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May has arrived and thoughts of summer vacation are already on the mind. The weather is heating up and so is the smartphone competition. A few newcomers made their debut in April shifting the balance of our rankings and forcing some of last month’s contenders to the sidelines. Read on to find out what Android phone is the one you will want to have poolside come Memorial Day.

5 — Nexus 5

Nexus 5 shortcuts DSC05736

The Nexus 5 might lack fancy features like fingerprint scanners, heart rate monitors, and waterproofing, but you can’t really argue with what is considered Google’s benchmark implementation of Android for developers and users alike. The Nexus line is in need of an update (and will reportedly be revamped as part of the Android Silver initiative) if it wants to stay competitive with phones like the HTC One M8 and Samsung Galaxy S5 in terms of hardware, but a direct pipeline to Android updates from Google has its own benefits. Attractive off-contract pricing continues to be a major draw of this phone designed for Android purists.

4 — LG G Pro 2


We get the sense that the G Pro 2 will quietly slide into irrelevancy, sandwiched between the launches of LG’s G2 and the G3, its upcoming followup, but for now it remains one of the best Android phones on the market, at least in terms of sheer device power and performance. A large display and powerful Snapdragon processing keep us lusting after the G Pro 2 even if hopes of a US release will likely vanish with the announcement of the G3.

3 — Sony Xperia Z2


For all the fanfare surrounding the Xperia Z2 at Mobile World Congress, the phones launch came and went rather quietly this month. Sony’s marketing and release strategy aside, the Xperia Z2 offers all the features you could want from a top-notch Android smartphone, including an excellent camera and crisp display, while bringing extras like waterproof construction. Package it in Sony’s stylish design and it’s enough to keep us begging the Japanese tech giant for a proper US release. Word on the street is that customers in the States will be able to pick up the device unlocked this summer.

2 — Samsung Galaxy S5

Samsung Galaxy S5 water DSC05777

The most high profile launch of April is a no-brainer for our top five, but the Galaxy S5 didn’t show us enough to overtake the number one rank. A solid, if a bit iterative, upgrade over last year’s Galaxy S4, the S5 mixes a beautiful 5.1-inch Super AMOLED display with innovative features like a fingerprint scanner and heart rate monitor. IP67 certification for resistance to dust and water might just be the phone’s best feature, but Samsung’s bloated software drowns out many of these positives.

1 — HTC One M8


HTC has come a long way since the early days of Android and there is no bigger testament to this fact than the One M8. The latest flagship from HTC gets so many things right, from design and build quality to the subtly tweaked implementation of Sense 6.0 and Android KitKat. The  release of the Galaxy S5, which threatened the One M8’s spot on our list, only solidifies our opinion that HTC’s offering is the Android smartphone to own.

Honorable Mention

  1. Samsung Galaxy Note 3 — The Galaxy S5 knocks it out of our main list, but for those in the market for a device in the phablet class, there really is no better than the Note 3.
  2. Moto X — Doesn’t pack quick enough punch to hang with the big boys that made our list this month, but the Moto X remains an intriguing Android handset thanks to its customization options and attractive pricing.
  3. LG G2 — The G3 is right around the corner and the G Pro 2 is a superior smartphone, but the LG G2 still makes for a solid choice, especially considering its wider availability.
  4. HTC One (2013) — The 2013 edition of the One deserves a victory lap as it rides off into the twilight.
  5. Samsung Galaxy S4 — Given the minor upgrade many consider the Galaxy S5 to be, the Galaxy S4 is worth consideration for those looking for an almost identical experience at a lower price.

Phones to look forward to

Oppo Find 7/Find 7a


This highly anticipated duo of Android smartphones will finally launch next month. The real question is whether or not buyers will take a gamble on the relatively unknown Oppo, a Chinese OEM lacking in international brand recognition. We found the Find 7a to be a strong device with impeccable hardware and bleeding-edge specs, but it’s hard to predict whether or not the phone will see it’s share of success.

OnePlus One

OnePlus One hands-on wm_21

Say what you will about the controversy surrounding OnePlus as a company, but their OnePlus One handset is an intriguing Android device for several reasons, the most notable of which is its top-notch hardware compliment that will sell for a disproportionally cheap $300. The OnePlus One promises to be one of the best deals on the market, but there is doubt as to whether or not the company will meet consumer expectations. The early outlook, however, is hopeful.

Rumor Mill



With Samsung and HTC seeing their flagship devices for 2014 already reaching the hands of consumers, LG is likely not far behind. A recently announced May 27th press event could feature the debut of the LG G3, a smartphone rumored to house some ridiculous specs, including a 5.5-inch display with an insane resolution of 2560 x 1440. That’s enough to get us mighty excited.

Motorola’s Moto X followup


Likewise, Motorola will be holding their own press event this month, leaving many industry observers wondering just what we will see. Scheduled for May 13th, Moto is promising a device that is “made to last” and “built for all.” This, of course, could be the anticipated followup to the Moto X, which is said to feature expanded customization options. It could be, however, that we see the low-priced Moto E instead.

Amazon Best Sellers

Check out Amazon’s full list of best sellers to see where the phones we chose above rank, but here are the top 10 that didn’t make our list for the month of April. These won’t necessarily provide you with the latest or greatest Android device, but there are still some deals to be had on slightly older yet still adequate smartphones.

  1. Samsung Galaxy Note 2
  2. Motorola Droid MAXX
  3. Samsung Galaxy Mega
  4. Casio Gz’One Commando
  5. Samsung Galaxy S4 Active
  6. HTC One Max
  7. Motorola Droid ULTRA
  8. LG G Flex
  9. Samsung Galaxy S3
  10. HTC Droid Incredible

What say you?

That’s our list, what about yours? The battle between the Galaxy S5 and the HTC One M8 is sure to stir up plenty of debate this month. Did we get the ranking right or would you have it differently? Let us know your pick for the top Android phone as of May 2014!

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  1. I need more explanation as to why the Note 3 isn’t still in this list. It’s more powerful than a couple on this list for sure.

    It feels like these are lists of the newest phones not the best.

    1. More power doesn’t always make for a better experience. The list is based off of overall experience, which comes from many factors. One of the factors is power, but software, customizability, price point, and usability are also deciding factors.

    2. The nexus 5 probably beats it out because of price and so the only phone I could see the Note 3 knocking out would be the G pro 2 since they seem to have identical specs but this list is also based off opinion/preference.

      1. The difference between the Note 3 and the M8 is the M8 has the Snap Dragon 801 Note 3 800. But the Note 3 has 3gb Ram to the M8’s 2 GB. The Note 3 has a better Camera and Records in 4K video. I don’t see where the M8 goes from number 1 and the Note 3 is 6th at best…

        1. You also have to take into account that the sense UI on the M8 is well liked compared to touchwiz which isn’t viewed as favorably. it doesn’t matter how good the specs are if the user experience isn’t as good.

        2. What if the Note 3 needed that 3GB of RAM to run smoothly?

          1. I doubt even you believe that.

    3. its actually equal or slightly less powerful to all the others on the list

    4. That is a good question, the Note 3 is a better device compared to the Nexus 5 with it’s own unique features.

      Just another example of the general hate for Samsung from this site.

      1. This is what I dont get, this imiaginarey hate for samsung…. the Gs5 is second on the list. And if the bloggers don’t like touchwhiz then they have a hate for samsung, but if you don’t like enclosed batteries, then you are a hater for HTC?

        1. I have nothing against HTC, if they put a half decent camera on the HTC One M8 I’d probably be using one now.

          But they never so I’m still looking, but I’m kind of glad because there are some great devices on the way I’m a lot more interested in.

          As for why, they want hits.

          1. OK so if that’s how you feel and you dont think you are hating… then how come they cant not have anything against Samsung? How come they’d probably get one/would have kept the one they already bought if Samsung would just modify and trim down touchwhiz a bit more?

          2. Try making sense please.

          3. Yeah you’re right, couple confusing typos/word placement issues in that one…. how come you arent a hater because HTC isnt offering something you like in a phone…. but these guys are haters because Samsung isnt offering something they like in a phone?

          4. “these guys” ? Your not very specific aren’t you.

            These guys being a technology site, they are meant to be impartial or at least make an effort to not favour one product over another.

          5. yes these guys being a tech blog, and other tech blogs, including droid life, the verge, engadget, etc.

            That’s not true at all. You can’t do a review without giving your opinion about the device. Otherwise that would just be a spec list comparison. Which they have. Being impartial means being able to judge two different devices without an agenda of favoring one device BEFORE you review them. Like a boxing, Olympic, or talent judge. Being impartial means judging the contestants solely on their performances that day and nothing else.

            People like seeing reviews because they like to see what “these guys” think about the devices, since these guys have spent multiple days with most devices that are launched. Most of us viewers spend less than 5 minutes with a phone in a store, while its wired to a desk. Hardly enough to make a complete educated review of a device. People want to hear what they think, how was their experience, did the phone crash? did it lag? did the battery last all day? how did the pictures turn out? How did the screen look? Which phone do they like better? This one or that one? This list is telling you their opinions after they have handled these devices, on which phones they would buy or they prefer to use.

            Some people are just upset that their favorite phone isnt number 1. If they switched the order then they wouldnt be complaining one bit.

          6. Anandtech actually did a good job this year, I’ll give them credit as they reviewed the Galaxy S5 for what it was and not what it wasn’t.

            They made an effort, shame other sites can ‘t do the same.

            Xperia Z2 out of those devices should be #1, but I still wouldn’t buy it.

            Waiting for the OnePlus One :)

          7. I’m waiting on a One plus One review as well, however when they review it i want them to tell me what it isnt, and what it doesnt do well. I don’t want a sugar coated review, because then i’ll be mad if i buy the device and none of its flaws were mentioned. Like what if you bought a m8 and you didnt know what the camera was going to look like until you took it home? Especially if you are buying a phone like the z2 or Oneplus, and there are no stores where you could try it out yourself. I wanna know the good the bad and the ugly so i can make an informed decision.

            I would probably buy a z2 as well, but its lack of availability kinda makes that difficult. I’ll probably be waiting for the best overall phone/price come June before i make my decision.

          8. One feature to one user can be a flaw and to others a valuable addition, it’s subjective and reviewers should avoid this.

          9. I understand that, but you cant have a complete review of a phone without having an opinion on things… things like design and user experience are extremely subjective things. They offered plenty of non opinionated statements like battery life and reception, but most of these things come down to how does this you feel. It just seems like you want a review that does nothing but praise a device, and i personally don’t want that. I want a review that tells be the god and the bad.

            Yes a flaw to one can be valuable to another… or someone might be willing to make certain sacrafices like removable battery vs bezel vs internal storage… however certain things are pretty industry wise understood as bad things…. like lag, poor battery life, a poor screen, etc.I understand what you are saying i just like my views to be complete… i don’t want a half assed review that doesnt criticize a device because the reviewer is being too nice. because i would be pissed if i bought a phone and the reviewer didnt tell me that the phone lagged, or the camera was bad, or the battery only lasted them 8 hours off the charger.

          10. Gotta agree with Martin. As the Daleks would say: “Explaaaiiin!”

          11. I did . I pretty much said it’s only “hate” because the final outcome wasn’t in favor of their favorate brand. These fans claim to be more objective than the reviewers yet they get b mad when their favorite phones don’t come out on top. These fans came up with their opinions by allegedly testing out a phone and deciding there are things they don’t like about that specific device. But for some reason they assume that isn’t what the review did.

        2. Mediating a discussion between those who favour Samsung devices and those who favour HTC devices (as well as dealing with their overly-sensitive BS and often-flawed arguments) is nearly impossible. Chris and the rest of the authors have to deal with this kind of nonsense every day.

  2. I agree with the winner, but I own an m8 so I’m being a little biased ;)

    1. You’re a lot biased ! Lol

    2. How does that make you biased? You chose that phone over the other ones, so you’re clearly saying the M8 is the best. Why wouldn’t you get what you thought was the best?

  3. S5 should be below Sony in my opinion.

    1. I agree.

      But I also think the Xperia Z2 should be #1 on the list.

      1. I agree with you as well because the only reason the M8 and S5 are on top of this list is because they’re always in the spotlight.

        Sony brought water resistance and amazing cameras before they were ‘the next big thing’.

      2. I don’t get why everyone is raving over the HTC One M8. Completely overrated. The Z2 is an all around great phone.

    2. Z2 is all specs, no personality.

      1. Similar to many people society deems attractive. All looks/makeup and very flawed on a personal level. Beautiful on the outside and hideous on the inside.

  4. The All New HTC One M8 is designed for those who demand class…. Anyone that prefers the Galaxy S5 to the M8 is a borderline rapist… There… I said it.

    1. wait wat?

    2. lol

    3. … never go full retard.

      1. Full retard… Wow!

      2. Lol this kind of answer is what makes reading blogs like this so much fun!

    4. its designed for pretentious douchebags. which is why many m8 owners came from the iphone. don’t fool yourself.

      1. +100

      2. I’m not pretending… what are you talking about?!

    5. Outta line.

      1. ROFL

    6. Will the authors/moderators please ban this person? If being a true douchefag was a disease he would have been dead longer than King Tut.

      1. You mad bro? What kind of bish tattles to moderators on a website to ban someone?? You were bullied weren’t you?

  5. Great choice on the G Pro 2. Wish I could het my hands on one with the proper bands for Tmobile

  6. *sheds tear* My homie the M8 won.

  7. The Note 3 is still better than anything in the offering now. Horrible list.

    1. That would be your opinion. You like it and it works great for you, but that doesn’t make it the best phone in existence. Personally, I like the Moto X best, but I don’t believe it is the best phone out there. For me, it is great. For you, the Note 3 is great. We are both entitled to our opinions and that is that. Doesn’t make it a horrible list if you like a phone that didn’t make it. These guys have way more experience in phones than you or I, and they have tested all the devices. Their list is based off of that experience and is why it would be better than a list you or I made.

      1. Ummm no, I’ve used pretty much every phone listed here (owned several of them) save for the LG G pro 2 and the Note 3 is more fitted to be at the top of the list. It has an unmatched feature set and still runs like a Kentucky Derby thoroughbred 7 months later. It truly is a beast of a device and Phandroids Samsung hate always seems to shine through. There’s a reason why I’m not the only person claiming the Note 3 should be up there.

    2. G2 and Note 3 are the top 2 phones

  8. “but for those in the market for a device in the phablet class, there really is no better than the Note 3.”

    then please explain why the G Pro 2 is in the list instead of the Note 3.

    Note 3 is still better than every phone on that list including the overrated M8 and its gimmicky ass cameras.

    1. Nope, i absolutely agree with this list, the note 3 is NOT better than the m8, touch wiz is probably the worse android skin, heavy and bloated, makes for an awful experience , plus that faux leather finish feels flimsy and cheap, the camera is the only area where it shines a bit above the m8, otherwise the m8 kills it, starting with the processor all the way to the premium desing and build to the speakers.

      1. You ever held a black Note 3? Hmmm I don’t think you have. TWZ isn’t as intrusive as you think. But only those who can afford one will know. Sad really

        1. Lol! “Only one who can afford one will know” doesn’t get any more ignorant than to assume that because someone doesn’t like a certain brand, it must mean they can afford it, I could afford 4 of them if I wanted it, but I don’t know I kinda like a phone that is well put together and doesn’t feel like a piece of cheap plastic in my hand but I don’t expect someone who likes crap to understand. Cheers ! ;)

        2. “TWZ isn’t as intrusive as you think.” Have you seen how much bloatware comes pre-installed on every Touchwiz device? You only get about 8GB worth of apps that you may or may not use and that cannot be installed.

          1. Sounds like you have no idea what you’re talking about seeing as the Note 3 starts out with 32GB. Touchwiz might be laggy on the S series class but it runs damn near flawless on the Note 3. I had the S4 for about 2 months and it became a laggy POS, so I got rid of it. Seven months in and my Note 3 has yet to show any sort of lag. But only someone who has used the Note 3 for an extended period of time would know that touchwiz is an entirely different beast on the Note 3 as compared to the S series class.

    2. Amen to that!

    3. Too much HTC bias on Phandroid. They’re probably on their payroll.

      1. Oh shut up..

          1. OK OK…. u got me

  9. That list sux. Here is mine.

    1: Samsung Galaxy Note 3
    2: Sony Z2
    3: LG G2
    4: Samsung Galaxy S5
    5: HTC One M8

    1. #1 Xperia Z2
      #2 Samsung Galaxy S5
      #3 Samsung Galaxy Note 3
      #4 HTC One M8
      #5 LG G2

      That would be my current list, I like the LG G2 but with no sdcard slot it needed larger storage options

      LG G Pro 2 isn’t available yet.

  10. Yet given the choice I would still choose the Galaxy S5 over the HTC One M8 every time.

    Seems the majority of buyers agree based on early sales, tech sites can bash Samsung all they want but it won’t change anything.

    Nice try though, I’ll be getting the OnePlus One myself as neither of these devices are worth the price premium.

    1. Majority of buyers are buying the brand. The amount of times I heard the “majority” refer to Android as a Samsung haha. Samsung are the new Apple :)

      1. Based on that logic Samsung could change over to Windows and they would still sell well.

        At which point there would be no Android manufactures making any money and Windows would dominate the mobile phone market?

        I don’t think so some how.

      2. Brand recognition is earned by consistently producing great products, it’s not something you simply acquire by dropping millions on advertisements.

    2. your an idiot…sammy phones are trash not worth the money so ur right there…oneplus one is a joke also

      1. …..

        1. Can’t tell if trolling, genuine douche or both, more like it.

          1. You can’t argue with sales, Galaxy S5 sales are already in the millions.

            It’s a good phone, best display on the smartphone, great camera and battery life and it’s waterproof and dust proof, it’s also using the higher clocked version of Snapdragon 801 compared to the M8 so it’s also faster.

            Post as many moronic comments as you want but it won’t change anything, Samsung phones sell because they make great hardware, same goes for Apple products.

            Also anyone who thinks the OnePlus One is a joke at half the price of current flagship devices is an imbecile and clearly has no idea what their talking about.

          2. sammy spends billions on advertising more then anyone they should sell more…plus their phone is released internationally day 1…i dont mock samsungs business i mock their quality…apple makes a far superior built device(not that id ever buy one)…and the oneplus one shouldnt get an oz of cred until people have them in their hands and can make a real world judgement…price is right but sometimes you get what you paid for

          3. They increased marketing spending three fold last year but they were already popular and selling millions of devices before this due to the success Galaxy S and Note series.

            They don’t need to spend the amount they are, a lot of that is probably in a effort to further break into the US market which I think is a waste of money.

            Other manufacturers are also spending a lot on advertising, Sony, HTC and LG and been advertised quite aggressively over the last year.

            OnePlus One was only announced recently, should be available early June, not seen anything about build quality issues yet so that’s just.

          4. again not trolling…i call a spade a spade…a circle a circle..ect

        2. im realistic…i rather spend 30 grand on a preowned bmw then 30 grand on a new mazda or kia…quailty trumps flashy bells and whistles

  11. I don’t know how a phone with a terrible camera can be #1.

    Thats like saying a car with no steering wheel is the best on the road.

    1. Except a car with no steering cannot steer at all, whereas a phone with a shitty camera can still take pictures.

      Bad analogy.

      1. How about like a car with no windshield? Does that work?

        1. A car with no power steering?

      2. Bad ones, that is.

    2. If Samsung released a device with e 4MP camera technology sites would have a field day with them and rightly so.

      HTC did it twice and nobody seems to care, HTC deserve to fail not recognising the the importance of the camera.

      But at the same time Samsung deserve to fail for the introduction of knox so I’m hoping they don’t do as well this year and reconsider it.

      1. They’ll do well regardless, only absolute tech heads care about Knox.

        1. Of course they will but it would only take a dip in sales to make them reconsider.

          Don’t underestimate the influence of tech heads. :p

          1. It’s annoying because I know almost everything there is to know about phones and people just ignore me even after asking for advice and pick either the latest Samsung phone or the latest iPhone.

          2. I don’t know that much (I’m not a reviewer or age-long smart-device user, after all). That being said when someone at work decided to get an iPhone 5C I shook my head, mainly told the person she could have saved hundreds of dollars by buying a Nexus device or a mid-range Android device (and could have gotten a much better device at the same time).

          3. Frustrating, and they rave on about it like it’s the best thing.

          4. You say that like there is something wrong with Samsung phones, if your trying to recommend people not to buy either Samsung or Apple then your doomed to fail and to be blunt they should ignore you.

            I’ve converted most people I know over to Android, all but one Apple fanboy I know who buys everything Apple make, he’s a lost cause though. :)

          5. I don’t dislike Samsung. Not at all. In fact I’ve owned every Galaxy S up until the S5 which I didn’t purchase. I’m just saying, they aren’t the only two to pick from.

        2. Tech heads. The stereotypical ones may be like stereotypical metalheads except they’re not as intimidating. Everyone else just wonders why they care so much about about tech.

    3. that would be the case if the camera was the only feature that mattered on a phone, or if the reviewers thought the camera was actually “Terrible” themselves,

    4. true i saw it at a sprint store and not just the camera, the screen bezel is horrible makes phone longer and bigger, if is just for the looks i will buy the the m7

      1. I have no problem with one-handed use on the M8. Though, if the bezel makes you say “No”, then that’s completely fine. It’s always the little things.

        1. Too bad that the bezel is about the size of the Andromeda Galaxy (pun intended).

          1. Bwahahahahahahaaa!! I will not lie. That is a lot of extra bezel. LoL!!

            But it’s oh well to me. It’s no different that holding a phone with no bezel and all that screen. So that’s why I can do it… Sometimes. LoL!!

            But that pun, though.

    5. You know what? I never truly seen how the camera is “terrible”. The ONLY, and I mean, ONLY thing people say is “lower MP”. How does that make the camera severely worst than other phone cameras?

      That just gives other cameras and edge when it comes to MP count, but that doesn’t mean the camera doesn’t win in other aspects.

    6. I dont know how a phone with such shitty build quality and crappy speakers and terrible Ui can be #1

      Your comparison to a car suggests that the m8 has no camera at all :)

      Answer to your question is…. Its SUBJECTIVE.

    7. It because the camera ISNT terrible like you think it is. And anyone thats used it and took the time to really learn how it works knows its not terrible. Stupid analogy. The M8 does have a camera and its great for what it was intended for.

    8. worst comparison ever

  12. Not a great list. What’s the main criteria? Power? That’s not a criteria.

    1. probably user experience.

  13. Moto X is the first Android I haven’t rooted/modded. They been so on top of adding new features and keeping it updated that I haven’t had any reason to. Is it the flashiest phone? Not at all.

    1. Modding the Moto X would be similar to taking an older Japanese car’s engine out because you think it will last longer with a new one.

  14. 1. G Pro 2
    2. G2
    3. Z2
    4. G Flex
    5. GS5

    I guess it’s kinda obvious that I’m an LG fan. ☺

    1. +1

    2. Dont forger that Nexus 5 is also LG

  15. Come on!!! As the list says itself it’s May 2014 and “phablet” nomination is so 2011when the phones had 3.5″ screen and the Note 1 came out…. How can a Note 3 be a phablet and the Z2 with roughly the same size be a phone? Now putting the M8 in first is really silly… it’s amazing how looks is so important even considering a tech blog. Anyway, the Note 3 is STILL THE BEST PHONE ON THE MARKET, nothing beats it’s power and realm of features. Period. The Z2 also goes side by side with the Note 3 with its IPS68, amazing camera, looks and 3GB of ram! Then you can put the M8 in front of GS5 even though this is very subjective because their specs are very similar and the M8 might look better and even perform a notch faster but the GS5 has MUCH better camera, battery life and many extra features and sensors and IPS67… so I really can’t see anyone winning here between those 2… With all that being said is amazing how the Note 3 is still so great even after 7 months of its realease. Let’s not forget that here comes the S5 prime Nexus 6 and Note 4… even maybe a Z3, all still this year. HTC has and still is lacking, I’m sorry, but they still have a lot of catch up to do.

    1. Battery life is supposed to better on the GS5, its battery is larger. HTC M8 deserves to be exactly where it is. Stop hating. Have you even used one?

      1. How can a phone with 4MP camera, poor battery life, no fingerprint sensor, no IPS67 (or IPS68), no S-Pen, no removable battery, no 3GB of Ram, no 2K display and no multi window apps be the first phone on the list? That just amazes me!!!

        1. lmao ur a loser…stick with your oversized phablet to make up for your tiny d*ck

          1. I believe you’re confusing a phablet with a Corvette. Dude needs to die a death with suffering proportionate to the level of unnecessary douchebaggery he demonstrates in his comments (and I’m not talking about Fel Pe).

          2. you win the internet today lolll

    2. M8 is just better than the GS5 for some. Deal with it. Maybe it isnt for you but there are lots of people that love that device inspite of the reasons you listed for it not deserving to be on the list. Things you disagree with are subjective and dismissed. HTC doesnt have a lot of catching up to do. If they did they wouldnt even be on the list.

      1. I can deal deal with the M8 being better than GS5, as I said in my post. However, the Note 3 is clearly superior than both M8 and GS5. Even the Z2 with better camera, specs and water proof (not resistance) plus super sleek desig and 3GB of ram is also superior than both the first 2 places of the list. Now the author put the Note 3 on a separated list claiming it is a phablet, not a phone. That, for me, makes the list even more inaccurate because phablet is something so 2000 and late when the Note 1 came out almost 4 years ago (Plus it sounds hideus too).

        1. If something with all the capabilities of the Note 3 existed even during 2000-2006 the Flying Spaghetti monster created the universe. The exaggeration, ignorance and shortsightedness are strong in this one.

          1. I think you should probably focus less into writing fancy and more into reading properly.

          2. I think you should probably ensure clarity in your comments to minimise the possibility of people misunderstanding what you mean.

    3. lmao the sammy fanboyish is hilarious…ill never understand it…people have no tatse n love to buy cheap sh*t its pathetic…average american know nothing of quality they just see pretty colors n bright lights and follow the rest of the sheep…ur a moron(along with the 4 who liked this) nothing u said was truthful lol

      1. I knew that you’re an ABOVE-average douche 15-year-old flamer based on the first sentence you typed. Have some cyanide while you listen to Justin Bieber. You’ll be doing your family (and universe) a favour.

        1. Chris is the very definition of an internet troll, I’ve read a number of his posts unfortunately and this is fairly typical, he occasional adds a little racism as well.

          He’s a either a child or a adult with the mind of a child, just ignore where possible flag his moronic posts.

          1. lmaooo…love you 2 man…im just about love being real and having fun with what i say there’s nothing negative or vindictive about me

          2. Replying to way you do will only come across well in a playground, but in the real world it just makes you look like an idiot.

            If your unable to post anything constructive then don’t post.

        2. hahaha…cyanide and jb thats pretty funny…but no im older then that and couldnt name a justin beiber song…douche though, agree to disagree

    4. The Xperia Z2 has sections above and below the screen that takes up more space than the Grand Canyon. It auto-fails for being way bigger (and way less practical to use, consequently) than is necessary.

      1. I agree… The M8 shares that exactly same flaw by the way. What the Z2 doesn’t share with the M8, however, is the 3GB of Ram, 20.1MP camera and IPS68… that’s why the Z2 IMO is a superior device… The M8 is gonna be obsolete 4 months from no when the S5 Prime, Nexus 6 and specially Note 4 come out.

  16. I agree with the top 3 order but be either way. I bought a GS5 and an M8 Dev edition…used both for at least a week as my daily driver. I have owned iphones up until the 4s then swithced to galaxy S2 then S3, then S4 so I’m no iSheep LOL but I can honestly say that after using the M8 for a week, I had a rough time with he GS5 speed. I never noticed lag before until using it. I loved the camera and waterproofing but in real life the M8 camera is really not bad like reviews say. My wife and I both took pictures last week at a house party and we ended up using mine instead of the one from her iphone 5s. Now they were posted on facebook and we rarely crop..so for me camera is not an issue. I love how responsive the phone is…sometimes I still find myself say…damn that is fast. Guess after so many years with touchwiz. I am also getting about 5 hours of screen time on the battery, was only getting about 2.5-4 on my GS4.so Awesome battery life on M8…but GS5 was similar. I will say that Samsung really needs to make the auto brightness better indoors…always too dim, the M8 auto brightness works for me, that is a first! Outdoors it was a tie with both of them on auto brightness and no battery saver…of course GS5 has more vivid colors…but either phone you choose you can’t go wrong! good to be us :)

    1. also, if you like custom ROMS (in USA), stay away from Galaxy and Note, you have to use safestrap…sucks…it is a workaround. HTC has support directly from HTC to unlock your bootloader or just by the dev edition. This was one of the reasons decided to try the M8, huge developer support.

      1. Considering dev support on a device completely changes this list around.

  17. I would have put the Z2 above the S5. I find people have a tendency to automatically dismiss the Xperia line due to past folly’s with washed out screen’s / buggy UI’s etc. but the Z2 is awesome. It is arguably the best camera on any android phone, has an excellent screen, and has a better implementation for IP67 certification than the S5 having being designed in from the beginning and in its third generation (you learn a few things).

  18. I went with the M8 and LOVE it. My only complaint – other than the SD card issue which I will blame Google for – is sometimes in bright light watching video can pose a bit difficult, I just came from having three Galaxy S phones in a row and dark video was more visible. But a small trade-off considering how happy the phone makes me in general.

    1. if you have power saver on…turn it off in bright sunlight and you will see the screen better…considerably brighter with power saver off.

  19. Well Nexus 5
    still deserve to be at number one spot. Although, with the launch of two major
    flagship Smartphones from two leading brands i.e. HTC M8 and Galaxy S5 has
    upgraded specs then Nexus 5, but if I consider all vital specs of Nexus 5 along
    with its price tag, and it is still the best phone I have ever had till date. All
    specs that I prefer should have in a Smartphone is available there in Nexus 5
    and the best one I like the most is wireless charger compatible that is can be
    easily charged by simply placing it on charging pad. For me Nexus 5 is at
    number 1 spot followed by others.

  20. I still think the Xperia Z2 tops it as best overall phone. Great camera, 3GB of ram, the displays are a lot better now, great in fact. And the UI is incredibly easy to get around.

  21. My list:
    1.Note 3
    2.Z1compact/G2 (tied)
    4.Nexus 5
    5.Find 5
    Feel free to offer counter examples;-)

  22. my Aunty Grace got a nearly new blue Kia by
    working part time from the internet. look at this now F­i­s­c­a­l­P­o­s­t­.­ℂ­o­m

    1. Being that your picture is definitely you, could I have your number?

    2. Take a cyanide capsule and die.

  23. You can’t go wrong with any of them. They are just ….. too big. So, when is the new htc one mini coming out?

  24. Some of these comments are just blasphemous I mean saying the z2 should be #1 LOL. That phone is garbage the only good thing is the camera the m8 blows it away in every other category. Same goes for the Note 3, the build quality makes it feel and look like a Fisher price phone. The Lagwiz is horrendous and doesn’t nealy perform as smooth as Sense. The m8 should be #1 due to the design, build quality, speakers and for overall performance/fluidity.I mean the sense 6 is ridiculously fast all the time unlike every other skin. The camera might not be the best but I’ve taken some pretty amazing shots and whoever owns the m8 knows the camera does perform well enough. BoomSound is amazing I can’t get enough of it and lets not forgot the m8 is the best built and best looking phone ever made.

    1. this is the same reason people say the iphone is the best phone and android is second grade because they are made from plastic,i have a bigger screen and still smaller than the m8, my battery last 3 days with out power saving mode, i dont listen music on my phone i have a bluetooth speaker, and you still have the camera from last model with improvements, build quality is not enough to make a phone number 1, i have my plastic phone on a plastic case, where do you have yours?

      1. Which phone gives you 3 days of battery life? What are your usage habits like?

        1. A lot of devices will last 3 days if you only use them as a phone.

          People often complain about battery life then after looking at the screen on time and seeing 4-5 hours uses in less then 8 hours I just laugh.

          1. Then why not just get a flip phone? Why buy an expensive smart phone if you are just making calls.

          2. Usage varies, point is three days really isn’t that big a deal.

            It’s amazing how long they last when your not using it every five minutes to check facebook or draining it playing 3d games.

    2. Can your M8 take pics from inside the ocean? What happens if your M8 falls on the floor? Can the M8 battery last a whole day of power use? Can you install a launcher in it that will make it water proof? 3GB of ram? Finger print reader? Can you easily replace its battery? Maybe own couple spare ones and quickly change them instead of leaving it charging for hours? How about USB 3.0? Multi window apps? Resale value? (The One is $350 on ebay now, brand new factory unlocked an used one costs little more 100 bucks)…….

      1. The Galaxy S5 doesn’t have 3 GB of RAM either.

        1. Note 3 and Z2 do.

      2. Take pics underwater? Lol why would I wanna do that and the S5 is water RESISTANT not water proof so in the ocean that phone wouldn’t work. Why would I wanna replace the battery when it lasts into the next day lol. Finger print scanner isn’t even that great since you have to swipe down from the screen and it doesn’t even work properly. USB 3.0 isn’t a deal breaker and is irrelevant to most. Can your phone run smoothly and fluid? I think not due to lagwiz. Of my phone drops its fine because I have a case ty very much. Just keep enjoying that playskool phone and have fun watching videos with that horrendous speaker.

        1. My Note 3 is fluid as hell. It is (for me) the best phone around. I just got my wife the M8 and so far it has been great. But I would never trade my N3 for it. ESPECIALLY if the camera is as shitty as her M7. I’ll bet you have never owned a Note 3 but you insist on saying it lags. Why? I’ve never driven a Lamborghini. How stupid would I sound criticizing its handling?

          1. Note 3 isn’t “fluid” 2 of my friends had it and traded it in. One got an iPhone and the other got the m8. I’ve played with the note 3 plenty of times and it isn’t even close to as fluid as Sense. Lagwiz feels incomplete it’s never “fluid” lol. My m8 takes great pictures imo battery lasts over a day and a half and the speakers are insane. Have fun with that plastic phone with the pleather back lol. At least HTC uses real and expensive materials.

          2. So you haven’t ever owned a Note 3 but you expect people to take your opinion about it seriously? You want me to tell you what it’s like to ride the hover boards from Back to the Future 2? And YES the Note 3 is extremely fluid. 3 GB of RAM and a top of the line processor make it REALLY fluid. Just as fluid as the HTC One M8, which I happen to own and use on a daily basis. The M8 is a great phone with a mediocre camera. Sorry buddy but it is NO WHERE near as good as my N3’s camera. It is better than the M7 camera, which sucked. And yeah it is plastic. Who the hell cares? Are you that vain? It is a phone/computer not an accessory for a beauty pageant. Besides you know what my wife’s M8 looks like? A FREAKIN’ PLASTIC SPIGEN CASE!

          3. Don’t get me wrong, I really like the M8 or I wouldn’t have bought one. If the Note 3 didn’t exist I would definitely own either an M8 or the Moto X ( I love the always listening feature).

      3. lmaoooo…bro…i cant even deal i cant even be on this site with you commenting its to much lolllll
        i can snap your phone in half easily…cant with a m8
        m8 wins

    3. The build quality makes it feel like a Fisher Price phone. I guess you’d know that better than the rest of us, being as shortsighted as children can be sometimes.

    4. The camera is awful, I only upgrade to devices that offer an all round upgrade, the M8 doesn’t offer that.

      Also Kitkat with touchwiz doesn’t lag, they still have the delay on the phone apps but that’s on purpose, only Samsung know why it’s implemented that way.

      FYI The Xperia Z2 also has stereo speakers and they are very good also, tried them both in person and they are closer than you might think. The Xperia Z2 has a very minimalist skin, still mostly like stock Android and it’s very fast as a result.

  25. Xiaomi MI3 / MI3S

  26. I love the look and feel of the HTC One M8, but that 4mp (ultra) camera is the major reason I haven’t even considered it. When they decide to start using a better camera, and going towards a more native android experience instead of focusing so much on the Sense UI, then I might consider carrying one around. I do admit that the one thing that really stands out on the M8 to me is the front facing stereo speakers. I wish more companies would do this. Samsung does this on some of their tablets, so I don’t know why they keep putting the speaker on the back of the phone.

    1. I’ve found the camera more then adequate. The low light is better then anything on the market (Nokia Devices the only exception). Yes other devices do a better job out doors, but the M8 is a fine shooter. The mega pixel race is over hyped, if you want real editing then get a micro or dslr.
      I also like the Sense UI 6.0 skin far more than TouchWiz or even GEL. Which is a huge turn around from the likes of the HTC Senstion, Rezound, or even the Droid DNA.

    2. Z 2 has front stereo speakers and yes, Samsung (and everybody else, for that matter) should do that as well.

    3. If Samsung pokes the front of their devices full of holes I may not considering making my 2nd smart device a Samsung. They’d be one step away from the mega-bezel/logo on the front and that would just suck.

  27. Real top five android phones of May:
    5. Moto X
    4. Moto X
    3. Moto X
    2. Moto X
    1. Moto X (wood back)

    1. Real real top five list:
      1. Not
      2. gonna
      3. f$&king
      4. happen
      5. dude

    2. Ah, the budget phone that costs the same as the| Nexus 5 with worse performance, camera and display.

      It wouldn’t even make it into the Top 10, all the flagship devices from last year are still better.

      1. lmaoooo….now your being ridiculous…i was absolutly joking….but my moto x outperfoms my boys s4(and thats not a joke) and was as fluid as my cousins m7 and n5…dont say budget bc it has a 720 screen lol dude we aint buying $1000 tvs here…we buying cellphones

        1. Well that only highlights a lack of understanding on your part,

          Galaxy S4 is quad core and both CPU and GPU are clocked higher than on the Moto X, but it is true that when it comes to gaming performance the Moto X will be faster but the reason for that is the lower resolution display on the Moto X.

          As for the display, I wouldn’t buy anything with less than 1080p now, it’s great for browsing the internet plus text and graphics look super sharp.

          Also a number of upcoming phones will be using 1440p now and the discussion now is whether or not that is worth it.

  28. Nexus 5 is still my vote. Its missing the bells and whistles which is a good thing, Or the motox.

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