Facebook introduces SMS integration into Facebook Messenger


With the plethora of different messaging apps on the Play Store, all of them are vying for a spot on your dock. It’s apparent that more and more apps are attempting to be the one stop shop for not only your messaging needs, but also to handle your phone calls without needing a bunch of different apps.

SMS Facebook Messenger

Naturally, Facebook has been trying to do this off and on for quite some time, but now it seems that Facebook Messenger is getting more useful. David Marcus, VP of Messaging Products, tweeted out stating that starting today, you can use the app as your primary messaging app on your devices.

This means that you can now use Facebook Messenger to handle all of your SMS needs, and includes all the fun stickers and such that are already found in your regular Facebook conversations. The company has been testing this feature out via the Facebook Messenger beta app, but has been removed and reappeared a few times.

This may help explain why Facebook is forcing users to install the Messenger app, without being able to access messages from the Facebook app.


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