Latest Google Fit update brings a redesigned interface, new widgets, and more


Google Fit has just been updated to version 1.57 via the Play Store and offers quite a few new features. First and foremost is a complete overhaul of the visuals within the app, making for a cleaner interface and more fluid experience.

Within these new visuals, users will find much more information which cleans up the open white space that the Fit app used to have. Previous versions of Google Fit provided just a simplistic circular graph which tracked how many steps you had taken, as well as a prompt at the bottom to help set specific goals throughout the day. The new design keeps the circular graph, but gives a breakdown of your daily activity progress in a header section at the top.

This newest update has also introduced more fine-tuned configurable goals which give users more control over what type of goals they want to reach. Additionally, users will now be able to track these goals across more than just a single day, as the ability to track per week and month have been added.

Finally, there is a new Android Wear watch face that has been added to the Google Fit application. Instead of the traditional vibrant circular graph that we were accustomed to seeing, there’s a new option named “Google Fit Today”. This watch face still tracks all the important pieces of information that you need, but does so with a more traditional watch face design.

The Google Fit update was pushed to the Play Store today, and users should begin seeing the update roll to their devices over the next day or so.

Download on Google Play: Google Fit

[via Android Police]


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