CTIA Awards Site Teases Two Unnamed LG Phones [Sprint, T-Mobile?]


Just as with most major trade shows, CTIA will be holding an awards ceremony for the best phones/smartphones at the trade show. Three finalists have already been revealed: the HTC Thunderbolt, the Motorola Atrix 4G, and the LG Revolution.

Two more have yet to be named, though, and they’re both from LG according to CTIA’s site. Internationally, LG has introduced the Optimus 2X and Optimus 3D, but if the trend of the CTIA only choosing phones on major American carriers holds strong, then we may have just gotten confirmation of new devices for both Sprint and T-Mobile.

T-Mobile is said to be carrying the Optimus 2X as the T-Mobile G2x. It’s a rumor that came out of nowhere but didn’t completely surprise us. The Optimus 2X for T-Mobile is said to follow the trend of all of their “G” devices – it could run stock Android.

Sprint may also have a phone from LG in the works. A rumored “EVO 3D” is expected to be announced at CTIA and just because it’s a part of Sprint’s best-selling brand doesn’t mean the device will be made by HTC. (The brand belongs to Sprint, after all.) Their phone could definitely be a reworked Optimus 3D that was unveiled at Mobile World Congress last month.

Then again, these could also be Windows Phone 7 devices. Or two completely new Android devices that the world has yet to hear of. No one ever truly knows outside of LG’s halls, but we’d bet our money on these unnamed devices being their latest (known) Android offerings. (A small amount of money, anyway.) [PCMag via BGR]

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  1. Hopefully something good comes to sprint so i can use my Upgrade

  2. A good phone on Appearing at sprint wont make the shitty network and shitty customer service any better

  3. it’s either G2x (yay stock Android!) or a Samsung Galaxy SII. decisions decisions. a stock LG G2x is going to have a lot better dev support over the Samsung device for sure so that’s likely where my money will go if i had to choose now

  4. LG is in the game and with stock android…about time someone gave android fans what they wanted

  5. For RumpRoast, I never understand these complaints about Sprint. I’ve been a Sprint customer for approx. 10 years and I’ve had 4 issues with 4 phones over that whole time – which I think is a pretty good record. The first two issues I called customer service and the issues were resolved that day. The second two times I contacted them it was via email and one issue was resolved that day and the next issue was resolved within 48 hours – and on that one it was a weird thing and they had to contact me twice for further info but again, they were able to resolve it. As far as “shitty network”, again, I’ve had Sprint for approx 10 years and other than a rare occassional dropped call, or the one time a tower was out near my apartment and I couldn’t make or receive calls for a few hours, I haven’t had any “shitty network” problems. I’m always left wondering who are you people that are constantly having issues with customer service and your network problems. Whenever I talk to someone like that they tell me that they had Sprint 7 years ago and had a bunch of problems and I’m thinking that even if they did have problems 7 years ago, don’t you think that things could’ve changed for the better in 7 years? I guarantee you that they are not bad now. Certainly no worse than ATT or Verizon.

  6. stock android on the g2x, dual core and awesome gpu = FTW!

  7. Wouldn’t this be the first stock android phone since the original Droid? And the Droid didn’t have such a great cpu

  8. Well G2 was the first since the original Droid.

  9. Same here, Rohender. Never had a real problem with Sprint customer service, other than the update problems with the Hero. Everything I ever needed I found online. A few times (in 10 years) I had to call to get a credit from a dropped call, but now with unlimited minutes, who cares. I actually can’t remember when a call dropped lately. Voice calls are pretty much perfect…always have been. The big problem with Sprint is the phone lineup. They seem to miss the boat. I want an upgrade to my Hero and the winner is The Verizon Incredible…it just fits the bill. I don’t want an oversized Evo and I don’t want a slider. I don’t need 4g and I certainly don’t want to pay for it. Also, I can’t imagine that I’ll need two screens. I’ve been with Sprint 10 years and it’s time to go. Too bad.

  10. I’m really hoping there’s an HTC 3D phone for Sprint…

  11. Hahaha agreed no amount of good phones will male that network actually worth having. Nuff said rump roast. Point and case.

  12. I would like to have the atrix but on another network

  13. I have been with at&t and verizon for 8 years had iphone and blackberry from at&t and blackberry and motorola droid and then I changed the droid original 2 the motorola x then dropped at&t and get for me and my son the htc evo from sprint and I don’t now what your complaint is about sprint so far service is amazing at best and call quality and 3g network exellent and the 4g very good in many places I travel i don’t care about how much I save money with their network but I care how good their network and costomer service is and sprint has delivered great quality costomer service plus good network now my contract finish with verizon and my wife and my second son wont me to get them the evo and by the way my 32 employees moving to sprint for the epic that what they requested and sprint will get all my communication business

  14. If HTC is not the manufacturer of the EVO 3D then they are hosed! With the Thunderbolt being delayed, antsy Verizon’s Android customers are going for the Bionic. The HTC Tablet is (dare I say)…Dead on Arrival with no Honeycomb.

    They are going to lose a lot of money to LG, Motorola and Samsung with no dual core smartphone.. I hope they enjoyed last year’s success. This year is going down the toilet.

  15. If LG makes an Evo, the Evo line of phones is done. LG phones suck IMHO, I had a couple. HTC should be the only manufacturer making that line of phones.

  16. Don’t count LG out so fast. They’re just getting themselves started in the android business and itching for a good fight while HTC seems complacent with their snapdragons and Sense.

  17. What If LG Makes an EVO 3D and HTC makes an EVO 2? Then you can wipe your tears.

  18. after using a Samsung Moment (and their horrible selection of Widgets), then moving to the Evo–i definitely won’t pick up an LG Evo3D. i prefer Sense UI to whatever LG has (even if it’s stock Android)–i like Sense too much.

    if HTC doesn’t put out the Evo2, then i see no point in getting it. my Evo still works fine (and the network is absolutely fine for me).
    if anything, the TBolt is my only other consideration at this point–but even that’s getting held up.

  19. Great update! Hopefully we’ll see fair and worthy results. But if LG does win, then they will be be able to succeed in their 2011 “bounce back plan”. I communicate for project Advanced Technology and Design Korea and this is just the kind of content the project likes. Come by the blog (advancedtechnologykorea.com), facebook.com (advancedtechKOR) or follow us on twitter (@advancedtechkr) to keep up to date!

  20. This @RumpRoast.. is nothing but a ass…. and this @kaizzle9 is really ksizzle9 PRETENDING to be some body else… WHAT ASSWIPES… BE YOURSELVES… I don’t know if I have desire for a Lg model of my beloved htc evo really have to think about that one… I feel sprint should stick with HTC only but after all it is there brand name.. I would have to see hours of youtube videos on this evo3d from Lg to make my choice. Guess this makes sense that’s why sprint is offering THE NEXUS S 4G cause they might be getting wind of the fact that there my be low SALES cause HTC HAS MANY FOLLOWERS so they come out with this stock android pure google experience device hoping it will be enough to get them through… I will make my choice after the announcement on March 22nd at least worst case I can keep my current Evo 4g or go with Lg Evo 3D or Nexus S 4g. There is still a great chance that sprint will allow the Evo 2 to be made by HTC maybe later this year or 2012

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