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We finally got some personal time with the new Samsung Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge. These two devices are identical in almost every way. The Edge has one big difference, which of course is the curved display on the long edges. This time Samsung hasn’t used that area for a special display, but it can still do some cool stuff, and makes swiping from the edge a lot easier.

The big story with the S6 and Edge is the brand new design. Gone is the faux metal and plastic. Samsung has replaced those old materials with glass on the front and back and metal around the edges. Many people have accused the devices of taking cues from the iPhone, but you can’t say it’s not a huge improvement. They’ve also added built-in wireless charging for Qi and PMA, which is a super handy addition.

Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge DSC08490

As mentioned above, these devices are almost identical. They both have 2560 x 1440 Super AMOLED HD displays, 16MP cameras (5MP on front), Samsung Exynos processors, 3GB of RAM, and 2550 mAh batteries. You can check out the full spec sheet for the Galaxy S6 here and the Galaxy S6 Edge right here.

On the software side of things there have been some improvements to TouchWiz. Samsung was very proud about how they’ve cut down on features by “40%.” You know when someone brags about removing features there were some problems. The best new software feature might be the super fast camera. It’s always running in the background so it can be launched in less than a second with a double-tap of the home button.

The funny thing with this new generation of devices is the Galaxy S6 Edge is definitely the more attractive option. The previous Note Edge looked lopsided with a curved display on only one side. With the S6 Edge, the curved display on both edges make it very comfortable to hold and possibly  the most ergonomic phone on the market. The curves just add to the overall sleekness of Samsung’s new design. Check out our hands-on video down below to get a feel for this gorgeous new device.

Which new Samsung Galaxy device do you like the most? Would you get the Edge over the standard S6 model?

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  1. Pass. If the non removable battery and lack of micro SD is present on the next Note, I’m gone.

    1. That and the ugly glass back, the faux leather on the back of the Note 4 is much nicer and is less likely to be dropped.

    2. The phone looks beautiful. Truly, it’s stunning. But I’m beyond disappointed that Samsung had to compromise on a removable battery, micro SD card capability, and water and dust resistance for premium materials.

      You’re damned if you do, you’re damned if you don’t I guess…

  2. I don’t really understand the purpose having two variants in this case. Unless I’m mistaken, the Edge here is not like the Note Edge in which the different design offers some different functionality. In this case the Edge design is simply an aesthetic change. Is it just a matter of Samsung being too afraid to take that leap and just release the edge design as the sole option?

    1. I for one am grateful. The edge makes you lose like 20% of your screen for nothing but aesthetics. I strongly prefer the regular version although I admit the edge looks neat.

      1. Yeah, I can imagine there are some who’d prefer the normal S6 over the Edge. The question is whether or not it’s profitable to fragment the line in this way to accommodate the people who would pass on the Edge variant alone.

        1. That Edge is rumored to be mega-expensive, so I doubt they’ll sell much or the carriers will pick it up. Although, if I had to pick one, I’d probably take that though.

        2. Well to be fair it would have been a pretty huge gamble to bet their entire flagship line on a design no one knows if average consumers actually want.

          Also the edge costs more to make I don’t think Samsung wants their base model to be priced way more than previous models. The edge will be $299 on contract.

          The S6 and S6 edge are so similar that they probably share most of the same parts anyway, making it easier for Samsung to produce. And they still benefit from economies of scale for almost all the parts.

          I’m holding out for a note 5 that hopefully comes in both versions (or I won’t be buying at all).

    2. The edge is different and does have different features then the standard GS6

      1. Like what? From what I’ve seen there is just a different swipe that allows you do pull over some extra notifications. That certainly isn’t enough of a difference to warrant a separate model. The edges don’t operate independently from the main screen like they do with the Note 4 do they?

        1. Yes, you can still have notifications on the side, as well as a clock, just like on the Note 4. The edge will also (as shown in the video if you had watched it) show different colors based on who is calling you so that you can know before you even pick up the phone. The link below will show you what differs the edge from the vanilla version of the S6 http://youtu.be/Yy8WxClmGxc

          1. Cool, I guess I got some bad info. They don’t appear to be as good as with the Note 4, but the features are still there. Still seems like it would have been smarter to stick with the one model, but who knows.

  3. that blue is pretty sharp

  4. Edge!!!

  5. Is the fingerprint scanner a swipe scanner or a touch scanner?

    1. Touch.

      1. both

  6. Probably the two best software editions for me are the themes and less bloat. Now, get the Note 4 those features and we will be good, Samsung.

    1. You know all those software features can easily be ported back to their existing S4 and S5 phones. Stand-by and pro-mode for the camera, less bloat, etc. etc. I sure hope they bring that back to the S5 at least. However, I am really interested in that LoopPay integration. I do think that’s neat to use everywhere CCs are collected for tokenization and really make ApplePay look as ridiculous as Google Wallet.

      1. I didn’t say I am buying a GS6. I don’t like to root to port over stuff.

        1. I meant for Samsung to bring those features to their older phones. Not rooting.

          1. Eh, the S4 might get Android M and that’s it. Samsung is not known for supporting phones with each and every feature. They have to keep people buying more and more phones.

  7. These things look like HUGE fingerprint magnets. It would drive me crazy!!!

    1. They really are. The cool thing is they wipe clean super easy with a sleeve. They’re super oleophobic.

  8. The edge has a 2600 mah battery, slight mistake on the article

  9. Seriously, the MAIN reason to buy Samsung phone over an I-phone was the removable battery and SD card. They’ve ruined everything. I’ve been a loyal Samsung customer, but I’m thinking I can’t buy these phones.

    Also Samsung realizes people buy cases to protect these expensive phones correct? How will that work with the edge? (For that matter, how will a screen protector work…)

    My favorite aspect of the Galaxies was you could buy larger aftermarket batteries so you weren’t hunting down a charger all the time. Now users are forced to get some overpriced mophie case that ruins the aesthetics.

    Seriously, fail on so many levels… Just take the S5, give it a MUCH better Camera and I’d never need another phone.

    And for the love of god, the megapixel thing is out of control. You don’t need 16 or 20 Megapixels of blurry camera images. How about a decent camera where I don’t discard 90% of the pics of my kids.

    Oh and the resolution… What the heck. You can’t see pixels that dense. It’s just a waste of battery to power them. 1920 x 1280 was overkill but I could at least understand that to get native 1080 movies. This one upsmanship with pixel density is just stupid. Another Samsung “feature” without a benefit.

  10. This is a really bad review, haha. My favorite part is when you say how quick it is with this version of touchwiz as it’s lagging like crazy.

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