Samsung Exynos 4210 (Galaxy S II Chipset) Rocks in 3D Gaming Showcase


If you had any reservations about Samsung’s Exynos chipset – the one they’ll be putting inside certain models of the Samsung Galaxy S II – throw them out of the window. ARM was on hand to show the processor (not inside of an actual device, though) and its gaming performance reportedly rocked.

They showcased a game running in full 1080p at 60 frames per second, and – for what it’s worth – performed with nary a hiccup. They claim that it wasn’t even maxing out the chipset’s capabilities as they could run the game in stereoscopic 3D at the same resolution and 10 more frames per second.

Unfortunately that functionality wasn’t shown due to limitations with HDMI v1.3. (That demo would have required HDMI v1.4.) Check it out in the video above. [Engadget]

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. Shit, that’s impressive.

  2. damn…. I can’t wait until I upgrade my S.

  3. wow………..

  4. Question is will developers take advantage of it, they didn’t with the hummingbird processor show me games that used that to its fullest, dungeon defender lags all over the place on the Galaxy S but is said to be smoother on less powerful GPU phones.

    May as well just stick with tegra 2 because at least you know thats going to be supported by developers.

  5. i have to agree with My Galaxy here.
    i tend to think games will perform better on the Tegra 2 devices just because there will be so many out, meaning they’ll be better optimized for them versus Exynos.

    still very impressive, though.

  6. exynos performs because it supports ddr3 memory. The real question is will we see more complex geometries and textures from this or just the same old graphics sped up?

  7. That’s great, how about they fix the laggy software on their current phones though?

  8. cool

  9. The reason why the current galaxy s lags is because of the slow I/O speeds and the limited amount of memory.

  10. This is already Tegra -3- and beyond…

  11. It’s smooth, but that doesn’t seem to have many polygons at the same time…

    Anyway, I’d love to see a Nexus S2 soon based on the same hardware as Galaxy S2 ;) that would make me move from my Nexus One.

  12. While it’s most impressive and all, I can’t quite see game devs flocking over to this while nVidia is on the scene. nVidia has a long history of making hardcore gaming hardware and it’s what they’re known for.

  13. Tegra 2 is impressive, but how many phones did Samsung already ship in the Galaxy lineup? They will get the support. I had a Vibrant, switched to a MyTouch4g, but no doubt the Vibrant SAMOLED was far superior, both in look and touch sensitivity. My phone actually got 3 other people to get one, including an iphone 4 user. It’s impressive, they only thing holding it back was the flimsy feel. Samsung can deliver this processor WITH the SAMOLED plus in a huge range of devices. I’m betting they get lots of support, given that they are the reference device manufacturer now.

  14. It’s funny how people jump to the conclusion that Samsung’s own h/w won’t get support.
    Which phone sold the most last year?
    That’s right. Devs would be stupid not to support it.

  15. 1080p 60fps AND can do more? f00k….man
    This already killed every other handset out there & to come for this year…

  16. Hadn’t expected any less from Samsung, shame their crappy software won’t be able to use this god-hardware efficiently (apple, *wink wink*). Will probably get this phone anyway cause of the smexy samoled+ (which is superior to ips, have seen both side to side). Haven’t heard much about the TI OMAP 4 processor but judging from the smoothness on the blackberry playbook it’s Samsung Exynoss > TI OMAP 4 > Nvidia Tegra 2?

  17. Whoa, that is one impressive video. 1080 @ 70FPS is no easy feat. I am so glad I have the S1 right now, enjoying so many games on it.

  18. David, Samsung has to push for games. Can’t just build it and hope they will come. Even qualcomm is pushing games like crazy and it paid off with the xperia Play.

  19. I wouldn’t say it “paid off” with the Xperia play. That thing should have been a dual core. Unfortunate timing.

  20. so… it’s a video game phone? this shit will drain the living life out of the GS2. Impressive but it better have a really good battery life on it.

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