Mar 26th, 2015

HTC One M9 DSC08389

After initially launching in Taiwan last week, we learned of HTC’s plans to make available their new flagship — the HTC One M9on April 10th here in the states, coincidentally the same day the Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge hit the market. While it’s true, April 10th is the day the One M9 will be available in carrier stores, you can actually pick up the phone a lot earlier than that if you’re willing to pay full price.

HTC announced today that they will begin selling the HTC One M9 directly from their site this Friday, March 27th. Sales will officially go live tonight at midnight 12:01 ET time but if paying $650 is too much right now, you’ll also have the option to finance the phone interest free for 12 months from HTC.

The HTC One M9 comes with HTC’s new “UH OH” Protection guarantee which allows you to replace the phone within 12 months after purchase date should any damage befall the device, or even if you decide to switch carriers down the road. If you don’t get a replacement during this time, you’ll receive a $100-off coupon for next year’s HTC One M10 just for being so careful.

For everyone else waiting around for carrier availability, you can pick up the HTC One M9 as scheduled on April 10th at T-Mobile, Sprint, AT&T, or Verizon, and at retailers like Costco, Target, Amazon and Best Buy. HTC says carrier versions will also be available on their site if you’re looking to go that route, as well as new accessories for the M9 like their 2nd-gen HTC Dot View case or IP68 water resistant HTC Active Pro case. Head to for more details.

If you’re still on the fence, you can check out our “Everything you need to know about the HTC One M9” post here, or a handful of reviews we compiled from around the net (international model) right here. As always, you can join the HTC One M9 discussion over on

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