HTC Shooter: Could this Be the Next EVO for Sprint?


At next week’s CTIA show in Orlando, Fl, Sprint is expected to unveil a brand new lineup of smartphones including the successor to the original HTC EVO 4G.. Signs point to that handset being tagged the EVO 3D, and a new database entry on GLBenchmark, the site cataloging records of phones running instances of OpenGL, may be shedding some new light on what to expect.

The entry gives a code name of HTC Shooter and model number PG86100, and the specs suggest it will have a lot in common with the HTC Pyramid we have heard so much of as of late. We know for certain that the phone is running the 2.3.2 build of Android Gingerbread, has a 960×540 qHD display, and is destined for Sprint’s network. The Adreno 220 GPU suggests the handset will also receive the dual-core Qualcomm Sandragon associated with the graphics processor. If we had to guess, the main difference between the Pyramid and Shooter will be a GSM and CDMA radio, respectively. Of course, if this is the EVO 3D there is always that major differentiator to consider, but we have no way to confirm that from this listing.

It is most likely just a coincidence, but the Shooter codename does seem eerily similar to the name of the (from what we could tell) hoaxed HTC Revolver. Good thing we need only wait a week to see what Sprint and HTC have up their sleeves. On paper this is enough to make the anticipation a teensy bit more unbearable.

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  1. Time will tell, I suppose. Sprint needs to do something, because aside from the EVO (which, while it’s a good device, is getting long in the tooth), and to a lesser degree – the EVO shift, they have shit in the way of Android handsets. While I’m not a Sprint customer, I like to see all of the majopr carriers have good lineups – it drives innovation and competition.

  2. ^major, not majopr. I need to switch keyboards…

  3. I believe I have found a reason to
    finally ditch my Hero …

  4. if it ends up being the same device as the Pyramid, i may jump to T-Mo. will depend on battery life and everyone knows that CDMA networks hit the battery harder versus GSM. c’mon, CTIA!!!

  5. I just ditched my hero for an Evo. Wonder if I can give it back for the new one…

  6. @ ironhorseblues I’m with you, I still have my Hero and can’t wait to see what dual processor phone is coming.

    I’m really hoping for an HTC with at least a 8 – 12 meg camera on it.

    @ a Yeah you jumped ship a little to early, should have waited a little longer, though I know what you mean I can’t wait to upgrade.

  7. I will be the first to post these PREDICTED SPECS FOR MY BELOVED EVO2/3D…4.3TO4.5 inch screen super Lcd/qhd, 960 by 580 resolution, Htc sense 3d UI, Dualcore Snapdragon Processor MSM8660, Adreno 220 cpu, for smoother 3d performance, 1080P hd video out via hdmi 20 mbps, a synchronous core clocking 3d video out and 3d video capture, hdmi mirrioring mode for playing games and web browsing, games will run at 60 fps, encoding and decoding 3d video, 2.0 front facing camera, 16gb of built in internal storage, 16microsd card, 1800to1950 Mah battery, 8to10mp camera, Dnla technology, wifi b,g,n, bluetooth 3.0, supports video playback mpeg4, h.203, h.204, divx, wmv, avi, 3gp,netflix application, Htc cloud based services for gaming and purchasing of applications and device support by the cloud, launch with 2.3.3 or 2.4 gingerbread/ice cream.. These are my PREDICTED SPECS… JOIN ME ON THIS IT WILL BE BIG…

  8. Guess we now know who the hassle for the Engineering bootloader when this phone comes out :)

  9. @dj(wut a kids name btw)

    I got a tmobile sim 4 my free dev. Pre2 and their lineup is weak.
    The galaxy s devices are crap…touchwiz is worse than motoblur
    The nexus s is nice(bcuz of AOSP) but its more a bestbuy device on tmobile sts
    Verizon has the “long in the toothe iphone4” which i like the droids, eh..htc thunderbolt is basically an evo, its basically outdated a 1ghz process, 2011 is the year of dual core, 2010 was the year of 1ghz mark….
    Atnt the atrix is nice but atnt locks out apps from other places, yes sideload but thats ridickulous….
    Sprint, has the longtoothed evo,&shift but its getting tobe the time of year for device refresh

  10. @A
    Why would you sign a 2year on a device thats 9months old?
    Yu have 30 days to return devices

  11. richard STFU you think your so cool, all you did was read the article… and the adreno 220 is a gpu, not a CPU, so you’re already wrong and it won’t make anything menu wise faster/better till we get hardware acceleration. stop acting like you know everything and go play with yourself in a corner, AWAY from me

  12. It’s worth saying this again. There are benefits to being last out of the dualcore gate and Nvidia and Samsung is about to find this out. Qualcomm and HTC have been quiet compared to everyone else. I think we will see why in a few days. Expect monster numbers for a handset.

  13. Richard, you left out the most important detail… WILL IT HAVE A LANYARD HOLE???!?

  14. I lol’d at the moronic gingerbread /icecream…. learn your android alphabet

  15. DJ
    you written word majopr in your comments. While reading your second comment, I thought that this spelling mistake is in the article. But after wasting my lot of time, I realized that the spelling mistake is in yor comment only and not in the article LOL


  16. Richard fails, he’s a total troll. Just ignore his simple minded comments. He posts them for your raging reactions…

  17. Idk Goldni, I know there’s a difference in screen resolution, but the LG Optimus 2X beat it by 1000 frames in GLBenchmark 2.0 Egypt. Hopefully that’s just an early software bench, as the Adreno 220’s Desert Winds demo looked amazing.

  18. Can’t wait to see what sprint is pulling out of da shadows to bad I’m not do for my upgrade but hey I can thug it out with my evo for da time being lol

  19. @Richard, you really are an idiot. The image shows “android.os.build.VERSION.RELEASE… 2.3.2” Meaning that it will almost certainly be RELEASED under 2.3.2, with a more than likely upgrade to 2.4 aka Ice Cream. And as Covert said, all you did was transcribe what the image told you and made a few wild conjectures that are not based on fact or even rumor. Grow up.

    @sceptic, you’re the moron. If you knew anything about Android, you would know that Honeycomb (3.0) is for tablets only. Thus Android phones would skip 3.0 entirely. Ice Cream (2.4) is supposed to be the next update for phones, most likely integrating some of Honeycomb’s features. Many of Google’s higher-ups have come out and said as much. Common knowledge for anyone keeping up with Android. Do some fact checking before you start calling people morons.

  20. @Atul

    “you written word majopr in your comments”

    “But after wasting my lot of time”

    Spelling Nazi is Grammar “challenged”. /Irony

  21. Lmao at the people on here that let Richard get the best of them. He’s a Sprint guy, big deal. If you don’t like his comments don’t read them and certainly don’t respond to him. I dont know who’s worse Richard or the guys calling him names.

  22. 1. Ignore Richard.
    2. 2.4 is still Gingerbread, says Google.

  23. 2.4 is ice cream? Right?

    2.1 – eclair
    2.2 – froyo
    2.3 – gingerbread
    2.4 – ice cream

    or am i high or something?

  24. Agree with todd

  25. @ todd –

    richard is worse. the guy is a waste.

    to his credit though, he has been hyping evo2 for a while with some of the similar specs he mentioned earlier…

  26. lol Richard is awesome!!!!

  27. 5.a wrote on March 16, 2011 “I just ditched my hero for an Evo. Wonder if I can give it back for the new one…”

    I ditched my Hero for a private purchase Evo and saved my upgrade. /Pimpin Is Easy

  28. What’s so bad about what Richard wrote? The guy makes a prediction about what Sprint is going to release and everyone blasts him for it?

    Am I missing something here?

  29. So why is everyone jumping on the bandwagon that this would be the EVO 3D any more than the LG Optimus 3D? AFAIK, the LG hasn’t announced which carrier it will partner with to carry the Optimus 3D, and I haven’t seen anything that would indicate it’s GSM…… Hmmmmm…….

  30. I still have the slow ass Samsung Moment. I am eligible for an upgrade, and have been waiting patiently for the new batch of phones. I hope the dual core snapdragon does scream. Pretty much still speculation at this point, we’ll see at CTIA.

  31. sprint plain sucks and should just switch their towers to LTE if it is as easy as they say it is

  32. @Richard,
    Please go hang yourself.

  33. Hey Beast go fu*k yourself

  34. Interesting upgrade option from the EVO though I’ll wait to make sure they’ve not locked the bootloader.

  35. @Dan, read the news they are switching to lte. Theyre installing those towers while replacing the iDen.

  36. know what name is short for richard? tehehe

  37. The personal attacks make this portion of the site infantile and potentially risk it getting shut down! Ignore the trolls, you only feed their conceit, refrain from bringing attention to the morons as it only fuels their narcissism!

    Anyway… always – always wait for the OFFICIAL word, speculation is well… just that, merely speculation!

    “a” – lol, it totally sucks and you definitely should’ve waited! MAybe dump it on E-bay, reactivate your old phone and use the $ from E-Bay to get a new fangled phone! lol, they probably won’t be out till 2/Q, 3/Q this year anyway so you’ll have plenty of time to save up!


  38. Looking forward to CTIA. Sprint needs to redeem itself after the Echo announcement. This is almost too good to be true!

  39. Man does this represent this site? This is one hell of a petty little bitchfest..Jesus.
    My Evo chat goes elsewhere!

  40. I typically upgrade phone every 6 months, often having to buy privately or pay retail. I’ve had my EVO more than 6 months now, and I was waiting for a Sprint WP7 device to play with, but if we get some Sense 3D action the 2D tiles of WP7 don’t seem quite as inviting. After feeling the power of a dual core cpu in my G Tab and Xoom, I’m really looking forward to the release of a dual core handset. I’ve been patiently waiting for a 3D UI since I saw demos of SPB Mobile Shell 5 (or was it 6) that was very 3D carousel like. I also like the idea of a slightly higher resolution display on my 4+ inch display. I have run my pixel density higher on my EVO and it looks gooooood!

  41. Yes it is a BITCH FEST cause losser like to call out people everytime sprint has some kind of posting…Usually that is always verizon customers with there crappy Iphones and thunderdud phones…At sprint we represent and ready to bitch slap everyone…Evo owners stand strong against this useless jargon made by verizon customers on this site…..This is the best device for 2011 and it belongs to sprint …https://phandroid.com/2011/03/16/htc-shooter-could-this-be-the-next-evo-for-sprint/

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