Chrooma Keyboard 3.0 hits the Play Store for everyone


Earlier this month, the popular third-party keyboard Chrooma Keyboard hit version 3.0 in beta form and now those awesome changes have rolled out to everyone in version 3.0.1 of the stable application.

Within the update, there are now many features that were rolled out when Google Keyboard hit version 5.0. For instance, you can now use your spacebar to drag your cursor back to easily and quickly fix a typo. Also, Chrooma provides built-in Google Now integration, allowing users to quickly search without opening any other applications.

What’s New: 

A huge list of new goodies :)
  • Restored tablet compatibility!
  • Google Now integration!
  • Text suggestion and prediction improved
  • Gesture improvement
  • New settings
  • Emoji page restyle
  • New emojis
  • ACTION ROW put everything on this customizable row
  • Swipe to top on delete to delete all
  • Swipe to left on delete to delete word
  • Drag on spacebar to move the cursor
  • Swipe on spacebar to enable one hand mode
  • Custom gesture trail color
  • Two new keyboard styles with key borders
The version 3.0 update for Chrooma is available now for everyone and is free. There are some in-app purchases that unlock a whole lot of customization options, and you can snag that for just $2.49.

Chrooma has already replaced Google Keyboard for me, so I definitely recommend it to anyone looking for a new third-party keyboard. Hit up the download link below and let us know what you think about it.

Download on Google Play: Chrooma Keyboard


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