More Details on HTC EVO 3D and HTC EVO View 4G Leak Before Official Announcement


New rumors surrounding the HTC EVO 3D are further confirming that benchmark entries on the OpenGL site filed under the HTC Shooter codename should belong to the upcoming handset for Sprint. The details passed along to BGR claim a 960×450 qHD display and a 1.2GHz dual-core Qualcomm Snapdragon processor, matching up neatly with the Shooter’s specs. Newly revealed is confirmation that the 4.3-inch screen will indeed (of the name wasn’t clear enough) feature autostereoscopic 3D.

It is also said the phone will feature a 5MP rear camera and 1.3MP front-facing cam. The Android 2.3 Gingerbread phone with HTC Sense is rounded out with a 1730mAg battery and the capability to transmit 1080p standard video content and 720p 3D content via HDMI. It is also reported the phone will come packing 4GB of RAM and 1GB of ROM, though it seems more likely the two number have been confused. We expect 1GB RAM and 4GB ROM.

Also detailed was the HTC EVO View 4G, a tablet that should be awfully familiar to any one who has seen the HTC Flyer as of late. A 7-inch 1024×600 resolution screen, 5MP and 1.3MP cameras on the back and front respectively, and the HTC Scribe/HTC Sense functionality shown off at MWC are all included. Sadly, the tablet will still run Gungerbread as opposed to Honeycomb.

We should have the final word on these two devices by tomorrow, if not sooner. Sprint doesn’t seem to be holding anything back at CTIA.

[via BGR]


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  1. Everyone Friend Richard Yarrel before he gets here!


  2. mAg = mAh

  3. There has been a few mistakes in this article. One that the guy above punted out and the 960×450? I’m pretty sure it’s 960×540. That’s a qhd. That’s how the qhd is on the Atrix.

    And I welcome the Flyer but not excited about it at all. It’s another big phone. Not even dual so there’s no honeycomb. Even if it had an upgrade to it would it even run smoothly since it’s not a dual core tablet? I don’t understand the Flyer. It’s more mobile like then a tablet. A tablet is supposed to be more pc like. I have a phone to have a phone. You have a tablet to browse as you have a laptop to browse on the go but easier and still have that familiar mobile experience but tablet/pc based.

    I will gladly welcome the Evo 3D. Still a little upset about the overly used design they stick to. Same details and all. They just rotate the colors and give it a new name. I’m pretty sure it’s more innovative and sexier designs out there for a phone.

  4. Oh yay! More announcements, more options. Better enjoy this while it lasts before Sprint gets scooped up by Verizon, decent prices go down the shitter, and new phone announcements become rare.

  5. On the bright side Richard, it has a chance to be second best!!! Next to the atrix

  6. 5MP rear camera? Wtf??? The first EVO was 8, why would they lower it????


  8. LOL at the mistakes LOL. I’m laughing WITH you not at you :-)

  9. this is old now. i never realized how behind phandroid was in comparison to BGR. and BGR reports ALL tech news, not just mostly Android related.

  10. I told you the EVO 2 would be garbage. Verizon has Thunderbolt, Droid X2, Droid 3, and LTE quad-core Motorola Targa. What does Sprint have? nothinnnnn

  11. Do you guys think Richard will die of a heart attack when Verizon buys his precious and oh-so-loved Sprint? lolz

  12. @uniquenate the flyer is a tablet not a phone

  13. Does anyone have *any* doubt that the 3D will suck? That it’ll be as easy to use as that red-light Nintendo 3D game from the 80s? No? Anyone??

  14. Instead of focusing on the trivial mistakes..hope u get the point he or she was trying to make. Not everyone speaks english as their first language. I am pretty sure some of the very ppl making fun of the lil spelling errors can’t speak a second language let alone try to write in another language. Currecting errors made on the accuracy of specs or hard-ware i think makes more sense.

  15. Instead of focusing on the trivial mistakes..hope u get the point he or she was trying to make. Not everyone speaks english as their first language. I am pretty sure some of the very ppl making fun of the lil spelling errors can’t speak a second language let alone try to write in another language. Currecting errors made on the accuracy of specs or hard-ware i think makes more sense.

  16. Are u serious Motorola Atrix better then the HTC EVO 3D? lolz ur slow kid HTC always give the best updates to there phones look wat happen to the Motorola Cliq lolz HTC is the king of cell phones

  17. @Spanki
    Please explain how 1GB of RAM and a 1.2 GHZ dual-core processor is garbage? So far the Trega Two hasn’t impressed me. Skimping out on its ability to play HD video when it has the same A9 Cortex as Apple’s A5? Now that’s garbage. There’s no reason to let Apple spor the best dual-core processor. I expect the next gen Snapdragon and Samsung processors to exceed the Trega Two.
    Also, I could do without the 3D. Seems more of a gimmick than anything else.

  18. @Spanki
    While it is obvious you are just trolling, calling the rumored specs of the Evo 3D “garbage” is counter productive. That phone is a monster.

  19. @Spanki
    I failed to notice your “LTE Quad Core Motorola Targa” comment. Now I’m going to lay it on you.
    -Nvidia makes the TEGRA processor not Moto
    -As of now it’s a DUAL-CORE processor not a quad-core
    -As far as I know, the Droid X2 and the Droid 3 haven’t even been announced yet.
    Please refrain from spewing your ignorance all over this board. Some users, like me, are constantly looking for reliable information–whether it comes from the authors or the users. BS responses like yours make this very difficult.

  20. It will have DUAL 5MP cameras, which will allow 3D pictures and video.

    More MP doesn’t always mean better picture quality

  21. Very impressive specs, can’t wait to see some actual pics and vids of this bad boy

  22. @whattt
    I understand that the 5MP rear camera is a 3D camera…

  23. Hey spanki keep up, Verizon will never buy out Sprint. Sprint will continue to strive to be the industry first. Yeah they were slow to the get go but as far as Verizon…get on xda and read all the complaints about battery life on the thunderbolt. Verizon pushed htc too hard to release it before it was ready. The battery problem was the sole cause of the numerous release dates for the thunderbolt. Sprint took their sweet time for a reason…to give their customers the best. Don’t find yourself without knowledge on here….you will get flamed.

  24. @jmax… “Targa” wasn’t a typo dumbass. Maybe if you knew anything you’d know it’s an upcoming LTE phone with Nvidia’s new quad-core processor. And if you think this EVO 3D gimmick is actually gonna be a great phone on Sprint’s shitty ass network you should probably start reevaluating your life starting with your childhood

  25. Sprint….”winning” HTC EVO SHAKE WHAT YA MOMA GAVE YA

  26. @spanki why so mad bro? Reevaluate your life? It’s a phone. You give big red fan boys a bad name. Congrats on your thunderbolt. It’s a great phone but the Evo 3D will stomp it. Competition is good. Don’t hate bruh.

  27. I just love how worked up people get when a new phone comes out. Throwing around insults about networks they don’t even use, claims of dectuple-core this and LTE that…

  28. @Spanki
    I think people hate you just as much as Richard. Its like you’re his Verizon cousin.

  29. @DrizzyGadget
    I’m his 2nd nephew actually

  30. Nice and I do mean nice fucking specs! Damn o’well I got to see what the galaxy s2 and the pyramid is talking about.

  31. You know you could always just turn the 3D off. Then again maybe complaining about it makes your pecker feel big. I mean seriously I’m on Verizon and I know a great phone when I see one and this is a great phone. And I would take a single core 3G phone over the locked down motoblur crap you get from the atrix any day.

  32. @Spanki
    I’m glad you’re so knowledgeable about “rumored” phones. Who do you work for Motorola—more likely Nvidia? Even more likely—neither. How about you STFU. Why are you boasting about phones/technology that haven’t/hasn’t been released or even confirmed yet? Because you’re a pathetic, raving Verizon fanboy that will spew any nonsense to make a case. At least the Pyramid has been photographed and is expected to be confirmed this week. As if Qualcomm hasn’t already stated they will have Quad-Core chipsets next fall. And it’s funny how the EVO 3D was “garbage” but is now a “great phone”. What a contradicting a** hat you are.
    Please explain to me why you’re so high on Nvidia? I won’t consider any device with a Tegra 2. They skimmed out on the A9 Cortex. Apple’s A5 processor puts it to shame (HD Video/graphics) which infuriates me. So why don’t you do some research? Nvidia sucks. They may have been the first to the punch, but they’re not willing to be the best, because they skimp out on components to their chipset. The “Targa” will most likely disappoint as well.
    As far as your opinion on my personal life, good remark you insecure child. Creeps like you cower behind a monitor and keyboard all day long. I would love to meet you face to face to confirm how pathetic you are. Go Verizon dude! Go Nvidia!

  33. @jmax
    The Targa HAS been pictured and has 13MP camera, Nvidia’s Kal-El quad core CPU and has qHD display. Not to mention it’s LTE, making it the absolute best phone. And I love how your crying about how the Targa is a rumor yet the EVO 3D hasn’t even been announced yet. Contradictory much? They haven’t even leaked a picture of it so shut the hell up. Honestly I don’t care. If you want a gimmicky 3D phone be my guest I’m not stopping you but if you’re gonna bitch about how I’m ranting about a rumored phone, find me a picture of your precious EVO 3D or gtfo out here bro

  34. @Spanki
    Still nothing to backup your beloved Nvidia I see? As for the Evo 3D, it’s being confirmed by Sprint and HTC this week dumbass. As for the Targa, lets hope it hits the market before any other quad-core device and sucks just as bad as the Xoom w/ Tegra 2. Way to boast about shitty technology. You’re nothing but an idiotic, opinionated fanboy.

  35. @jmax
    How am I a fanboy? Because I got the OG Droid, switched to HTC Incredible, traded it for a Droid X and just got the Thunderbolt? Ya I’m defiantly a hardcore Moto and Nvidia fan let me tell you. Still waiting for that pic btw. You can call me a Verizon fanboy idgaf but they have the best network and best phones. And I’ll enjoy my blazing fast Xoom while you have fun with your single-core EVO View

  36. The HTC Flyer is supposed to be a REAL tablet i.e. you can write on it with a stylus. All Tabs should have this functionality.

  37. @Spanki
    I’ll have picture of the Evo 3D after CTIA this week. It will be released late spring early summer. In the meantime, you’ll still be raving about a phone that won’t see the light of day until the next holiday season. But it makes sense to argue about Verizon being the best, because they’ll release a phone 8 months from now that will top the dual-core phones being released next quarter. Do you see how stupid your logic is yet? Probably not.

  38. @jmax
    Verizon = Droid Stealth, Droid 3, Droid Bionic, Droid X2, Moto Targa, HTC Incredible 2, HTC Thunderbolt, Moto Xoom

    Sprint = EVO View, EVO 3D, Outdated Nexus S…


  39. “I told you the EVO 2 would be garbage. Verizon has Thunderbolt, Droid X2, Droid 3, and LTE quad-core Motorola Targa. What does Sprint have? nothinnnnn”

    This is what makes you, yes, a Verizon fanboy.

    FYI#1: I have AT&T for my service, not Sprint. Are you going to take the second half of your day telling my how much better Verizon is than AT&T? I can only hope so.

    FYI #2: I was dead set on buying a Xoom. Then I discovered how the Nvidia Tegra 2 underpreformed. So no, your precious Moto Xoom with the Nvidia chipset isn’t “blazing fast”. Why don’t you try playing some HD video @ 1080p?

    “As Technica wrote, “the only factor we can think of that would explain such a boost in LINPACK performance vs. both the original iPad and rival Tegra 2-based devices is that A5 must have full support for ARM’s NEON vector extensions (the ARM equivalent of Intel’s SSE instructions). The NEON extensions, along with the larger vector FPU (VFPU) to support them, are included by default in the A8 family, but are optional in the A9. NVIDIA’s Tegra 2 opted for the smaller, lower-power, but weaker ARM FPU, while Apple seems to have included the beefier NEON VFPU in their implementation of the A9. Clearly this is the way to go, and we can expect other ARM SoC vendors to follow suit.”

    What does this mean? Nvidia opted to be cheap and now the Tegra 2 can hardly handle HD Video @ 1080p. The A9 Cortex is the same as what’s seen in the A5 chipset Apple uses–minus this NEON VFPU.

    FYI #3 I will never purchase an HTC Flyer. Gingerbread, HTC Sense, a stylus? No thanks.

    My prefered carrier would be Verizon, but they by no means have the “best” phones available. Do they even have a dual-core phone yet? Preferably one without a Nvidia chipset. You knock the Nexus S, but I would take that over any Droid phone anyday. I own a Nexus One and have been very happy with it.

  40. @Spanki
    “Verizon = Droid Stealth, Droid 3, Droid Bionic, Droid X2, Moto Targa, HTC Incredible 2, HTC Thunderbolt, Moto Xoom”

    As usually your comments are rendered irrelevant. You understand the Evo 3D will be finalized THIS week. Yet you insist on bring up “rumored” phones. Seeing I’ll have the release date of the EVO 3D in hand THIS week, along with photos of the phone, just when will you have the release date of the Targa, Droid 3, Droid Bionic, and the X2? Just because Verizon enjoys leaking photos and specs of phones to come doesn’t make their line up more complete. Your “logic” is biased and therefore irrelevant.

  41. Wow, can’t we all just get along. Remember the good old days we used to only debate our Apple Trolls! We select our phone specs based on what’s out @ the time we’re ready to buy or for what amount of time we’re willing to wait for the next best specs. Either way, the day we buy the phone it’s obsolete. Let’s try to remember we’re all Android ans, that’s why we’re here. It’s the messed up carriers that are putting us all into a tail spin. Just when I had my next handset all figures out, I need to completely re-eveal!!NOT happy w/ TMO right now!

  42. Evo 3D will be phone of the year, no doubt, and everyone else will be playing catch up

  43. @lattelady
    I completely agree.
    The problem is people like Richard and Spanki enjoying trolling about everything that isn’t Sprint and Verizon respectively. They then boast that their handset Evo/Thunderbolt is the best bar none. And using phones that will not be seen for 8 months to better your argument is just plain stupid. It’s just annoying.
    I like Verizon, I like Sprint, but most importantly, I like competition. I don’t know if the AT&T/ T-Mobile merge will make my life better or worse. I’m on AT&T and would love for better call service and data. We’ll see.

  44. That back n forth you guys just had was hilarious.

  45. @jmax no need for the 5 paragraph comments. They dont even let you post comments on after another. So leave some room,there are others wanting to post

  46. This fighting is all fine and dandy but where is Richard?

  47. Ctia is finally here thank god now we can see the device then start watching youtube video comparisons and smackdowns as well as benchmark tests this is going to be a great week. Evo3d will be shown to the world


  49. I seriously hope that HTC didn’t make a 3D EVO. I love sprint, but even I know when shit they’re putting out sucks. If the EVO they’ll be unveiling is just an upgraded version of last year’s EVO, like a 1.5Ghz dual-core processor, I’d be stoked. 8MP NON-3D camera please. I agree that it’s a gimmick. I just want sprint to put out a badass flagship phones that other carriers will be catching up to. I need to get rid of this Blackberry 8330.

  50. These open comment spots to the articles posted will most surely get shut down soon if those posting can behave, I can feel it coming!

    Like was mentioned, I used to come to the articles to gain some knowledge, not only from the author’s but from users here as well. It would appear lately that it’s filled with fan-boii’s of all types and nasty diatribe, it’s such a shame really and has ruined other sites/forums before. I hate to see it and I can only recommend that if you feels so excited as to feel the need to put SOMEONE down… well then maybe you should all just close the browser or move on to another site rather than argue here! It really has become annoying and detracts from the articles, the information and ultimately… the fun.


    Disclaimer: I am in no way affiliated with Phandroid, nor do I speak for the site, it’s admin or owners in any way shape or form, the opinion posted is my own $.02, have a nice day!

  51. stop bashing on the Evo faggots. you haven’t even seen the phone yet. choke on my balls sprint haters ┌∩┐(◣_◢)┌∩┐

  52. @cool
    i agree. I almost never look at the comments anymore except on articles that i actually care about. most of these retards will post stupid comments on articles that have nothing to do with what they want or care about. i feel like im playing CoD with prepubescent hillbillies.

  53. ^Perceptive.

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