Samsung Stealth Gets Droid Branding, Costco Suggests April 7 Launch Date


Samsung’s entry into Verizon’s 4G LTE ranks debuted at CES under the placeholder name Samsung 4G LTE Smartphone, but since then all signs have pointed towards the Stealth names as the final moniker for the upcoming device. New info suggests the name may get an added boost with the addition of Droid branding.

A Costco leak not only calls the phone the Samsung 4G Droid Stealth, but also pegs the phone with an April 7th release date after a March 24th pre-sale. If this turns out to hold true, the HTC Thunderbolt won’t have sit alone as Verizon’s only 4G device for long.

[via AndroidCentral]

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  1. Will this be the Galaxy S II?

  2. and wont get any updates past what it launches at

  3. I don’t want to see a Samsung Droid branded phone.
    I hope this is a mistake.

  4. This is a larger Galaxy S like the ATT Infuse 4G. Not a Galaxy S2

  5. “4.3 super AMOLED screen Plus screen”. Huh. So… is it Super AMOLED+ plus an extra screen, just in case? Or is this the precursor to the Super Ultra Mega AMOLED+ Squared?
    Funny typo. I would feel more comfortable seeing a Samsung device released with Android 2.3 at LEAST. Samsung should go into the future and get Android 2.5 because whatever it comes with, 2.5 will probably be out before this sees another update in the US, if Samsung’s track record with US Androids are any indication. Let’s hope their new generation of phones are better tended to in the update department.

  6. @dj
    Super amoled plus is any screen over 4 inch super amoled only goes to 4 inch this.is.the next gen screens

  7. LOL @ DJ. FAIL @ chris for explaining.

  8. Yeah, samsung never again! Ill be surprised if it gets gingerbread before they come out with another device. And the galaxy tab we won’t even mention!

  9. LOL @ DJ. FAIL @ chris for explaining. Fail @ Pimpstrong missing the explanation.

  10. The specs are almost identical to the Thunderbolt’s. Why should I care about either phone? Verizon needs to step their game up!

  11. Hmmm…it also occured to me that there is nothing to qualify the 4.3, perhaps you get about 4 and a third screens plus!
    Sorry guys, slow day at work.

    @ Chris – Yes, I understand what OLED, AMOLED, super AMOLED, and super AMOLED+ are, I was having fun with the typo because I’m bored. lol

  12. The stealth and infuse are basically like single core galaxy s 2. @ everyone here! English 101.

  13. @ SKiTz – I was thinking the same thing. I suppose it comes down whether you want Touchwiz or Sense, sAMOLED+ or SLCD (and probably an update or two before 16-core phones are on the market). I was also surprised that the TBolt didn’t get a Droid-branding. Since the Droid 1, all of VZW’s high-end Android phones were branded so. It doesn’t matter, I just thought it odd. I also agree that VZW needs to step it up. The TBolt is a great phone, but one phone does not make a line-up. There are also bunch of upcoming Androids that (so far) have no LTE radios, and worse – locked bootloaders. The Stealth just seems like the Samsung version of the TBolt. If the D3, or the Droid Bionic are somehow miraculously released with unlocked/unlockable bootloaders, and LTE radios, I’d switch, but unfortunately, that doesn’t seem to be the case.
    I understand that LTE radios cost more, but they should at least have the option of LTE or 3G. If you don’t live in an LTE area, and it doesn’t look like you are going to have LTE any time soon, then it would make sense to buy the 3G – and, assumingly – slightly cheaper version. I don’t see why not give the radio option on high-end phones since they can have multiple versions of the Droid 2.

  14. @DJ the TBolt really isn’t a high end phone. It’s just another boring single core phone.

  15. VZW seems to get the leftovers. Sprint get the EVO 3D and we get the EVO 1.5. Nuts I tell ya.

  16. Does this phone have a NFC chip?

  17. FAIL @ Richard being a troll

  18. to be called DROID Charge.


  19. @zep

    Maybe this one can keep a charge something the thunderbolt has issues with since HTC stuck a 1400mah battery in it.

  20. Super amoled+ does not use a pentile matrix screen like super amoled which makes the screen looks less sharp.

  21. I will NEVER purchase another Samsung (unless it’s unlocked), the provider and MFG. (Samsung) can’t seem to get the updates out fast enough, if at all!

  22. As usual on this site it never ends.. entry #8…. was not entered by me I know how to spell my own name.. @Dj these sad folks will never stop with there impersonations. Evo 3d rocks

  23. my question here is… don’t the phones tagged “DROID” come with stock android? i haven’t played with any of the DROID phones so i was just wondering. If that’s the case though, tagging this phone with “DROID” might indicate stock android. Once again, just a mere thought. It’s like the tmobile G series of phones. the g1 and g2 both run stock android. The LG optimus 2x is being tagged Tmobile g2x, and leaves us wondering if it will run stock android like the rest of the G series.

  24. @nemesys
    Don’t forget the Incredible is a Droid branded with Google and still has HTC Sense atop the OS.

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