CTIA Spring 2011 Preview (HTC, Samsung, LG, Sprint, T-Mobile, AT&T & More)


We’ve made it to Orlando, Florida for CTIA and we’ve been thinking about all we expect to see down here. As you might expect, the CES hangover is still going as even more tablets and even more 3D devices are expected to be on hand from a plethora of different manufacturers and carriers. This time around, though, we’ll get a fresh slate of new devices to get our sweaty palms on. Just what can you expect to see?

Sprint’s Big Outing With HTC, Samsung

Sprint and HTC are continuing their strong partnership as two new devices are expected to be announced tomorrow. The HTC EVO 3D is the “unofficial” sequel to the original EVO 4G released back in June of 2010. As the name suggests, 3D will make a splash on this device one way or another. It’s expected to house Qualcomm’s MSM8x60 1.2GHz Snapdragon dual-core processor with an Adreno 220 GPU, according to latest rumors. Its codename looks to be the HTC Shooter, but will have similarities to T-Mobile’s Pyramid. (More on this chipset in T-Mobile’s section below.)

As for Sprint’s tablet game, the HTC EVO View 4G is supposed to be their first non-Samsung tablet. Details on this thing are still scarce, but it’s said that this is simply Sprint’s version of the HTC Flyer which got its grand unveiling in Barcelona last month. A trademark filing earlier this month omitted any details about this being a tablet, but it didn’t say it wasn’t a tablet either. (In fact, it encompassed all things “smartphones and mobile devices”.) Here are more details on both these devices from HTC.

Sprint keeps things rolling as they’re going to be carrying a Samsung Nexus S with 4G radios inside. It would be the first time a carrier has taken a Nexus phone and added 4G radios. Sprint has been one of the few carriers willing to sell hardware that doesn’t come with a custom interface on top of Android, but the devices that meet that criteria aren’t exactly high-end beasts. The Nexus S will be their first. The device was formally announced today and we expect to see it at Sprint’s press conference tomorrow.

Sprint and Google have just announced a new feature for users of Google Voice – you’ll now able to use your Sprint number as your Google Voice which allows you to take all of the other benefits of the service without having to take on another phone number. You better believe we’ll be asking more about this in person.

Finally, the less-exciting Kyocera Echo is expected to receive a release date as it has finally passed the FCC. This phone was unveiled in New York just before Mobile World Congress kicked off, but was met with little fanfare as folks were hoping for a continuation of the aforementioned EVO line.

Samsung to Round Out the Galaxy Tab Family

Samsung has their own agenda as they look to launch a new size of the Samsung Galaxy Tab unveiled at Mobile World Congress last month. It’d be an 8.9 incher running Android 3.0 Honeycomb. We still have no specifics on what type of processor is inside – Samsung is one of few OEMs who have the luxury of using their own chipsets inside their handsets and tablets. They could elect to go with NVIDIA’s Tegra 2 chipset just as their 10 inch version has, but using their own Exynos processor isn’t out of the question. (They are reportedly doing the same with the Samsung Galaxy S II.)

That processor is pretty powerful as evidenced by video last month showing a game running at full 1080p and 60 frames per second. Exynos is said to be able to handle pushing out that same content in stereoscopic 3D and – to the surprise of many – at 10 more frames per second. Whatever route Samsung ends up going, they really can’t lose here.

Samsung could also be refreshing their 7-inch Galaxy Tab that was launched late last year, but no credible murmurs have come up suggesting as much. Any refresh would probably incorporate Honeycomb as Samsung is realizing that that version of Android will soon be the best option for users who want tablet-specific applications.

T-Mobile Makes Noise With HTC, LG

We fully expect T-Mobile to be out in full force. They were originally rumored to be the first American carrier to snatch the LG Optimus 2X up – it’ll apparently be known as the T-Mobile G2x. Its name suggests a continuation of a series that has run nothing but stock Android since its inception so don’t be surprised if LG’s custom skin isn’t sitting on top of it. (We’d like stock more, actually, and I’m sure many of you do too.) These rumors are supported by a spot on CTIA’s awards site that says two unnamed LG devices will be in the running for best smartphone.

T-Mobile’s expected to announce a launch date with that unveiling as rumors say it’ll share an April 20th release with the LG G-Slate – a 3D-clad Honeycomb tablet that was announced in Barcelona last month.

And as far as HTC goes, that long-rumored Pyramid – also known as the HTC Shooter after benchmark results were leaked – is anticipated. The Shooter will have an MSM8x60 processor and should be the fastest device HTC has put out yet. The processor is dual-core and is clocked at 1.2GHz with an Adreno 220 GPU – that’s supposed to deliver graphics performance that rivals the previous console generation. Unfortunately, benchmark results say this thing still can’t hold a candle to the latest from NVIDIA. New images and information about the device were leaked earlier today.

What’s AT&T Up To?

You’ve probably already learned that AT&T is looking to acquire T-Mobile USA in agreement with Deutsche Telekom, their parent company. We’re not sure if this announcement will be formally made tomorrow, but we’ll be asking about it regardless. As far as phones go, AT&T is now expected to carry a device they’re calling the LG Thrill 4G – their version of the Optimus 3D  with 4G radios. AT&T hasn’t set up a press conference to show anything off but they’ll be here in Orlando for a keynote and we’ll be meeting with them – let’s see if they have this and anything else to bring to the table.

More Tablets From More Manufacturers?

While the Samsungs, HTCs, and Motorolas of the world have already announced their tablet plans, rumors are still floating around about guys like Dell, Acer and Toshiba having Honeycomb offerings in store. (Toshiba’s tablet plans have been confirmed, but we have yet to see what they’re bringing to the table.) There isn’t much we can say here, though, as specifics have not yet been determined. We’ll be on the lookout for more on that before the show.

Apps Will Always Be at These Shows

It can’t be a show without a huge area full of app developers ready to show off their soft-wares. (See what I did there?) Opera is announcing the latest version of their Mini and Mobile browsers at the show and – to be honest – there are just too many other happenings to list them all here. We’ll be at the event scouring for the more interesting applications so you’ll see them on Phandroid if we come across anything.

Things kick off today in Orlando, so stick with Phandroid as we provide comprehensive coverage of everything going on down in Florida.

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. I thought T-Mobile removed their CTIA panel?

  2. Seems kind of pointless for tmobile to attend it they are getting bought out. Either way im sad yo see tmobile go as I’ve been a tmobile us customer for years.

  3. @Richard they did. Instead, they’re showing up at a side event called Showstoppers with a smaller booth as they always do.

  4. Us t-mobile customers are already getting nothing from ATT they just decided to not premier too many phones. SERIOUSLY. I am really thinking about taking my business to Sprint.

  5. i hear T-Mo dropped from the show as well but if they have devices to unveil such as the LG G2x, i don’t see how they could not announce it at this point. don’t carriers go into contracts with manufacturers when agreeing to market their device?

    regardless, the LG G2x and LG Thrill 4G are going to steal the show unless Samsung announces release date/pricing for their new Samsung Galaxy S2 line.

    it’s nice to see HTC joining the dual-core family but disappointing still since their chips are based on the Cortex A8 family instead of the Cortex A9. this is why their performance will be lacking behind the other dual-core devices. their dual-core Cortex A9 devices won’t be released until the latter part of the year. i’ve been saying this all along and it looks like it’s true.

    looks like i’m jumping to either T-Mo/ATT. guess they’re one in the same now

  6. Verizon had their time at CES…now CTIA is all about Sprint.

  7. Why wouldnt TMO show up and show out the devices that are already being assmbled as we speek?? There is a whole year left AND it’s not guarantee’d that they will be going away.

  8. T-Mobile can’t afford to not run business as usual in the event that the acquisition is not approved by the feds.

  9. Hey Quentyn, when quoting pre-release benchmarks why don’t you mention the fact that many phones under-perform on these tests before the final release? Why not researve judgement before the product is officially released? Thats just poor journalism…

  10. Any idea what the future of NFC will be beyond the Nexus S?

  11. Ctia is now here, now the fun begins.

  12. @Kendra been w/ Sprint for over 10 years, and honestly the last couple of years have been bliss, not one single billing complaint from me and the few times I’ve had to call them, they customer service was excellent, the likes of T-Mobile CS

  13. All these 3d phones are stupid. The 3d tvs they have now isn’t that good so what makes you think 3d phones are going to be better?

  14. Dernit….can we get some info on the BIONIC lol

  15. bionic is rumored to be releases in late november but with the way vzw’s been it might not be till january and just get the tbolt its awesome and fast and by the time the bionic is it u wont be able to take advatages of vzw blazing fast untouched 4g network

  16. bionic is rumored to be releases in late november but with the way vzw’s been it might not be till january and just get the tbolt its awesome and fast and by the time the bionic is it u wont be able to take advatages of vzw blazing fast untouched 4g network it will be all taxied up

  17. I’m curious if Samsung will come with news about release dates for the SGS 2….

  18. @ Marc
    Bionic is due 2nd quarter, not November. Thats April-June and some rumors have suggested Around Easter. Their road map would be completely off if it came in November. I thought about the Thunderbolt, but im not that interested in it. I hope you enjoy.

  19. What’s the point of T-Mobile showing up and announcing anything at this point?

    Sprint needs to become the hybrid T-Mo/Verizon carrier and just work on improving 4G w/ lightsquared and adding more Android phones to their lineup.

  20. Why couldnt Sprint buy T-mobile?!?! After the merger is complete im officially going to Sprint… they are the next best thing when it comes down to price

  21. @Kendra I will second what Juan said. I’ve been very happy with the Sprint service and every dealing that I’ve had with CS has been excellent. I wasn’t happy with losing my annual upgrade but that’s what I would deal with anywhere. Looks like they are coming out with some really good devices as well.

  22. T-Mobile has now become pointless! Thanks for f-ing us over. On the bright side, I called T-Mobile to cancel, and they told me to get all new phones prior to the changeover so I can cancel at the time at&t takes over. They say there won’t be an etf when the changeover happens due to certain regulations over the acquisition!

  23. The only noise I want to hear about T-Mobile is the U.S. Government stating a very loud and clear “NO” to AT&T.

  24. @Aeires I hope your right… T-Mobile is the best price wise… AT&T Sucks!

  25. Definitely awkward situation for T-mo and its customers. With the possibility of AT&T acquiring T Mo and rendering T-mo’s handsets obsolete, what is the point of purchasing a T-mo device with that much uncertainty? I really really hope that merger does not go through.

  26. I hope this is an april fools joke from att & tmo…

  27. Even though im not a T-Mobile customer, I hope the merger doesn’t go through :)

  28. I just heard that Verizon is in discussions to buy Sprint.
    Now what are you guys going to do?

  29. AT&T is the only unionized carrier so unfortunately the merger will probably go though this union-friendly admin.

  30. Too bad Sprint will get bought out by Verizon soon. Then all the customers will really get the Screwgi. Really wished Sprint would have invested in its network instead of wasting all of their money on Nascar races…tards.

  31. No need to make an effort Verizon. It’s only one of the biggest events of the year.


  32. Maybe once HTC figures out how to delete a thread of text messages I’ll consider buying a phone from them. Seriously how hard is it to fix that? I’ve had phones that have had THOUSANDS of texts and they deleted them instantly. My hero? Good luck. 9-15 hours. UNREAL

  33. A little info for you haters out there from a reliable source at HTC….

    First: 1) HTC EVO 3D will isolatetwin camerasto produce the firsts180 degree panoramic photo at 5mp resolution. (Option will bein sense UI) 2) HTC EVO will produce the first ever 10mp photo on cell phone by using what is called paralax photo capture (each camera will capture an image and over lay it to produce 10mp photo) (Once again tap on 10mp photo) 3) Light sampling will beindependent of each CMOS sensor to produce what will becloseto night vision capture (Night Owl) 4) EVO 3D Hollywood, EVO 3D is only device on the market with next generation Qualcomm processor’s with built in DRM. EVO 3D will support all digitalstreaming content (Netflix, Hulu, and other independent sites with DRM subscriptions.) 5) YouTube 3D part of the EVO 3D Hollywood pack. 6) True 4G, EVO 3D will betheindustry first (LTE+WimaX) device.Sprint has plansfor all 4G devicesto bebackwardscompatible and be able to support (Wimax+LTE)(Shift/Epic/EVO/etc.) 7) Will bethefirst none Nexus device to launch with Google 2.3.3 Gingerbread. 8) Worlds first qHD 3D display on a 4.3in screen (Pixel Density Classified) 9) Industry first dual channel 1gig DDRRAM and with active 4gig tri-channel ROM (5gig total Ram with unlimited ROM as SDcard will actasmore like a HD drive) 10) That is just a few of the industry first that will be presented on EVO 3D launch. There will beno thunder stolen, no spot light stolen, and no industry first stolen from HTC EVO 3D gram for gram this is undisputed superphone.

    We will overclock thecpu, gpu, and memory to a point of embarrassment. Scorpion has had no problems testing at 2.0ghz, Andrenio x2 clocks, memory 50% clock. I know this would come at a cost to battery life,but larger batterywill handle it better then current EVO. A phone launching the same time as EVO 3D will beirrelevantfor at least one year. I think it best for companies to slow there roll and go with the flow and stay stock for the time being. I wanted to launch EVO 3D July 4th for obvious reasons, but now it will be in June in celebration of EVO 4G one year anniversary.

    VP of one company/Chairman of another company/Fellow of IEEE/Phd. Mathematics /Phd. Computer Science /Phd. Plasma Physics /US Naval Pilot (5 Tours in Afghanistan and Iraq)

  34. if any of that shit is true how can they NOT FIX a simple text message issue?

  35. Gosh as much as #27 posted i believe him completely. If anyone hasn’t noticed no leaked renders have taken place matter of fact all related rumors on the htc evo 3d was associated all the time as the htc pyramid. Now we know the pyramid is tmobile and the htc shooter was the htc evo 3d the pyramid has the MSM8260 QUALCOMM DUALCORE SNAPDRAGON PROCESSOR while the Evo 3d has the MSM8660 Qualcomm Dualcore Snapdragon Processor. The Pyramid will have 768gig of ram and the Htc Evo3d will have 1gig of ram clearly we never knew of the htc shooter till 4days ago they at htc and sprint keep this UNDER MAJOR RAPS so yes this HTC EVO 3D announcement is going to be big. We will all be spending the rest of the week after tuesday watching youtube video’s and comparing the Evo3d vs Lg optimus 3d and Evo 3d vs Atrix 4g and Evo 3d vs thunderbolt. What great week we will have the whole world will see how great the htc Evo3d really is

  36. What about Epic successor??? Will Sprint/Samsung announce that?

  37. yes…after at&t destroys tmo, sprint, i will fallow u into the dark( read as light). its perfect then, cuz we’ll get latest speeds, with lastest software, on quietly briliant hardware, that is a first, but reserves to be modest, if what i read will be as said.
    GOOGLE+HTC+SPRINT=BRILLIANT FUTURE FOR ANDROID…just please, lets care about the end users satifaction to, and if i know google and htc, sprint, u gotta tag along and innovate,will u get the opportunity, god dammnit.

  38. @Will
    What text message issue are you referring to?? I have never had this issue, but im also rooted running cm7 gingerbread. Are you on a stock evo?

  39. What will be really really interesting to see is, if Sprint will sell out to Verizon…that sure would be the logical thing to do….

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