30+ Best Android Apps (July 2016)


The first month of summer is already coming to a close. Can you believe it? As usual, the past month has brought a bunch of new Android apps. If you’re busy sitting by the pool and sipping lemonade you may have missed a few of the best apps that launched this month. We have compiled a list of the biggest and best apps you should know about. Who knows, maybe you’ll find a few new apps to try.

New Android Apps

HTC Sense Home 8 Beta

htc 10 sense home

HTC is beta testing HTC Sense Home 8 for non-HTC devices. The beta is not open to the public, but the APK has been made available. To give you an idea of what to expect, we put together a video walkthrough of HTC’s launcher experience.

Google Expeditions

Last year, Google announced Expeditions, which allows teachers to take their students on various “field trips” with the help of Google Cardboard. The app was officially released to everyone last month.

Adult Swim Keyboard

The Adult Swim keyboard features a bunch of different fun features that lovers of TV shows like Rick and Morty and Robot Chicken will love. From the keyboard, you can add custom emoji which are designed from various characters, send gifs from popular scenes and send friends soundboard bites from your favorite characters.

ADW Launcher

ADW EX banner

ADW Launcher isn’t technically a “new” app, but it has been dormant for so long that it seems like it is. ADWLauncher 2.0 has been released in beta form, 5 years after its original launch. The launcher has been written, and reprogrammed from scratch, bringing new features along with it.

T-Mobile Tuesdays
tmo tuesdays

T-Mobile Tuesdays allows customers to get free junk food and enter for a chance at winning grand prizes like movie tickets or an all-expense paid trip to Las Vegas. The app has had a pretty bumpy start, but it should get better as time goes on.


Detour has finally brought their app toAndroid after being available on iOS for the last year. Detour is an app that gives you detailed tours of cities made by locals.


Cinemute is a clever app that can automatically mute your phone when you enter a movie theater. You won’t have to worry about forgetting and being that annoying person that everyone hates.

Playstation Vue

Vue is Sony’s new internet TV service. It offers many popular live TV channels, such as ESPN, Disney, Discovery, FX, Cartoon Network, AMC, TBS, and many more.

Yahoo Sports

Yahoo retired the Sportacular app in favor of a brand new Yahoo Sports app. You can follow all your favorite teams and athletes, watch MLB games, check scores, watch highlights, and much more.

Playbook for Developers

Playbook is a resource for developers to learn about the latest Android features, tips, and best practices. The information will help you develop and launch a successful Android app.

BitTorrent Now

BitTorrent Now, from the people who made the popular torrenting software, is an app that allows you to experience music and video from underground artists youprobably haven’t heard about.

NBC Olympics

With the Olympics quickly approaching, NBC has released the official app for following news and results. Use this app to follow all the events and athletes at the Rio 2016 Olympics.


Mirrordrin is an app similar to Pushbullet. It allows you to mirror notifications between your devices. The app is currently in beta.

Plex Media Server

Plex Media Server only works with the NVIDIA SHIELD Android TV, but it allows you to use the SHIELD as a media server for your home and devices. Install the app and then use the regular Plex app to set it up.


Fringle makes it easy for you to share your location with friends and family. The location sharing is private and temporary. When someone asks “where are you?”, send them a Fringle.


Jukestar is a jukebox for Spotify. If you have Spotify Premium, Jukestar allows your friends to add and vote on songs in the playlist so only the best stuff is played.

Download This

These are apps featured in our “Download This” series. Not all of these apps launched in the last month, but we try to highlight apps that most people don’t know about. You might find a gem.

Swiftly Switch

Swiftly Switch allows you to launch apps, contacts, and shortcuts from the side of the screen at any time. It works a lot smarter than Samsung’s approach.


5217 is a very simple app. It guides you through your work day, making sure you take a 17-minute break every 52 minutes. The app shows how much time is left in your work and break cycles.

Simply for Facebook

Simply, as the name implies, is a dead simple “app” for Facebook. It’s a Chrome custom tab for Facebook. That means it uses the power of Chrome, but it doesn’t get lost in the mix of the Chrome browser.


Dango is a floating button that can appear every time you type a message. It suggests emojis, GIFs, and stickers based on the context of your message.


If you read a lot of gaming sites, you’re bombarded with duplicate content all day. The original stories can get buried. GameFans is an app that cut through all the noise and show you all the best stuff with no work required from you.


Sam Ruston took his great Material Design from Weather Timeline and injected it into a Twitter app. Flamingo is simple, colorful, and customizable.


Boomerang allows you to save and be reminded of notifications from any app. It does what Inbox does for emails, but for your Android notifications.

App Swap

App Swap acts as a secondary app drawer. It’s not meant to replace the app drawer in your launcher, but instead, it works along side it. The difference between App Swap and your default launcher is that App Swap can be opened anywhere.

Updated Android Apps

Some of the biggest app news comes from app updates. We try to highlight big updates to apps that introduce awesome new features deserving of an entirely new look at an app.

Google Fit

The Google Fit application has been updated to version 1.57 and brings a slew of new features including a redesigned interface, a new Android Wear watch face, and more.

Yahoo Mail

Yahoo Mail Update

A new update for Yahoo Mail rolled out last month that brings quite a few new features with it, including the ability to spice up those emails that you send with some stationary themes.



Dropbox has integrated quite a few new features into its mobile and web apps to help folks stay productive and to have Dropbox be the only source for files they need.



Popular photo-editing app, Snapseed, has received another decent update to help bring your pictures to life with little manipulation. The app features to major new features alongside the normal bug fixes that are found with app updates.

Chrooma Keyboard

Chrooma Keyboard

Popular third-party keyboard app Chrooma Keyboard has exited beta and released its latest stable version. This update brings the app up to version 3.0 and includes a slew of new features that are bound to make you think twice before using another keyboard.

Facebook Messenger

facebook messenger

Facebook Messenger is looking to take over more than your conversations with friends. The app will now support SMS conversations, but the conversations aren’t merged with your Facebook chats.


Snapchat redesign Discover Live Stories

Snapchat received a major UI redesign, with persistent navigation buttons and bigger focus on Discover and Live Stories. The magazine UI now shows content before you click, making it easy to skim through and subscribe to specific publications.

Google Maps

Google Maps

A long requested feature finally made its way to the Google Maps app. You can finally add waypoints to your navigation. Instead of only going from Point A to Point B, you can put in places to stop in between.

Best of the Best

The Google Play Store has hundreds of thousands of apps to choose from. This list only scratches the surface. We’ve published numerous “Best Apps” lists for everything from dating to education. Check out the lists below to explore even more!

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