Dropbox introduces new tools to help you be more productive [VIDEO]


Dropbox has been one of the premier productivity tools for some time, with constant updates and upgrades to help keep users productive and their files secure. The latest update goes across not only the desktop and web client, but also our mobile devices to keep everything in sync.

New Features: 

  • Scan documents in Dropbox: With document scanning, you can now use the Dropbox mobile app to capture and organize scans from whiteboards, receipts, and sketches, so your ideas are right at your fingertips.
  • Create Microsoft Office docs on mobileIf your idea is better suited to an Office doc than a napkin, you can click the new plus button to create Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, and Excel files instantly from your mobile device.
  • Manage photos from your computer: For Dropbox Basic users who are using their phones to capture memories alongside ideas, we’re also changing the way camera uploads works. You’ll need to connect a computer to your Dropbox account so you can better access, organize, or remove your photos and avoid running out of space.
  • Share files and folders from the desktop: Now when you right-click on a file or folder in your Mac Finder or Windows Explorer, you can share right from the desktop, without redirecting to the web, or copying a link to email.
  • Add comments to a specific part of a fileIt can be hard to make sense of all the feedback you get within emails, chat, and text. So we’re introducing a feature that’s usually only found in design software: adding comments to a specific part of a file.
  • Preview earlier versions: Version history is an easy way to recover old files if accidents happen, or if you just want to revisit an idea. Now you can also preview prior file versions before you restore them, so you know you’ve got the right version.
  • Share with more control: Sometimes you just need to work with a select group of collaborators. Our simple, yet powerful new sharing features give you more control. Now you can share a single file with specific people, who will need to log in to see it. And with view-only access for shared folders, now available for all users, you can also let people follow along.

As someone who lives on the internet and relies on these types of online sharing services, the changes coming to Dropbox will definitely give me a reason to see how I can integrate these features into my workflow.

Download on Google Play: Dropbox


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