Nov 18th, 2010

In an act of all that is unknown and feared, Qualcomm has found a way to highly increase the performance of their next-generation mobile processors while highly decreasing the amount of power they consume. The chip – the MSM8960 – is using a 28nm process to help keep the juice consumption low while the 5x power increase over (we’ll assume, for now) the original Snapdragon chipset. That’s only referring to the CPU as it’s being fitted with dual cores. We’re not even counting the GPU, which sees a 4x increase in performance. Again, we don’t know what they’re comparing this to, so we’ll assume it’s the original Adreno 200 found in the original Snapdragon chipset. That would mean that the Adreno 205 could still be the GPU featured in this chipset, though their graphic states that the beefier GPU will be a part of the 28nm process line, which the current Adreno series isn’t.


Looking even further down the line, Qualcomm claims that their Adreno 3xx series GPU – being introduced sometime between 2011 and 2013 – will bring us performance that rivals the Xbox 360 and the PS3 gaming consoles. My heart literally just skipped a bit after seeing that. (No, really, it did.) We’re not sure how realistic it’ll be to have that much juice in mobile phones or any mobile devices, but we’ll certainly be watching closely as the months and years trickle by and we’re greeted with devices holding so much power that we won’t know what to do with them. [via AnandTech] [Thanks, Jeff!]