Press invites being sent for May 27th LG event — LG G3 most likely the guest of honor


lg save the date great may 27 lg g3 g watch event

What’s that you say, LG? You have an event in London, New York and San Francisco happening May 27th? Gee, wonder what that might be for. Our best guess is the LG G3, which the South Korean company confirmed to be coming in Q2 in their latest financial report.

The device has seen more and more leaks in the past week or two, with folks particularly interested in leaking shots of the updated UI and the phone’s backside. LG’s rumored to be bringing out all the stops on this one, with a 2560 x 1440 5.5-inch display being the star of the show.

Also possible is a formal showing of the LG G Watch that has already been made official. We’ve already seen the smartwatch in official press renders, but LG has yet to show it off in the flesh. A report yesterday suggests we’ll be seeing it in June with a 199 euro price tag for Europe. Let’s hope we get a chance to see what that’s all about whenever May 27th rolls around. Hope you’re circling your calendars, because you can bet your butts we are and that we’ll be bringing you all the latest once that day finally arrives.

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. Take my money!
    P.S. Anyone notice thos means G3 will become available before 1+… lol

    1. yeah, OnePlus really screwed up not having phones ready. They almost had to hype it now bc new phones with better specs are on the way, but damn. My SGS3 is falling apart and I need a new phone NOW! And like you say, if LG beats them i’ll get that.

      1. My Galaxy S3 has been overheating from time to time in the last two or three months even after I replaced the battery. Not certain what the issue could be. Have been considering what to get as a replacement for a while. Thought the Oneplus was going to be it but the size of the device makes it unpocketable for me. LG G3 might end up being too large as well. The G2 is the perfect size. I might end up getting it or a device mm very close in size to it if it’s available.

  2. Seriously Quentyn?


    1. No point to keep stating rumored specs right? what’s the point?

  3. BRING IT ON!!!

  4. I currently have the GS3..my top pursuits are the Xperia Z2, Nexus 6 (or Android Silver), and the LG G3…..but I will definitely keep this GS3 for a long time to come…most likely swap Sims to go retro every once in a while..

  5. LG,the Western Hemisphere is calling,wants to know the G-PRO2’s ETA……….

  6. G3 is going to be an absolute beast… I want to see more of their redesigned UI, I know everything else is going to be orgasmic!

    1. calm down. its a phone man.

      1. Detractors gonna detract, I guess.

  7. Hmm, I wonder how much they’re trying to say with the “To be simple is to be Great” line. Could this mean a simplified, refined design? Hopefully, it’s shape is closer to the isai FL, but hey, if it’s anywhere as nice as the G2, I’m game.

  8. It’s time for a change for me , love my Note 3 and nexus 5 , I think LG makes a great product as they slowly but surely chipping away at the Market ……I’m In….

    1. You have a Note 3 and a Nexus 5. I wish I had the money to spend to have both of those.

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