whether you’re looking for affordability, durability, simplicity, or mouth-watering parental control, we’ve highlighted some of the best phones you can put into your tyke’s hands.


How to FaceTime on Android (And Best Alternatives)

Nov 10th - If you know a lot of people who use iPhones you probably hear a lot about FaceTime. It’s a video chat service only available for iPhone users, but did you know it’s possible to video chat on Android with anyone you want?


11 Best Wallpaper Apps for Android

Nov 9th - We’ve compiled a list of 11 best wallpaper apps for Android that really shine. Download these Android wallpaper apps to keep your phone looking fresh!


Best Rugged and Durable Android Phones – November 2017

Nov 7th - Many folks need to sacrifice a phone with good looks for a phone that won’t make you cringe each time you drop it. If you’re looking for the best rugged Android phones that can take serious beatings we’ve got you covered.


Best Cheap Android Phones November 2017

Nov 6th - As a companion to the Best Android Phones, we’ve created a list for the Best Cheap Android Phones. These phones won’t break the bank, but they will provide a pleasant experience.