Samsung CTIA Teaser Gives Us a Fleeting Glimpse of the new Galaxy Tab 8.9


Gearing up for their press conference to be held next week during CTIA in Orlando, Samsung has released a teaser trailer that once again asks the question “What is your Tab life?” This time we actually get some snippets of answers to that question from various users talking about their experiences with the Samsung’s slate products. If you hold on long enough through the marketing babble you are treated to a quick glimpse of what appears to be a brand new Galaxy Tab offering. It’s black, oblong, has a screen…real revealing stuff. All signs point to the unveiling of an 8.9-inch model at CTIA to fill the gap between the 7-inch original and the MWC-announced Galaxy Tab 10.2, but we will have to wait for the 22nd of March for any confirmation.

[via EuroDroid]

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  1. This look beautiful. Can’t wait for this one. 7″ too small but 8.9″ look better. Samsung again must lead market direction course while slobby crApple sleeps at wheel again. Thank you for Samsung being one of Android developers. With Samsung innovation and Android quality Android is gonna kick crappy crAple ass into next Galaxy! What the bet crApple copies Samsung again with 8.9 iPad 3 next year…but by then too late for that POS American company. Ha ha is bye bye to crApple. Go Android!

  2. Not bad I hope it has some awesome specs like the galaxy 10.1

  3. $499 WiFi?

  4. Samsung,you always amazes me. only if you have great support software,you can easily become the best of the best tablet and smartphone maker. Bring it on.

  5. worst ad i’ve seen in ages. wtf.

  6. if it has Super AMOLED Plus and 4G, I’m in.

  7. Game on!!!

  8. If it has an AMOLED screen, I’m intrested, otherwhise it won’t have any massive hardware exclusive feature from samsung.
    I belive AMOLED is the future of screen technology, so while tablets can’t get it, I’m not jumping in technology from the past.

  9. I hope people understand that there’s a remarkably huge price difference between LCD and AMOLED/Super AMOLED screens. So if you really want those, do expect a much higher price for the product and be ready to pay for it :)

  10. This confirmes the extreme thinness….

    pause on 21 sec and enlarge :D

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