Mar 21st, 2011

When LG unveiled the Optimus 3D (pictured above) at Mobile World Congress, we knew it would only be a matter of time before we saw an announcement of the glasses-free 3D handset for the Unites States. An official press release from AT&T revealed the phone will land on their network under the LG Thrill 4G name, though release and pricing were not detailed.

The Thrill 4G retains the Optimus 3D’s dual-core, 1GHz CPU and 5MP dual-camera for 3D and HD picture and video capture. It will launch with Android 2.2 with an upgrade to 2.3 Gingerbread in the pipeline. AT&T did not provide official press photos, but we assume this one will look more or less the same as the Optimus 3D. Pertinent press release info snipped below.

LG Thrill 4G
The LG Thrill 4G will be exclusive to AT&T customers and reach AT&T stores in the coming months. Running the first dual-core, dual-channel 1 GHz processor in the U.S. and based on the Android 2.2 platform, LG Thrill 4G will be among the first to deliver a glasses-free 3D experience to U.S. customers and will allow users to shoot 3D video and 3D stills with the dual 5-megapixel stereoscopic camera. In addition to apps and games from Android Market, LG Thrill 4G will offer 3D content via the “LG 3D Space,” which houses 3D games, video clips and images for quick, convenient access.

Preloaded with 16 GB of memory (8 GB onboard plus an 8 GB MicroSD card), the LG Thrill 4G will record 3D video at 720p resolution and 2D at 1080p quality. The smartphone will be able to play video back in high definition through the HDMI-out port on the device or stream content wirelessly through DLNA technology.


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