Watch the Galaxy S6’s image stabilization take the iPhone out to the shed [VIDEO]


If you think optical image stabilization (OIS) is a gimmick that exists merely to allow manufacturers to hype up their latest smartphone camera, you need to watch this video. A simple demo put together by Samsung demonstrates exactly what OIS does and why it is actually quite useful in helping you take the best photos possible.

We slid in an iPhone 6 for comparison. It lacks OIS altogether (you need to pony up for the iPhone 6 Plus to get that feature). We’ll let the results speak for themselves.

For more on how the cameras of the Galaxy S6 and iPhone 6 stack up, see our full comparison post.

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  1. I guess I’ll have to get an iPhone 6 if I want to make one of those crappy “found footage” movies where the camera shakes all the way through.

    1. in the wrong site arent you.

      1. Misinterpreted his comment, didn’t you?

        1. I was thinking the same thing. Given his response record, he will not respond with anything constructive, as most low IQ people tend to do that have low vocabulary

        2. Hmm..guess I didn’t get the phrasing.

  2. Wait… You mean the non-OIS camera produces shaky footage and the OIS camera doesn’t??

    Seriously Sammt? Put the 6+ up there and then we’ll see a fair comparison

    1. yeah I dont like either but lets actually compare apples to apples here

    2. there’s almost no difference between iphone 6 and 6 plus, just serch on youtube for some comparative video tests….TROLL :))

    3. That’s Chris iphone been compared to the Galaxy S6. It’s not Samsung that’s making the comparinson. Samsung just provided the setting for anyone to put their device to compare it to the Galaxy S6 OIS. He says it at 0:26 seconds into the video.

    4. 6+ don’t have OIS for video, only for pictures. So you should get similar results even with the 6+ camera.

      1. In a way they do. It’s just done with software intend of the lens.

    5. I stand corrected all. Thanks for the education

  3. Nothing drives traffic like bashing the iPhone, even when its not a fair comparison

    1. I think the comparison here is that LOTS of people will be choosing between the Galaxy S6 and iPhone 6. For those people… it is 100 percent relevant. Nobody is going to upgrade to the 6+ purely because they want more stable videos.

      1. But people are buying iPhones. Because iOS rules and android lags.

      2. actually, I would.. but the thing is the 6+ OIS is for low light photography. Even apple points this out in their iPhone 6 page

        1. if it’s an optical stabilizer and not some software algorithm then OIS will benefit even bright light shooting esp when you zoomed all the way in

          1. ah ha. .thanks. I see now.

      3. Of course they will buy the 6+ it for a better camera experience. Your speaking crap.
        And if the price of the S6 is equal to the 6+ then it should be a 6+ its compared against.

    2. How the hell is this not a fair comparison? Isn’t the main competitor to the gs6 the iphone 6?

    3. never been to a apple site have you? so try again.

  4. Apparently the video wasn’t shot with one…

  5. Well, between the iPhone and the copysung, I’ll keep my Lumia, thanks

    1. or you being an idiot..lol copysung umm ok

      1. i dont get it?

      2. Umm ok.. What phone u rocking? An I sheep 6 perhaps

    2. The cameras in both the iPhone 6 or any of the galaxy phones aren’t that special. There are at least 3 phones with better ones, probably more.

  6. Most users of iPhones 6 or 6+ models have gone with the 6 and not the 6+. So this is really relevant since most iPhone users were coming from a 4 inch screen and didnt want to jump to the 5.5 inch so this is comparing Apples to Apples. Nobody will go with the 6+ just because of the OIS. So when it comes down to most people it will be the iPhone 6 versus the S6. You can compare the Note 4 against the 6+ if you want to compare the 6+ to something.

    1. Yep and the note 4 destroys that to

      1. The note 4 destroys it how? 6+ has ois and rendering ois software. It’s camera is a beast.

        1. K, destroys is being a bit harsh.. But there are online comparisons that do show the note has the upper hand.. The s6 and edge are even better than that of the note.. Both are obviously good camera’s.. Not an apple hater just prefer the Sammys

  7. Great video. The last camera comparison showed the iPhone 6 blowing away the Galaxy S6 in terms of color quality (which will hopefully be improved in software), but this hardware feature makes a big difference on the GS6.

  8. hang on.. OIS on the iPhone (Plus) is for low light photography.
    Also Did you verify the recorded video was stabilized on playback? It could be that recording mode does not *show* stabilized video.. but it may record stabilized?

    1. Do you know anything about optics? OIS is mechanical not a software trick so what you see on the screen is what the sensor is picking up from the lens.

      1. The iPhone does post-processing software stabilization is what I think he meant. Not sure if they do it for photos, but they do it for videos, so when you’re taking a video even though it might appear shaky on the actual screen, when you playback the video it’s fairly smooth and jutter free. Apple’s software does really well with it actually if you’ve watched youtube videos on it.

        Still, OIS is better and works very well on the iPhone 6 plus, and KiwiBri, it’s not only for low-light photography. Low-light is just a benefit as you can keep the shutter open longer to let in more light without the photo being blurry from shaking.

        1. YES! Thats what I am getting at :-) thanks
          Ok, thanks for the note about the low light. I misunderstood the Apple Webpage

      2. While there are a dozen things wrong with KiwiBri’s comment, there’s plenty of credibility to the idea that we should be comparing the video playback. All this video demonstrates is that iPhone 6 doesn’t include OIS. We already knew that. But the iPhone 6 does do software stabilization. For the video to provide any valuable information to us, it would have to be proving that the OIS of the S6 is compellingly better than the iPhone 6’s software stabilization. I’d certainly wager that it is, but the fact remains, this video proves nothing and provides no new information.

      3. Hi, yes I understand that it is. BUT on my G3 I have taken video that looks bumpy (no OIS) as I film it but on playback looks better great. My understanding is the Software Stabilization is kicking in and smoothing it out.

  9. I like both devices but I must say the S6 is a beast and blows the i6 out. The battle is do I go with better hardware or do I go with ITS because everybody else has one

  10. It is YOUR I-Phone 6S?
    Strange an Android blog guy with an I-Phone 6S to do a video comp…

  11. jumpin, looks like the iphones on a trampoline!

  12. They say the comparison isn’t fair because the iPhone 6+ has OIS where the iPhone 6 has a software to handle the image shake & smooths it out, BUT! only after recording the video it fixes the recording to be smooth… The real question is how does the software compete against the hardware? Obviously I’d rather have hardware & would really like to see how the iPhone 6 handles against the S6 ois. I’m an android user & will get the HTC most likely, but I have to see a comparison of the 2 before grabbing either one. Would HTC have a software that would make ois not as important as we think? & how do the photo’s stack up…. Really need to know because I cannot stand

  13. It seems I am reading nothing but good things about the S6. I may be left with no choice but to buy it, install Nova Launcher, and try and pretend TouchWiz doesn’t exist >_<

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