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Samsung Galaxy S6 vs HTC One M9

The two big flagship devices that will dominate the Android landscape in 2015 have both been officially announced. First, HTC showed off the new HTC One M9, and just a couple of hours later we saw the Samsung Galaxy S6. Now we can put these two devices head-to-head to see who reigns supreme.

Just like with last generation these devices have a lot in common while being incredibly different. Both have displays in the 5-inch range, both have 3GB of RAM, and both have 64-bit processors. That is where the similarities end. The Galaxy S6 has left 1080p behind and moved to 2560×1440. The One M9 has a bigger 20.7MP camera, but we won’t know which one takes better photos until we can compare in real life. The One M9 also has a slightly bigger battery.

The design of these two devices is the most polarizing aspect. Many people love HTC’s industrial design language, but many people also love Samsung’s design, which has been given a considerable upgrade on the S6. The war between Samsung and HTC fans will never end, and these two new devices will make the decision even tougher. Which device is the best?

Joe Fedewa
Ever since I flipped open my first phone I've been obsessed with the devices. I've dabbled in other platforms, but Android is where I feel most at home.

Official: This is the Samsung Galaxy S6 and Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge

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  1. Both interesting I cant wait to see how the battery and camera situation pans out

  2. Smaller battery and higher res screen for the S6…It’ll be interesting to get some real world battery test. That Exynos better be efficient.

    1. Will also be interesting to see if cell/LTE radios are up to par with Qualcomm, of which QC tends to be considered best.

  3. I trust Samsung more than HTC for 2015. Exynos and battery life on an Amoled screen works. Using a Note 4, I know how it works together, except with a Qualcomm processor.

    1. I never trusted Samsung, never will

    2. Note 4 is great. I wish they had made the Alpha just like a Compact Note 4 at 8 mm thick, with 2800Mah battery and same Camera, SD Card.
      SD Cards are important for back up of important files, photos- hopefully USB OTG will be a good hardware backup as SD Cards are disappearing….

      I thought the S6 Photos were supposed to rival Pro Cameras- they would need a large 16 megapixel Sensor for that- guessing it will be similar to Note 4 excellent but not exceeding best Lumias , right ?

  4. For once in a long time, I’m torn between HTC and Samsung.

    The M9 is easy to know what to expect. Pretty much everything about the M9 is improved from the M8, an seeing how the M8 was a great device, the M9 is a definite solid device. One drawback would be the camera, but HTC has said they are releasing a software update to improve the camera, so I’ll have to wait for that.

    The S6 Edge (I’m not even gonna consider the normal S6) is interesting. I still need some convincing over TouchWiz, which I would need reviews or have it in my hands to really judge. Also, the battery concerns me. With the quad HD display, and a smaller 2550 mAh battery, it may suffer. I’m gonna have to watch some extended-use reviews to see if the battery holds up. I’m used to not having a micro-SD card (I have a M7), and no removable battery. So battery life needs to hold up well for me.

    1. It is interesting how they haven’t discussed a toned down Touchwiz. It looks similar to my Note 4 but with more material designed colors.

      1. Yeah it seems all they did was apply some material design (labels, color, simplicity) over the normal TouchWiz.
        It looks better, but not as good as Sense imo. At least let users change the colors of the settings and notification tray! That is what is really bugging me the most tbh.

        1. I agree. Sense is pretty far from vanilla Android, but if I had to pick between Sense, TW and vanilla Android, I’m going to pick Sense. I suppose I’m biased as I’ve been using HTC devices all the way back to the Windows Mobile PPCs.

          Anyone else use these back in the day?

        2. Rumors are that Samsung made more themes, at least according to Sammobile.

      2. A good portion of the presentation went over the changes of touchwiz to make it “fast and intuitive” as they said..

        1. But that’s vaguely covering it.

    2. Man I’m telling. You not gonna bite on that s6 edge price

  5. All good for me, except for the lack of an sd cards slot, bringing very high costs for the 64/128GB models no doubt and the glass back which is more likely to break like on the old Nexus 4.

    1. Agreed glass backs are not something I like on mobile devices personally.

  6. Ive always hated touchwiz and wouldn’t touch a plasticky toy Samsung phone with a bargepole, but the S6 and especially the Edge, look beautiful.

    1. I got a good deal on a Factory Unlocked Exynos Alpha 850M which has LTE for USA and the Exynos is very fast with a richer sounding speaker than the AT&T Version.

      I imagine the Exynos S6 will have very high Benchmarks and lag free like the Alpha or more so.

      Never had Samsung before Touchwiz not much of a problem and the split screen is cool.

      IF S6 had two of these speakers Stereo it might give HTC a bit of rivalry but I assume the One M9 will have better Audio still.

      M9 at 1080p probably better for Battery Life..have to see and IF the S6 has the Note 4 Sensor it is excellent but not a whole new Class of Camera like a dedicated Camera and probably not like the
      new Sony IMX230 .

      Ironically the HTC may have a chance to best the S6 in Audio AND Camera…

      1. HTC will have better speaker, but once you plug in your earphones the S6 will rock with its wolfson chip.

        1. With descent headphones they both rock

          1. Nah the S6 will be much better, I have missed that dedicated wolfson audio chip ever since I left my S3.

          2. Left it for what, because the M7 and M8 sound great

  7. Hmm so hard for me. I would’ve loved to get the HTC if it had wireless charging and got rid of the black bar with HTC on it. I don’t plan on going for the Samsung because it has an exynos processor. It’s really hard to get stable AOSP roms on that and I do want that.. I hope LG has a press conference soon..

    1. see, I don’t get the whole obsession with wireless charging everyone seems to have – I mean if you could just walk in to a room and your phone just start charging, I’d agree and I’d want everything to have it, but it’s not, you have to physically place it on a pad and in many ways is more restrictive than using a wire (since you can’t pick the phone up) and you pretty much get the same thing from a $5 phone stand with a hole for the wire in the bottom

      1. I agree I’d rather have an all metal body with no wireless charging than a glass back. That and the abandoning of water resistance are my only complaints about the S6.

      2. The problem is that I put it on the charger and taking it off a lot. This means that my micro-usb on my S4 is having issues… I’ve had this with most phones I had in the past. Just placing it on a pad and taking it off when I have to leave is a lot better than pluggin and unplugging it a lot.

  8. Yep, keeping the note 3 for now.. Still fast as shite, camera decent and does everything I need.. Just not seeing the need yet.. Part of that for me tho is aesthetics.. I get that they improved both units but not much has changed on the design front.. I was expecting a bit more to be honest.. Its the crazy pre release renders some of these artists do that get me disappointed when the real deal launches.. The renders are so much cooler and modern.. Wish these companies would utilize some of them.. Damn!!

    1. +1

  9. Well Samsung improved, HTC did not. Ok,I have to give them some credit for at least finally moving the power button from the top. But not much, considering other OEMs did this years ago.

    1. What you mean didn’t improve… Yea design is still rather similar, but improvement is there. Your’re beiing closed minded

      1. The design is what I’m referring to though, of course it got a spec bump. And “rather similar” is being kind, it’s almost exactly the same.

    2. So because Samsung finally caught up to HTC’s premium build quality, they improved? I don’t think gorilla glass 4 will be durable enough, either.

      As for HTC, aside from moving the power button, they gave the phone a proper camera and made it less slippery to hold. I suppose they could have done a bit more improvement on the physical aspects, but it is still a nice design.

      At the end of the day, we’ll be covering our phones in a case and once the initial wow factor has worn off, it’ll all come down to software useability. I believe HTC wins in that department.

      Edit: Also, it was nice of them to include expandable storage with the M9. I know I’m running out space from all the porn I’ve downloaded on my M7.

      1. Yes Samsung should have ditched their cheap plastic build years ago. But this year, their phone has improved its design significantly, while HTC simply did not. And yes all metal would have been better, and if all we’re comparing is the look of the back, HTC wins in my opinion. But from the front, in both looks and certainly functionality, Samsung destroys HTC. You may not agree about the looks, but that’s not really my main argument anyways.

        1. Fair enough.

          I am actually on the fence between the M9 and S6, but will wait for final reviews.

          1. I will add also about the front, at least HTC had forward facing speakers. Samsung could have fit them if it weren’t for the fingerprint scanner. If I could choose only one it would be the speakers. Unfortunately neither htc or Samsung have done enough to make me purchase either one. If Samsung had gone all metal and kept water resistance, I would throw my money at them for the edge.

          2. What are you currently using?

            And I definitely agree. Once you’ve experienced some decent speakers on a phone, it’s hard to go back. Who knows.. maybe the LG G4 will shock us all as I don’t think there are any leaked renders of the device yet.

            EDIT: One thing I really like from Samsung is their split screen feature. I’m shocked XDA has yet to adapt that to other phones.

          3. I’m using a nexus 6. Great speakers. A little large though even though I do like big screen phones. I love the LG G series, I had a G2 and G3, but they really need to ditch the plastic too. Actually in between my G3 and N6 I had an Xperia Z2. I love it and sometimes miss it, I just don’t like what they’ve done with their software recently, and it takes forever to get updated.

            Edit: I never really care for split screen. I like large screens for larger content, not more content crammed in. But that’s me.

          4. I almost bought a Z3 a few weeks ago on Amazon, but there was one reviewer who pointed out a few huge nags that would have killed it for me. I don’t remember what the issues were now, but it was enough for me to pass on the buy.

            I have pretty small hands, so the N6 is a no go. It does look like a sick phone, though. How does the SD805 perform?

          5. When everything is working right, it’s the fastest phone I’ve used. However I have HUGE issues with apps freezing and crashing, and random reboots. Ironically it’s all the Google apps that are the worst; Play Music, YouTube, Google Plus, all terrible. It’s lollipop though. I need a bug fix update badly.

        2. atleast HTC remains a great example of gimmick-free design, with a smartly made interface and spanking build quality unlike Samsung & Iphone.

  10. I mean if I had to choose, I think the M9 will be the route to take. Both devices have not wowed me. Just seems like these 2 major players had stale releases. I know I wouldn’t buy these devices full retail or renew a contract for them. Maybe in a few months I’ll really consider an M9 If HTC doesn’t release a proper poo tablet device by that time

  11. Just curious if either phone will listen for OK Google voice commands when the screen is off and the phone unplugged. Or is that a Moto-exclusive thing?

  12. As a current m7 owner who is disappointed the m9 looks like more of the same, the S6 is now at the top of my short list. Non-removable battery is not really a problem for me as I’ve lived without that feature for a couple years now without issue. I am concerned about the smaller battery though, particularly as screen resolution is increasing. No MicroSD is definitely unfortunate, but with free cloud storage it’s not a deal killer unless you watch a lot of TV/movies on your phone. I do still hate the physical home button on the Samsung, and don’t love the idea of giving up my front facing stereo speakers. That said, perhaps it’s time for a change. It’s a tough call for sure as they both have their pros and cons.

    1. I’m right there with you. M7 owner who skipped the M8. My top 4 deciding factors will be signal reception, camera quality, processor/RAM performance and battery life. I don’t like touchwiz or the glass back on the S6.

      This really is a tough decision.

      1. I just read a review (the Verge?) that said the M9 camera is bad. Pretty unfortunate if true as they spent the better part of a year trying to improve that feature over the M8.

        1. I wouldn’t write it off just yet. It was unfair of The Verge to write an entirely negative post about the “unreleased” phone and leads me to believe something is suspect there. Wait and see what other, less bias reviewers feel. There may already be camera opinions on YouTube too.

          1. Yeah, I’ve seen so many inconsistent judgements. HTCSource says it’s much better, The Verge says it’s disappointingly worse. Engadget calls it “confusingly worse than the M8” in its samples, while ZDNet shows it more comparably to the iPhone 6+. CNET has mixed samples.

            HTC will almost certainly win in battery life and performance (though the S6 might be able to go a bit harder). Camera is a tossup, and signal hasn’t been historically a weak point for either lineup.

    2. The HTC One M9 does, I repeat, DOES have a MicroSD card slot that goes up to 128GB capacity. I wonder why this article fails to mention that?

      1. Yes, I’m saying from my perspective while it’s nice to have (and the M9 does have it while the S6 doesn’t) it’s not a deal breaker for me as I’ve been living without it for the past two years (M7). Seems dumb that Samsung dropped it though.

  13. From everything I have seen so far I like the hardware options of both – what probably will be my deciding factor is “Touchwiz”. I dislike it on my tablet and the first review video tells me that it is prevailant on the S6 also. While Sense 7 is not the pure Lollipop either, it is much more subtle.

  14. Quad HD and only a 2550 mAh battery? What’s the battery life on that thing, five minutes?

    1. Yeah, but you can recharge it in about that time.

      1. and if you have a life where you can only charge overnight?

        1. What life? You’re buying a Samsung device. :P

          1. nice rhyme, lol…I “upgraded”, from phone that lasted 2-3 days with only 3000mAh, to…yea :P

  15. HTC. But I think I’ll be happy with an Honor 6 or Lenovo Vibe X2 for third the price…

  16. Galaxy S6 or S6 Edge (still haven’t decided) it is for me. Samsung listened to their customers and delivered a more premium device. Improved cameras, opted for Exynos (for optimized performance) and toned down Touchwiz. On HTC’s side I’m not seeing much of a difference from last years phone.

    1. Premium feel… mostly metal vs. Mostly glass…. htc prolly sell under 700 Samsung prolly sell over 700 I’m sure HTC phone value more value over Samsung, and Samsung has a bigger name over HTC…. Let that soak in

      1. Here in Denmark the s6 32 gb will be aprox 846$ and the 32 GB M9 will cost aprox 923$, just look at the difference as the prices generally are much higher here. So it looks like it’s the other way around.

        1. Really…. I’m just getting this memo, lets see what it will be in the US

    2. Just say you like the Galaxy phones better and leave it at that. HTC overhauled the M9 just as much as Samsung overahauled the S6 in every way but design, and the M8 already had a “premium” (gotta love how much importance people put on buzzwords) so it didn’t need to be drastically changed in that area.

  17. Y’all just don’t get it…glass front glass back metal frame… Samsung is using glass, yea it looks nice, but I promise it a way to keep production cost down and sell at an extremely high price range… Why they couldnt use . Metal back and paint it green and spray over it with a clear coating like they do on cars…. I’m not about pay over 800 dollars for mostly glass… Y’all can , more power to yall, I’m good

    1. Two words dude: Wireless Charging.

      1. you are still getting raped…. Production cost vs. the price their selling at. No thank you dude, but you enjoy

        1. if you went around valuing every product on production cost vs retail pricing, you’d be a very disappointed consumer 9 times out of 10.

          1. No I wouldn’t, because that’s what I do before I buy products. I’m not blind

          2. lol ok so ill assume you’ve never been to a restaurant or bought a drink at the bar, and you sew your own clothes

          3. man look im not talking about paying 40 dollars for 15 dollars worth of food, and i typically buy clothes on sale, vary seldom i buy for retail…. im talking about paying 800$ for a 250$ device….. complete different categories, at least when i pay 40$ on food or 8$ for a drink, im using bringing the female home, and getting sort of a refund if you know what i mean….i hope u know what i mean

          4. lol fair enough, but $250 doesn’t doesnt factor in all of the company costs… like marketing, licensing, insurance, operating costs, rent for facilities, salaries, R&D, design costs, lawsuits, and… of course there also needs to be some sort of profit etc.

          5. i feel you, but i feel like samsung is raping the game, like apple is doing there fan base. these companies boast about thin and whatnot, all that translate to me is we cut cost but added a bigger price tag

      2. Dont need glass back for wireless charging.

        1. No, but for efficient power transfer it’s better….

  18. I have a hard time deciding between the two. Both have great design, but the HTC One M9 has a better camera, more battery power, expandable storage.

    On the other hand, the Snapdragon 810 on the HTC was criticized for having overheating issues. Samsung’s Exynos seems really impressive. I wonder if it will really make the power usage so efficient so that a 2550 mAh battery is enough.

    1. I wanna know how hard is gaming gonna hit the battery as well

    2. Those oeverheating rumors were debunked. The 810 generates less heat than the 805. Even if the Exynos is more efficient, I imagine that will be cancelled out somewhat by the higher resolution.

      1. Overheating was not debunked. LG admitted it was an issue for a while. Some reviews are saying that the GF2 has heating issues.

        1. I don’t know what sources you’re using, but everything I’ve seen suggests that the overheating was never a serious issue, and the LG’s VP of Mobile came out and specifically said that the S10 releases less heat than most phones currently on the market.

          On top of that, places like Pockenow, Phone Arena, and Engadget all have said that there were no heating issues present in the limited usage they had.

          1. Here ya go.

          2. Ok, but that clearly references initial issues, meaning somewhere early in the development process. Hiccups like that are common. The overheating rumors I and most others are talking about are the ones that suggested that the overheating was such a problem that Samsung had to go with the Exynos for the S6 and some of the other phones like the GF2 and M9 would be pushed back. Those rumors were debunked and LG reps have confirmed it’s not an issue in the GF2.

          3. You obviously didn’t read any of those articles. The overheating issues never went away. LG had to underclock the processor to “fix” the overheating. As GSM Arena said, “Hey LG, underclocking doesn’t count”.

          4. Just ignore wuBoy. He doesn’t get the fact that under locking =/= fixing issue

          5. I did read those articles when they came out more than a month ago. I also read the other dozen articles that have come out since countering those rumors. For goodness sake, Qualcomm has already released thermal data of the chip under normal operation showing that it has a lower temperature than the first chip in the 800 series. Overheating is not an issue for the chip as it is in the phones that are coming out with it.

          6. No, you read the articled before LG admitted there were problems. You said earlier that there never was a problem. LG admitted that there was a problem. They had to underclock the processor to “fix” the problem. That is a fact.

          7. I never said overheating was never a problem. I said it was never a serious issue, as in something that would lead to delays or performance issues with the coming wave of Android phones. That’s what the rumors suggested, and that’s what has been debunked. And all information we have currently available shows those rumors to be false. Again, Qualcomm has done side by side testing between the 801 and 810 under normal operating conditions, and the 810 runs cooler.


            So implying that the fix is just some tacked on solution is disingenuous.


          9. I’ve repeated this like three times. Of course overheating is a serious issue, but the rumors were not simply that Qualcomm had an overheating issue at some point during the development of the 810. The rumors were the issue persisted and was so problematic that they would have to push back release of the chip. THOSE RUMORS HAVE BEEN DEBUNKED. Period.

            And you can keep on chirping about LG’s comments all you want. Again, in specific response to these rumors, Qualcomm ran a series of tests with the chip under normalized conditions to show that whatever overheating issues existed are not longer present. So if you want to continue championing he say/she say commentary from a month ago when there is actual numerical test data released less than a couple weeks ago that you can pull up and review, knock yourself out, but I’ll pass on that.

          10. The only reason it didn’t cause a push back in release, is because OEM’s decided to underclock instead of waiting. I’m glad Samsung is using Exynos. They should be, since it is their product. I know my Verizon Note 2 on Exynos got much better battery life than my Notes 3 and 4 on Snapdragon.

          11. You may be right, but that’s all just speculation. No on knows how serious the overheating was because neither LG or Qualcomm have put that info out there. The info we do have shows that the 810 gives improved performance over the previous chip and that overheating does not appear to be a problem any longer.

            Whether Samsung switching to Exynos was a good decision or not remains to be seen. We’ll know when the devices are released and a compared as they almost always are. The battery life advantage that comes with the switch might be cancelled out by decreasing the size of their battery though.

        2. Here you go –

          Absolutely, totally, and completely debunked.

          1. No. A simple Google search shows you that LG admitted the issue and under clocked to “fix” it. See screenshot below. Denial suits you well.

    3. We haven’t seen camera samples yet, so I wouldn’t say the M9 is better yet. The S6 looks good, the M9 looks inconsistent according to tech blogs. The Verge and Engadget said that the M8 was confusingly better, while ZDNet and HTCSource say it’s better on the M9 than on the M8. CNET camera samples are mixed, while ZDNet’s show that it can be comparable to the iPhone 6 Plus. Really hard to make a decisive judgement about cameras until software is finalized and the review devices are put through their paces.

    4. Better camera? I really hope you are joking.

    5. In no way in hell will the m9 have a better camera. Trust me there, the s6 will totally destroy the m9 in that respect. Htc have always been poor on the camera side no matter the resolution and from what we’ve seen so far, the m9 will be no different. At best it’ll be average.
      Don’t go round making comments like the m9 has a better camera. It’s ridiculous!

    6. I don’t there has been a time when HTC had a camera better than their competitors in any flagship launch since Android launched

  19. No SD slot and small battery. Sticking with my Note 4. Still the best phone out.

    1. The HTC One M9 does, repeat, DOES have a MicroSD card slot that goes up to 128GB capacity. No idea why this article doesn’t bother to mention that.

      1. I don’t like HTC. I was referring to the s6

    2. No SD means forced to buy higher than needed internal mem phone & based on leaked prices a 32gb alone (to small if no microsd for me) is like 1000 and 64 is near 1100 with 128 at like 1200.

      Or get a 32gb M9 and a $25 64gb class 10 card. Easy choice.

      Sammy blew it IMHO. They made camera bezel thicker for camera, they couldnt got ,5mm thicker for a stacked sim + sdcard tray?

      1. Since when have ridiculous rumored prices ever been reality?

        1. The best prices I’ve seen for a 64 GB microsd class 10 were around $40 on Amazon. I got mine on Black Friday last year for $25 though and it is the Samsung branded one.

    3. SD slots are going away, get used to it. Battery size isn’t the deciding factor, battery life is.

  20. At this stage… M9 off contract for me. Maybe Costco will have better retail price.

    LED lights on either? M8 did under grill.

    1. Costco doesn’t sell phones off contract to my knowledge.

  21. Does the HTC One M9 bring anything new in terms of recharge time? My wife’s Galaxy S5 recharges crazy fast compared to my M7… that’s the only thing about her phone I really envy…

    1. Qualcomm Fast Charging 2.0 is on the M8, has to be on the M9.

      1. I think they briefly mentioned that quick charging is faster, too. So maybe 3.0, who knows.

      2. Thanks… I’ve never really researched that until now. Guess that’s something I’m missing out on big time with the M7. I wonder how the One M9 stacks up against the S6 on recharge time? Or if they’re comparable?

        The statement on the S6 article says “10 minutes charging for 4 hours of use, 0% to 100% battery in half the time it takes an iPhone to charge”

  22. easy choice: m9, unless Samsung has done something rather magical the battery life on the s6 is gonna be worse then the s5, with a smaller battery, and needlessly high res screen. think after my s5 i might be going back to htc, or some other brand.

    1. I am curious how the exynos will do on battery consumption.

    2. Phone arena did extensive testing. 1554p had no more battery drain than 1080.

    3. You really don’t know what you are talking about screen resolution doesnt mean anything now withe the processors. Do some research- latest CPUs vs screen resolution on battery life

      1. I think you might want to research some other things first..

  23. It will be cool to see if the S6 charges as fast as claimed. Samsung claims 40% in ten minutes.

    1. They did not claim 40% in ten minutes. I watched the live presentation. They said 4 hours of average usage in 10 minutes.

      1. Yeah I saw that somewhere else. Just didn’t feel like coming back to edit, lol. Good catch.

      2. If that’s true, thats awesome.

      3. In addition, the Droid Turbo is making the same claims since it also has Qualcomm’s new fast charging system built in.

  24. Now we wait for the rumors and leaks of the G4

  25. S6 with that crap battery, I’m waiting for the Saygus V2 reviews, the only smartphone that could make a difference…

    1. Yeah, crap battery cause everyone did a battery test on it in less than a day…. if youre gonna promote some fag company no one has heard about do it in a nice way…. you probably work for Gaygus.

      1. No need to do a test, they can not do magic, battery is crap on S6, that’s it. I have LG G2 and I’m not part of any company that sells smartphones.

  26. People are complaining about the lack of design changes for the M9, but I think the more significant disappointments are the lack of fast charging and camera OIS. These have become seemingly standard in the elite smartphones. Does it even have wireless charging? All these additions should have been no brainers, but somehow HTC dropped the ball.

    1. M8 had fast charging (Qualcomm’s Quick Charge), they just didn’t advertise it. I would be surprised if the M9 doesn’t have it.

      Qi charging doesn’t work through metal, so the aluminum back has its cost there.

      1. Good to know. HTC better get a new promotions team though. You don’t win these wars by hiding features.

  27. As of now I don’t think that there’s a better phone than the S6 edge, design and power.

    1. i dont know im pretty intrigued to see the power/efficiency comparisons of exynos on a 2k display vs the 810 on a 1080p display

    2. Except that it might be over $1000, the 1440p screen is going to provide no practical benefit while draining more battery, and what even is the point of the two edges? Even Samsung doesn’t know.

      1. I don’t understand all the hatred buddy, the edge has some functionality and looks stunning.

        1. Not hating, just mentioning the caveats. It’s still one of the more attractive phone options (besides maybe price).

          1. Yeah, he’s got a point, the Edge is the phone to beat this year. I have the Note 4 and the display is so damn awesome. No wonder it won the display of the year again. Samsung I believe is in it’s own leage.

      2. I can tell a difference in my droid turbo’s 2k display and my old M8’s 1080p display. It is sharper by a lot. The only thing is my turbo has the battery to power the display all day unlike the S6.

  28. i was wating long time for the m9, but after seeing the device i might wait more. long live nexus 5

  29. So bigger screen, higher resolution and lower battery volume, Samsung seems pretty self confident. But we know it’s doubtful at the moment.

  30. I will stick with my Note 4.

  31. Battery life on the m9 may be the deciding factor for me…

  32. As a M7 owner that was looking forward to the M9 not I am not so sure (. The Samsung Edge S6 looks really sharp so that I will wait until can compare in store side by side. Currently selling a brand new Samsung Note 4 still in plastic because its just too big.The home button on Samsung phones is NOT sexy. However the Edge design makes it look better. My sister an Iphone user & lover states no one would jump ship to Samsung since they basically got rid of their 2 major selling points(removable battery,expandable storage).On another note please stop making the phones bigger. HTC M7 with 4.7 screen is big enough.

  33. The Samsung looks to be the better phone but I’d still rather the HTC.

  34. TWO of them that will dominate? Sorry there is only one there and we both know which one that is. HTC are doomed.

  35. So now that the all the “introduction hoopla” (hype) is nearly over what about the actual products?
    -Touchwiz over Sense really?
    -Is their new in house processor really better the Snapdragon SOC?
    -So much for custom roms and unlocked bootloaders of you’re into that sort of thing.
    -Smaller battery than M9…or even M8?
    -Took away SD card and removable battery.
    -Now that the M9 has a higher MP camera no talk about that.
    Don’t drink the Koolaid!
    I’ll reserve final judgment after seeing the products with actual photo samples and usage. I will be disappointed if the M9 camera results are not at flagship levels. M9 is definitely on the top of my list at this point.

    1. I think I prefer the S6’s design to that of the M9 (I had an M7, and that’s still my favorite of the HTC Ones, I believe), but yeah, there’s no way that Touchwiz is better, or even as good as Sense. I’ve got Lollipop on my old M7 and 4.4.4 on my Note 4, and the Note 4 is wayyyyyyyyyyyy laggier (M7 was also faster before Lollipop). Probably the biggest minus that Samsung as at this point.

  36. not at the price that has been leaked for Sammy, no way. $1k for the edge?? and only 5 inch?? nothing about this phone screams THAT expensive in my opinion.

  37. why does the S6 have such a puny battery……. =/

    1. Because it’s so thin. Stupid I know.

      1. Yes thin and the Battery sticks out the back .

        I have an Alpha which I really like but it is too thin also- with an Extended Battery and 8.0 mm thick the Camera is flush on back.

        Some Androids and Iphones are too thin and
        sacrifice Battery Capacity because of that.

        If you wear a size 8.5 shoe and one toe sticks out, you really wear a size 10 .

        I do not agree that a 6.7 or 6.5 mm thin phone is SO much more attractive and stylish than an 8.0 mm phone .

  38. You left out the physical size of the devices. Pretty important. HTC M9 is 144.6 x 69.7 x 9.6 mm, while the S6 is 143.4 x 70.5 x 6.8 mm per

  39. Why do people complain about battery life on a phone that isn’t even out yet, nor tested by any site. You can’t judge about battery life just by it’s capacity. The Iphone 6 has a 1,810mAh battery and it’s battery life is amazing. Why don’t we just look at the numbers Samsung is profiding for now.
    12 hours of Wi-Fi browsing
    11 hours of LTE browsing
    13 hours of video playback
    49 hours of listening to music

    That’s actually better than the galaxy s5 and the Iphone 6. I know this might not be reliable, but it is the most reliable source yet.

    The real and maybe the only complaint should be: Why the !@#$ didn’t Samsung add an option for expandable storage, just make it a millimeter thinner and BAM, a micro-sd slot.

    Altough I’m not pleased by the fact it hasn’t got a micro-sd slot, I have to say: The design of the galaxy s6 edge… Wow.. Never thought I would say this but…. THAT IS GORGEOUS!

    1. “The Iphone 6 has a 1,810mAh battery and it’s battery life is amazing.” no no no no no absolutely not, very very very bad battery life, i know cause i currently have it, but only till the m9s out

  40. Seriously, the MAIN reason to buy Samsung phone over an I-phone was the removable battery and SD card. They’ve ruined everything. I’ve been a loyal Samsung customer, but I’m thinking I can’t buy these phones.

    Also Samsung realizes people buy cases to protect these expensive phones correct? How will that work with the Samsung edge? (For that matter, how will a screen protector work…)

    My favorite aspect of the Galaxies was you could buy larger aftermarket batteries so you weren’t hunting down a charger all the time. Now users are forced to get some overpriced mophie case that ruins the aesthetics.

    Seriously, fail on so many levels… Just take the S5, give it a MUCH better Camera and I’d never need another phone.

    And for the love of god, the megapixel thing is out of control. You don’t need 16 or 20 Megapixels of blurry camera images. How about a decent camera where I don’t discard 90% of the pics of my kids.

    Oh and the resolution… What the heck. You can’t see pixels that dense. It’s just a waste of battery to power them. 1920 x 1280 was overkill but I could at least understand that to get native 1080 movies. This one upsmanship with pixel density is just stupid. Another Samsung “feature” without a benefit.

    1. Good points Mister Maurie- Samsung got huge results with S3 and S4 because they covered ground that Apple did NOT.

      They were alternatives that were decidedly different.

      HOPEFULLY- The S6 which is
      Form over Function will be different from Note Series:

      Note Series could continue as
      Function over Form with SD Card and removable Battery-
      AND add a Note Compact full function about 4.7″ to 4.8″ screen
      big battery ( 8.0 mm thick device)
      removable battery SD Card like Note and all functions.

      Style People can have the fragile Glass S6-
      Pros can have Note 5 and Note 5 Compact ( in your POCKET).
      Everyone will be happy.

      Lobby Samsung to do it.

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