HTC Pyramid Gets Pictured in the Wild [Update: New Specs Leak]


Last week we caught a glimpse of the upcoming HTC pyramid in the form of some leaked marketing photos, but a new week brings us out first in-the-wild look at the device said to be sporting a 1.2GHz dual-core processor and qHD display. Two different sources snapped up photos that look to originate from the same source, both showing the Pyramid sitting comfortably next to the HTC Desire HD.

The photos don’t add much more than we already knew, giving us the same view as before with a bit of added blur. Rumors places this phone as a GSM device headed for the newly AT&T-acquired T-Mobile, and we may hear an official announcement at CTIA this week.

[Update]: TMoNews has gotten their hands on some leaked specs for the HTC Pyramid, which their tipster claims will be launching on the network in June. While initial rumors gave the Pyramid a qHD display, the latest whispers say a rather bland 480×800 resolution is what to expect. Again, a 1.2GHz dual-core processor is cited, and the handset may come with 768MB of RAM. The real kicker for this HSPA+ handset is that it may be among the first to ship with Android 2.4, the OS expected to be announced at this year’s Google I/O.

[via GSMArena, Techblog.gr]

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  1. Umm I thought the EVO 3D had these specs.. not the Pyramid.

  2. They are pretty much the same device except that the EVO 3D has 3D-capability (which I think is stupid).

  3. Evo 3D will be the beast of all Smartphones!

  4. “headed for the newly AT&T-acquired T-Mobile”

    I’m pretty sure that acquisition is not complete.

  5. Boy that screen clarity is awful! ;)

  6. SKiTz your right.

  7. LOL @ Durangojim

  8. How does the battery cover come off. Seems odd the way it is split into 3 uneven sections

  9. is it me? or does the pyramid look like it will be stock android? lets hope for the best!

  10. hopefully it is stock android, that would be great, however if you look at the screen on the right, you will see some features at the bottom that appear to be from sense, hopefully snapdragon will step it up and get on the same page as Nvidia, that way we all will have more options in dual core game.

  11. Of course the superpower race is on again. As far as 3d on the new evo…I’ll take it. Would be cool to take video of my kids in 3d.

  12. “Rumors places this phone as a GSM device headed for the newly AT&T-acquired T-Mobile”
    This is the most intriguing part. Will this be headed to AT&T? The faster I get the Pyramid and root it, the happier I’ll be.

  13. @Dork
    No chance for stock Android. Notice it reads with HTC Sense on the back of the phone. Check out the notification bar as well. Sense. No worries. It’ll be rooted in no time. HTC gets a lot of love from Cyanogen and XDA.

  14. I was all set to get this phone to replace my Nexus One. However, if this sale goes through I will have to rethink my decision and move on.

  15. Can’t wait for this 3D craze to end.

  16. And finally… a real Sense phone for ATT Jr.

  17. That screen doesn’t look as wide as the desire HD. It looks like it could be a 4″ screen.

  18. Ditto @3rd_input, this would’ve been awesome if it didn’t have to eventually be used with at&t.

  19. The Pyramid, as much as I’d love it to, won’t be stock. It clearly says with HTC Sense at the bottom

  20. “While initial rumors gave the Pyramid a qHD display, the latest whispers say a rather bland 480×800 resolution is what to expect.”

    Looks like a QHD to me – see the extra row of Icons compared to Desire HD

  21. @dork – Doubtful, as many have already pointed out the device has branding to imply otherwise.

    @mobi – I’d be inclined to agree with you, but the Pyramid sports a different style app drawer than the Desire HD…the extra row of icons could just be because the “Sense Dock” is not present.

    If rumors are saying this device will be running Android 2.4 perhaps that has something to say as to why the Pyramid’s app drawer looks more like a stock drawer than the Sense 2.2 devices.

  22. Is it me or does this look like the successor to the N1?

  23. Please have AT&T 3G along with T-Mob frequencies, please have AT&T 3G, please have AT&T 3G.

  24. I agree having a sixth row is due to Android 2.4..also tmo news say it will come with HTC sense 3.0? We will find out the true specs soon…having no qhd display is disappointing..but the 1.2 dual core processor,8mp camera and ffc is sweet

  25. No way this is 800X480. That screen is more narrow and slightly longer. That matches the 16:9 aspect ratio listed on the qHD display.

  26. o’well i really don’t like those specs at all. i guess i’ll just have to wait on the galaxy s2. because i will not get a phone that’s not equal or better then my vibrant screen. because i would not enjoy the phone as much other wise. so i guess t-mobile is back to their not getting any high end devices bullshit like before? I need to hear something good this week for t mobile. and i’m not talking about the lg shit or some sidekick phone.

  27. There’s no way I’d buy this since T-mobile’s phones will be paperweight once the merger happens

  28. I call fake launcher on the Pyramid, it will have sense, the back of the phone even says it has Sense.

    My guess is the person testing it is using a launcher like ADW or HE launcher.

  29. All there phones lack good build piece of sh1t

  30. Im going to be dropping my Nook Color. I won’t need a tab with these kinda devices coming out

  31. I would consider staying with T-mobile/At&t if the Pyramid lives up to the hype…

  32. 1. There is no Android 2.4! (yea shoot the Messenger) its probably Gingerbread plus Sense like all current HTCs
    2. The screen does not say anything since all prototyp come with stock android once the hardware is done and only then the customized ROMs will arrive
    3. Its clear this cant be WVGA but something 16:9

  33. I was all for this as my next phone.. but what will the 3G and HSPA+ frequencies be ? .. I know I might still get a year out of it.. but when I buy these things, I do it for 2 years.. a 1 year use would be ok if you could sell it after the year.. will you be able to sell it ?
    FCC not going to give that much of a crap.. it’s the FTC who has not been happy with the lack of competition before the announcement that you should put your hops in… and they should look into it now, before T Mobile gets into worse finance BECAUSE OF THIS.

  34. Maybe I’m wrong but I thought that Android 2.3 and above had a vertical battery icon. Just seems a little strange to me that the photo above of a flagship model has a 2.2 or below battery icon.

  35. Same size as Desire HD, better hardwares.

  36. you guys relise its next to the inspire 4g

  37. Still no conformation on this phone? I was really expecting it at ctia unless tmo is going to do it today. Guess it’s the g2x this year for me

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