Adult Swim keyboard finds its way onto the Play Store for better or worse


When typing “keyboard” into search on the Play Store, you are prompted with loads of different options. There are a few that everyone recommends, but when a new option becomes available, it’s always fun to at least try it out. The latest third-party keyboard to hit the Play Store comes from Adult Swim and promises to add a little spice to your messages.

The Adult Swim keyboard features a bunch of different fun features that lovers of TV shows like Rick and Morty and Robot Chicken will love. From the keyboard, you can add custom emoji which are designed from various characters, send gifs from popular scenes and send friends soundboard bites from your favorite characters.

Key Features: 

  • Over 150 Adult Swim emoji featuring characters from Rick and Morty, the Venture Bros., Robot Chicken and more.
  • GIFs of Adult Swim favorites grouped into emotions, to accurately portray the feelings in your cold, black heart.
  • Soundboards featuring quotes from Adult Swim’s biggest mouths.
  • Create custom bumps to send to friends. It’s almost like we’re talking directly to you. Almost.
  • Made with the love we feel towards all our consumers.

Not everything is peaches and roses though in regards to this keyboard. There have been references to the keyboard acting more like a beta, instead of a full-fledged, stable, replacement. Upon downloading, I wanted to see if I could replicate the issues that were being mentioned in the User Reviews, and found a few that left me a bit frustrated.

Adult Swim 2

When attempting to send an emoji from a conversation that was already started, I was prompted to reselect a message thread. Then, once selected, I received an error stating that the media could not be attached. I switched messaging apps just to see if it was related to Hangouts, but the problem continued to occur there as well.

Additionally, when attempting to share a GIF within a conversation, I was prompted with the share menu within Android. Then, when selecting where I wanted to share the GIF, I was again met with an error message which did not allow me to share anything.

These may be isolated incidents, but if you’re going to release a third-party keyboard that promises to send these emoji’s and GIF’s in-line with your messages, it should follow through on that promise.

The Adult Swim keyboard is free on the Play Store, and although it has a 4.2 star rating, this might be one you want to skip for now.

Download on Google Play: Adult Swim Keyboard


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