Mar 1st, 2015 Discussion: Galaxy S6

Samsung Galaxy S6 vs HTC One M9

The two big flagship devices that will dominate the Android landscape in 2015 have both been officially announced. First, HTC showed off the new HTC One M9, and just a couple of hours later we saw the Samsung Galaxy S6. Now we can put these two devices head-to-head to see who reigns supreme.

Just like with last generation these devices have a lot in common while being incredibly different. Both have displays in the 5-inch range, both have 3GB of RAM, and both have 64-bit processors. That is where the similarities end. The Galaxy S6 has left 1080p behind and moved to 2560×1440. The One M9 has a bigger 20.7MP camera, but we won’t know which one takes better photos until we can compare in real life. The One M9 also has a slightly bigger battery.

The design of these two devices is the most polarizing aspect. Many people love HTC’s industrial design language, but many people also love Samsung’s design, which has been given a considerable upgrade on the S6. The war between Samsung and HTC fans will never end, and these two new devices will make the decision even tougher. Which device is the best?

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