LG begins shaking up its mobile division by firing its executives


It’s no secret that LG is in trouble and has been looking for a new way to shake things up since the release the LG G5. The device essentially flopped even though it became the first “modular” phone, but was quickly overshadowed by the release of the Samsung Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 Edge. The G5 was then swept under the rug after Lenovo introduced the Motorola Moto Z and its modular design that makes more sense than the route that LG had taken.

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With these struggles, LG has decided that its time to shake things up a bit by creating a “program management office” and replaced a few executives. Additionally, LG has sent a few hundred employees from the mobile division to the the company’s vehicle component division.

In the realignment and removal of executives, that left the door open for new executives to take over. Kim Hyung-Jeong, a Senior Vice President at LG, was named the head of LG’s mobile research lab. Cho Juno, the mobile division chief executive, will oversee the company’s program management office, which will oversee and handle the product development, marketing, manufacturing and sales of the mobile division.

We’ll sit back and see what LG has in store for its next device, but it’s clear that the company will need to make a true splash to try and combat against the likes of Samsung and Huawei. LG has been struggling so much that it has dropped to 7th in terms of global smartphone sales, with just 4% of the market share.

[via Korea Times]


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