Rumor: T-Mobile G2x, G-Slate to Launch April 20th


A juicy rumor originating from TmoNews has come out suggesting both the T-Mobile G2x and the T-Mobile G-Slate tablet by LG will be out on April 20th. The announcement is expected to be made at CTIA in Orlando this upcoming Monday.

The T-Mobile G2x is T-Mobile’s version of the LG Optimus 2X and although the international version has LG’s custom skin on top of Android 2.2, earlier rumors have suggested that the device will run completely stock Android. It’d be the first dual core phone on the market to do so, if true.

The G-Slate has already been announced by T-Mobile, but they have yet to announce pricing and availability beyond “Spring”. It’s an 8.9 inch tablet which will run Android 3.0 Honeycomb and will have stereoscopic 3D features. The device will play back 3D content, but you’ll need special glasses to take advantage of that. (Or you can export content to a device that supports glasses-free 3D.)

Although late March has long been on our wish list for both of these devices, a more solid April 20th date will have to hold us over. We’re only four days away from any announcement, though, so we’ll know for sure soon enough.

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. GREAT NEWS!!! lil typo even though I wish it were true. G-Slate is 8.9 in not 10 in! Still gonna be one of the first to grab it. Can’t wait!

  2. With a name like G2x, I was hoping for Optimus 2X internals with a hardware keyboard. Oh well, I’ll take a Tegra2 phone with stock android, without or without a keyboard :).

  3. Isn’t the g-slate 8.9″ not 10″?

  4. I’ll pass on 3g, especially if it’s less than 10 inches. I was hoping for a 12″ tablet by now.

  5. I’ll give you 12 inches.

  6. Chris, stop trying to boost your self esteem. No one cares. :) umad?
    jk lmao

  7. @Todd your mom never settles for anything less than 10 inches!! lolz

  8. If that’s true stock android on the Lg optimus G2x for tmobile that will be a great device on there network. Tmobile looks pretty strong with the Gx2, Pyramid, Nexus S, Galaxy S 4g, Mytouch 4G, Htc G2, that is a kool lineup.

  9. I’m a T-Mobile customer who has been waiting for the G Slate, I think April 20th is to long of a wait with the wifi version of the Xoom coming by the end of the month. I also had the G1 and went to the N1, I’m thinking if the G2x is a true Google phone with no skin and plenty of updates that I have received from the other 2 I could be in on this device too.

  10. the G2X will be my next device if HTC doesn’t at least drop a dual-core phone of some kind at CTIA.

    it’s either the G2X on T-Mo
    or an HTC/LG device for Sprint.

    a stock G2X is going to be really hard to pass up, though.

  11. Launching on 4/20? People will probably be too stoned to go to a T-Mobile store.

  12. ^^^^ HAHAHAHAHAHAHA. well lets hope for the best on lg’s part. would be super stoked to have a fully stock dual core phone.

  13. Is the G2x HSPA+ compatible? If so, is it 14.4 Mbps or 21 Mbps capable?

  14. If T-Mobile wasn’t the worst of the 4 carriers, I would seriously consider switching for this phone.

    I’d sign with US Cellular before I’d think about going to T-Mobile. Yep…I said that.

  15. Who is US Cellular? Anyways I went to BB and was not impressed with the ZOOM display seemed really grainy. Hope this display looks better if so I will get one. If not probably going to get iPad with att.

  16. 4/20 baby national g2x day lol, can’t wait, I really hope it is 21mbit or even better 42mbit to compete with the single core thunderdud.

  17. I also insist: tablets under 12″ are no longer interesting. I am desperately looking for an Android 12-inch tablet.

    Also, I do NOT care if it is 3G or whatever. I just want a decent color e-book reader. The majority of tablet buyers is interested in readings graphic novels.

  18. Wonder if 4/20, Counterculture Day, was guessed for a reason?

  19. Skitz how do you figure Tmo as the worst of the carriers. Tmo is leading the way with there 3.5g hspa+ second to I would say verizon and there 4G LTE, but even for now there LTE is still not avail to the amount of customers Tmos Hspa+ is aswell Verizons lack of available LTE handsets is discouraging. Tmos Android Lineup is second to none especially the Hspa+ compatible devices . And with the Gslate coming up by the end of April this device will only strengthen T-Mobile market share of Android powered phones and tablets. Just my 2 cents. Just because you either qualified for Flexpay-N or live where theres more cows than people doesnt mean you get to bash a great and fare carrier. Again just my 2 cents.

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