‘EVO View 4G’ Trademark Application Uncovered, Further Confirms Tablet for Sprint


It was only yesterday that we first heard rumors of Sprint’s CTIA announcement lineup, and one of the bigger items from the list was the HTC EVO View. Based on a new trademark filing by HTC, it seems like the View will not buck the 4G trend of all other EVO devices. While it was speculated that the device would be HTC’s Flyer tablet with a 4G WiMAX radio, the listing for an HTC EVO View 4G confirms this to be the case. The next-generation wireless technology should add a bit of appeal to the Android 2.4 Gingerbread tablet with a single-core processor, but will it be enough?

[via BGR]

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  1. single core? really? come on sprint, step your game up

  2. I think it will be enough. The Xoom has a dual core, and i have read that it doesnt even use the dual core to its full capacity due to the software, so what is the point of having a dual core??? I for one am more excited about this tablet then i have ever been about the XOOM.
    HTC has far more useful products then Motorola!!!

  3. Stupid. Stupid. Stupid.

  4. This works well for me. The only android tablet that caught my eye was the HTC flyer. Since it is dropping on Sprint, that is perfect for me. Wimax speed and coverage in my area is awesome too. I could care less about the Xoom, or honeycomb, but I can make great use of the stylus.

  5. Soooooold.

  6. First tablet ok, Least they are on the board. This tablet has scribe technology, the new sense, and 4G that is straight out the box… NOT SOMETHING THAT HAS TO BE SENT BACK TO HTC FOR A 4G RADIO… This is not a product THAT WAS RUSHED OUT TO THE MARKET just for the purpose of saying “we have a tablet”.. This device has Appeal I am impressed with it myself. This is not about a tablet in my world This is about a carrier that was quiet at CES.. ABSENT from MWC.. and CAME STRONG LIKE A GIANT AT CTIA.. This is about clearly a FAMILY OF EVO DEVICES.. A carrier LEAVING THERE MARKET on the industry. While your sitting around with HATE in your heart and not WANTING TO READ THIS crasp this.. carrier lineup.. Htc Evo 3D/4g, Google Nexus S4g, Htc Evo View 4g, Htc Evo 4g, Htc Evo Shift 4g, Samsung Epic 4G,… Tablet lineup up… Samsung Galaxy Tab, Blackberry playbook,.. NOTHING MORE NEEDS TO BE SAID…. THIS IS THE BEST LINEUP OF DEVICES IN THE INDUSTRY PERIOD… Now go hate or join me on line JUNE 1ST 2011 for the best Smartphone of the summer EVO 3D… This is truly lovely

  7. Sprint is going to make it rain at CTIA.

    T-Mobile users….begin hating in 3, 2, 1….GO!

  8. Sprint is going to have a good summer. I wonder if Thunderbolt will be out by then. Doh!

  9. Fail tablet is fail.

  10. What is wrong with Richard…?

  11. richard is sorta infamous as a commenter on this site

  12. How does this confirm that the EVO View is the Flyer? Couldn’t it be some other HTC tablet we haven’t seen yet?

  13. An HTC Flyer with a WiMax radio?! After what I’ve read yesterday about specs and pricing, I call that a massive fail. I don’t know what the hell got into HTC recently (releasing a phone in 2011 with 2.1?! Are you kidding me?!) Now, a Gingerbread tablet that they are looking to ship a million units of by August?! By August, even Gingerbread (which is really a phone OS) will be getting long in the tooth. Are they high? I like a lot of the offerings that Sprint/HTC is coming out with, but this definitely isn’t one of them. Even if they are chargiong the same as the non-EVO branded Flyer ($600) I don’t see these things flying off of shelves. It’s overpriced and outdated before it’s even been released. Ya, it has a stylus, blah, blah, so what? It’s a Gingerbread tab with a WiMax radio. It would be a nice $250-$300 tab. No more.

  14. @ Tom, Richard is actually okay, he is just developmentally disabled (really – I’m not trying to be funny). We discovered this about a week ago after seeing him in youtube videos. Just ignore him, he very literally has no idea what he is saying. I stopped reading his posts about a week ago upon seeing a few of his videos and discovering that he was…different. I didn’t even read any of his posts in this thread, I am sure it was full of caps, EVO, Sprint The Now Network or some rant about how Sprint customers physically attack Verizon and TMobile customers in NYC.
    He is just a harmless wackadoodle, don’t pay him any mind.
    “Richard…is one of “God’s special little creatures”. I can’t really berate him anymore after having a bored 10 minutes one day, and for shits and giggles, I typed his name into youtube, and after watching 3 of his videos, I realized that he is genuinely…”Special”, thus I generally gloss over his comments, although I occasionaly catch one, there is no conversation at all, it is either EVO God of Creation, or “Sprint the Now Network rules telecommunications throughout the galaxy”, or you’re a dweeb, bum, tired and need rest, must have sex with ducks, are an asswipe, or any number of laughable “insults”. Its nice NYC has been giving smartphones to the developmentaly disabled, the homless, and mentally insane via their ‘reachout’ program.” To be clear, I am not making fun of, nor in any way belittling any of those demographic groups singularaly, or collectively.
    You must be new. welcome to Phandroid, don’t feed the trolls, and just ignore Ricdhard, or read his posts for comic relief.

  15. No dual core? It better cost about $ 300

  16. The Flyer is an amazing tablet. Sense for Tablets (right now, I’d take that over Honeycomb since it isn’t completey ready, only 100 apps? no flash? By the time it is ready, HTC will have it released WITH SENSE), Scribe (which seems amazing, if it works as well as advertised, it is a game changer and sets it apart from everything else making it a productivity device and not a toy. A device for the classes and not the masses), very good 1.5GHz single core processor, 1 GB of RAM, and world class build quality. People who are talking crap about this have no idea what they are talking about.

  17. Dual core would be nice… but a 1.5 ghz processor is pretty beasty for a tablet. HTC and Sprint set the standard for Android, anyone who denies or disagrees is just stupid, or an ATT customer. I can’t wait for my GOOGLE NEXUS S 4G this summer!

  18. If this is $300 even on contract this would have a huge amount of attention. I hope they price this right

  19. BTTT

    @Chancerr: “Dual core would be nice… but a 1.5 ghz processor is pretty beasty for a tablet. HTC and Sprint set the standard for Android, anyone who denies or disagrees is just stupid, or an ATT customer. I can’t wait for my GOOGLE NEXUS S 4G this summer!”

  20. @DJ Wait… Which phone did HTC release this year with 2.1?

  21. @Dj… I sure would like to know the name of that phone that htc released in 2011 with android 2.1?????? Explain that to all of us Mr Sophisticated throw up some links to prove your point… Pretty sure that will be hard to do.. When you open your mouth instead I can imagine nothing but globs of SHIT come out just like all your postings.. I know you wish you can be 100% me but that’s impossible. Thanks for looking at my videos on youtube i am making out like a phat rat on each view.. Maybe one day you might try a video and I might hook you up with a business connect so maybe you can feed your family better than you are now. Someone that spends so much time here on Phandroid as much as you do can’t have to much going for himself.. I know you must sit in a lot of lonely dark room.. I thank you in advance for ignoring me it’s most appreciated

  22. I love RICHARDS comments, no homo, that dude is classic!!!

  23. yo dawg. if this tablet can make phonecalls. im droppin my phone in a pool.

  24. A fast single core can beat dual core for many apps. It’s not easy to find a parallel approach to everything.

  25. DJ wrote: “Ya, it has a stylus, blah, blah, so what?”

    It means you can actually use it instead of just watch movies and play games. Which I can do already with this thing called a TV

  26. TV , the hell you say!! Notify the president!

  27. @ ari. It is undeniable that the stylus makes it more functional than just a toy. My “so it has a stylus, blah,blah, so what” was because of the fact that they are reporting that it costs $600. Which, to me, is way out of the ballpark for a tablet. Yes, it’s cool, but how cool? $600 cool? IMO, no. I regularly use a program called Mathematica for work. There isn’t a tablet out yet that has anywhere near the horsepower to do what I need them to do, so I use these things called computers. lol
    I wasn’t knocking the tablet itself, or HTC, I was criticizing the price. Somewhere in the $300-$350 range seems reasonable, $600 just seems way too high. Give me a tablet that I can write equations on, and has the ability to interpret my writing and execute, and I’ll gladly pay over $2000 – a lot of people in my field would. But I just don’t see $600 on this tablet. To each their own :)

  28. ^ out of the ballpark for a tablet with those specs.

  29. This is garbage.

  30. “Give me a tablet that I can write equations on, and has the ability to interpret my writing and execute, and I’ll gladly pay over $2000 – a lot of people in my field would.”

    only Windows 7 can do that :(

  31. quote from a Mac forum: “Just imagine you’re in a meeting or class or whatever taking notes, and you also need to draw a graph or a simple schematic. What do you do? With Newton it was so simple. Here we are 15 years later, and we still can’t take mixed type/draw notes??? Amazing. “

  32. Ahhh Ricard again…sheesh the guy lives to speak about his wife and lover (Sprint and EVO) funny guy…I give you that MR. EVO…however you claim Dj needs to get a life and yet everyone …well most look for your lover and wife comments on anything Sprint related…Thus being so clearly your the one with a problem. You say the samethings over and over pretty much. People can all pretty much guess what your going to say…now this spells a guy with a mental flaw if I ever saw one. Maybe you should try …dating…no cause clearly you would be way to dam clinggy…so try…going to the movies with friends…try bike ridding or working out …you need something outside work, Sprint, and EVO AKA Wife and Lover…for real…there isss life beyond them.

  33. @MensahWatts..Everyone has known you to be one of the “”CLOWNS”” here on phandroid your pretty amusing you and @Dj as well as that other bum ksizzle9 all must reside in the “SAME ZOO” Its like feeding the animals they keep “COMING BACK FOR MORE”..I know your lonely maybe the three of you will get your acts together I wish you guys luck.

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