Motorola’s May 13th press event will introduce a phone “made to last” and “priced for all”


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Mark your calendars for yet another device reveal in weeks to come. Motorola has set a date for May 13th in London, where they’ll be announcing a new phone that is “made to last” and will be “priced for all.” Whatever it is, it sounds like it’ll be affordable, yet powerful. Cheap, yet cool and capable.

There’s no indication whether or not this will be the follow up to last year’s Moto X just yet. The timing would be off, with last year’s model being announced in August for a late summer launch. That doesn’t mean much, though, as all of the flagships from top OEMs this year have come quite a bit earlier than their predecessors.

If it is the follow-up to the Moto X, we’re told it will come with a myriad of customization options through Moto Maker. The standard colored plastic of last year’s model will return alongside premium wood backings.

New to that party are premium leather backings for people who are into that sort of thing. We don’t know much about the phone outside of the lavish looks we expect it to have, though, so we’ll just have to use our imagination until we stumble upon something more solid.

More likely is the Moto E, an entry-level handset from the OEM that should be even more affordable than the Moto G was. We don’t have many hard details on it yet, but we’re not expecting the world here. Then again, Motorola won’t be expecting an arm and a leg for it, either.

But all of this talk is moot if Motorola’s announcement ends up being totally different, so we’ll be looking ahead to May 13th and circling our calendars for the big day. Be sure to do the same on your end and make sure to circle back to Phandroid for all the latest.

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  1. Much more likely to be Project Ara than Moto X, I’d think…

    1. That’d make sense from a themeing standpoint (in terms of the made to last and priced for all stuff), but the timing doesn’t. The first Ara kits aren’t expected to come until early 2015. Plus, from what I understand, Google is going to handle the launch. Motorola won’t have anything to do with it.

    2. Ara is a Google project. Also, I don’t think Ara is ready for primetime.

      1. It was originally shown off by Motorola though.

        1. Yes, but the point is that Moto wouldn’t be announcing this next month, as it’s no longer their baby. Google absorbed the team working on Ara.

          1. Not sure why i just had an image of The Blob pass through my thoughts. lol

    3. project ara is certainly not affordable as of now

  2. I’m amazed nothing leaked it… Though look at the consequences-
    Moto needs to throw us some bones to get its hype

    1. Last year’s hype beast backfired.. My guess moto E

  3. Moto E- finally a result to those pesting for a cheap phone… the Pested know what I mean.

  4. i’m goin’ to wait and see what the first LENOVO offerings are.

  5. Translation : We’re going to introduce another low tier device but convince you that user experience is better than quality materials and high end specs, and some of you will actually believe this and think its awesome-sauce.

    1. To some degree it can be.
      A phone with a slower CPU can give a faster experience if they are not cramming some terrible front end on top of it.

    2. My phone averages half it’s max CPU specs. Just sayin’.

    3. I will put my moto x up against the laggy, bloated, “highly speced” galaxy S phones any day. MotoX is a much better experience. You enjoy your specs, Id rather enjoy a well designed phone.

      1. I dont care for the Galaxy line either, im a HTC user. As i said above, if you minus the carrier bloat and the OEM bloat, theres no reason why a person cant have both. What Moto offers is crap, its smooth and easy to use crap, but its still crap. Even Google realized that, why do you think they jumped ship and took their best project with them?

      2. Funny, ‘cuz that’s EXACTLY what dumb@$$ Apple fanboys say to both Android phone and Windows/Linux PC users – ‘You enjoy your specs, we’ll take a well-designed device that gives us a much better experience’.

        Now the MX is obviously very interesting, but the X2 (or X+1 whatever) will probably be exactly what I’ll be looking forward to, ‘cuz it will combine high end specs with Moto X features + maybe a few new ones.

        Provided that the pricing is reasonable, I say Hell yeah. Sign me up :-)

      3. Sure… Put your low spec, low feature phone up against my Note 3. It doesn’t push as many pixels, it doesn’t have as many features… No wonder its snappy. Its the same with the Nexus line. Shear Google is streamlined, but featureless. I know some of that is Samsung’s inability to write optimized software, but still…

    4. Because it is. If turbo specs don’t equal better performance in the real world, then what did you really pay for? Some sweet numbers on a spec sheet?

      1. Most of the time the turbo specs are worth it. My point is that you can have both without sacrificing either. Some companies just need to work on their user experience.

    5. Better translation: There are several billion people who don’t need and can’t afford high spec’d devices and we sure would like to sell phones to a couple billion people.

  6. Well I’ll be skipping on that Moto X sale in the hope that this is actually worthwhile.

    Made to last either means durable or decent hardware/software. More than likely it’s the E.

  7. Bah!! This isn’t for me. I like to use devices on a yearly basis. LoL!!

    But this seems to be just the phone those who keep their phones forever should use. Can’t wait to see what it is. I’d expect this device to have a removable battery since it’s supposed to be a long-living device.

  8. Made to last until it meets OnePlus One’s promotion! Woo HaHaaaa!

  9. Ha ha sell to the Chinese and now Motorola is putting out cheap devices by the minute.

  10. If Moto would make a phone with modern specs and a bigger screen, I’d seriously take a look at them. Until then…

  11. For someone like me who is uber PC and Linux geek and rarely touches his phone, this phone might be it. Some people just need a phone to just browse the web on occasional times and just play Temple Run. This phone will suit me really good.

    Looking forward to May 13.

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