Jun 21st, 2016

Have you ever visited a museum, national landmark, or other tourist location and been offered an audio tour that would guide you through the area? These tours usually have different recordings that inform you on the history behind the location and any other interesting information from people of interest. One application, Detour, has taken this idea and has made city-wide tours available right on your phone.

Today, Detour is announcing that their application is launching on Android after being available on iOS for the last year. What makes the app stand out are the audio tours themselves. For $25, you are given a package of high-quality audio tours that correlate to different locations in a city. Additionally, the tours themselves are given by locals who know the area best.


As of today, Detour has 11 different audio tours available in San Francisco but they will be launching tours soon in New York City and Chicago. You can download Detour from the Google Play Store and start your own audio tour right now.

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